Saturday, July 6, 2013

Maybe We Should Ask His Mother

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Today's cartoon is pretty self-explanatory: the mainstream media is very interested in some cries for help, but astoundingly incurious about others.

If Obama had a son, he might have looked like Trayvon Martin...but Obama does have an appalling scandal to answer for, and it looks like the bloodbath (and "stand down") in Benghazi.


Pete(Detroit) said...

Do you suppose the marines guarding the embassy in Cairo are allowed to LOAD their flippin' guns, given what's going on there this week?

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Pete(Detroit)- I highly doubt it.

PRY said...

If Obama had a son, he would look like Karl Marx and when he asked for an allowance, Barry would tell him..."From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs."

Then, he would go to Michelle and say, "Mom, Dad is laying that communist crap on me again, just to get out of giving me a buck!"

What a nice surprise with the saturday cartoon! Do you follow "the walking dead?" Season 3 is on tonight!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@PRY- I watched the first season of Walking Dead, but then fell out of the habit. Not a criticism of the show, and if it ends up on one of the streaming services maybe I'll catch up.

PRY said... got pretty intense in season 3, but I was always into comicbooks!...but...HEY...BREAKING BAD is gonna wrap things up this season! Watching shows like this is my respite from the political insanity currently taking place!

Emmentaler "Brrrrrainssss!" Limburger said...

My kids got me hooked on Walking Dead, but am out of town, so wasn't able to catch it last night. Watched recordings of newscasts featuring the Occupy movement instead. Very similar plot...

PRY said...

@Emmentaler...You are so right! Regarding the Occupy thing...Nothing like a bunch of brainless politically correct zombies causing the normal people problems!

Zombies ARE politically correct, you know...they don't achieve to any level, and they depend on those that do for their sustenance!

You know, I was thinking earlier today, we are so fed up with all the lies and such... I would like to see a congressman fabricate a bill that would be so outlandish because of its cost, complexity, and everything that Obamacare has going for it...then run it up the flagpole in Congress, and just listen to all the justifiable criticism, and just let the lib dems make the author's case for complete repeal of that healthcare fiasco.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@PRY- I was very into comic books back in the day and can honestly say they were a huge influence on me professionally. And I am so ready for Breaking Bad's return and wrap-up. By the way, I've read some rumors that a series may be in the offing built around the "Better Call Saul" character - sweet!

@Emmentaler- I think maybe the reason that I drifted from "Walking Dead" and "Falling Skies" was that post-apocalyptic scenarios didn't really seem like escapism anymore - just a variation on the news.

@PRY- As far as I know, the only difference between zombies and Obama supporters is that zombies don't breed.

And the idea of your bill which replicates the worst aspects of Obamacare is interesting - but it's hard for me to even imagine anything which could be bigger, more expensive, more intrusive, and less workable than this monstrosity.

Colby said...

I've often thought that the R's should craft a fat spending bill with an obuttmacare repeal hidden deep within the 2,000 pages. Then present it to the Dems as a white flag "we can't beat you so we'll join you" bunch of BS. The Dems would no doubt rush to pass it thinking it was a dream come true. The bill could also have hidden discretely within itself a clause repealing itself within, say, 1 hour after passage. After all, who the hell reads bills anymore. Might be funny to trick them at their own game.

PRY said...

Yeh, man, nice guys finish last...these assholes play dirty, it's time the good guys did too!

Coon Tasty said...

Nice one, SJ, although I seriously doubt that Rachel the Hutt would even know the meaning of "Ambassador".

Anonymous said...

Is this site for real? I mean, its not trying to be the Onion or anything like that? Because if its not satire and is meant to be taken seriously, then that's really sad. Like, I'm embarrassed for you, probably like your parents are too. For reals, get help.

Satans Bunny Slippers said...

yall be a bunck off dumm ass crackers
u aint got no idiea ho black folks be thankin.
u thank we just be dumm unejicated floor moppin janiters in a drum.
we be all standin up to yalls ass if they done let that white boy back on da streets and we be gittin revenj

JWP said...

The liberal folks over at are having a sh*t fit over "you people" exercising your first amendment rights.
HOW DARE YOU insult our master Obuttma!

taterodoom said...

Lawl. Are you still trying to make Benghazi a scandal? Dayum dude, at this point even the Boy Who Cried Wolf is rolling his eyes at you. GL w/ that whole conservative humor thing. You certainly need it.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Pry- I don't like the idea of playing dirty, but must admit that hiding something in a 2000-page bill would certainly seem fair at this point. I'm thinking a Hara Kiri clause for Dems might be useful...

@Anonymous- Let's see, you completely sidestep the issue of Benghazi, then criticize the fact that you don't like (ie, understand) this site, and finally you pop in the cute little phrase "for reals" to show that you're a white person attempting to self-validate by claiming to have a ghetto soul. What a joke you are.

@Satans Bunny Slippers- Impressive that the topic is "Benghazi," and a certain segment of political society is suddenly desperate to talk race instead. Hmm...

@JWP- I'm not even going to bother to look at this point. If anyone at Fark has balls, brains, or both they can easily find this comment section and tell us who gave the "stand down" order on Benghazi and why, or even tell us why "it doesn't matter at this point." Failing that, I have no interest in visiting the Fark circle jerk.

@taterodoom- Hey, here's your big chance to spank me and embarrass me on my own home ground! Tell he who gave the "stand down" order (preventing the rescue of our people) and why? Tell me what Barry was doing that night instead of leading? Tell me what the Youtube video had to do with ANYthing? Just because you and your president don't care about successful terror attacks on Americans doesn't mean that the rest of us shouldn't pay attention.

Speak up, or forever be known as the loser you surely are.

John McCain's Abandoned Principles said...

The "stand down" order was given hours after folks were already dead. 2 senior officials in the State Dept that were responsible for security were fired and Hillary resigned. There's no one left to quit, since no President personally signs off on overseas security.

The 2 big blunders: 1) not securing the outpost properly. Yeah, that was dumb and preventable, and is the big problem here. 2) the admin not saying "we don't know the facts" until the facts were known. Saying it was a demonstration and then backtracking was amateur hour and they should have known better than to rely on the CIA for information. I thought we learned that during the leadup to the Iraq War.

However, O had pretty much zero hand he could have played here. The military does not have the capabilities some people think it does. Missions take time, planning and information. None of which we had. Even SWAT teams won't go in blind. Goes to point #1: we should have had more security, though it may have just wound up handing us another Beirut disaster, depending on how many folks the enemy could bring to bear.

Benghazi was sad and probably preventable. I wish we had the same spirit of accountability after all the other embassy and consulate attacks over the previous decade. I am sure the same spirit of accountability will happen when a Republican takes office, right?

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@John McCain's Abandoned Principles- Nice try, but I'm going to have to disagree with pretty much everything you've said (and said quite nicely, which I appreciate).

The "stand down" order (which no one is willing to take responsibility for) occurred hours before the fighting ended and while there were still dozens of lives at risk (you know, the survivors - many of them badly injured - who even now are having their identities and stories hidden from Congress).

None of the officials in the State Department were fired - they were given administrative leave (which was their status as of 5 weeks ago). Hillary didn't resign over the incident, she simply "retired" and went on TV with Barry who gushed about what an exemplary job she had done. So your characterization doesn't wash. No one has been held accountable in the least. Especially Barack Obama.

You say "no President personally signs off on overseas security" which may well be the case before anything happens - but when a US Embassy/Mission is attacked and the president is made aware of it he's certainly got the power and responsibility to dictate what measures should be taken to protect our people. Although in this case, he either did nothing...or ordered that nothing be done.

I agree that the outpost was not properly secured, despite multiple requests for security. These requests were turned down for purely political appearances and not budget considerations (this per testimony of the woman in charge of State Department security). But who made those decisions to understaff security? It's a good question and yes, it still matters.

Not only did the administration not say "we don't know the facts," they continued with the lie about the YouTube video long after all the facts were known. Barry stood on the floor of the United Nations and told the world that the Youtube video was to blame (he did not mention Al Qaeda affiliated terrorists) and went on to say that such videos were the price of freedom of speech in our country, as if that freedom was an unpleasantry he hadn't had time to deal with yet.

You then say that Barry didn't have much of a hand he could have played here - but that's preposterous. You may not be a fan of Dick Cheney, but the man has attested that during his administration we always went on high alert and had contingency plans ready for sensitive areas and sensitive dates - September 11th being the big, glow in the dark one. Yet Obama's administration officials claimed that they gave no thought whatsoever to the 9/11 anniversary, and further didn't think that the Benghazi post was at special risk despite rising violence which had already driven many other westerners out of the area. Nobody in the intelligence arena can be that ignorant; they had to know that the security was needed - and an action plan at the ready - but none of this happened because it would "send the wrong message" to our Libyan "partners" about Obama's foreign policy.

Which is why those Libyan's got exactly the accurate message: that Obama's policy was "hands off" and "no reprisals" if a killing spree went down.

We can agree on your final paragraph: the spirit of accountability needs to be honored no matter who is in the Whitehouse. And yes, the Republicans are very nearly as bad as the Democrats in this (and pretty much every other) arena.

On a final note, let me genuinely thank you for stepping up to the plate and expressing yourself civilly and thoughtfully. Clearly, the two of us don't agree about the events or their interpretations, but I appreciate actually having a discussion instead of getting into pointless name-calling.

In that spirit, you're welcome here any time. Who knows, maybe we can find some important areas of agreement?

Anonymous said...

If Obama had a son, he would NOT look like Trayvon Martin. Presumably any son of Barack Obama would also be a son of Michelle Obama, which means he would be, as is the case with Michelle herself and their two daughters (Sharia and Malaria), VERY VERY VERY UGLY.