Friday, September 27, 2013

Weekend Wackiness

Just some graphics which I created for fun. If the mood hits, I may post more...

obama, obama jokes, conservative, tea party, stilton jarlsberg, hope n' change, hope and change, boehner, iran, turban

obama, obama jokes, conservative, tea party, stilton jarlsberg, hope n' change, hope and change, obamacare, specimen, cup, urine


Bobo said...

I hope we can use the same cup for a stool sample.

American Cowboy said...

@ Bobo

But then his likeness wouldn't show up on the cup. :-)

Of course his likeness could always be imprinted with pink I suppose.

Robert Sudbury III said...

@American Cowboy

His likeness would show up IN the cup.

Grumpy Curmudgeon said...

With all the PR BS being touted by HHS, how come no one has mentioned what the deductibles and out-of-pocket limits are? My wife who works for Humana says the 'Bronze Plan' deductible is $6,000 - so considering the average premium is $200/month, and say you have 50% subsidy, you need to reserve ~$7200/year for medical costs. Any bets Juan and Lucinda go to the ER and forget they have 'insurance'?

Grumpy Curmudgeon said...

OT, but an interesting article Pathetic American Media

Bruce Bleu said...

The ONLY bright spot would be to dump a "deuce" in this cup so the likeness will have that twin "brother" he always wanted! If one had the "scoots", it would embody his personality too!
Oh, and if that one particular liberal invertebrate were to balk, the words "realist" and "racist" are NOT synonymous, you ignorant pustule!

PRY said...

Too bad the impending 'gumint shutdown' does not include an 'administration shutdown' also!

American Cowboy said...

Oh joy of joys!
I just recieved my notice of health care premium and coverages for 2014.
Why am I not surprised? My premium increased by $.50 for every dollar spent last year.
My deductible increased $3.00 for every dollar it was last year.
Gawd I love the improved healthcare that I have. How did I ever manage to stay healthy in the past?
The option of joining the undocumented democrats in line at the emergency room and "forgetting" that I have any coverage, such as it is, is looking better all the time.
There is just something in my DNA though that will not permit me to be a leach sucking the lifeblood of the country's working man.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Bobo- Wouldn't that be redundant?

@American Cowboy- Okay, your reply is funnier than mine was.

@Robert Sudbury III- And people would come from great distances to worship at "the cup with Obama's face," much the way they have when the image of Jesus or the Virgin Mary appears on a burnt potato chip.

@Grumpy Curmudgeon- Oh, there you go trying to confuse everyone by using actual arithmetic (wry grin). The deductibles aren't going to be pretty, and a lot of people are going to be getting a big wake-up call in the next few weeks.

And that article on Seymour Hersh is worth reading. I got into a short flame war on Facebook with an NPR attorney who thinks Hersh is way off base saying that the administration's story about the Bin Laden raid is all "a big lie." I, on the other hand, simply pointed out that a good journalist is going to want proof that events transpired as described - and none has been forthcoming.

@Bruce Bleu- I also understand that when Obamacare patients go in for a colonoscopy, they'll have replicas of Barry's hands on their shoulders to hold them down...

@PRY- If a government shutdown closes the golf courses Barry frequents, that's almost as good!

@American Cowboy- OUCH! I'm pacing bare spots in my lawn waiting for the mailman to bring me my own bad news in this regard. It's not in my DNA to leech off my fellow taxpayers either - but it's also not in my DNA to accept usurious rate hikes which force me to pay for better healthcare for strangers (and non-citizens) than my own family receives. So I'm waiting to see all the numbers, and will then wrestle with some tough moral decisions (which will no doubt be aired right here).

Grumpy Curmudgeon said...

@Stilton: The only 'deductibles' that have been released pertain to small business group policies - noting on the individual policies.

I received my 2014 policy coverage from my Medicare Advantage plan - I was expecting the worst, but actually was surprised that my premium ($0) stayed the same but that they had also combined two of their plans (to my advantage) and my OOP was $1500 less. The only hesitation was that their providers might have changed (and I'm thinking OK, now comes the bad news), but my GP and Orthopedic Surgeon are still listed. Now the company I have (Care-N-Care) is one of the few with a Medicare 4* rating and 5* Customer Satisfaction rating, so under the new guidelines, Medicare probably has left them alone. A somewhat bright spot in a dismal future for American medicine.

Re: the Hersh article - God Bless those journalists that won't bow and scrape before the enlightened one, for they are few.

graylady said...

NO, by any means necessary, keep the golf courses open. Barry does so much less damage to the country and it'e citizens when he's distracted from his true goal, the utter distruction of the USA, by golf.

graylady said...

Sorry that, should have been to Stilt via PRY. Also sorry for the mispellings, haven't had my cup of tea yet.

WMD said...

I just wanted to comment on something that I saw in that tv show "breaking bad" since you came up with another cartoon. Although my comment has nothing to do with health care.

They've been playing a marathon of that show leading up to the finale tonight. A couple days ago I was surfing and came across it and watched for a few moments. (I've never seen the show before.)

Apparently in the show there had been an aircraft accident, from the context, I gathered two planes got together in the air. The main character is a chemistry teacher in a high school. There was an assembly in the school gym where it seemed it was suppsed to be a giant therapy session.

They gave a mic to this teen girl who was crying, weeping and clearly upset at all the death etc. She was balling and going on about how she couldn't believe it and couldn't handle it and at one point said "How could God let this happen"?

And some snarky, obnoxious bitch, who was probably a counselor of some sort got on her mic, interrupted the teen girl, and said "Lets keep it secular"!

I thought fer Chrissake!!! REALLY!! REALLY!?!?!? But my kids assure me that's the way school is today. For Gods sake don't mention the "G" word under ANY circumstances. My kids don't watch that show but I told them what happened.

I realize there are many secular people out there, and ok, fine. But at a time like that?

OK I know it's only a TV show, however, it is clearly indicative of where we are heading.

Anyway, just venting, I don't really have a point I guess.

Back to our previusly scheduled programmng...dum de dum de dum....bzzz ...bzzz..bzzz.. kibbles n' bits, ....kibbles 'n bits, mmmm... what was that bend allowance formulae again????

Bruce Bleu said...

If I remember correctly, this should work for any angle...
A · π · (R + K·T) / 180
and the other is...
K = ((R/T)/16) + .25 (You did ask for formulae, not formula)
If not, it's MUST be George Bush's fault, (lamont told me).

WMD said...

Thanks Bruce, Laughing my ass off right now. I was just ruminating on something from my long ago aviation past. By the way, how did you make the "pie" symbol, my keyboard has one not.

Anonymous said...

Whole weekend and still don't get it. Haven't figured out the Breaking Med bit. You outlined Br and superscripted it with a 35 - indicating Bromine, but the Me isn't in my recollection an element, and the superscripted 54 would indicate Xenon.

Bruce Bleu said...

If your running "Vinders" (Windows) go to the "character map" and then select DOS: United States from the "character set" drop-down menu and scroll down to the symbol.
I, myself, just went to the "interweb" (internet) and stole the formula from a bend allowance calculator site 'cause I'm lazy.
BTW, I used to machine Space Shuttle main engine parts... was WAY cool!

WMD said...

Bruce, that is way cool. I'm an avionics guy with an airframe license. Ended up working for the railroad. Been a long strange trip.

But my first and only love is aviation. Vocation-wise that is. Still wish I was in the aerospace industry in some capacity. But, what can I say, I took the highest offer.

One of the biggest mistakes king hussein ever did was scuttle the shuttle. That WILL come back to bite us in the ass someday.

Bruce Bleu said...

Why would THAT be a problem? Just because we have to rely on Pewtin to get us into orbit?
King lamont was constrained to "scuttled the Shuttle" because magilla stopped donating her panties, which were used as "drag-chutes" for the landings. I guess we could ask Shrillery if she would "step up to the plate", but we may have to extend the runway about 25 feet!

WMD said...

Bruce, at least the wookie's panties and a runway have something in common....skid marks!!!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Grumpy Curmudgeon- Glad to hear some good news coming out of all this, and hope it holds when you actually need care.

@graylady- I agree that Barry would do less damage on the golf course, but I just like the idea of him sulking when he can't play.

@WMD- I'm a longtime fan of Breaking Bad (and enjoyed the series finale last night). I clearly remember the episode you're talking about - but I interpreted it as a shot at the small minds who would say "let's keep it secular" during a time of grief.

I'm actually astounded that Breaking Bad managed to go the length of the entire series without sneaking in political comments of any kind (and I'm pretty much hypersensitive to them).

@Bruce Bleu- That's what I like about this place - accuracy in everything to five decimal points.

@WMD- Obama promised that everyone would get π. I guess he just hasn't gotten to your keyboard yet.

@Anonymous- Yikes! You're overthinking this (not that thinking is a bad thing). I just took the actual Breaking Bad logo and replaced the "Ba" in the second square with "Me" without worrying about the number. I guess this means I displayed bad periodic table manners.

And the gag, of course, is simply that Obama is breaking the medical system. The first version I did had him wearing Walter White's glasses and beard - but it was completely impossible to recognize Barry. So I simply used a normal picture of him, though it didn't make for the greatest joke...

@Bruce Bleu- Another cheat I use is to google the phrase "symbol for" (whatever I want), and then copy and paste the symbol.

And Space Shuttle main engine parts? Cool!

@WMD- Barry didn't want to scuttle the Shuttle, but the clean, solar-powered version just didn't have the necessary lift.

@Bruce Bleu- The First Panty parachutes had to be discontinued after the EPA ruled they caused too much atmospheric pollution.

WMD said...

Stilt, re: "lets keep it secular" I did kind of think it was a shot at the regressives. As you know it's sometimes difficult to get some ideas across in the written word. At least for me anyway. Plus I didn't want to make a wordy comment even longer. It may not appear so, but I do try to keep my comments brief. Sometimes I fail, like now for example, how do I get out of this, Oh NO! please Lord stop me before I comment again.....aaaarrrrrggggghhhhh!!!!!

Bruce Bleu said...

Stilton responded... "The First Panty parachutes had to be discontinued after the EPA ruled they caused too much atmospheric pollution."
The real problem is the EPA, (Environmental Prayer Association), didn't have a threshold PPM for "ass-matter", (or, for that matter, "wookiee mommy-parts matter", BLECCCHHHH!)

John the Econ said...

Prediction made Wednesday October 2nd, 2013 at 10:55am EDT: If Ted Brist responds to my post, he will make no argument to refute any actual point. If anything, there will only be insults.