Wednesday, May 22, 2013

No Cartoon - But Some Venting

Readers- No Wednesday post for a variety of reasons: primarily that I had personal business to attend to, my part of Texas was under hazardous weather watch for quite awhile on Tuesday, and the sadness I feel for the victims of the Oklahoma storms just outweighs my (still existing) anger at the ever-growing political scandals. I encourage you to visit this link to find ways you can help the many people who lost much, or in too many cases lost all, in the tornado tragedy. -Stilton

To expand just a bit on my comment above, Hope n' Change Cartoons really does try to view the world through hopeful eyes as much as possible. That hope is frequently expressed as anger (leavened with humor) - but anger can only exist when you won't accept defeat. And some days, the sheer soulless evil of the other side knocks me back a few paces - and such was the case with the tragedy that struck Moore, Oklahoma and the reaction of those on the left.

You've probably read about the tweet from the co-creator of Comedy Central's "Daily Show" saying that the tornado was sent to Oklahoma to target conservatives. The woman (barely) rescinded the remark later, but there was no sincerity in her apology. Meanwhile Democrats are blaming the tornado's destruction on global warming...which means they're blaming you and me if you have a car which runs on fossil fuels, electricity in your home which comes from a coal-fired plant, or have greater love for the American eagle than for the wind turbines which are turning them to feathered chunks of sushi in midflight.

This is sick, sad, and wrong - and those who would seek to score political points by using the dead and suffering people of Oklahoma are without shame and, probably, beyond redemption.

And of course, in the background of all this, we have the continuing development of the multiple scandals in Washington, and an administration which has oxymoronically declared war on conservatives while going to great lengths to give political cover to terrorists in Libya.

On days like this, even "coffee" doesn't help. And so it's necessary to step back, take a deep breath, and reflect on where we are, how we got here, and how (or sadly, if) we can make things better. Watching the good, strong people of Oklahoma help each other is what allows me to answer that last question in the affirmative.

So I still have Hope for Change - which means angry & funny will return to this page (probably on Friday).

NOTE: The comments area is still open for business today as usual!


Karl Uppiano said...

Stilton, I think a good cartoon would be a smoldering, tornado-devastated school with a sign on the one remaining, partly intact wall saying "This is a tornado-free zone".

Emmentaler Limburger said...

@Stilton: I applaud your restraint, and you have my admiration for the lack of a cartoon today - and, particularly, for the lack of a cartoon involving the natural tragedy that just befell OK. You have much stronger moral underpinnings than that horrid bitch responsible for The Daily Show, and I don't think anybody should take her "apology". NO such incident is worthy of such jokes, regardless of whether you were aware of the devastation or not.

Jim Hlavac said...

Stilt, there's far more to life than politics -- stay well -- do good works. Cheers.

CenTexTim said...

Duck and cover...

John the Econ said...

Hope all is okay @Stilton. Let me throw a little meat into the stew:

Well, it looks like Jay Leno either has "short-timer's disease" or he too wants an IRS audit:

A rhetorical question: Remember how the rabid-left always questioned the legitimacy of the Bush Administration because of Al Gore's failure to overturn the 2000 election? Well, now that we know as a fact that at least one apparatus of the state was actively involved at disabling the President's legitimate political opposition, at what point do we get to question the legitimacy of the 2nd Obama term?

Personally, I believe that Obama was not directly involved in the IRS scandal, simply because he didn't have to be. The acolytes of big government don't need direct orders to act to protect the mega-state. They just do it. Besides, any President has underlings to handle the details, and to take the fall when it all goes south.

But it doesn't matter, because this scenario is actually worse for the President. If the President had personally directed the IRS to harass conservative groups, it would merely be an impeachable crime. But what has happened is even worse for the President and his agenda; It is complete validation of the Tea Party argument that the Federal government is unwieldy and completely out of control, and that the President doesn't care that it is, as long as it serves his own political objectives.

That, my friends, is the fact, and needs to be our narrative for the next 3 years if we actually want "change" in America.

It's No Gouda said...

Gaaahhh, it's infuriating that just when the MSM was being forced to acknowledge the triple scandals along comes a disaster and ensuing crisis that Crapweasel can exploit,with the full connivance of the press, to take everyone's mind off the corruption.
That said, having had a "close encounter" with an F-5 tornado(Palm Sunday 1965)the people of Moore,OK have my sympathy and condolences on their losses.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Karl Uppiano- That actually would be a good cartoon, pointing out the insensitivity and illogic of the Left, but it's too soon for me to do it.

@Emmentaler- I genuinely don't understand the cold, inhuman, smug hatefulness of Liberals like that unspeakable woman. And the worst thing is that she's not a rarity in the ranks of the Left.

@Jim Hlavac- Thank you.

@CenTexTim- I'm a child of the 50's AND a child of tornado alley, so I take Duck and Cover pretty darn seriously.

@John the Econ- Great perspective on the IRS mess. I think it's entirely fair to question the legitimacy of the last election owing to the IRS actions (while Eric Holder was touring the country warning Black audiences about nonexistent Jim Crow laws). The IRS must now be seen as a wholly partisan, political body which has violated its trust. It needs to be kept MILES away from the administration of our healthcare.

@It's No Gouda- I remember Chris Matthews basically being grateful for Hurricane Sandy in the waning days of the election because all the destruction allowed Barry to look caring and presidential and give Chris Christie a big hug (it still counts, even if his arms didn't reach all the way around). I have little doubt that in some quarters, this tragedy is being seen as a blessing for the distraction it provides.

By the way, I lived in Indiana during the Palm Sunday tornado outbreak, and the words "Palm Sunday" still give me a chill.

John the Econ said...

The popular leftist narrative is now that any bad weather must be the result of "global warming". However, the "facts" and "science" are not on their side. In fact, I can even make the argument that if anything, anthropocentric global warming actually has reduced both the number and severity of storms:$LinkEXTERNALQueryString$

Many types of storms, such as last year's Sandy which hit the east coast have actually become less frequent over the last half-century. Prior to the 20th century, the east coast was regularly beaten by storms far more severe than Sandy.

To see the degree that politics have polluted scientific discourse, consider that before and immediately after Hurricane Katrina, the meteorologists specializing in hurricanes maintained the position that AGW had little to nothing to do with the number of or the severity of hurricanes. But then Al Gore started shooting his ignorant mouth off and that all changed. The narrative then switched to that we should expect at least 3 major hurricanes a year to hit the gulf coast in 2006 and subsequent years.

The storms never happened.

But never mind the facts. The ends justify the means, so if we have to debase "science", to get where they need to go, so be it.

A fine example of the media charade occurred Monday as CNN's tabloid-editor British git Piers Morgan invited not an actual climate scientist (of which you'd think he could find plenty of) but "Bill Nye the Science Guy", who is actually not a "scientist", but an actor-comedian who hosts a children's show.

But now that I think about it again, perhaps Bill Nye was the perfect guest for Piers Morgan and his audience; someone who explains simple scientific principles to children.

But that the left seeks to exploit human tragedy like this isn't only sick, it's transparently so.

"I Was an Idiot" says Daily Show co-creator Lizz Winstead. Was? (I hesitate to all her a "comedian" since I see nothing funny about her)

But we do owe Lizz gratitude for being the latest brainless "comedian" to so publicly expose the ignorant, hateful, and completely insensitive Hollywood liberal mindset. What a fine example she sets for the hip and with-it crowd.

Gang of One said...

@Stilton -- Yeah, we knew that the global worming-types could not restrain themselves. And, unfortunately, we have to put up with this kind of nonsense, and it gives people like Madcow an ALMOST legitimate grievance. Clowns to Left, Trufers™ to the Right ...

Pete(Detroit) said...

Gang of One - I went to that link, and was stunned by the weapons grade stupidity expressed no only by Jones, but also by the commenters. Utterly appalling.

Earl said...

Kudos to Prime Minister Cameron for calling today's beheading of a young soldier on a London street TERRORISM. Obama can't use that word even though WE all know what it is when we see it (i.e. Fort Hood, the underwear bomber, Benghazi, etc.) If statues have feelings, Churchill is pretty happy to be back in England. I'll spare you my vitriol against Obama only because it's time for a coffee break.

txGreg said...


Glad someone called it terrorism, since the BBC "News" cautioned people not to jump to conclusions.

I mean... sure, there's video footage of them committing the crime, shouting “Allahu Akbar” while doing it. And, sure they conducted an impromptu interview stating "We swear by almighty Allah we will never stop fighting you."

But still, let's not jump to conclusions and imply that the Religion of Piece (yes, I spelled it that way on purpose) harbors terrorists inside it.

(throws up in his mouth, just a little)

Earl said...

@Tx Greg. I'm embarassed. I don't remember where I heard the Cameron quote. I've been watching Fox News and am not hearing what I really, really, hoped I had heard. But at least Cameron's coming back from a trip instead of flying off to a fundraiser.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Readers- Great comments. And now, if I walk to the liquor cabinet v-e-r-y slowly, it will be 5 pm when I reach the bottle. Of coffee. Yeah, right - "coffee," that's the ticket!

American Cowboy said...

"This is sick, sad, and wrong - and those who would seek to score political points by using the dead and suffering people of Oklahoma are without shame and, probably, beyond redemption."

Please, forgive me in advance for quoting your words as part of my comment. I believe they bear repeating, and repeating often. If one changed the name of the state to any one of the last dozen or so localities where tragedies have befallen American citizens in the last five years a very real pattern of sick, sad, and wrong actions, words, and opinions blatantly displayed by the left leaning tools that infest the political arena would, or should be obvious to anyone with even a moderate level of intelligence.
Personally I hold out very little hope for any genuine change anytime in the near future as America continues it's slide into oblivion as the worlds greatest country.

John Vecchio said...

Love you. I know you don't need it but I have a suggestion for a comic that you may be able to make work. Picture "private citizen Kathy Sebelius" calling a company telling the switchboard that she's a private citizen soliciting them for a million dollars. After all she didn't use her name or office to solicit large amounts of money.
Keep up the good work. John

REM1875 said...

We went through Moore OK on the way to the VA in OKC about a 1/2 before the world changed and ended up driving through part of the cell on our way back. We waited 4 hrs on I-44 before we were told we could not get through. Emergency vehicles kept passing traffic on the shoulder of the road and sirens were a constant companion. I-35 was also blocked so there was no way out to the south. We were fortunate and finally could turn around and some of our 'outlaws' took us in till till the road opened. Crossing I-44 at the south candian river and seeing the old newcastle bridge and what the storm did to it is one of those pictures you dont forget. It was then it dawned on us how blessed we were. God Bless all those affected ny the storm our hearts go out to them.

Gang of One said...

@American Cowboy -- I teach SpecEd in a fairly affluent community in northern NJ. We still say the Pledge every morning WITH 'under God' where it belongs. Even though we have some tree-huggers, Obamabots and the like, the community [and the high school] works diligently to remain free of the low-bar, dumbed-down curricula infesting too many gummint skools. If [and that's a big IF] more and more schools turn around, and I can tell you that here in NJ they are, things will improve. The USA and the world will see the good people of Moore, OK. pick themselves up, dust themselves off, bury their loved ones and re-build with their own hands. Just that alone will inspire people to finally see that Big Government™ is analogous to bondage and tyranny; America will emerge from this statist nightmar.

John the Econ said...

By happenstance yesterday, I witnessed one of the funniest moments in media bias meets unfortunate timing on CNN.

Wolf Blitzer, on the ground at Moore OK was being briefed on the day's events at the IRS hearings split-screen with another reporter. (Her name escapes me) After she gives her report, Wolf proceeds with the now-standard Democratic talking point by implying that this was really a Bush scandal because "Wasn't Douglas Shulman appointed by George W Bush?"

The reporter on the other screen then replied that this is true, but because of an accidental act of journalism, records show that Douglas Shulman has donated exclusively to Democrats, even before his appointment by Bush.

Wolf's face freezes, and his eyes become kind of hollow. Seconds later, his side of the screen goes black except for a text allerting the network operators of a "loss of signal".

After a few more seconds of silence, we go to a commercial.

It must be so hard to be a liberal Democrat these days.

Dick said...

Some days I can't even face the news. The evil grows worse, day by day. How you inject humor into it is amazing and I'm grateful for your efforts.

Unknown said...

Post Katrina: "What are these poor people going to do???"

Post Oklahoma: RRRRRRRRRRRRNNNNNNGGGGGG!!!! (chainsaws)

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@American Cowboy- You're completely right; in recent years tragic events almost immediately become political volleyballs. For those involved, it doesn't just take an obsession with ideology - it requires true disdain for the (ahem) common people and their suffering and/or deaths.

I do hope for things to improve, but I don't expect the worst offenders on the other side to ever change.

@John Vecchio- With everything else going on, the Sebelius scandal isn't getting anywhere near the attention it deserves. There was a great piece in the Wall Street Journal pointing out that Sibelius raising "private" money to circumvent the expressed will of Congress is Iran-Contra all over again, and illegal as hell. This entire administration is lawless and running amuck.

@REM1875- At this very moment, I've got goosebumps (truly) thinking of the horror of Moore, Oklahoma - but also an overwhelming wave of admiration for the people who have already rolled up their sleeves to make things better. The contrast between Oklahomans doing things to solve problems instead of simply saying things, as the politicians do, is inspiring and refreshing.

@Gang of One- I have tremendous nostalgia for the "simpler" education system of my youth, when morals and values were pre-baked into the learning materials, and the emphasis was on learning instead of self-esteem (although I'd like to point out that self-esteem has traditionally been the result of hard work - so plenty of it was generated in those "primitive" educational times).

We MUST fix our education system and stop cranking out clueless Eloi (the veal-like future humans from HG Wells "The Time Machine").

@John the Econ- Wish I'd seen that! So it seems the story is that maybe Bush appointed someone WITHOUT making their politics a litmus test, but Wolf still wants to blame him for it. Meanwhile, did the media blame Obama for hiring "Green Czar" truther, radical, and avowed communist Van Jones? (Hint: they did not).

@Dick- Some days, finding the humor is easier than others. As of this writing, I haven't done Friday's cartoon and yet and can't find much to laugh about - even in my usual bitter and slightly hysterical way. But the day is young yet...

@Mike Lester- Yes, yes, yes! Brilliant.

Emmentaler Limburger said...

@John the Econ: I would payto have seen that!

Colby said...

@John the Econ,
Now now, let's be kind to poor Wolf; he was born with a defeciency. His brain is missing that little section that seperates truth from fiction, and his morality lobe is grossly underdeveloped.

@Mike Lester,
Brilliant! And I love what came out of the Billy/Franklin Graham organization. Not sure who said it, but they commented that they were sending help to OK to rebuild churches so the churches could start doing what they do best, and that is rebuilding communities. Somebody gets it! Government builds nothing but distrust and debt.

How about the First Wookie's umteenth vacation for cartoon fodder? I'll bet the crap weasel wishes he could escape to Martha's Vineyard as well. I'm actually surprised he isn't. After all, it's been what, a whole month since he's had a vacation?! Maybe two... and you know it isn't much fun having your lap dogs suddenly looking at you in a suspicious manner.

John the Econ said...

"The Unaccountable Executive
If the President doesn't run the government, then who does?"

Good op-ed in today's Wall Street Journal, expanding on the idea that if Obama can claim ignorance and helplessness in regards to what happens at the IRS, then the government really is literally out of control.

"...the bigger the federal government grows, the less the President is responsible for it. Mr. Axelrod's remarkable admission, and the liberal media defenses of Mr. Obama's lack of responsibility, prove the tea party's point that an ever larger government has become all but impossible to govern. They also show once again that liberals are good at promising the blessings of government largesse but they leave its messes for others to clean up."

PRY said...

I sure hope no one in DC finds out there were teachers during the Moore tornado who were...gasp...PRAYING, OUT LOUD, IN THE PRESENCE OF THEIR STUDENTS! Oh my gosh, they are in such trouble if that gets out!

Karl Uppiano said...

I have heard people on the right and the left attribute the tornado to acts of God, in retribution for this or that -- including having a "carbon footprint" (actually, it's more of a "fartprint", but I digress).

The tornado was not an act of God, it was a freak of nature. The true acts of God are going on right now, with all of the volunteers going to Moore, OK doing the work of Christ -- helping and comforting the afflicted.