Friday, May 24, 2013

He's Going to Focus Again

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As the most corrupt and anti-American administration ever sinks deeper and deeper into scandal and exponentially-expanding lies, Barack Hussein Obama is taking strong steps to get things back into control. Specifically, the "most transparent president" is going to get even more transparenter thanks to his entirely transparent "renewed focus on transparency," which the mainstream media is actually hailing as a good thing instead of just screaming "WTF?!" the way actual journalists would.

Hope n' Change, on the other hand, would like to see the president attempt a renewed focus on honesty, although it's hard to have a "renewed" focus when you've never had any previous focus on the issue at all.

And speaking of honesty, some of our more gentle readers may be asking, "Gosh, Stilt, surely you're not equating the president of the United States with the maniacal Muslim terrorists who butchered a brave, selfless young British soldier in the streets, are you?!" To which I would reply, with my renewed focus on honesty, "You bet your sweet ass that's what I'm doing."

Is that British soldier any more dead than Ambassador Stevens, Sean Patrick Smith, Glen Doherty, or Ty Woods? No, he is not.

Does Hope n' Change believe that those two murderous Muslim bastards hate Western culture and wish to destroy it more than Barack Hussein Obama does? No, we do not. And frankly, those morons are a lot less dangerous because they don't have the full power of our government to subvert elections, harass citizens, and chop up our Constitution bit by bloody, chunky bit.

As more information comes out about the IRS attack on conservatives and who knew what when (hint: everyone knew everything a long, long time ago), we can't help but reflect on what the Obama team was saying in public during the run up to an already stolen election. Specifically, the president, the vice-president, the first lady, Eric Holder, and Janet Napolitano were all running around the country during the summer and autumn months of 2012 (AFTER the IRS scandal was presumably known to them) and telling people that the Tea Party was making moves to suppress the votes of Blacks with imaginary Jim Crow laws.

As is so often the case, the Government Leftists were falsely accusing us of the horrible deeds which they were genuinely doing to us in secret. The rat bastards.

Hope n' Change has been using metadata to label this a "tea party" site for years. Who knows what files are now being kept in Washington which were triggered by that term, and what punishments are being arranged behind the scenes for myself or my family? It's easy for paperwork to get lost in a huge, uncontrollable bureaucracy of the kind David Axelrod says Barack Obama can't possibly manage. There can be misfiled paperwork about taxes, about business permits, or about urgent healthcare. ("Sorry, Stilt, we accidentally sent your heart transplant to Obama's Aunt Zeituni - but the funny part is that she ate it with noodles!")

For Conservatives, paranoia is largely moot at this point. They are out to get us, just as surely as the radical whackjobs swinging meatcleavers in the name of Allah are out to get anyone who doesn't share their zealotry.

The coming days will tell whether or not there's still enough integrity, honesty, and bravery left in Washington (and the country overall) to respond to this administration's attacks on our laws, our values, and our people.

Frankly, we'll be holding our breath.


REM1875 said...

Hey Doc sometimes I get the feeling you are holding back and not really let us know exactly how you feel about His Royal Majesty- barack the worst.
And now for damned good reason I see why other may be holding back.
I remember the good old days before the alternative media when der slickmeister and his co president did the same thing to conservatives but no one would listen. They lacked some of the modern toys that zero posses which makes this even more frightening.
The good news is holder has promised to investigate holder and get to the bottom of it (whatever that is code for I am not sure I want to know)
So now I feel all better and can finally get some sleep. (pinching self to make sure this IS just a nightmare)

The Pontificator said...

I won't be holding my breath. Bunch of friggin' RINOs.

CenTexTim said...

So the corrupt President is instructing the corrupt Justice Department to investigate the corrupt Internal Revenue Service.

And all this will be covered by the corrupt media.

Sigh ... it's early, but I feel the need for some corrupt 'coffee'.

Colby said...

Doctor Jarlsberg,
Today's post is one of your finest efforts, and I am grateful for your time and your talent for wearing out hammers by hitting the nail on the head so often.

This group of executive branch ass wipes has been about as transparent as a bottle of dijon mustard, so it's good to know they are entering the "more transparenter" phase. But, I can't wait for the "most transparentest" phase, when even the lemmings realize they are slowly losing their freedom.

I have a question, too. What wine did aunt Zeituni have with the heart 'n' noodles? Ripple, MD 20-20, or Thunderbird?

Chuck said...

I would submit that we are all frogs in a pot.

I would further suggest that some of us aren't very good frogs because we notice the temperature change, but rest assured that we will be cooked right along with the "good frogs": the LIV.

American Cowboy said...

He's Going to Focus Again

Okay so does anyone remember the joke about the photographer and the two blonde models?

One asked, "What is taking him so long?" The other said, "First he has to focus." The first one relied, "Bofus?"

I fully believe that 'bama intends to "focus" all at every chance he gets. And I believe he will use the full power of the IRS, the DHS, the FBI and any and all other agencies to do so. Unless of course one is willing to kneel in defeat and become one of the useless tools that no longer care about the United States and the principles it was founded on.

Ben Dover said...

Cowboy... trust me, I know all about being focused. And I don't even get offered a damn cigarette afterwards! An Obamaphone, yes, but no ciggy.

Colby said...

I almost hate to post this because I'm the King of the Typo, but I think you meant to type, "Aunt Zeituni ate it with noodles."

It is indeed a mystery that some don't feel the burner being turned up. My theory is, one can't feel the rise in temperature if one's head is up one's ass.

John the Econ said...

"Hope n' Change, on the other hand, would like to see the president attempt a renewed focus on honesty, although it's hard to have a "renewed" focus when you've never had any previous focus on the issue at all."

Talk about wasted "hope". The modern progressive movement isn't about "honesty". Far from it. They tried that once, about 100 years ago. It failed miserably, as the vast majority of Americans were able to see through their truthful, yet obviously flawed and empty promises. Back then, we had no interest in slavery, even if it was only theoretically to each other.

After coming to grips with the reality that the America had so soundly rejected their utopian ideology, they decided to instead sell a kind of "soft Marxism", promised the gullible that they could enjoy vast freedom and benefits, but without the responsibility of working for them. Unfortunately, that did catch on with the ignorant and lazy. But of course, it's all a lie.

On another note, has anyone noticed how the IRS scandal resembles how radical Islam now works?

The left steadfastly refuses to classify any act of Islamic terrorism as "terrorism" unless it can directly tie the perpetrators to some chain of command. (Think Fort Hood, which to the left, was merely "workplace violence") Unless someone is directly funded and ordered by someone to act, then it's merely an random act of vandalism.

So as it is with the IRS scandal. Obama didn't directly order the IRS and other agencies to wage war on freedom-loving free-market conservatives. He didn't have to: "Specifically, the president, the vice-president, the first lady, Eric Holder, and Janet Napolitano were all running around the country during the summer and autumn months of 2012 (AFTER the IRS scandal was presumably known to them) and telling people that the Tea Party was making moves to suppress the votes of Blacks with imaginary Jim Crow laws."

Exactly, @Stilton. Just like the radical imams, he slandered, demagogued and speechified, and the faithful indoctrinated followers acted. No direct chain of command necessary. No accountability. And if a few worker ants are sacrificed in the process, it's no big deal. There are plenty more willing and able from where they came from.

This is why the IRS scandal is actually worse than anything Obama has done. It infects the entire government, which is literally out of control. We can impeach a President who breaks the law or his oath. But how do we peacefully impeach a whole government?

Oh, remember this one? Seems we now know why:

An honest business donated to the wrong people, and paid a price. Just how many of these stories are there out there that we haven't or never will hear about?

On another note, it's nice to see the media finally looking into Obama's mysterious past:

Oh, a prom picture? That's it MSM? This is bigger news than an entire state at war with its own citizens?

Anonymous said...

British soldiers, American ambassadors.

"What difference, at this point, does it make?"

Gang of One said...

I wonder how some of this news is going to play out. But then again, a man who can say things like this, is capable of many things.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@REM1875- I think we've all felt it: the sense that this time around, the ideological debates were more than just debates, and that the actual battles weren't being fought with a legitimate and honest election process, but rather with the tools of tyranny.

We are in the middle of something new and frightening, and without a strong and rapid response, America will be largely finished.

@The Pontificator- Every now and then, John Boehner will say something that sounds good, but I keep waiting for him to do something meaningful. But I don't know if we can look to any of the gameplayers to clean up the playing field.

@CenTexTim- I'll drink to that. In every sense.

@Colby- Glad you enjoyed the cartoon. I had to ask myself if it was inappropriate, unfair, or over the top. Surprise! I decided it wasn't.

Regarding Aunt Zeituni's choice of wine, she went with MD 20-20, because anything with "MD" in it comes free with Obamacare.

@Chuck- I'm guessing that link isn't one of PETA's favorites. But your analogy is a good one: those of us who are smart and sensitive frogs will still be screwed when trapped by the press of bodies from the stupid frogs around us.

@American Cowboy- I love that joke, and I'm glad you picked up on the deliberate pun in the cartoon's title because that's exactly what I was going for: he's going to "focus" right up the tailpipe, and not for the first time.

@Ben Dover- Not only that, but with Barry's anti-petroleum policies, we don't even get lube.

@Colby- D'oh!!! Okay, I fixed the typo. Thanks for pointing it out.

@John the Econ- I really like your insight about the similarities between radical Islam, the IRS, and the deliberate use of "cells" (if you will) to protect and insulate the higher-ups.

Meanwhile, the MSM is reporting how cute Barry Soetoro looked in his prom photo?! I fear that we can't be far from stories which really do declare that his sh*t doesn't stink.

@Gang of One- For those readers who are linkaphobic, "this news" is that Ambassador Stevens may have possibly been in Benghazi to buy back stinger missiles which Hillary Clinton's State Department had given to Al-Qaeda in hopes that they'd use them against Gaddafi. But it turned out that Al-Qaeda isn't really a great ally - and when we give them weapons, they turn them back on us. That seems like a very plausible reason for Hillary and Barry to concoct a total lie to protect their own political asses...even if by doing so, they also were protecting Al-Qaeda.

Per your other link, when I read about Barry saying that he and Holder feel passionately about protecting the press's ability to investigate, I threw up in my mouth a little.

Queso Grande said...

I had been slowly climbing out of that deep, dark hole that the 'election' put me in. The defense of the scandals by so many have well and truly destroyed any progress I was making.

It is true; the middle panel is not a mere joke; it is the true face of this evil, malignant man and his minions in the Party.

I have said for a long time on that Democrats hate America, love to see dead Americans and that every time a D is elected to the WH, Black Brown Yellow White & Fruit striped gum colored people die in ever increasing numbers. I always felt I was being overly emphatic in my statement but felt it necessary to engage in a bit of hyperbole to make my point.
I never thought that the Left would be out there trying to make true my comment.
Nominating Nuland to an asst. NSAdvisor position is a simple case of ghetto 'dick-whipping'. He's pulling it out and slapping us right in the mouth.

And too many people admire this, feel it shows Preezy is a 'playa'. The same attitude that makes Ray Carruth a role model and Tim Tebow a pariah.

How do we fix America?

REM1875 said...

Senator mcRINO heard overheard in a dark corner sniveling to himself-
"those damned young coo coo birds they just don't understand how it's done here in the senate. I been working real hard trying to get the color pink added to the 5 primary colors cause I can't make it with the other five primary color crayon I got. It's almost a bi-partisan deal. And I been talking to some on the other side and they have promised not to desecrate our veterans graves and bulldozing Arlington to make a giant peace memorial and I am working with some of them to keep them from kicking AZ out of the Union and giving it to Mexico. Oh yeah and we named 5 new stars after important senators. We do damned important work, they just don't understand. Oh sure sometimes you got to give up some of the big things like immigration, Second Amendment, taxes, partisan scandals and debt ceiling to get a lot of the small really important things done. These young conservative punks don't understand how it's done here in the senate"

Colby said...

I will apologise in advance for my next post being completely off the subject (but not for the content).

I know Stilton will honor our fallen and our veterans come Monday, but I may not have access to a computer then, so I'm posting my Memorial Day rant now.

Colby said...

The boy was born on a small Illinois farm in 1910, on what would later become Memorial Day. In his early teens he would contract polio in one leg and become wheelchair bound. The doctors told the family the boy would never walk again, but he was so determined to play football in high school, the boy defied the odds and played his senior year despite one leg being 2” shorter than the other.
The Great Depression hit in 1929, but the now young man was so determined to go to college, he did so and held down a full time night job at the same time to pay for it.
In 1942, at age 32, with a shortened leg from polio, the man enlisted in the Army to fight the threat of worldwide fascism brought by Hitler and Hirohito. He served in the South Pacific Theater until the Japanese surrender, including the bloody battles in the Philippines.
The man came home after the Great War, got married and had two sons (including me). He never talked about his war years when I was growing up, but after his death in 1991, my brother and I discovered his war diaries and discovered a person who was willing to sacrifice ANYTHING to ensure that freedom in the US would always be there. My father walked with a limp and suffered horrible back pain nearly his whole life due to the years of marching and fighting with a gun and a heavy pack, but he never complained.
It took me years after his death to realize that this man, an Illinois Democrat by the way, was willing to give everything he had, up to and including his life, so his children could enjoy the freedom that he enjoyed. This Illinois Democrat was for low taxes, small government, and happily practiced his 2nd amendment rights. I can safely say that this Illinois Democrat would now be completely appalled at the current occupant of the White House and the beginnings of the fascism that he fought so hard against.
Dad, I am still deeply saddened by your death, but I am relieved that you are not seeing what this country has become.

John the Econ said...

Just to make you all feel safer this Memorial Day weekend, I thought you'd enjoy some tales of state security meeting Kafka. It's your tax dollars at work:

Apparently, merely travelling "from west to east" now fits a "profile" for terrorist activity.

So if I understand this correctly, DHS, ICE, FBI, CIA and whoever else out there blissfully let people like the Tsarnaevs come and go as they please, completely un-inconvenienced and unmolested.

Instead, the security apparatus spends its billions of dollars in resources to harass middle-aged white guys doing nothing more sinister than flying from west to east.

And just like with the IRS, I'm sure there's absolutely nothing the President can do about it. It's all out of control.

Emmentaler "Focus From Behind" Limburger said...

@John: knowing The People's Republic of Berkeley is in California, I would find this flight suspicious, too. Another thought: If he can afford a small plane, why is he still in California?

No, no - all very suspicious...

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Queso Grande- I hear you, brother. It's one thing to think we lost an election - and quite another to know FOR A FACT that anti-Americans used the power of the government to corrupt and steal the last election.

Yes, the Left hates America and revels in the blood of the dead. I do not speak figureatively or rhetorically; they really celebrate the deaths of innocents if it advances their political agenda.

And so you ask, "how do we fix America?" It's a hugely important question, and I don't have the answer - although it's going to have to go way beyond the electoral process, because unless ordinary Americans can be convinced to embrace basic morality and responsibility again, the government isn't going to matter.

I have freely admitted to being an atheist on these pages. That being said, I'd be happy to have God present a flaming sword in the sky, and a firm warning for everyone to get their act together. (Note: If that happens, I am SO going to be in Bible study the next day!)

@REM1875- I don't ever WANT to say anything against McCain, who has given so much to our country. But unless he'll STFU, it's unavoidable. The Tea Party element in Washington needs to push harder, no matter if it's Dems or Republicans trying to gum up the works. McCain is (or was) a good man, but he is a relic: sadly, he believes in a core of American goodness which simply doesn't exist anymore, and won't until much is changed. And we are the ones striving to make that change.

@Colby- Damn, friend, I either need to give YOU a hug, or have you give ME a hug. And I need to borrow a handkerchief too (I'm not being "cute" here - I'm crying). That's a beautiful testament not only to your father, but to so many other veterans who came from humble origins, served valiantly and at great personal risk, gave us EVERYTHING, and in return showed only humility. I, too, am saddened by your father's death, but learning about his life has lifted my spirits more than anything else I've heard in awhile. Thank you so much for sharing.

@John the Econ- Apparently Homeland Security is referring to The Wizard of Oz to determine if someone is a "good witch" or a "bad witch" depending on their allegiance with compass directions.

@Emmentaler- Good point!

amr said...

From Dr. Renolds, Instapundit, “I’m quite surprised that no one has mentioned Section 1203 of the Restructuring and Reform Act of 1998, which mandates terminations of IRS employees who commit any of what are known in the Service as the 10 Deadly Sins.’ . . . At any rate, you’ll notice that several of these provisions could be applicable in the present instance, notably (b) (2), (b) (3) (A), and (b) (7). If I were Ms. Lerner, Mr. Miller (who relied heavily on 6103 in his testimony), or anyone in that chain, 1203 would be a huge concern. It is for every Service employee, which is why I and others were always very cautious about taking unapproved initiative in areas that skated close to 1203.”
Plus, why the delays should have been noticed by higher-ups: “To have a statutory or Internal Revenue Manual deadline like 270 days to process something and to blow past without consequences is inconceivable to me. The day that thing went overage, the manager gets a report, and the employee gets asked why. The manager would keep getting reports until it was fixed, and if it wasn’t fixed soon, the SAC would be on the phone, because he or she is getting the same report, and his or her performance report (and bonuses) is on the line.”

PRY said...

@quesa grande...
You said.."I have said for a long time on that Democrats hate America, love to see dead Americans and that every time a D is elected to the WH, Black Brown Yellow White & Fruit striped gum colored people die in ever increasing numbers." Total truth, my friend! But,what has been troubling me...I feel sometimes that they DO NOT KNOW IT!
If they do deliberately act as they do, that's bad, but if they don't even realize it, and think they are doing something good, well, it's so far out there I have difficulty wrapping my mind around it!

As Progressives, as the word implies, these people do not stay in one spot, their corrupt ideology 'progresses' as time goes by, one step at a time. And, as long as so many American citizens don't give a rat's ass about ANYTHING concerning the guvment, there is no reason for them to pay attention! Just keep on texting!

As for the news from Britain, we all know of course, that as the Muslim population increases in any country or region, the boldness to act in this way grows right along with it. Demands from muslim people increase also. So we should not be surprised that this happens. In Syria right now, the muslim population is at about 98%,and see what is happening! Britain's muslim population is considerably larger than the US right now, just give it time!

PRY said...

@ Colby....I'm with ya, friend, I had a dad vet too, very proud of him and he too would be at that same state of appalled! God bless every person who gave his or her all so that we ALL can live in freedom!

Queso Grande said...

@Stilton, were we only able to get a critical mass of Americans to be as moved as you and I-and all here I will assume- by @Colby's truly moving encomium to his Father, we could move the zeitgeist back to what made us great as a Nation.

I type through tears, Colby. I lost an uncle in France, and a second to a drunk driver while home on leave; I never met either but the picture of my Uncle in France I have is like looking in a mirror. Scary similar. My Dad talked his way into the USAF @ 15 and after being found out, managed to convince them to allow him to at least 'fly a desk' for the remainder. His BIL still has nightmares about Korea. The sacrifices made for our Nation by that generation makes even more baffling the rejection of all that makes us unique, American.

@PRY, I have told a coworker who feels it is his duty to convert me to leftism just that: Democrat policies INEVITABLY result in the spilling of blood. EVERY TIME. His response always contain some reference to income disparity.
Head, meet brick wall.
Not only are they not aware, their innate ignorance does not allow for even basic logic to enter.

This weekend, remember to thank every soldier you see, and to tell everyone to either pray, or to keep in their hearts all those who have fallen for our Country.
And if you are at all like me, say it LOUD, so every slimy lib nearby has to experience a modicum of cognition.

PRY said...

Amen to that, brother. We are already at war with dark powers from on high!

American Cowboy said...

As I read the comments about fathers, uncles, and BIL I thought about my own father who was in an artillery unit on the front lines in Korea.

He tells about one experience of watching a pilot who was having trouble keeping his craft airborne due to mechanical failure coming in very low over their position and being able to actually see the pilot through the canopy. The pilot fought to keep his craft airborne just long enough to avoid a South Korean village before the inevitable crash. The pilot was killed in the crash and explosion. He had plenty of time to have bailed out and saved himself, but gave his life instead of letting civilians die.
My father breaks down in tears every time he recalls this event, and says that pilot was in all ways a hero.

I thought that I would share that story as a salute to my father and other real heroes this Memorial Day.

PRY said...

I hope everyone has a nice safe holiday. I thought I would offer this link, even if it is kinda late in the weekend. It is so important...I think all who contribute here will appreciate it...

Anonymous said...

Probably going to be audited for this observation but those two boys that seemed to love cameras and making speech in front of the cameras looked like they could have been Barry's boys. They chopped away at the military, seemed to love Islam, managed to get a speech in and ran head on against the local police. The resemblance not so much the color of the skin but their actions and the color of their hands.

John the Econ said...

It seems that Obama "wishes" the mis-named "war on terror" (actually, the war on extremist Islam) be over:

Obama Sees Terror Threat Reduced To Pre-9/11 Level

WASHINGTON — Some call it wishful thinking, but President Barack Obama has all but declared an end to the global war on terror.

Obama is not claiming final victory over extremists who still seek to kill Americans and other Westerners. Instead, he is refocusing the long struggle against terrorism that lies ahead, steering the United States away from what he calls an equally frightening threat – a country in a state of perpetual war. In doing so, Obama recasts the image of the terrorists themselves, from enemy warriors to cowardly thugs and resets the relationship between the U.S. and Islam.

Just like that, with a wave of his magic wand, it's like 9/10.

Meanwhile, on the same day:

French police search for man who stabbed soldier

PARIS (AP) — French authorities are hunting for a man who stabbed a soldier in the throat in the commercial district of La Defense outside Paris.

Saturday's stabbing came just days after a British soldier was hacked to death on a London street in broad daylight in a suspected terrorist attack that has raised fears of potential copycat strikes. However, there was no immediate confirmation of any link to the France attack.

Guess they didn't get the memo.

So let me ask this: Since the wand has been waved and the war is over, does that mean we get to roll back the massive expansion of the police state instituted under George W Bush, like the TSA or the Kafkaesque mechanism I posted about above? Or is the formerly critical Obama now comfortable with it and can I still expect the same genital tug and prostrate exam next time I am at the airport.

Or, are all these agencies just out of control and to be left to their own devices, just like the IRS seems to be?

What do you think?

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@amr- The rules and regs you cite are, to me, more proof that this wasn't an accident or rogue action on the part of some low-level nobodies. The IRS needs a major housecleaning just for starters, and full-time bipartisan oversight.

@PRY- Progressives begin with the precept "If I'm doing it or in favor of it, it must be right" after which they search their ever-changing feelings to discover which way their bleeding hearts are leading them from day to day. Progressives are, each and every one, as infallible as the Pope - but a lot less humble.

Regarding Britain, Mark Steyn shares the shocking statistic that 1 in 10 Brits under age 25 is a Muslim, and that demographic is growing much faster than any other owing to birth trends. This should be nipped in the bud here in the States.

@PRY- Well said, and please accept a well-meaning (albeit civilian) salute to your Dad from me.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Queso Grande- I am sorry for your losses, and for the many other losses suffered by so many families in our nation. And I couldn't agree more that this is a good weekend to be especially vocal in giving thanks to all who have served. It's the right thing to do - though making liberals squirm is a pleasant bonus.

@American Cowboy- A very moving story, and emblematic of real heroism.

@PRY- A good, albeit frightening piece.

@Anonymous- Oh, you were going to be audited anyway just for having visited this site (I'm not sure if I'm joking or not). But your observation is fair; it is Barry himself who has chosen to identify himself with people based on their skin color, and additionally use it as the basis for the assumption of their innocence (ie, Trayvon Martin and Henry Louis "Beer Summit" Gates). I think president Soetoro has more in common with those meatcleaver murderers than most people would admit.

@John the Econ- B. Hussein is running cover for Islamic radicalism by asserting that there is no such movement (let alone coordinated terrorism) and that any violent acts simply represent misguided low-level individuals: the Islamic equivalent of Cincinnati IRS employees.

In my opinion, B. Hussein's reasons are twofold: to allow him to focus more on the dismantling of our nation, and to enable the Muslim Brotherhood to build strength and solidify gains as it incrementally conquers the world. I believe that Barry Soetoro would again like to hear the "sweetest sound in the world," the Muslim call to prayer, ringing out across whatever is left of our nation.

John the Econ said...

Mark Steyn has been warning the west for quite some time now about the demographic bombs that are brewing against western civilization. Basically, Europe gave up with barely a whimper. That's what socialism basically does to a society; everyone is basically so consumed by making sure they get "their fair share" that they stop caring about anything else beyond their own "needs".

Because of socialism, Europe today is mostly just continent-sized museum celebrating its former glory as the birthplace of western civilization and all its achievements. If you haven't been to see this museum yet, I suggest you go soon. As soon as Muslims become close to achieving anything near to a majority in these countries, they will erase most evidence of this former glory, just as they have in other lands they've conquered.