Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Hand Jive

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On Monday, Barack Obama took a few moments out of his hyper-partisan economic speech attacking Republicans to mention the loss of twelve innocent lives at Washington's Navy Yard, saying "They're patriots. They know the dangers of serving abroad, but today they faced the unimaginable violence that they wouldn't have expected here at home."

Unless they lived in Chicago, of course.

But sadly, on that same day, the president was also increasing the "danger of unimaginable violence" against those patriots who are serving abroad - specifically by waiving the federal law which was meant to prohibit him from sending arms to terrorists.   In this case, Syrian "rebels" - many of whom are affiliated with radical Islamic terror organizations including the not-so-on-the-run Al-Qaeda.

The president is using this waiver in order to look slightly less like an idiotic eunuch in his mishandling of Syria and pillow-biting display of "more flexibility" for Vladimir Putin, all of which has virtually assured that Assad will now remain safely in power to supervise the (alleged) dismantling of his chemical weapons stockpile.

And if the price of restoring a scintilla of presidential pride is a massive arms shipment to America's sworn enemies, violating common sense and the clear intent of the law, then so be it.

Because B. Hussein has never cared about waving the American flag...but absolutely loves waiving the American laws which were meant to protect us.

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Bruce bleu said...

Maybe a more apropos reference to lamont's present position in Gov't is "Jihadist in chief"! I've said it before and I'll say it again... if we could harness the energy of the Founding Fathers spinning in their graves we'd be energy independent by 4:00 tomorrow afternoon! Why can't this bastard be STOPPED?! I live in Colorado. I could ship some Rocky Mountain Oysters (bull balls) to Washington if there was ANY chance some repubican [sic] there knew how to USE THEM!!!! Maybe Doug Lamborn could try them on... C'mon, Doug... take one for the TEAM!

Thomas said...

I feel like I'm having a never ending nightmare...

John the Econ said...

Well, is it really that great of a leap from accidentally arming Mexican drug cartels to purposely arming Al-Qaeda rebels in Syria?

I did get a chuckle out of Obama's economic speech, when he evoked the "economic chaos" of the last 5 years. Yeah, Obama, tell us all about it because we haven't noticed. Meanwhile, Walgreens just announced that it's going to be giving up providing health coverage to over 180,000 of its employees, and will be dumping them on the ObamaCare health exchanges. I'm sure they too are now acutely aware about the economic chaos", that is 5-years removed from the Bush Administration.

Meanwhile, have you heard about this one?

"The Afghan government is demanding that the U.S. military pay $1,000 for each shipping container leaving the country that does not have a corresponding, validated customs form. The country’s customs agency says the American military has racked up $70 million in fines."

"If left unresolved, the disagreement could inflate the price tag of the U.S. military drawdown by hundreds of millions, if not billions, of dollars because of the higher cost of shipping by air — an unwelcome expenditure at a time when the Pentagon is scrambling to cope with steep congressionally mandated budget cuts and the White House is attempting to jump-start negotiations over a long-term security cooperation deal with Kabul.

The Afghan government’s demand for payment is part of a broader dispute over Kabul’s authority to tax entities from the United States, its chief benefactor."

Got that? We supposedly conquered a country and established a "friendly" government, and now they're trying to extort us as we leave? This is how far respect for America has fallen in the world. Can you imagine this happening to Reagan's America?

CenTexTim said...

At least barry is limiting his support of the terrorists to small arms (we think ... at this point in time). Of course, that includes some of the same weapons he thinks should be forbidden to American citizens. I wonder if he requires background checks of the terrorists...?

Pete (Detroit) said...

Awww, now *I* want an 'Obama-gun!'

This is SO utterly assinine, and NOT like we have any G-D CASH for it!!! If we WANTED to do something USEFUL, we could get guns into the hands of the Muslim women, the largest repressed demographic ever. Let THEM straighten out the Religion of Pieces, from the bottom UP.
But denying *my* right to protect myself from MY gov't while spending my $$ to empower others to fight THEIR gov't is bad enough, but to give it to known terrorists? Unforgivable.
Please, earth, open up and swallow this turd whole. I'll TAKE Biden...

Grumpy Curmudgeon said...

My understanding of the Benghazi incident was that the CIA was there to recover Stingers and other Man-Pads that Hillary's State Dept gave to the Libyan rebels in an effort to topple Quadaffi on the cheap when the CIA refused to be involved (this from reliable sources within the SpecFor community). Those arms (the type Obama keeps insisting he won't provide) were being recovered and transferred on the sly to the Syrian rebels, so now we have provided the jihadists with systems capable of downing civilian airliners. CIA chief says he'll allow the 'survivors' to meet with Congress to talk about Benghazi, two days later CIA suspends employee for refusing to sign a non-disclosure statement concerning Benghazi.

To quote the meaning of 'High Crimes and Misdemeanors':

“An executive official is ultimately responsible for any failures of his subordinates and for their violations of the oath he and they took, which means violations of the Constitution and the rights of persons. It is not necessary to be able to prove that such failures or violations occurred at his instigation or with his knowledge, to be able, ... to "lay them at the feet" of the president. It is sufficient to show, on the preponderance of evidence, that the president was aware of misconduct on the part of his subordinates, or should have been, and failed to do all he could to remedy the misconduct, including termination and prosecution of the subordinates and compensation for the victims or their heirs. The president's subordinates include everyone in the executive branch, and their agents and contractors. It is not limited to those over whom he has direct supervision. He is not protected by "plausible deniability". He is legally responsible for everything that everyone in the executive branch is doing.” (

I realize that the House votes the Articles of Impeachment, and the Senate tries (therefore, no hope under Dingy and the other Dem henchmen), but it is time that we support State Senators and Representatives the will call for a Constitutional Convention to amend the Constitution to call for term limits, return the senate back to being elected by the state legislatures, provide for overturning Supreme Court decisions by 2/3 vote in Congress and other items necessary to return liberty back to the people. Perhaps, maybe then, we will have something other than the nattering nabobs (apologies to Spiro Agnew) we currently have 'representing' us.

It's No Gouda said...

Ya know,Pete, I'm beginning to think Barry has overplayed the Joke Biden as "insurance" card against impeachment or assassination as badly as he's overplayed the "race" card. Cheese'n'rice, ol' Joe, idiot that he is, might once in a while do something right if only by accident. Barry, on the other hand, just keeps on doin' a "Mexican hat dance" on his "johnson" like he enjoys it. Nobody can screw up that much by "accident".

Bruce Bleu said...

-John the Econ, maybe lamont could work out a deal to have his voters, (the living AND the dead), to buy heroin from the Afghani's to allay any tariffs. They had to be on SOME kind of drug to vote for this poseur. It could be called the "kenyan connection".
-CenTexTim, compared to magilla, lamont only HAS small arms... oh, WEAPONS... this could be his "cuntra" debacle, (because this kind of stress chafes his vagina).
-It's No Gouda, lamont would have to have DAMNED good vision to even FIND his johnson to dance on, PLUS being half white he doesn't have the rhythm requisite to "pull it off", (unless his dance partner is from the Isle of Lesbos, (L N Degenerate fer instance)).

PRY said...

I can finally admit that I am over fretting about the fact that the President of the US, our president, is off his rocker, a total amateur, doesn't know what he's doing...I have for the longest time, 'sorta' given him the benefit of being not the genius that everyone claims he fact, I believe he is one of the 'useful idiots' that we all heard about from the commies all of our lives! Remember, decades ago, the Communists said they would destroy America FROM THE INSIDE, and not from an external attack!

Obama was mentored by communists, schooled by them, hung with them, learned everything he knows from them, and very recently as well as since he first appeared on the scene back not ten years ago, SEEMED to be totally stupid to us, because we HAD to give him a chance, I mean what choice did we have? Bruce asked, as I have many times..."Why can't this bastard be STOPPED?!" Well, we are seeing with our own eyes, that he cannot. Stilt, with your superior perception and insight you display every day here, YOU could foretell our nation's fate so easily. It is a chilling thought.

I will say this, San Antonio now, the LGBT crowd is celebrating a victory at the polls, and the sad thing is, it could have gone the other way easily if all the Christians voted...sadly, complacency has set in. The same is true nationwide...of all the christian people in this country, about half are registered to vote, and of that number, less than half actually go to the polls! The Christian voting bloc is HUGE! And, they better wake up!

Paul D Garber said...

Stilton, the FreeObamaGuns was hilarious and would have been even funnier if it wasn't so true. I was wondering why the Obummer Administration didn't remove the middle-man by just shipping all legally purchased guns in the US directly to the Syrian rebels but then I remembered they needed AUTOMATIC weapons [not Semi-automatic]. Besides, with the middle-man it sucks more money out of the US to plunge it even deeper in debt. I am just an idiot.

Colby said...

@John the Econ,
Your posts always, without fail, both embolden me and depress me, but this one really hit a sore spot. Even the Afghans have Barry's number now and have gotten on the "Free Shit" express. Grrr.... Why the flying hell can we give free shit to everybod yand his dog, but we can't have White House tours because we are too broke???!! I repeat, Grrrr....

And speaking of guns and idiots, thanks to Aaron Alexis, now we won't be able to buy AR-15 shotguns anymore. I know, I know, you all will say there's no such thing as an AR-15 shotgun, but I heard it on the news, so it must be true. I think Alexis even had a couple of AR-15 pistols, and an AR-15 jacket on.

THANK YOU for posting! It is greatly appreciated and a most welcome sight when I fire up the ol' PC in the mornings.

David in SoCal said...

Did anyone happen to catch D.C. Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton( at the Washington Shipyard News Conference on 9-16-13? As a puppet for the
D-effocrat Anti Gunnists; a superb performance. Halfway thru her speech, she blurts out: "But we do not fool ourselves, uh, we understand that in an open and democratic and free society, uh, you cannot make yourselves impenetrable, especially when are more guns than there are people in the United States, uh, today". She was so good, you could barely see the strings making her mouth spew.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Bruce bleu- I, too, think that this president is actively doing all he can to advance and entrench radical Islam wherever he can (and that's a lot of places). And yes, I wish SOMEone in Washington had the balls to do something about it.

@Thomas- Ironically, it's all of us who will continue having the nightmare until Obama's voters wake up.

@John the Econ- Ah, you're presented a buffet of topics, each more depressing than the last. I'm sure we're going to be hearing a LOT of Walgreens-type news in the near future (until, of course, that it's considered so common that it just isn't news anymore).

Meanwhile, I'm trying to explain to my adult daughter (challenged with a neurological condition) that under Obamacare, it might be best for her to pay a fine and become uninsured for the first time in her life. Because according to the rules, Barrycare would put her on Medicaid, and there are almost no doctors who would/could see her. And legally, we couldn't simply offer good doctors cash to treat her - UNLESS she's uninsured.

I'm foreseeing a nation of back alley cardiologists, neurologists, and oncologists...while abortion clinics put up neon signs, offer coupons (as one recently did), and drive-thru service...all fiscally blessed by Obummercare.

Regarding Afghanistan, you've put your finger on the solution: Reagan-sized balls. The Afghanis should be told not just "no" but "HELL NO!" - but president Dweezil isn't the man for the job. Besides, he LOVES the idea of taking more money from the evil rich to send to Afghanistan, just to help "close the wealth gap" here in Americastan.

@CenTexTim- Whatever Barry is saying, he's lying. For all I know, the bastard has already been sending his Syrian buddies Sarin nerve gas and the hardware to launch it on rockets.

@Pete(Detroit)- Hey, I like the idea of arming Muslim women. When was the last time you heard of a crowd of radical ululating douchenozzles stoning a rape victim when she had a rocket propelled grenade launcher? It could bring a whole new era of "kinetic equality" to the region!

@Grumpy Curmudgeon- Excellent post. I have no doubt at all that there's a boatload of secrets relating to Benghazi that still need to come out. And while SOME secrets deserve to remain secrets, that will NEVER forgive the lies told by Barry, Hillary, Susan Rice, Jay Carney and many others about the "Youtube video."

In the current political climate, I don't foresee legal action against these nimrods working - but oh, how I wish it could and would.

@It's No Gouda- I think 20% of the time, Barry screws up through sheer ineptitude and hubris, but 80% of the time he intended the disastrous results of his policies and pronouncements.

And at this point, I'd gladly take Biden over Barry.

@Bruce Bleu- I enjoyed the subtlety of your comments (grin).

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@PRY- I absolutely believe that Barry is deliberately taking this country down. That's not hyperbole on my part - it's one of the truest things I know.

And I wish it took "superior perception and insight" to see this disaster coming back in the earliest days...but it was actually perfectly obvious for anyone who was willing to shake off the false accusations of "racism" and listen dispassionately to what Obama was saying, what he had done, and the ideology expressed in his autobiographies.

It couldn't have been plainer - and yet, too many people thought he was the cure for "white guilt," "black inequality," and disparity of wealth and voted him in. Twice.

These are people who meant well, but are so frigging stupid that their only real use is as a raw ingredient for Soylent Green.

@Paul D. Garber- Maybe we could save some money by sending the Syrian rebels cheap shotguns, and then have our media try to convince them that those shotguns are actually AR-15s? Hey, it worked in Washington DC for a couple of days...

@Colby- Considering my comment above, your post about the AR-15 shotguns is well-timed!

And thanks for the "thanks." Yesterday wasn't the easiest time for me to create a post, but I didn't want you loyalists to think I'd been dragged off to Guantanamo. Yet.

@David in SoCal- The problem isn't the guns, it's the crazies and gangbangers. Just like politically, the problem isn't the voting machines, it's the idiots and "government giveaway" whores.

JustaJeepGuy said...

@Stilt said:

"These are people who meant well, but are so frigging stupid that their only real use is as a raw ingredient for Soylent Green."

The problem is, they're so stupid they would render the Soylent Green toxic. Anyone who partook of the Green would become that stupid. If they were ground up into cattle feed, the cattle would become toxically stupid, and so would anyone who ate the cows!

JustaJeepGuy said...

Among all the things Barack Hussein is happy to waive, I'm surprised he hasn't waived the flag.

Bruce Bleu said...

speaking of bovines, I heard that Mad Cow Disease resulted from Shrillery finding out about another one of Bill's infidelities.
AND lamont HAS "waived the flag" on occasion... he's waived the DISPLAYing of it!

George in Houtx said...

@ John the Econ: let the Afghan gov't send the bill! we can just deduct that amount from what we would send them in "foreign aid". IMO that "foreign aid" is just a bribe anyway!

John the Econ said...

Well @Stilton, I'm not sure that your daughter would be any worse off on Medicaid that she would be under the "affordable" plans offered by the ObamaCare exchanges:

"Insurers in California's new health insurance exchange are holding down premiums by limiting choices, raising concerns that patients will struggle to get care.",0,2814725.story

Remember a few weeks ago when the liberal pundits were lauding the fact that California's exchange plans wouldn't be extortionately expensive as conservatives had claimed? Now we know why. They'll offer a level of service that makes Medicaid look luxurious. Why anyone would choose this over "free" is beyond me.

And sadly, your world of back alley cardiologists, neurologists, and oncologists is hardly hyperbole. But don't worry, I'm sure that as soon as that starts happening, Obama will be ready to issue executive orders prohibiting it. Remember, 20 years ago, HillaryCare actually outlawed health professionals from operating outside the system as well. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.

REM1875 said...

That was no ordinary run of the mill ar-15 shotgun- it was a double barrel AR-15 shotgun and I want one of those! Have been sweet talking Mrs Rem1875 so I can put one on plastic even if I do have to go to Lawton VA to get one. Wonder how much they cost? Wonder if I can get one issued if I enlist in barry's A Q 'pink' brigade?

John the Econ said...

A little economic news: Lawrence Summers has pulled out of being considered as the next Federal Reserve chairman. The more I think about it, Larry was never intended to be the real candidate. His politically incorrect comments regarding women and science as president of Harvard pretty much doomed him in the Senate. Also, like me, he has not been a fan of Bernanke's cheap money policy. Phasing out the "Quantitative Easing" policy will vastly increase the government's borrowing costs, and would have to potential to make the tail-end of the Obama years fiscally more disastrous that it already is. There was no upside to Obama in Summers. There's no doubt that the neo-Keynesians will find Janet Yellen, a fan of QE a much more suitable choice, where we're likely to get QE-forever.

And then we get yesterday's shocker that instead of "tapering" off of QE, we're going to keep printing money, and giving it to the government to spend.

What does this mean for you Mr. & Mrs. Middle Class? Forget about making money on your savings for another decade. Get ready for mega inflation. I can't tell you when it's going to happen, but the longer we go on printing money, the worse it's going to be.

The Fed is in a trap: Rates are near-zero and can't go lower. The Fed's "dual mandate" to both moderate jobs and inflation is contradictory. (And nearly pointless since there really isn't that much they can do about jobs anyway when competing against the job-destroying behavior of this Administration and Congress) They can't raise rates without fear of slowing the economy. But they economy can never honestly recover with rates at near zero. They argue that inflation is "nominal", but is it? The stock market is in a cheap-dollar bubble, and millions of savers and retirees are making near-zero percent on their savings. (Savers are literally being robbed by QE to fund Federal largesse in perhaps the largest wealth-transfer in history, and most don't even know it)

That the stock market now moves as it does based not upon fundamentals, but entirely upon what the Fed says its going to do alone should tell you that something is wrong. A honestly healthy economy would not do that.

It's really ironic that avowed socialist Senator Bernie Sanders criticizes Summers on not being able standing "up to the greed, recklessness and illegal behavior on Wall Street", and yet will gleefully support a another cheap-money candidate. The cheap-dollar policy has been great for Wall Street, big banks, and the wealthy who have been able to ride the equity bubble. But it has done absolutely nothing for the rest of Americans who must live and work in the real world where income is stagnant, net worth is shrinking, and a cheapened dollar is buying less every day.

REM1875 said...

Doc you just hit on moochelle's next great school lunch intiative 'Soylent pink slime' - her attempt to get a govt market for the toxic results of adding obama phone receipients and zerocare health panels.

John the Econ said...

30 seconds ago during economic speech to export council:

"One of America's bright spots is exports."

Like guns to Mexico and Syria.

And he continues with " care costs have stabilized... thanks in part of ObamaCare..."

You could actually hear laughs from the audience.

Although he might be right for many. For people who've lost their jobs and can't afford insurance, their health care costs have gone way down. They now do without.

Grumpy Curmudgeon said...

@John The Econ: A few years ago when I lived in NC, Bev Perdue began structuring the States Medicaid services under the tentative guidelines of Obamacare. Many doctors closed their open practices and went to concierge type practices, and many of the private hospitals went to reducing or eliminating services and departments. My wife's psych unit's census (patients) was about 90% Medicaid or Medicare because the Regional Hospital served a poor county. The hospital closed the unit and referred the patients to the nearest state hospital, 60 miles away and with no public transportation to connect the two areas. Forerunner of what Obamacare is going to do.