Friday, September 20, 2013


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Hope n' Change is keeping it short and sweet today (well, bittersweet). Here's where you can read about Syria's billion-dollar extortion attempt,  Afghanistan's "custom fees" intended to cost taxpayers tens of millions to get back our own equipment, and here's Libya telling B. Hussein that after an entire year of no action whatsoever to bring anyone to justice, domestically or abroad, Libya is telling him to keep US Forces out of the country and forget about the (now protected) killers of our ambassador and three other brave Americans.

And all the while, Barry just eats this abuse up as if it were his favorite flavor of ice cream.

And considering that it's America's reputation that he's destroying and not just his own, we're sure these insults do taste sweet to him.

obama, obama jokes, cartoon, syria, afghanistan, libya, pussy, president, conservative, hope n' change, hope and change, tea party, stilton jarlsberg, cartoon, putin


Bruce Bleu (Mr. Subtle) said...

Janet Reno is more of a man than lamont.
Compared to lamont, Pee Wee Herman looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Chaz Bono is 3 times the man lamont is.
Mattel was asked to make a pair of Barbie and lamont dolls, but they said they didn't want to promote lesbianism.
I think, along with the birf certificate, they should check him for a "Y" chromosome! Maybe those "mom-jeans" are more comfortable for his "cooch".

Thomas said...

Wonder who wears the strap on in the Obama household....

Grumpy Curmudgeon said...

Then there is this to add to the pile: Syria may miss first deadline in U.S.-Russia chemical arms deal. According to the story - Marie Harf, a State Department spokeswoman, said Wednesday that "our goal is to see forward momentum" by Saturday, not the full list. "We've never said it was a hard and fast deadline.".

Wasn't it touted by Mr. Gutsy that this was a hard deadline that had to be met - oops, excuse me, another 'red line' that dissipates into rainbows and unicorns. I would trust a used car salesman on S. Shepherd (Houston - where all the wrecking yards are) before I would trust anything this president or State Department says or does.

It makes me embarrassed to have had a relative who was a Foreign Service Officer, and has a State Dept. award in languages named after her - now-a-days, Matilde would probably say "Don't tell people I work In the State Dept, they think I'm a piano player in a whorehouse". She is probably rolling in her grave.

Remember, when attention is on the moving lips, watch the left hand, it's all smoke and mirrors. Add also the newest version of Rope A Dope the Iranians are playing, of course, with Bambi, it's more like Drop The Soap. To answer Thomas's question, it's a switch off between Mooch, Valerie, and Reggie.

Emmentaler Limburger said...

Øbama's foreign policy: Jimmy Carter on steroids...

Grumpy Curmudgeon said...

Then there's this: Non Sequitur

SusieBee said...

"Cornholed by Putin" - priceless! That should have been the headline on Time magazine's article on how the US is getting treated by Russia these days. Congratulations, Barry, on making yourself a laughingstock to the entire world.

Grumpy Curmudgeon said...

@SusieBee: Taken For A Ride

Sparky said...

I'm so sick of this administration, I've run out of adjectives to describe how disgusting they are. Glad you're there to put down on paper what we're all feeling. Your comments and cartoon are perfect as always Stilt! God bless ya.

Reiuxcat said...

As opposed to getting it from Reggie, the Body, Love?

CenTexTim said...

PinPricks? Those are more like stabs to the heart of what's left of our national reputation.

I think we're all shocked and appalled by the stunning incompetence (or worse, intentional malevolence) of obama and this administration. I keep asking myself why there is no national outcry (present company excepted, of course).

The obvious answer is the legacy media is openly on his side, but that's too simplistic. Where/how/when did we lose our national pride, our sense of purpose - our belief in American Exceptionalism, if you will? Or in simpler terms, how on earth did we get into this mess? And is there anything we can do to get out of it?

graylady said...

1. Tell the Syrians to go ahead and gas themselves to their little hearts content but the second we or our allies (Israel)get a whiff of it, their asses will glow in the dark for eternity.
2. The Iranians - see #1, change gas to nukes.
3. Tell the Afghans we leave fee free or we will destroy the equipment and burn the busted pieces (face it, it's outdated and worn out by now anyway)lock, stock & barrel along with any nearby areas where we've had an effect and let them live in the ash heaps.
4. Tell this President he had better grow a pair before somebody decides to check publically. Face it, this emperor is already wearing no clothes. The easier to F*** with him, I guess.

@ Grumpy Curmudgeon.... I agree with your relative. I'd rather be a piano player in a whorehouse than work for this administration. OH wait, this administration IS a whorehouse.

I've had to stop watching The Five of FOX. Beckel's and Jaun What's his name's whole-hearted support for the misbegotten piece of excrement in the White House are giving me chronic vomiting spasms.

graylady said...

Thanks for the chance to vent. My stomach feels so much better now.

Bruce Bleu said...

Emmentaler Limburger,
Re-Jimmuh Cahtuh... I held a sign at the south entrance to the Air Force Academy when lamont came to the graduation one year that said, "lamont insane obama, NOT the second term of Jimmy Carter, but the FIRST term of Al Capone!" lamont couldn't lead a silent prayer, he is USELESS except in the buffet of a cannibalistic culture.
Grumpy Curmudgeon,
Note where the artist put lamont's right hand... reaching for Putin's "johnson". Seems accurate to me.
I found another adjective for you regarding lamont... "spew catalyst", the political ipecac!
I think that's Juan Williams. He can't be reached for comment at present because he's checking lamont for colon polyps!

WMD said...

I don't know who to credit this to but somewhere in my memory banks I remember someone saying, "If Sarah Palin gave king hussein one of her balls, they'd both have two".

And Bruce B., you like to refer to him as "lamont", I don't really get that because Lamont was the smart one on that show. But, you know, hey, do what you want, I'm not complaining. We're definetly on the same page. And the mooch is definitely Esther. I feel like king hussein is more like Grady. No that's not quite right either, Rollo maybe? Or Erkel? No even they had some good points I guess. king hussein is not smart, he has no good intentions. He's kind of like the old lady in the recent story about the blind guy in a MN Dairy Queen. Blind guy drops a twenty dollar bill and an old lady (king hussein) behind him picks it up and puts it in her purse. The counter guy politely tells her to give it back to the blind guy and she refuses. Says it's her money. I could see king hussein doing that.

rickn8or said...


Øbama's foreign policy: Jimmy Carter on steroids..."

More like Jimmy Carter on Quaalude.

Cookie said...

I love the "double barrel" cartoon today. I love the comments. And Stilton, I love what an incredible genius you are! Even when you are going through tough times, you pull all of us through this nightmare we are living with the complete destruction of our beloved country. I think we all keep wondering if there will be a point of no return, or if we've actually reached it. "The day the music died" is certainly getting closer.

Colby said...

Thank yo uso much for providing me that excuse to finally buy one of those waterproof (and coffee proof) keyboards! Excellent post, and a double whammy to boot.

"Is there anything we can do to get out of it?" I've carefully thought out the legal options, and am down to "crap" or "go blind." Suggestions?

Graylady for President! All in favor, raise your AR-15 shotguns. And the Whitehouse may be a whorehose, but I guarantee it's a BROKE whorehouse. Who the hell would pay good money to do it with any of them? Well, other than Chris Matthews, Tamara Holder, Ed Shultz.... and about 3,497 communists, union leaders, and crazed islamic lobbyists. In retrospect, I suppose it IS a successful whorehouse!

I have always said that Barry's left nut is the size of a mustard seed.... but the right one is just a little bitty thing. The only time the dirtbag seems to grow a pair is when he's jamming it to us little guys. Sure is easy to be a fat cat Chicago style thug when your victims are all powerless to do anything about it. When he's faced with somebody like Assad or Putin, his weenie shrinks and his tiny nuts retreat up into the vicinity of his lungs.

And I wanna know.... how come president dirbag can exempt this group and that group from Obamacare, but throws a hissy fit if congress tries to exempt everybody? And beyond that, why doesn't Congress impeach his ass for violating his oath to uphold the law? He doesn't even uphold the laws HE signed. of course, ranting here; we all know this already.

Dr. Mercury said...

Stilty -

Just couldn't stop myself:

A matter of comparison

For just a "short and sweet" piece, it was poifect.

BTW, that Palin quote up above is the cleverest thing I've read in a month. Fun bunch you've got here.

It's No Gouda said...

Colby: re your comment about the whitehouse bein' a broke whorehouse.
As I recall, the IRS once took over one of the legal whorehouses in Nevada for tax evasion.
Seems the place went broke shortly thereafter.
Let's face it, anybody who can go broke sellin' whiskey and sex in this country has NO busisess tellin' anybody else how to run their lives.

CenTexTim said...

Colby - I'm not a lawyer but I did sleep at a Holiday Inn last night...

In any event, it seems to me that obama has overstepped his legal authority on many issues. Some of his executive orders seem to be in direct violation or contradiction of laws passed by congress. Shouldn't someone be mounting legal challenges to rein him in?

I've given up on the republicans standing up to him, but aren't there special interest groups, professional or trade associations, etc. out there that would have standing?

To be honest, I'm not sure what to do (other than crap or go blind). Waiting until 2016 isn't very promising - it seems more like cursing the darkness as opposed to lighting a candle. However, continuing to torture that particular metaphor, I see neither candle nor match anywhere around. Maybe the best we can hope for is gridlock in congress.

Time for Treadstone said...

Yes, Lamont was the (comparatively) sane and rational one on the Sanford & Sons show, the long suffering straight man in a pretty plot-less show. Too normal a character for the current White House freakarama.

Why we tolerate our sock puppet Karzai disrespecting us so publicly suggests an interesting backstory. I assume he has spycam VIP-suite footage of visiting Congresscritter junketeers enjoying themselves with underaged boys and various plastic devices, or somesuch.
Any non-Obama administration would have long since despatched some unsmiling Jason Bourne types to remind Karzai ominously that "you're only president for life".

John the Econ said...

Again, this is what we get with our international "reset", where America is no longer feared, and now, laughably, "leads from behind".

And you know what happens when you are "behind"? The view never changes.

Of course Syria is going to miss the deadline. What are the consequences of not doing so? Another "strongly worded letter" from John Kerry, or Hans Blix?:

It's a shame that so few remember how relatively peaceful the globe was during the '80s. Why was that? The same reason that Iran released the hostages hours after Reagan's inauguration. There was little doubt that the US would not tolerate mischief. The Communists did test the waters with Grenada, and the answer was swift and unquestionable. That toned down confrontations for the rest of the decade. Only after the rise of the squishies did things begin to get out of control again.

Today, everyone knows it's a free-for-all. The UN can't even bring itself to sending strongly worded letters anymore.

@SusieBee, I wouldn't count on Time Magazine for much of substance. They publish 4 global editions. Which editions do you think made the Obama fail front-cover news and which did not?

I don't know who this speaks ill of more; Time Magazine or Time Magazine's American readers.

And I concur with @WMD: I'd much rather have Lamont as President than the current resident of the White House.

txGreg said...

@CenTexTim/Colby - I just picked it up last weekend and haven't gotten a chance to read it yet, but Mark Levin's latest book seems like it might be our last hope at this point.

Unfortunately, I'm not sure we haven't already waited too long. "We the People" have already lost all three branches of the federal government and a lot of our individual states are not really much better (some are arguably worse).

We have a federal government that - even apart from the military - is stocking up on real assault rifles, ammo and even heavier assets. If we don't fix the problem in a peaceful manner soon, I think the writing is already on the wall on what happens next - at least from their point of view.

SusieBee said...

My day was made - twice!

WMD said...

Everytime someone types "federal government" the voice in my head drops the "de" and says feral government.







Sparky said...

@GrayLady ~ You would indeed make an excellent President. I raised my loaded AR-15 to second the emotion.

@Bruce Bleu ~ "spew catalyst" ... that one made me spew on my formerly new keyboard. *lol* Your mastery of the English language rivals Stily. Wish I had that gift.

@WMD ~ " ... drops the "de" and says feral government. OMGoodness! You are so right! I'm totally gonna 'steal' that!

Y'all are THE BEST! I think your humor is keeping me off the drugs and adult beverages in mass quanities. To quote Tiny Tim "God bless us all everyone." :)

Robert Sudbury III said...

LOL! You're killing me, Jarls!

Bruce Bleu said...

Replace "pin" with "needle" and we've got lamont's curriculum vitae!

PRY said...

OMG!Great stuff from top to bottom! So good to be in such good company! All the comments about O's scrotumlessness is right on! I STILL want graylady for president also!!
It was commented "I think we're all shocked and appalled by the stunning incompetence (or worse, intentional malevolence) of obama and this administration."

I'm afraid that the latter is true. He IS a total wuss but he is a conniving little wuss who has it all worked out! I do not believe what we just witnessed concerning Syria just "happened"!
He was mentored by communists, learned from them, hung with them, also has a soft spot in his heart for Islam, that beautiful religion of peace! He hates this country and that is why is he deliberately trying to destroy it!
I cannot from this point on believe he is inept; he is actually VERY GOOD at what he is doing!

Grumpy Curmudgeon said...

@txGreg: The Liberty Amendments is definably a must read and I hope a mentoring guideline to those whom we elect to State Legislatures. I know I have sent a question about it to Bonnie Burton who is running for Tx Senate 10, replacing Abortion Barbie.

David in SoCal said...

Fairly interesting how the U.S. can send specialists to help with the hostage situation in Kenya; but WOULD NOT send any help to rescue our four brave Americans who were slaughtered needlessly in Benghazi......Yet another wake-up call America.
Also loved how Ocommieguncontrolidiot politicized the Washington Navy Yard Memorial today. That inconsiderate piece of scat needs to go. How many wake-up-calls do we need, comrades?

Bruce Bleu said...

David in SoCal...
lamont found out that those 4 Americans voted for Juan McCain, and they planned to vote for Glove Romney, so he didn't have any personal benefit if they were allowed to live. I mean HEY... it's all about lamont anyway, RIGHT? "Dow Jones went down, how will this affect obarium"; "General Electric layed off 10,000 workers, what will people think about the presidunces jobs policy", "ladies were shocked when lamont misunderstood about proper protocol while washing his balls during his last golf outing", (evidently it soaked a bunch of crap in magilla's purse).
lamont can't even THINK like an American, why should we expect he could BEHAVE like an American?

JustaJeepGuy said...

The thing I find so strange about Barack Hussein and the rest of the socialists who so desperately want to change America into yet another socialist hellhole is that they won't ever give living elsewhere a try. They love living in America, but they want it changed to some kind of "worker's paradise" where they would never willingly visit before the collapse of the Soviet Union. I don't understand it. Of course, I don't understand why those types can't allow anyone to have real liberty anyway.

Anonymous said...

1979 foreign policy just called, it said Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

It's strange: you're cartoon seems to suggest, that someone would be a "pussy" by not being a bully and warmonger. The USA immorally invaded and destroyed the countries of Iraq, Afghanistan , and Libya, for no good reason. And for no good reason is funding terrorist invaders to try to destroy another sovereign nation, Syria. So why would you suggest that to be a big bully is some kind of "heroic" action, that proves " strength"? Real, honest strength is that shown by real negotiators and statesmen who are intelligent and not belligerent. Like, for instance, the type of intelligent conversation suggested by statesmen such as Putin. What dismays me is to see Gung-Ho, jingoistic Americans waving flags, ready to murder innocents in far-off lands. That is truly dispicable and cowardly.

Anonymous said...

Obama is a "pussy" because he is an incompetent person, not because he backs away from starting WWIII. If he was truly courageous, he would deamnd that Israel sign the nuclear non-proliferation treaties, and open their arsenals of atomic weapons and chemical/bio weapons up for inspection and destruction. If he ware not a "pussy", he would stop the insane rip-off of billions of taxpayer dollars going to prop up that regime that has stolen the land from the Palestinians. he would kick AIPAC out of the country, and put behind bars all their foreign agents, Israel-firsters, who are sucking the blood out of America. But he's a "pussy", and so won't do it.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Anonymous (two above)- Actually, my cartoon does NOT call for acting like a bully or warmonger, but makes the point that unless the threat of using force is credible, then the enemies of the United States have no reason to negotiate with us.

Obama's weakness gives encouragement to the world's bad actors to indulge their worst impulses.

@Anonymous (above, who sounds suspiciously familiar)- So Israel is the big problem, huh? Last time I looked, they had every reason to stockpile weapons simply to keep existing. Which clearly annoys you.

Meanwhile, I'm all for giving the Palestinians a new homeland. Currently it's called "Detroit," but the new owners can call it whatever they like.

Sparky said...

Ok, I'm eating crow. The scammers are back! Sorry Stilton. Guess I'll just have to get a bigger screen so I can read the letters. *lol*
Hope you're having a good day. Still praying for you all.