Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Coal Day In Hell

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As predicted, Barack Hussein Obama has now officially declared his de facto "War on Coal," and is said to be mobilizing Seal Team Six to go after America's deadliest enemy: Osamwan Bin Minen.

Barry is putting his anti-coal regulations into effect using an arcane interpretation of the Clean Air Act. So arcane, in fact, that the law's main author - Democrat John Dingell - says that Obama's misuse of the Clean Air Act "has the potential for shutting down or slowing down virtually all industry and all economic activity and growth."

Which is, in point of fact, the president's primary goal as he continues pushing the United States into third world status.

Meanwhile, the rest of the world is currently laughing its butt off at the idea of curtailing industry in order to possibly (and quite likely magically) change the climate. Which means that for Obama's new policies to have any conceivable impact on climate change, our nation will have to virtually eliminate all our industrial activity to help compensate for the fact that other nations will continue to build things, create jobs, and use electricity from dirty old coal (in fact, the very same coal which will be denied to Americans).

All of which would be really scary if Barry had a longer attention span - but he's already forgotten Fast & Furious, and getting to the bottom of the IRS scandal, and Benghazi, and his "laser-like focus on jobs," and stimulating the economy, and honoring foreign policy agreements, and the Fort Hood massacre, and the entire War on Terror. 

So perhaps he'll also forget his "War on Coal" when something else shiny catches his attention. Like 50,000 angry coal miners marching on Washington with their picks and helmets gleaming in the sun.

Sixteen yams and what do you get? Another day older and deeper in debt...


TrickyRicky said...

Meanwhile Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va) is shocked, shocked that his prezzy has declared a "war on coal". Where was this asshat when Obummer specifically said that was his intention in the 2008 campaign? I don't know how much longer I can trudge off to work each morning without resorting to "special" coffee.

Necron99 said...

@TrickyRicky, The main problem with anyone who has a (D) behind they're name, or for the most part, even an (R), is they vote along party lines instead of placing their State's Constituency, the Constitution, & our Nation's greater good in a higher priority. Then, when that party line bites them on the @ss, they pretend to be shocked & surprised? Give me a break... They presume to have us believe that our dumbed down grade schoolers can do better research on the party platforms than these boobs and their staffs of minions?

I'll bet Double Rainbow Dude knew 0bongo planned to shut down the coal industry... And this schmuck senator says he didn't!

Jim Hlavac said...

I just was in Pennsylvania's coal country, took a mine tour too -- it was in the high 50s low 60s for the high, and mid 30s to low 40s for the low -- in June! What global warming is this idiot talking about. It snowed in Tucson, Upstate NY got 2 to 3 feet of snow on Memorial Day -- and this winter is one of the snowiest ever ... the cold continues -- the temps decline -- seems we need to fire up the furnaces, not shut them down.

Of course, I'm not cynical enough, cough, to think that the president will give his speech on his destruction of an industry during the week that the nation will be obsessed with sissy smooching -- when so many will say so much over so few -- and all to no point but a continuation of a 60 year process we've been on separately from everything else. On the other hand, with all the hot air on that subject to come this week I'm sure it could keep a few power plants burning for quite a while.

Watch out for other dangerous ideas from the president during the blizzard of words this week.

Meanwhile, this is proof to never let a community organizer with no skills anywhere near the White House. Well, I begged people "don't do it!" -- but no one listens to me.

Colby said...

Never let a good crisis go to waste. And if you're in hot water and a convenient crisis doesn't come along? Create one.

If this piece of socialist dog crap would spend as much time concentrating on the economy as he does manufacturing distractions, the unemployment numbers would be near zero. Instead, our hopes of a bright future are rapidly nearing zero.

Sixteen yams...? I gotta get one of those waterproof keyboards!

My oh my. What will poor widdle Senator Manchin do? Will he back obama up on this, or take a stand for his own state? Hey Joe! What happens when you get in bed with a snake?

The Digital Hairshirt said...

Maybe this will be the breaking point that divides the country and secession occurs. Hope so. I live in East Tennessee.

Colby said...

@Jim Hlavac,
I got in an argument with one of Al Gore's disciples once, and it quickly became apparent that EVERY spec of unusual weather was because of global warming. Too hot? Global warming. Too cold? Global warming. Snow in Tucson? Rain in the desert? Cut yourself shaving? Global warming...

Does this mean that a narcissicistic, socialist, power hungry, elitisist asshole in the whitehouse is caused by global warming?

Fish Out of Water said...

Not just Kentucky, West Virginia, and perhaps Penn & Ohio?

Chuck said...

I've come to accept that Liberalism is a mental disorder. Knowing this really helps eliminate the need to try to understand each separate instance of hypocrisy, stupidity and delusion on the left. Most people grow out of the disorder, but those who don’t wreak havoc for the society they are in.

@Colby – Try this keyboard. It has worked well for me. I’m still looking for a spew-proof monitor.

@All – I can’t help the feeling that we waste too much time trying to educate liberal trolls (in recent days). They seem unable (or unwilling) to learn and the attention we give them only exacerbates their narcissistic personality disorder.

Emmentaler Limburger said...

I am, frankly thunderstruck. Every time our lord and master makes one of these decrees, co-opting the checks and balances, and imposing his iron will upon the fiefdom we've become, I ask why no-one - NOT ONE - in the alleged legislative branch, or in the the alleged judicial branch step between this jackass and the rest of the country - if for no other reason than he's stomping on THEIR authority.

Coon Tasty said...

Lol, union fools who voted for Obama! - How did that work out for you, eh?

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@TrickyRicky- One thing I'll say for Obama, he's been remarkably consistent in his anti-coal stance (except for brief campaign appearances in coal country).

@Necron99- It's impossible for anyone from West Virginia to have been unaware of Barry's goal to destroy the coal industry. If Manchin says otherwise, he's lying.

@Jim Hlavac- See, if you were a Lefty, you'd look at that snow and start shrieking that it's proof of advancing glaciers.

And at this point, I'm thinking "Community Organizer" shouldn't be a job description so much as a felony.

@Colby- Actually, if Obama turned all his energies on the economy we'd be totally hosed.

And seriously, don't you want to hear Tennessee Ernie Ford singing "16 yams?"

@Colby- Actually, global warming didn't cause Obama, but he's doing his bit to cause global warming: although he's told us to keep OUR thermostats at 72 in the winter, he's infamous for keeping the Oval Office heat cranked up. According to David Axelrod, "He's from Hawaii, okay? He likes it warm. You could grow orchids in there."

@Fish Out of Water- I think a lot of coal-producing states are going to be unhappy, and the rest of the coal-consuming states are going to be unhappy. Which reminds me: coal-powered electricity should be shut off in the northern liberal states first, just so they can "live the dream."

@Chuck- I believe that Liberalism is a mental disorder. It involves dissociation from reality and a heapin' helpin' of megalomania. And no, for once I'm not kidding.

Per feeding the trolls, I agree that it's a waste of time. It always - always - devolves into name-calling and unsupported (and unsupportable) assertions from the Lefties. My time is stretched thin enough without trying to reason with unreasonable people.

@Emmentaler- It's a good question, and one I wish I knew the answer to. What in the living hell ever happened to the idea of "checks and balances" in this country? We have the mechanisms to send this annoying pipsqueak back into his overheated office for a time out, but nobody will do it. Meanwhile, the Constitution is treated as a museum piece only kept around to show the tourists.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Coon Tasty- Hey, haven't seen you here in awhile!

And the union fools might as well vote for Obama since their forced union dues paid to support his campaign. Come to think of it, the miners might want to have a fresh discussion on that policy with their union.

REM1875 said...

prez ΓΈ seen shaking Ebenezer Scrouge's hand while berating Bob Cratchet for using so much coal.

John the Econ said...

@Colby, the logical fallacy used by Progressive climate scientists goes something like this: Heads I win, tails you lose. It doesn't matter what actually happens. CO2 is at fault.

And in case our friend Ted tunes back in, does anyone recall that immediately before and after Hurricane Katrina, the most prominent hurricane experts very explicitly stated that hurricanes and their frequencies definitely are not the result of "global warming". Then Al Gore started shooting his mouth off. All of a sudden, there was a "scientific consensus" that hurricanes were the product of "global warming", and that in the following years, we could expect numerous Cat-3 and larger storms per season, forever.

Those storms never happened.

Never mind. The public's memory is short. When Sandy hit last year, it was the first significant storm to hit the NYC area in the better part of 75 years. Low-information types aren't aware that before the latter half of the 20th century, far more severe and destructive hurricanes up the eastern seaboard were relatively common.

If anything, I'd have to argue that "global warming" reduces hurricanes and their severity.

Never mind. The left has gone all-in on the carbon agenda, and has to get it shoved down our throats before the cascade-effect on what's left of the scientific community (Which started after the East Angelica "climategate" document dump exposed these people for who they were and what they were doing) takes full effect, and before the public realizes what this really means and jettisons the entire government.

Remember, there is no aspect of your life, from the moment you are conceived until long after you are dead that does not involve carbon. Once the state exercises a right to control carbon as a pollutant, there is absolutely no aspect of your life that will be beyond their regulatory reach.

If they can't control you through health care, they will through carbon regulation.

By posting to this blog, I increased my "carbon footprint". I should not be allowed to do so.

Unimaginably extreme? Perhaps. But then consider this: How much of what we've witnessed of this government was unimaginable to most just 5 years ago?

10lbsofCheese said...

The Libs are at it again, repostingyour comic without your permission and mocking your work!

Chuck said...

@10lbsofCheese - good. Ads a dose of intelligence to an otherwise moronic site. Unfortunately, it also sends the more deranged trolls here.

Pete(Detroit) said...

Ah, John Dingell, longest serving reprehensitive EVER - when he took office, Packard was still a viable luxury car company...
You KNOW you're special when they name a berry after you...
Senile d-bag just going to add weight to the phrase that even a stopped clock is right twice a day...
And, thanks to re-districting, he's now MY rep. At least I'm not stuck under that racist moron Conyers anymore...

But yeah - if even Dingell thinks this is overreach, you KNOW the President is losing support of the Party Faithful... and friggin' about time...

Slightly off topic, but does anyone else want to totally bitch slap people who use the word "consensus" with respect to "Science"? Science is based on FACTS, testable, repeatable facts, not "consensus"... That might be Ok for politics, or cocktail parties, or refereeing football games, but *not* "science". Just sayin'...

Necron99 said...

@Chuck, I have been convince Liberalism is a mental disorder for a long time. A good read I've recommended on this site before is "The Liberal Mind: The Psychological Causes of Political Madness" by Dr. Lyle H. Rossiter, Jr. Check it out.

Earl Allison said...

Emmentaler Limburger,

I am beginning to honestly believe no one will stand up to Obama because of things like the weaponization and politicalization of both the IRS and the Media.

As Jarrett itself said, they would reward their friends and punish their enemies. Even the "Post Racial" President himself said to vote for revenge.

It's been whispered here and there that Roberts was somehow compromised, and that is why he voted as he did on Obamacare.

Is it true? I don't know, but while I might have dismissed it out of hand initially, after seeing the IRS, NSA and PRISM scandals ... it's not so easy to dismiss out of hand anymore.

The Chicago thugocracy apparently thrives in Washington, now.

Look at Paula Deen, destroyed over her use of a certain word (rumored to really be because she said something unflattering about the hypersensitive First Lady). Libs eat their own.

And yet Rep Ryan Winkler (D, a massive shock!) calls Justice Clarence Thomas an "Uncle Tom," claims he had no idea it was a racial insult, and likely will not be punished for it.

Some animals ARE more equal than others. And some, like the Obamas, are thin-skinned, hypersensitive, and vengeful.

The Left really isn't going to like this New World they are creating. I likely won't be around to see it, but I'll have a figurative smile on my face and a song in my heart when they are hoisted by their own petards ...

txGreg said...

@John the Econ,

Playing off of your last comment above, How exactly do they justify designating a naturally-occurring substance as a pollutant?

And, not only is it natural, it is completely necessary for life to exist on this planet.

I know they like to call it a "greenhouse gas" and pretend that's a bad thing... but once again there seems to be some missing logic. Compared to water vapor, CO2 is a fractional percentage of all the greenhouse gasses. But I don't see them rushing to regulate that... probably because it would be harder to do so.

By the way... how long do you think we'd live without that evil greenhouse effect? Probably almost as long as a politician's promise.

Anonymous said...
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American Cowboy said...

@John the Econ
"Unimaginably extreme? Perhaps. But then consider this: How much of what we've witnessed of this government was unimaginable to most just 5 years ago?"

Agreed! After having toured the Holocaust Museum in D.C. some seventeen years ago I can say that what happened in Nazi Germany in the thirties is EXACTLY what is happening in the U.S. now. Back then if Hitler would have started immediately with what went on in the late thirties and early forties the population would have rebelled and thrown him out on his ear. His initial attempts at taking over failed miserably. But eventually incremental-ism won over the people who tolerated the intolerable one small step at a time; for the sake of "safety", the common "good", and so forth.
As you said, how much is now tolerated, or even championed, that only a few short years ago would have caused most intelligent, thinking people to cry, Enough!"?

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Readers- A quick tech note: recently I've had some of my own comments disappear from this section and placed in a spam file by Google's mysterious algorithms. If you become aware of a "now you see it, now you don't" comment from me, please call it to my attention so I can dig it out of its shallow grave and re-post.

On the other hand, I just nuked a post from "Anonymous" because it was all stupid and trolly.

Grafton Cheddar said...

Here's how to defeat "climate change", Cap'n Hussein: Outlaw the unicorn farts coming from the three branches of government in Washington, DC.

John the Econ said...

@txGreg asks "How exactly do they justify designating a naturally-occurring substance as a pollutant?"

Simple. By fiat. It is because they say so. That's all.

As greenhouse gases go, it's a very minor one. It represents only 0.0397% of the atmosphere, and has relatively poor heat capacity compared to other naturally occurring greenhouse gasses, such as methane, which is 20 times more potent as a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide.

So why aren't the warm-mongers worried about methane?

The vast majority of methane is naturally occurring, but not without the help of the EPA. Decades of restoring America's wetlands, and going to an absurd level of preventing people from developing any land where a cow might have once peed has contributed greatly to our greenhouse gas output.

We can easily, and without economic harm eliminate most of America's methane effluent. And yet, there is total silence on this. Why?

Why is simple: Eliminating methane would be economically cheap, and even economically beneficial. It would involve activities that the left absolutely loathes.

But like I said above, CO2 give the left the moral leverage they crave; authority to manage any aspect of your life that they find personally distasteful.

That is what "global warming" is really about.

Colby said...

Well! I guess anonymous showed YOU! Take THAT!

And you're right; we should be thankful BO has forgotten all about the economy. We have quite enough useless gubmint employees wasting our hard earned cash.

Amen brother! Why is there not even one damn Senator or Representative that will take a stand against The Great and Powerful Boz when he makes such obvious unconstitutional moves? The more they let his ass slide, the worse he gets. I'd give my life savings if jsut one of them would grow a set. Of cours my life savings won't even buy a Big Mac right now....

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@REM1875- Yeah, but just wait until he's visited by the three spirits of Kwanzaa!

@John the Econ- Good points throughout. People should try taking a daily inventory of what they do which uses energy in any form to see what the government will be able to control. Your electricity, your heating/cooling, refrigerated foods, transportation, Internet access, communications, entertainment, access to goods and services...there is literally no end to it all. And again, this is the GOAL of these policies - not creating cleaner air or wimpier hurricanes.

And then there's the whole "carbon credits" scam which allows companies that aren't generating pollutants (say, hippies stringing beads) to sell their government mandated carbon credits to a big, stinky old smoke-belching factory. And thus wealth redistribution takes place without reducing the amount of pollution entering the atmosphere.

@10lbsofCheese- I believe that a day or so ago, I already made clear my lack of interest in fetal masturbation. Ergo, my lack of interest in what people are saying on Fark. Although for what it's worth, pretty much everyone has permission to reprint my work as long as the copyright information remains attached, and it isn't offered for sale in any way.

@Chuck- The Farkers' assessments of "what makes humor" are rather sad. Of course, they can't get any of the jokes here because they have no idea what's actually in the news.

@Pete(Detroit)- Here, here for your point about "consensus" not being equivalent to "truth!" That drives me nuts. In his speech, B. Hussein made reference to the "Flat Earth Society," and it seems that the "flat Earth" was a consensus view for quite a long while. As was slicing open sick people to let the "ill humours" drain out with their blood. If a consensus of scientists declare that pigs can fly, will the skies be filled with airborne bacon? I think not. Although if it DID work, we should ship those oinkers to the Middle East ASAP.

@Necron99- I'll look for the book. I do believe it's a mental illness. Or at least a significant moral failing.

@Earl Allison- You make a good, albeit frightening and depressing, point about the fear of standing up to this government. Who knows what they've got on you or (for those of us with squeaky clean records) what they're willing to invent to destroy a critic? Or maybe it would be a little more kinetic - like the (entirely speculative) cyber-attack on reporter Michael Hastings' car, hours after he claimed to be working on a huge story and needed to "get off the radar" of the FBI, which sent him rocketing to his fiery death.

Even the fear that this could be the case is very chilling when it comes to standing up to the Chicago Mafia.

@txGreg- There are definitely some naturally occuring things which aren't good for us, but CO2 comes in pretty handy - especially if we want Earth to sustain plant life and create oxygen (another pollutant which causes oxidation of metals and other horrible things).

If the Left really wants to reduce CO2 emissions, they should start by stopping all the world's volcanoes. Which will be hard for them, as there aren't any (female) liberal virgins left to throw into the lava.

@Anonymous- I deleted your comment as being useless, but left up your catchy name so you could feel good about yourself. See? I am a compassionate conservative! Though I nuked your other little petulant posts because you had nothing to say and a singularly annoying way of saying it.

@American Cowboy- I'm inclined to take "slippery slopes" a lot more seriously now that I feel the noose around my neck. I think that the distance between "where we are" and the "unthinkable" has never been shorter.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Grafton Cheddar- Actually, it seems like if you lined up all of the unicorns in a horn-to-butthole configuration, you could stop the farts of all the unicorns except the one at the end of the line. It would be like the fantasy version of The Human Centipede!

@John the Econ- Yet another great point. CO2 isn't a huge danger, but it's the gas the government wants to control because it's so ubiquitous; it's the one which will give the government power while affecting the environment not a bit.

@Colby- It's bittersweet (honest) that nobody from the other side drops in to have a reasonable chat. They might be surprised by the areas in which our beliefs overlap. But when they get snippy, I lose patience.

On another note, if your life savings COULD pay for a Big Mac, would they also stretch for the fine you'd incur by eating a socially-inappropriate sandwich? Now that Obamacare gives the state a vested interest in our nutrition, steps must be taken to make sure than diners can't be pro-choice.

Emmentaler Limburger said...

@John: The warm-mongers have attacked methane by trying to regulate methane emissions of beef and dairy herds. (I suspect they were actually just vegans. I draw faces on pancakes I make just to ensure they never eat any :o) In a conservative effort to keep their farming dollars out of WDC's hands, all kinds of cool innovations were created by which cow farts and excrement gas emissions were trapped, preventing them from entering the atmosphere and (are you reading, Ted Brist?) used to drive steam turbines to generate electricity, be compressed to be used as fuel for farm equipment, and many other applications. Much, of course, to the disappointment of the lobbies foisting the regulations - their stated goal was achieved. But, to their embarrassment, their true goal - to drive cattle farmers out of business - was not. Beef. It's what's for dinner...

@Colby - stand down, my brother: they'll have your life savings soon enough. No sense giving it up so easily.

Emmentaler "Solutions R Us" Limburger said...

@Stilton: I invite the warm mongers to put their money where their mouths are and take the first step in the war against CO2 - they could demonstrate the importance of eliminating CO2 emissions by simply stopping their own breathing.

Chuck said...

Up next? Di-Hydrogen Monoxide. There is no doubt that it is a killer. Millions have died because of it! Why has it not been regulated out of existence? In solid form –it kills. In liquid form, it kills. In gaseous form, it can be deadly, too. Where is the outrage? In the interest of compassion and fairness, I suggest eliminating all vestiges of Di-Hydrogen Monoxide. in blue states first … for their safety, health and well-being … because we care.

Chuck said...

Enjoy! This really is excellent, even if you've seen it before.

John the Econ said...

@Stilton, it's not just about energy, but almost anything any liberal doesn't personally approve of.

For example, in California a few years ago, a bunch of liberals decided they didn't like "black" cars, probably because the color is most associated with luxury SUV and limos. So the California Air Resourced Board actually considered an an ban on the color because black cars would require more air conditioning to stay cool.

At the end of the day, the CARB realized their overreach, and backed off on this rule, stating that any such regulation wouldn't be cost effective. We know that's bunk, because we've long known that leftists do not believe in cost-benefit analysis when it's in the way of their agendas.

That's right. This is a peek into our future under a "carbon control" regime. It's going to come down to what colors you can have your car, or paint your home. And it won't stop there.

As for how "Carbon Credits" are not only a scam, but can actually increase pollution, our friends at the New York Times had an interesting piece:

Profits on Carbon Credits Drive Output of a Harmful Gas

REM1875 said...

I would guess the 3 spirits of kwaanza would be malt liquor, cheap wine and gin but I won't say that because I am trying to give the NSA a break as I hear they were forced to use coal power servers to honor the late grand kleegel (D-WV) and am not sure yet if they have swapped to the ones that burn currancy like prez crap weazel has ordered.

REM1875 said...

Nice keyboard but I need wireless so i can throw it all the way across the room while reading the "news"

This is not "Machine Gun" Mancins(D-WV) first uncomfortable dance around the truth. He's not good at it.
John The Econ
You crushed me. Does this really mean my govt issued house on the hillside made out of tiki-taki wont all be different colors?

Grafton Cheddar said...

"Actually, it seems like if you lined up all of the unicorns in a horn-to-butthole configuration, you could stop the farts of all the unicorns except the one at the end of the line. It would be like the fantasy version of The Human Centipede!"

Stilton!!! Stop now! You're getting Barry all hard and stuff!

Sparky said...

I would laugh at the cartoon but it's just a little too close to home. This incredibly stupid act may be the final nail in the coffin for our economy for a long, long time.

BTW, did y'all know that Warren Buffett is behind all this too??? (Source: Fox News) Yeah, WB has invested in wind energy and now wants all competition eliminated! More corporate cronisim. There is so much evil and injustice from our American plague of Nazi's it's hard to be cheerful anymore. This must have been what it was like when Hitler invaded Poland in WWII and the people there thought the nightmare would never end. Why is no one stopping him!!??

Ted said...

"So arcane, in fact, that the law's main author - Democrat John Dingell - says that Obama's misuse of the Clean Air Act "has the potential for shutting down or slowing down virtually all industry and all economic activity and growth.""

Oy retard. Dingell was talking in 2009, about cars, referring to a Supreme court decision from 2008. I know FOX neglected to give the source, or the context, or fucking anything that a non-Republican-Propaganda factory would put out, but I felt you should know anyway. Now, I know you don't understand much, but here's a little hint - cars don't run on coal, you colossal moron.


Well, I know you have enough integrity to run an update, saying how very very wrong you are. Hmm?

Colby said...

Chevy Volt... runs on coal... BO would like all of us to buy one so much, he'll give us other people's money to help buy it. So... the smartest president ever wants us all to buy cars that run on coal, and he also wants to abolish coal. Makes perfect sense to me.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Emmentaler- Cow farts remain the funniest alternative energy source, and are essentially "green" - except, of course, when the cows shart themselves.

On a side note, I do wish the world (especially the West) would eat less beef to give the rainforests a break. Not that I'm a vegetarian by any means.

@Emmentaler- Bill Clinton can make the public service announcements, reminding us "I did not exhale."

@Chuck- I've even heard of Di-Hydrogen Monoxide being used to torture prisoners. As if being forced to listen to "Barney" songs wasn't bad enough.

@John the Econ- At the point you mentioned "California," I knew we were in for entertaining stupidity. And good link on the carbon credits scam.

@REM1875- Now I'm tempted to write "A Kwanzaa Kaarol" featuring those three spirits visiting Obanezer Hussein Scrooge. Hmm...

@REM1875- Perhaps you need a Nerf keyboard?

@Grafton Cheddar- Now that you mention it, it does seem like an image from Barry's spank bank.

@Sparky- I've had no use for Warren Buffet since he became Barry's anti-wealth shill, claiming that his secretary paid a lower tax rate than he did. Comparing income taxes and capital gains taxes is the very definition of apples and oranges - and Barry lied about it throughout his entire campaign (and, oh yeah, administration).

@Ted Brist- Dingell's remarks were made in 2009 and not about this particular speech. And I'll take a mea culpa for making it sound like it was a contemporaneous quote, whereas the link to the original story made it somewhat more clear that this was an historical quote, but absolutely relevant to the current story. Specifically, Dingell was saying that the EPA could cripple industry if it was used in the very way Barry now wants to use it.

I don't really consider that a bed-shitting moment, but will concede that I emitted a fetal fart for you to savor.

And as much as you'd like to focus on coal-fired cars, the prezzie isn't just attacking the use of coal: he's attacking the use of all carbon based fuels - which would include gasoline (well, that part of the gasoline that's not made from super-expensive, inefficient, engine-destroying, government-mandated ethanol) and the natural gas which is moving us closer to energy independence than anything coming out of the Unicorn labs. It doesn't take Dingell or anyone else to tell us that if you curtail our nation's energy access by the degree Barry wants, it will be ruinous to our already flailing economy.

@Colby- You're right; Barry's favorite cars DO run (inefficiently) on coal much of the time. Looks like it's Ted's turn to change the sheets.

Ted said...

@Stilton: Of course it doesn't take Dingell to tell you that, because Dingell would tell you you're a goddamn moron.

Dingell was talking about a hypothetical restriction wherein greenhouse gas emissions were treated with the same severity as toxic pollutants released into the air. As in, using one set of standards to restrict something that does not apply to it. The level Obama is making law, however? Only the most utterly incompetent businessmen would be unable to stay open with those in place.

And if you'd care to explain to the people in Pennsylvania whose tap water is flammable, how thats worth it for energy inedependence? Or, like most sociopaths, do you not care about something affecting families if its not happening to you?

Sparky said...

@Ted Brist ~ I don't know what point you're trying to get across but every time trailer trash filth pours out of your mouth, YOU sound like a moron. Tone it down, would ya?

It's No Gouda said...

Oh Teddy, before you get too smug about flinging the "moron" label around you should read a little history. Aside from the fact that the Chevy Volt runs indirectly on coal, the technology for cars to run directly on coal or wood has been around for about a hundred years.
In fact, the gas regulators on the coal-driven cars in France is where Jacques Cousteau got the idea for the Aqua-Lung regulator.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Ted Brist- Gosh, here we were having a nice conversation, I generously concede a point to you, and then you have to get all ugly and Tourettesy again. Which is especially unfortunate since you've chosen to do so while spewing idiocy.

Thanks to Obama, there is nothing "hypothetical" about treating CO2 as a "toxic pollutant" - that's the very thrust of his action, and his use of the EPA is simply not what was intended under the Clean Air Act.

You then say that only incompetent businessmen can't stay open under Barry's new anti-carbon policies. Which might be true if those businessmen only had to worry about their own emissions instead of whether or not electricity will be affordable or occasionally unavailable. Assuming you're running any business more modern than pony rides, that spells trouble.

And give me a break with the people in Pennsylvania whose tap water is flaming. My alleged sociopathy doesn't really affect the fact that study after study shows that such flaming water doesn't come from fracking, but instead comes from digging wells into naturally occurring pockets of methane.

And as far as my caring about families other than mine, I genuinely do. Which is why I detest everything your president stands for.

@Sparky- It's difficult for Progressives to stay civil because they're so passionate about their misbeliefs. Plus, they're nasty.

@It's No Gouda- And don't forget the VW bug which was modified to run off methane generated by human excrement. Finally there's a use for liberals.

Earl Allison said...

Ted Brist said ... nothing of importance.

I'm very sorry your tin god is wrong, Ted, but name-calling isn't going to help you.

The arrogance, not only of assuming that humanity is responsible (solely, or even mostly) for climate change when;

1. There is a big honking thermonuclear ball in the sky (the sun) that puts out a LOT more energy and heat than we do

2. All the theories put out have to date been disproven. Remember back in the 70's when we were headed for a new Ice Age, or later when the ozone layer depletion meant we would all be irradiated? How come all the predictive data is wrong? How come the sea levels haven't risen nearly as high as predicted? Or temperatures as high as predicted?

3. We need to act NOW! Despite any real alternatives, we should just DO something -- the mantra of the brainless Liberal.

Stilton, you are a far, far better man than I, to tolerate such idiocy -- I know, I should be more tolerant, but frankly, the blatant dishonesty has destroyed what little sense of charity I had left.

Take care, be well, and keep staying informed. The alternative is ending up like Brist ...

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Earl Allison- Yes, our singularly active sun just might have something to do with the climate.

And speaking of the sun, could our government PLEASE do something about hardening our electrical grid against the dangers of EMP? The risks are staggerings, the costs of "hardening" modest (by Washington standards), and it's all job creation. What am I missing here?

Regarding tolerance, it's not something I practice easily - but the only (albeit dim) hope for our nation's future is that more people change their minds about liberal dogma and wake up to the damage it (and they) are doing. So that means I need to at least try to reach out to others, although I'm not thinkin

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Earl Allison- Yes, our singularly active sun just might have something to do with the climate.

And speaking of the sun, could our government PLEASE do something about hardening our electrical grid against the dangers of EMP? The risks are staggerings, the costs of "hardening" modest (by Washington standards), and it's all job creation. What am I missing here?

Regarding tolerance, it's not something I practice easily - but the only (albeit dim) hope for our nation's future is that more people change their minds about liberal dogma and wake up to the damage it (and they) are doing. So that means I need to at least try to reach out to others, although I'm not thinking Ted Brist is likely to see the light anytime soon.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@JustaJeepGuy- Thanks for pointing out the missing end of the sentence. It's now been fixed!

JustaJeepGuy said...

@Stilt, thanks for that. I also think Ted is a True Believer and not likely to question his faith in our current socialist "president".

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@JustaJeepGuy- Yeah, I'll debate politics with someone, but not religion. And clearly, for Ted his belief in Obama's omnipotent, omnipresent, and unerringly perfect government is a religion.