Friday, May 10, 2013

A Stain on her Record

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Just a cartoon today (no commentary) as Hope n' Change continues to watch the Benghazi hearings try to establish the real truth behind the wild fictions told by some of the nation's most prominent and self-serving liars.

Our suggestion to Hillary - don't wear any blue dresses for awhile.


Velcro said...

We'll have to see if Slick Willie has a couple of black eyes next time he shows his face.

SusieBee said...

I don't think Hillary has had to worry about THAT for a long time - at least since before Chelsea was born.

TrickyRicky said...

She was gettin' bombed,
And I was gettin' blown away,
And she took it in her hand,
And this is what she had to say:
A pearl necklace.
She wanna pearl necklace.
She wanna pearl necklace.

-That little ol' band from Texas

George in Houtx said...

thnx TrickyRicky! those boys played for our high school dances when they were getting started. Frank's house is close to our jobsite. & as for Hillary, she made a calculated political decision and it looks to be coming back to bite her! I wish we could get an impeachment out of this, but it won't happen with a democrat controlled Senate.

Colby said...

I'm not holding my breath, but this "little" Benghazi event could be the first screw-up that actually gains some traction. Teh big three (CBS, NBC and ABC) are doing their damndest to ignore it, but I really wonder how long they can pull that off before they reveal themselves for what they are - Obama water carriers. Trey Goudy (sp) is my new favorite Congressman, allthough the haircut is a bit odd.

@George in Houtx,
We all know impeachment will never happen, but I'm still holding our for a mass awakening that will put the skids on the obama juggernaut. My fantasy? A super majority in the Senate and House come 2014!! Wouldn't it be great to shove constitutional bills down obama's throat for 2 straight years and repeal every damn socialist POS that he shoved down ours?!

Billy Gibbons is one of my favorite guitarists; I saw ZZ in Laramie, WY years ago when they still were hard core rock and roll, had short beards and wore cowboy hats. An excellent show it was!

CenTexTim said...

Hopefully the truth will spew out of the Benghazi hearings...

Hal said...

The sad but funny part of the strip today is that I can see Billy Jeff making the conversation about him. He's just that self-centered and narcissistic.

Jim Hlavac said...

I'm not sure we'll ever find out the truth, so much as we're going to find out who all the liars and incompetents were. We may even find some criminals and malfeasants. But the truth?

These people are professional and habitual liars -- they have an agenda which requires them to lie incessantly. Even the word "the" is suspect coming from this administration.

John the Econ said...

Please forgive me, but I'm afraid the "transformed" America isn't going to care all that much about Benghazi, even if the NFM is finally being embarrassed into covering it.

Yes, it's pretty clear now that both Obama and Hillary got one of those 3am phone calls, and basically just hung up. And to add insult to injury, instead of stating the obvious truth, they instead decided to blame the whole thing on that pesky 1st Amendment and some guy's lame YouTube video.

The reality is that in "social democracies", people don't care so much about events outside of their sphere, much less borders. They're more interested in what affects them personally; either in terms of what freebies they're expecting or what something is going to personally cost them. To them,
foreign affairs simply compete for resources that might better be directed towards their personal interests or comfort.

So some no-name ambassador and staff got killed in a turd-world hell-hole. So what? Thousands of Americans have been dying overseas for over a decade now. They don't care anymore.

Obama lied, people died. Whatever.

I'll tell you what's starting to get traction: ObamaCare.

As zero-hour for ObamaCare approaches, the uglier realities of this "train wreck" (as described by Democratic Senator and participating author Max Baucus) are becoming impossible to gloss over anymore.

In fact, Max thinks that ObamaCare is going to be such a resume stain, that he's not even going to bother running for re-election.

As more people wake up to how ObamaCare is going to personally screw up their lives, issues like Benghazi are going to be the last thing on the "what can my country do for me" social democrat's mind.


John the Econ said...


Obama is making the rounds today touting how wonderful ObamaCare is going to be, especially for "women and young people" (think "Julia") because they're gonna get free cancer screenings and contraceptives.

What he's not telling them is what it's really going to cost them. For example, how many people are going to be reduced from full-time to part-time just so their employers don't have to comply? (Obama doesn't care; more less full-time and more part-time employees makes his dismal unemployment numbers look better. Part of the plan???)

Rahm Emanuel's brother and health care adviser to Obama, Ezekiel Emanuel had a hilarious Op-Ed in the Wall Street Journal earlier this week ( where he actually suggested that the young people who overwhelmingly voted for Obama, and who happen to be the least-insured demographic, should "sign up for health insurance to help this central part of [Obama's] legacy."

Got that kids? Your vote wasn't enough. Obama needs your help in shoring up his legacy. Get out your checkbooks.

Unfortunately for Obama, there's a big difference between asking someone to take an hour out of their day and vote for you once or twice, versus asking them to sacrifice a quarter to a third of their after-tax income to buying something they either didn't want or couldn't afford, each and every month, forever.

Ezekiel doesn't stop there. He then says "...we need to make clear as a society that buying insurance is part of individual responsibility."

Actually, I agree with that. I've been taking "individual responsibility" for myself since I left my parent's home. Except, isn't the entire point of voting for extreme-left Democrats like Obama the for "hope" that one wouldn't have to take personal responsiblity?

If it's really about "personal responsibility", then why do we have ObamaCare at all, which just makes insurance even less affordable? (

So basically, the "uninsured" are being told that they will only get their free stuff once they pay for insurance, which ironically enough because of ObamaCare will be even more unaffordable than it was before Obama.

Wait until the "Occupy" kids figure this one out.

So when you're a "social democrat" faced with either having your hours cut to part-time (and losing the insurance you have) or losing your job altogether, or having to buy insurance you still can't afford, or, your best case scenario, having to pay "the fine" simply because it's the cheapest way out, you can see why a few more dead people overseas isn't going to get enough people excited for anything of substance to happen.

Gang of One said...

@John Econ -- You said it all, Sir.

@Stilton -- I was perusing my FB page, and one of the few illiberals I still have not tossed [or been tossed by] had some idiotic graphic saying something along the lines "'BENGHAZI' is Republican for Hillary! is running in 2016"
I can't even begin an exegesis of this, it is so stupid. I wonder, truly wonder, what has happened to people -- how do people [on either side of the aisle] become so obtuse and blinded? It can't be just partisanship or 'low info voter' ignorance. It has to be something more sinister, some form of mind-control, agit-prop delusional thinking, I don't know. It saddens me no end.


I echo all that, John the have a fantastic grasp of this situation! It is not hopeless, but it IS maddening to sit by and pretty much helplessly watch as all this comes to pass, and so many Americans do not have a clue to what this administration is doing! As long as they THINK they are getting a free ride, they will ALWAYS worship the person in charge!
As for Benghazi, you are right on there, too...and if she decides to run, Hilary won't even need to campaign, she's a shoe-in, barring, hopefully, some kinda turnaround in the people's thinking processes!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Velcro- Well, he was the first black president.

@SusieBee- I suspect you're right.

@TrickyRicky- It's important to know which accessories work best with a blue dress.

@George in Houtx- My best bet is that someone inconsequential will take some meaningless fall and the circus will move on leaving the main players unscathed (albeit guilty).

@Colby- I'd love a conservative supermajority in 2014 but I'm not holding my breath. My opinion of our fellow voters isn't really at an all-time high just now.

On another note, ZZ Top kicks serious butt.

@CenTexTim- I think a lot of truth will come out; I'm just not sure who will actually care.

@Hal- It is easy to imagine Bill putting himself at the center of everything. The cartoon is also a little tip of the hat to the days when Hillary scolded the American people for thinking that her husband was a dog who couldn't keep "Little Willy" under control, and claimed that a "vast right wing conspiracy" was to blame. Either she was lying, or so freaking stupid that she should never have been considered for high office.

@Jim Hlavac- Words and "truth" are so malleable in this crowd that I'm not sure how much meaning we'll be able to impart from the puzzle pieces. Actually, those of us who have been paying attention will get quite a bit - but I don't think it will be easily transmitted to the great unwashed. Besides, it was all "a long time ago"...

@John the Econ- Great comments, and I agree completely. I saw that WSJ piece about encouraging young people to buy insurance out of a sense of "individual responsibility" and about choked. This administration - and the Left in general - doesn't believe in individual anything, let alone "responsibility."

Like you, I have taken individual responsibility to self-insure my family, and thanks to Obamacare nobody is seeing their rates spike (and coverage diminish) like those who were saps enough to self-insure. Hard to imagine that Barry's youthful voter base is going to want any part of this once it starts eating their finances.

@Gang of One- I'm saddened too. The facts of Benghazi have always demanded real investigation and reporting, and instead you have the majority of the media (and the entire Left) saying that nothing significant happened in Benghazi and this is just a partisan politcal stunt.

Everyone who subscribes to that line, including your FB friend, is helping enable radical Islamic terror by deliberately looking the other way.

@Pry- Depressingly, I agree with you. (That is, we agree on depressing things - I'm not depressed that I agree with you)(grin)

Skoonj said...

I hope the Benghazi revelations end the presidential ambitions of Attila the Hen.

Necron99 said...

"To announce that there must be no criticism of the president, or that we are to stand by the president right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public."

- Theodore Roosevelt

Just sayin'...