Friday, August 16, 2013

Playing Spades

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According to a video interview with presidential body man and alleged "friend with benefits," Reggie Love,  Barack Obama left the situation room during the Seal Team Six raid on Bin Laden's compound, preferring to play Spades. For hours.

Despite his reelection claims that he pretty much personally put a high hot one through Bin Laden's eyehole, Barry actually told Love " I’m not going to be down there, I can’t watch this entire thing." Nope, not when there are card games to be played.

We can add this to the highly credible reports that Valerie Jarrett had previously cancelled all earlier proposed raids on Bin Laden, and this one was initiated without Obama or Jarrett's approval. As well as the report that president B. Hussein had to be physically pulled off the golf course and brought to the situation room (still wearing his golf shirt) at least long enough to get his picture taken.

So if Buster Soetoro was this bored by the Bin Laden mission, imagine his complete indifference to a little thing like Benghazi. There are still no reports whatsoever about what the hell he was doing while Americans were dying, although we do know from the tragic results that it was nothing even remotely presidential.

Absent evidence to the contrary, we can only speculate that he was indulging in some known activity he's enjoyed in the past - like playing "Go Fish," smoking dope, doing a little blow (he can afford it now), chowing down on deep-fried foods behind Michelle's back, or just going to bed to rest up for his Las Vegas fundraising trip because he didn't give a single sizzling shit about the blood spilling in Benghazi. Then or now.

The former senator from Illinois no longer even bothers to vote "present" or be present during times of crisis.  The mere fact of His holy existence is sufficient gift to the world - and more, in His eyes, than we deserve.

obama, obama jokes, benghazi, bin laden, reggie love, spades, asshole, stilton jarlsberg, conservative, tea party, hope n' change, hopenchange, rodeo clown


Snowpuss said...

And Putin is the bored kid in the back of the classroom, eh?
You know, I wish I could be a fly on the wall the day Buster stares death in the face. His is the only life he gives a sizzling shit about. I don't believe he would even shed one single tear for one of his own daughters.

Coon Tasty said...

Don't apologise for these rants, SJ. - As Zog said to the Mangalore leader: "Never be ashamed of who you are!" (Lord knows B. Hussein Soetero certainly has no shame about what he is.)

TrickyRicky said...

Fantastic post today Stilton. The alleged leader of the free world is below contempt IMHO. Not only inept and deceitful, but truly evil. Nice graphic by the way. It gave me a smile, which is no small feat after reading the scathing indictment above it. I hope things are trending better on the medical front.

graylady said...

"this one was initiated with Obama or Jarrett's approval"

Stilt, I think you forgot the "out" after the "with" in your commentary. I can't imagine Barry boy having the balls to even order the mission, much less watch it.

PS: Hope things are better on the home front, you and yours are in my prayers.

alan markus said...

You are making good use of the "rodeo clown" situation - like how you have played off it to create an icon for comedic purposes. I think you owe a big shout-out to everyone who got their knickers all twisted up about the audacity of someone mocking "teh great one". Without their help, most people would not have ever seen that image and these cartoons would just not have the punch that they do. Hope you continue to find a use for that icon (what, almost 3 1/2 years left of this nightmare?). Just remember to appreciate the gift that has been given for the cause of comedy.

Titan Mk6B said...

Of course he could not watch it. How would you feel if someone you admired was getting ready to be blown away?

Suzy said...

Evil, despicable man. Oh....he was probably playing a violin during Benghazi......

Earl said...

@Suzy. Or fiddle as it's called in Rome.o

Bruce said...

I am shocked at the insensitivity of Reggie Love, (wasn't that a character invented by Eddie Murphy on SNL?), saying that he and lamont were playing "spades". Dammit, I'm SURE the "poseur-in-chief" was playing "african-americans".
Well, gotta go... my family wants to play "honkys".

John the Econ said...

So much for taking the week off, @Stilton.

Daniel Henninger of the Wall Street Journal had an interesting op-ed yesterday on America again awakening to the hazards of allowing liberals control over both local and national security:

Do people really want to retract the policies that made New York City livable again? (There are still many of those who remember that there was a time when not taking a gun with you on the subway was the more dangerous option)

As liberal as NYC is, the reality is that they still have to live there, and not everyone gets the kind of personal security that the Bloombergs, Spitzers, Clintons and Hollywood celebrities all take for granted. They'll all claim they support the Democratic candidate, but those who have memories of more than 20 years will vote Republican, even if they have to hold their noses while doing so.

This will all have implications for Hillary, as she starts to position herself for 2016. Do recall that the rise and denial of Islamic fascism was on her husband's watch.

Meanwhile, kudos to NPR yesterday, that actually ran a story about Islamic attacks on Christians, and the burning a convent in Egypt. I almost hit a pole when I heard that departure from their former Morsi worship. (I'd link to the story, but I see that it didn't make it to their web site, so perhaps someone had seconds thoughts about that)

Preacher Webb said...

Thank you all for being great American Patriots; it is clear you love your country, and that is admirable. May I make a few observations...

President Obama isn’t the Antichrist, but he certainly seems to be an archetype of the Antichrist. Obama is a sign. Now we see how the Antichrist can generate a deceived yet loyal nation of followers by creating an attractive path of moral decay.

When confronted with the moral issues, Christians supporting Obama offer, “You can’t legislate morality,” and “Morals are reserved for the church and not expected in leadership because they are separate.”

Obama Christians are either ignorant or deceived. Or both. Bill Johnson succinctly defined our feelings when he said, “What really bothers me about this election is that a nation always gets the leadership they deserve.

We are sad that our nation has achieved this. The political party that is now in control of the White House and the Senate is the party that voted three times against God during their platform selection. Three times they shouted “No!” to God.
Father, have mercy on us!

God says thru Proberbs 11:11...
By the blessing of the upright the city is exalted, but it is overthrown by the mouth of the wicked. Proverbs 11:11

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Snowpuss- I, too, find it hard to believe that Obama has true love or for anyone other than himself.

@Coon Tasty- Oh, I don't apologize, other than to say that I'm sorry they're still necessary.

@TrickyRicky- "Below contempt" is a great way to put it, because everything more specific (that I really felt like saying) would have the black helicopters landing on my lawn by now.

@graylady- ARGH!!!!! And thank you! Yes, the mission was, I believe, initiated WITHOUT Barry or Valerie being in the loop, because Valerie had already killed all the previous missions, and the fear was that the information about Bin Laden's location was starting to leak and he'd get away unless action was taken.

@alan markus- I love the freaking rodeo clown. I think the only real offense committed here is that the image of Barack Hussein Obama as a clown is too close to the truth for the Left to stomach. Was the act "disrespectful?" Oh, HELL yes - that's the point of political satire, especially when a politician has earned that disrespect. Anthony Weiner's weiner isn't off-limits, and neither is Barack Obama's "clown at a rodeo" performance as president.

@Titan Mk6B- That's entirely possible. Although my thought is he was only worried about something going wrong which could hurt him politically, and that's why he couldn't stay to watch. Unless he was simply bored or horny.

@Suzy- I'm pretty sure that the only instrument Obama plays is the lyre. (rimshot)

@Earl- Considering the many allegations about Barry and Reggie, perhaps they were fiddling.

@Bruce- You don't know how hard I've been trying NOT to point out that the two were allegedly playing a game in which one spade is laid on another, and involves a lot of hands.

@John the Econ- I wanted the week off, but what can I do when something like this breaks?!

Daniel Henninger of the WSJ is in my pantheon of greats - and once again, he's got the story right.

@Preacher Webb- Even though I'm not a member of any flock, I'll say that I can not wrap my head around the incongruity of anyone truly trying to live a Christian life supporting Obama (unless, as you say, they are genuinely ignorant or deceived).

And while it's true "you can't legislate morality," you CAN legislate incentives which make immorality almost irresistible to all but the strongest.

CenTexTim said...

"Playing Spades"?!?

Off to the racial sensitivity re-education camp with you.

Maybe that'll stop all this clowning around...

Necron99 said...

Meanwhile back at the "Spades Game"...

BIraq threw his "Ace" in Reggie's face.

Then Reggie "Bumped" BIraq's rump with his "Trump".

But seriously Folks, am I the only person who took note of the damning 2010 video of Lois Learner expounding to a group of college kids on how the DNC wanted the IRS to ramp up efforts to shut down Conservative groups that was played on Hannity earlier in the week?

Kencor said...

I love to come to this site just to be reminded that there are those still in this country who do not just see the insides of their asses when they open their eyes in the morning. This post was particularly good and the comments are always icing on the cake. The only downside was one commenter mentioned that we have three and a half more years of this to look forward to. Now I'm bummed and will have to go over to American Thinker to get better.

George said...

Well, I have to say, whoever designed the Obumbler mask got the ears the correct size too!! Well done.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@CenTexTim- Hey, I could have said he was playing poker, but I don't think he's poked her in a long time - if ever.

@Necron99- The Lois Lerner video is damning and unsurprising - as is the fact that nobody in the media seems to give a flying fornicating flip about it. The government is actively working to suppress the voices and votes of people like us, and sadly there isn't a robust conservative media (or a quorum of politicians with detectable balls) willing to make an issue of it.

@Kencor- If you're bummed by the idea of another 3 1/2 years of president skidmark, I sure as heck won't mention the possibility of Hillary "What does it matter?!" Clinton taking over for the 8 years after that.

Colby said...

Good one, Stilton! Huzzah! And yes, the MSM will stay away from this story in droves. Even if obama's lack of engagement gets a teeny little peep in the "news" the asswipes that belong to the party of "What does it matter" will poo poo the whole thing and then find anotehr distraction to distract from the current distraction. You know, dear leader is so busy saving the planet, he can't be bothered with such trivial stuff as this when he has an important engagement with his butt buddy Reggie.

You're thinking of Buddy Love, which was a character portrayed by Jerry Lewis in "The Nutty Professor," and redone by Murphy in a pitiful remake. That being said... for those geezers like me out there that have seen this movie, dear leader is a LOT like the Nutty Professor. He's a total geek, and a total jerk all rolled into one.

@alan markus,
3-1/2 years? Rumor has it that Barry is already working on a third term plan. The rumor goes something like: "I thought my plan for this country could be accomplished in 8 years, but it's going to take another 4 years to fully implement my plan, which will fully take the country where it needs to be." Translation = it will take 12 years to completely and utterly destroy any and all vestiges of freedom and liberty.

@Preacher Webb,
AMEN! Well stated.

Jim Hlavac said...

He probably cheated at cards, too.

Mike aka Proof said...

The attack on bin Laden came about because of a video, same as Benghazi:

Bruce said...

I don't doubt the character you refer to "Buddy Love", but I must have confused the name with Reggie Love when I was thinking of Velvet Jones teaching women how to be a "ho".

Anonymous said...

I would not be the first to suggest that Obama was Photoshopped into that image -- as in, he was playing cards the whole time.

PRY said...

The radical left-Muslim jihadist alliance began in the 1970s. The evidence for that alliance is all over the international media today, including the Egyptian and Arabic media, which are expressing shock to see the extent to which America has been corrupted by its internal enemies. The anti-Morsi coup in Egypt was conducted by nationalist and modernist political groups that did not want to be tyrannized by the medieval Muslim Brotherhood.

Obama has been actively and knowingly complicit in empowering jihadist forces from the beginning of this administration. He has made no secret of his real sympathies. He will choose the Muslim side. No slander of the Prophet of Islam!

Imagine FDR responding to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor by lying about Imperial Japan.
That is what Obama and the Democrat Machine have done to us.