Monday, September 30, 2013

Uncivil Defense

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Hope n' Change doesn't really feel any additional explanation is necessary...


Grumpy Curmudgeon said...

Having listened with growing disgust, the palavering of various Democratic 'spokesmen', it is obvious that they have been given their 'talking points' by Dirty Harry and the administration. Stand your ground and shut the damn government down - it's happened before, and we still seem to be here!

Having read Mark Levin's The Liberty Amendments, I believe that such action will be necessary if we are to recover our liberty from what the Chicago Jesus and his fellow travelers have done (and what we can look forward to them doing in the remaining 3 years). Won't be easy - we will have to elect State Senators, Representatives, and Governors that will pursue the calling for a Constitutional Convention. Vote in the Dem primaries to advance the worst possible candidate - they're going to do it to us.

Sparky said...

Absolutely Stilton! My husband and I totally agree with the cartoon. Shut it down. The only 'fear' I hear about a gooberment shutdown is from the gooberment itself. Apparently THEY are the one's frightened by it, not the general population.

John the Ecom said...

Just the fact that a shutdown actually might affect ordinary people demonstrates that the government is too large. @Sparly is right.

Unfortunately @Grumpy, I fear that the only thing to come out of a modern Constitutional Convention would be something resembling the communist manifesto.

American Cowboy said...

First aid kit....CHECK.

Clean drinking water.....CHECK.

Two week supply of bullshit....NOPE.

But as an American cowboy(horseman) I do have a plentiful supply of HORSEshit. Will that work? LOL

CenTexTim said...

But, but ... if there is no government who will spy on me, waste my money, and treat me with contempt?

Oh yeah ... my wife.

PRY said...

Gee, CenTexTim, I thought that was the norm!!!

Isn't this scenario getting tiresome, just like the rest of our congress's offerings? What I wonder at times is just WHO is pulling Harry Reid's strings!

Great take on the shutdown in your toon, Stilt!Most of us here rememeber those cold war was kinda creepy as I remember them!

Pete (Detroit) said...

Well, as I personally get VERY Little from the fed, I say shut if right the eff down, HARD, until Christmas... not that that will happen, but two weeks might not be a bad thing.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Grumpy Curmudgeon- I have no fear whatsoever related to a government shutdown (especially as it seems that much of the "shutdown" will involve closing national parks and monuments, and giving furloughs to IRS auditors).

I agree that we need strong election results to do any real housecleaning.

@Sparky- Glad you enjoyed the cartoon. I couldn't really bring myself to expound on the subject more than declaring it to be "BS."

@John the Econ- The government is too large, but I think the media (and the Left) would actually like to convince people that if there's a shutdown, life itself will screech to a halt.

Regarding a new Constitutional Convention, I doubt that today's politicians could even come to agreement on where to order lunch.

@American Cowboy- Not to worry, horseshit is actually an upgrade from regular bullshit. Remember to share with those less fortunate than you!

@CenTexTim- And that's the sort of American self-reliance we can all be proud of!

@PRY- I, too, remember the bomb shelters and schoolroom drills. When you were raised with the threat of an unexpected nuclear attack at any moment, it's pretty hard to get worked up over the possibility that some government employees might get a furlough which will be the exact length of a Kabuki show.

@Pete(Detroit)- I get nothing period from Washington DC other than ulcers, headaches, and (not unrelatedly) hangovers. Shut it down, and seed the grounds with salt.

SC said...

Shut it down, this issue is just too important to let it go.

The last thing our country needs is another entitlement program, The Unaffordable Health Care Act, that we (our children, our grandkids & great grandkids) cannot afford. Once implemented (no matter how slow, clumsy & uncoordinated) it will never go away. The entitlements never go away, we'll be stuck with it until there is a real revolution at the ballot box. Voting in a smaller federal government, stronger states rights & getting back to the Constitution.

Stilt, hope that everything is going smoothly on the home front. Take care my friend.

WMD said...

I read somewhere today that the shut down would affect 800,000 non-essential government employees.

Why do we have 800K NON-ESSENTIAL employees? (It's in caps so you know I really mean it)

What the hell do they even do?

Why so many?

And if they really are non-essential, well,..... I think you know where I'm going with this.

ShutDown IngSoc DoublePlusGood said...

Back when I lived in suburban DC, my neighbors were mostly Federal agency employees and assorted government-contractor hangers-on. Most of them existed in a bizarre and permanent state of collective cognitive dissonance.
They each chose to believe, naturally, that their agency and their own personal cubicle function were essential, vital, indispensable to our national existence. Indeed, all of human evolution and Western civilization had just been a prelude to the creation of their indispensable Federal Bureau Of Blahblahblah.
At the same time, their own individual paper-shuffling job description was so obscure, so irrelevant, so completely impossible to explain or convey to any 'civilians' outside their department that they had learned to become evasive when asked. It's a middle-management verbal dance you can see any time Fed employees mingle socially with the private sector.
They aren't scared of a shutdown. They know they'll receive full pay for their 'vacation". I'd like to say the brighter ones fear the day when the music stops. But honestly, they don't.
It's going to be a hell of a shock to them when the SHTF. They're going to be among the first, and the most brazen, of the looters.

Anonymous said...

Stilton, you just give me a chuckle and a lot to think about when you do these goodies. Hope your health and family's health is on the mend. Stay well.

John the Econ said...

Sun came up this morning. Unexpected. About to drive through a national park. I wonder if the river will be running.

txGreg said...

@John the Econ, Shocker - it came up here too (albeit w/a small bit of fog).

However, I wonder... if I were to try to purchase a firearm today from a FFL dealer, I wonder if such a thing might prove impossible?

Grumpy Curmudgeon said...

The sun came up, dogs still bark at the grounds guys, wife's flight from NOLA is on time, and the internet still works (Barry the Negotiator swore the nasty Repub's would shut it down!). I wonder if the golf course at Andrews is shut down forcing him to resort to a public (gasp!) course?

Seriously, I just emailed my congress critter to stand her ground and focus on relentlessly attacking the Senate Dems for refusing to negotiate (that's what a bi-caramel legislature does, negotiate - not that 'ol Dirty Harry has a clue). What is Harry afraid of? Maybe that some (enough) Dem Senators would agree to the Med Device tax roll-back, thus limiting the funding of Obamacare?

Interesting article from Hot Air: Those who choose bronze will have to pay 40 percent of their medical bills out of pocket

PRY said...

Ya know, all ya gotta do to actually predict the future is to EXPECT what our tyrant-in-chief says to not work out! Yeh, the guv shut down for a while...we've seen it before and it is NOT the end of the stinking world the progressos want us to believe!

I watched with wide eyed wonder at the kindergarten congress we have now, was proud of the GOP guys for hanging in there despite tremendous pressure I'm sure to cave in.

The left says the right does not get it, I say our side does, AND the left gets it also...they just cannot let themselves get out of lockstep with dingy Harry and Obama! Talk about a bunch of trained sheep!

Still praying for our country.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@SC- We can't afford the entitlement programs we have, let alone this one. We do need affordable health care and health care reform. But this ain't it. As I've said here many times, Obamacare is not about medicine, it's about consolidating power and redistributing wealth. "Period. Case closed," as Obama said when promising we could keep our old healthcare plans.

@WMD- Now you've got me wondering; is the person who counts the non-essential employees doing an essential job, or a non-essential job?

@Shutdown- Thanks for an interesting perspective. It's easy to imagine people who spend their days moving papers between stacks without ever really knowing what role (if any) they play in any real activity. I'm sure there's a buttload of that going on.

Not that I mean to tar federal workers as a class - I'm sure there are many good and dedicated folks. But surely there's a lot of waste (and wastrels) in the system, despite Pelosi's declaration that "there's nothing left to cut."

@Anonymous- Thank you for the nice words. And on the home front, things are going pretty well lately.

@John the Econ- The sun came up this morning because it's solar-powered and so costs nothing to operate. Rivers in national parks are still flowing temporarily based on precipitation which fell before the shutdown.

Meanwhile, crews in Washington DC are currently dismantling the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument so that nobody can look at them for free during this time of national crisis.

@txGreg- Interesting question. I'm not really sure who's doing their jobs today and who isn't. Then again, that's been true for nearly 5 years now.

@Grumpy Curmudgeon- Barry also warned that GOP shutdowns would screw up Christmas, so don't count your presents before they're hatched. Or something.

Meanwhile, it sounds like the Obamacare rollout today is being met with computer crashes, bad information, and the real risk of people's personal data being misappropriated by the "navigators" who haven't completed training OR background checks (and I assume that there are no criminal background checks, since Holder believes those are racist).

As for the "Bronze" plan that Barry's team keeps touting as being more affordable than a cellphone plan, I think most people would be largely wiped out by having to pay 40% of a significant hospital bill. Of course, then they can go on Medicaid... and God help them.

@PRY- Obamacare was never designed to work: it was designed to destroy the current insurance system before collapsing into insustainability itself. At which point a rightfully terrified public will insist on going to a fully socialized single-payer system. Which, by the way, won't have many doctors willing to play along.

Grumpy Curmudgeon said...

@PRY: Seems amazing that the predictions of paralyzing national distress (aka The Sequester, etc.) fall to the level of meh. I think equating our Congress to kindergarteners is an insult to kindergarteners, h***, even pre-schoolers (ya know - those the Obama Education czar said would grow up to be drooling idiots (aka Democrats) if their proven worthless programs were canceled), would play with others better. Dirty Harry is scared s***less that if he allowed any of these House measures on the floor for a proper debate, it might go against The One's only legacy (one that is failing as we speak, and that he claims credit for though it was written entirely by lobbyists). More:
What We Are Missing!

Yes, by God, lets keep the Federal Helium Exchange going because we have so many Navy Blimps dependent on it for anti-submarine duty off Sandy Hook.

My oath to uphold and defend the Constitution did not come with an expiration date.

txGreg said...

@Stilton, "We do need affordable health care and health care reform. But this ain't it."

Agreed. This "fix" is like the old saying "When you find yourself mired in a hole, the first thing to do is to stop digging."

One of the big problems with our health care/health insurance system before Øbama was already the government. They interfered with competition in the insurance system, as well as engaging in price-fixing (i.e. government mandates) for some products and services. Costs went up across the board thanks to those things, as well as a ton of useless regulations.

Rather than fixing it by restoring some of the free market principles that had originally created one of the best health care systems on the planet, we're taking the route of doubling down on all of the stuff that caused the problem in the first place.

But then... worrying about stuff like that is making the (false) assumption that our government really cares about anyone's health.

Grumpy Curmudgeon said...

@txGreg: I agree that the health care system,, needs fixing and that this isn't the way to do it, but the one mis-conception that everyone has about across state-line insurance availability, you are still regulated by the state's insurance regulators. Even buying car insurance on-line, the policy issued must conform to your state's requirements. I worked in the Health Insurance business for a few years, and yes there were abuses by SOME of the companies, but, in example, New York made some many coverage 'requirements' that all but a very few bailed from doing business in the state. You are seeing the same thing now in the California exchanges.

As Dirty Harry said, it was never meant to work!

Colby said...

Purchasing firearms? You can bet your sweet bippy (OK - I just dated myself) O-assmunch has a few hundred "non-essential" gubmint hacks lined up to make damn sure conservatives and tea-partiers get hit first and hardest. You won't be able to get a gun permit, but I'll bet we're still funding research on the bisexual behavior of monkeys in Tanzania and such other BS.

I heard O-shit-for-brains on the car radio yesterday going down a list of what would shut down and what would keep going. I normally play a CD when I hear his voice (as well as Reid, Pelosi, Juan Williams and others), but managed to listen for 2.73 minutes before my eye started twitching. Social Security checks will continue, Medicare will continue, Many things will proceed without a glitch. But best of all? The MILITARY will go on unababted. So I'm asking myself, What the hell else do we need?! The constitution says the federal gubmint's only function is to provide for the nation's security, and that is still happening. Harry Greed and his band of miscreants fear mightily that their house of cards will tumble if the shutdown goes beyond a few days. Folks might just wake up a little if they suddenly realize the world didn't end in a damn flaming ball when the... ooOOooo...! GOVERNMENT shut down!

I wonder if Harry realizes that the gubmint shutdown INCLUDES Obamacare funding.

Oh, and to brighten my day further... I just heard that my state (NC) will be one of the hardest hit as far as health insurance costs. They are saying it may even quadruple. But... That health care will come in really handy when I catch friggin' pneumonia from living in a cardboard box...

Y'all have a nice day!

American Cowboy said...

I just recently read that what is going on in Washington D.C. could be describes as an obscenity.

Considering that Øbama is the leader and instigator of this obscenity I think I may have coined a new way to refer ro him, or to any of his programs.


txGreg said...

@Grumpy Curmudgeon,

I agree with you. Just because the federal government (Fedzilla as Uncle Ted likes to call them) is the biggest monster stomping around, they are not the only ones. Just because a regulation seemed like a good idea once upon a time does not mean it should never be reconsidered.

Competition is usually beneficial. Anything that artificially hinders it needs to be evaluated carefully to see if it serves a real purpose that benefits the citizens. If not, then it needs to be taken out back and shot.

Grumpy Curmudgeon said...

There's hope, but we may have to depend on the Greatest Generation to come rescue our bacon again...Greatest Generation Storms The Shutdown Beaches

John the Econ said...

Enjoyed a day in a national forest today. The river did continue to run without Federal assistance, but probably because, as @Stilton asserted, because it had rained days ago, pre-shutdown.

But the leaves did manage to start turning color and falling on their own. Clearly, the trees did not get the memo.

David in Socal said...

Well, now we know Harry Reid IS the Tea Party.........All the liberal talking heads are blaming the Tea Party for the Gooberment 'shutdown'. Stupid is as stupid does; and few do stupid better than Dingy Harry.