Monday, August 12, 2013

Weeking Off

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Readers - I'm taking the week off to attend to family health issues. As always, your positive thoughts are appreciated. -Stilt

 Obama enjoys the Gulf waters of Massachusetts


Velcro said...

ha! Love the floaties, Stilton. That's about the mentality of a self-absorbed child who would deny federal aid to the town that burned and took 19 firefighters with it.

Velcro said...

...and my thoughts are with you and your family. Take care...

Anonymous said...

I didn't think he could swim since he either ends up walking on the water or turning the whole ocean into wine.

TrickyRicky said...

Stilton, thoughts and prayers buddy, thoughts and prayers.

Emmentaler Limburger said...

@Stilton: The floaties are a bit redundant, don't you think? Shit floats...

(And what TrickyRicky said.)

David in SoCal said...

We now know the rising sea level is not due to 'Global Warming', but rather a Physics lesson that involves
Ofloaties ENORMOUS ego and water displacement.
@Stilton: My good thoughts and Prayers are with you and yours; God Bless!

Chuck said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you and yours.

John the Econ said...

As always @Stilton, our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Good news though, soon your health care problems will be over:

Reid says Obamacare just a step toward eventual single-payer system.

"In just about seven weeks, people will be able to start buying Obamacare-approved insurance plans through the new health care exchanges. But already, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is predicting those plans, and the whole system of distributing them, will eventually be moot. Reid said he thinks the country has to “work our way past” insurance-based health care during a Friday night appearance on Vegas PBS’ program “Nevada Week in Review.”"

From the first moment I laid eyes on "ObamaCare", it was very obvious to me that the law was absurdly complex, utterly unworkable, and unquestionably economically nonviable. And you didn't have to have a PhD in anything to figure that out. Understanding that, logically, ObamaCare could then only have a single purpose: To destroy the health insurance marketplace and what was left of the private delivery system, so that it could be replaced with an exclusively government-run "single payer" system, similar to those found in Canada and Britain.

And here, Harry Reid basically admit that.

Meanwhile, it seems that First dog Bo is having a much better vacation that Stilton is, or any of us I suspect. It seems that Obama has found something for the Marine's newest ride, the V-22 Osprey to do other than to deploy Marines quickly to global trouble spots, like Benghazi:

First dog Bo is airlifted to Obama holiday home

Yes, you read that right.

Now personally, I don't begrudge Presidents taking holidays, since as President, you're never really off the clock. But what I do have a problem with are with Presidents who engage in class warfare while simultaneously spending more than all of the royal families of Europe combined on his high-profile relaxation.

I don't know about you, (okay, I think I do!) but it's really hard for me to take homilies about "sacrifice" from a guy who dispatches $70-million dollar military assets to chauffeur his dog around.

Anonymous said...

I am just curious as to if "Obamass" is swimming in the Gulf of Mexico off the ports of Charleston, Savannah or Ft. Lauderdale or if he is in the Atlantic off the ports of New Orleans or Galveston as he related on the Leno show.

Cookie said...

Just want to wish you well, SJ. God bless you and yours. Perhaps you should avoid anything stressful--you know, like anything to do with the crazies running this country. Otherwise, your head will explode. Take care.

Colby said...

I will echo the others here and reassure you that the Colby household will be holding you and yours up in prayer and will also have you in our thoughts.

@John the Econ,
And the libs would say, "How dare you attack a defenseless dog! The Messi... I mean President's dog should be off limits!" It makes my head explode every time I hear some nutjob say, "Yeah, but Bush took lots of vacations too." Yeah, dumb-azz. He took vacations to his OWN HOUSE, not ga-zillion dollar resorts!" I can just hear it. "Daddy, I miss Bo. Can you go get him?" "Don't worry , Malia, I'll send some of my minions. Bo will be here within the hour."

@Anon 2,
I'm pretty sure they didn't teach U.S. geography in Malasia... or Harvard. For that matter, it seems they don't teach geograpy anywhere anymore because it might cause some child to be left behind. It burns my ass that OUR President doesn't know where anything is, other than our wallets.

Anonymous said...

I’m all for a ‘sinlge-payer’ system. The person receiving treatment pays.

Stilt, take care; all the best to you & your family, warm thoughts & prayers are coming your way.

drjim said...

Thoughts and prayers with you, Stilt.

We'll be here when you get back.

Sparky said...

I would pray for a shark attack but unfortunately they don't eat what comes out of the back end of a horse.

(However, happy thoughts and prayers for you and family Stilton. May the Lord shine His mercy on your family "exceedingly and abundantly, above all we can ask or think". God bless.)

Coon Tasty said...

@SJ - Enjoy your time off; may news of Obama's ongoing misdeeds not disturb you.

@JohntheEcon - On a happier note, the V-22 Osprey has a less than impressive safety record: if one set of rotors enters vortex ring state (occurs when descending into its own rotor wash), the whole thing flips over and crashes. A bunch of marines were, sadly, killed that way not too long ago.
Perhaps Obama will take a trip in a V-22 and end up looking like the President I wish you had....

It's No Gouda said...

Stilton: Sincere best wishes for a satisfactory outcome with the family health issues.
Other than that, what's your beef with the Bard?
Granted, the Elizabethan language and frame of reference can be "challenging", but it's still great stuff. The possible exception being "updated" versions in "modern" dress.
Watch the Franco Zeffirelli film of "Taming of the Shrew" with Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor for a few good belly laughs.
Ah, for those familiar with the controversies regarding Will's sexual orientation and the "real" authorship of the plays. I once saw one of those "teen" movies where the kids were supposed to be doing something or other in England and were visiting an "underground" club with a graffiti wall. One graffito jumped out at me and I nearly fell out of my chair laughing..."Shakespeare ate Bacon". I never did figure out how that escaped the '60s era censors.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@It's No Gouda- I've got no beef with the Bard. To tell the painful truth, when I did that cartoon (and wrote a long commentary which I didn't post), I wasn't sure if it would be my last entry here for awhile - or perhaps ever. And so that's how I was summing up my accomplishment here; albeit with a little humor.

But after 24 hours of reflection, I pulled the commentary (prior to publication) and just decided to give myself a week off to see what life would look like 7 days later.

And I can't say for sure yet, though hope springs eternal. Damn weakly, but eternal. So I'm just trying to recharge my batteries - and the many good wishes on this page mean more to me and my family than you all can know. Thank you!