Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Well, Excluuuuude ME!

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Obamacare is now officially off and running. Or, more accurately, it's not really running, but it's off the tracks like a Hellbound runaway train!

Tuesday's "kick off" (which, coincidentally, is what many Americans will do while waiting to get actual healthcare in the future) was hampered by computer "glitches" nationwide...assuming that you define "glitch" as what happened to the Hindenburg when landing in New Jersey.

Fortunately, B. Hussein assures us that the glitches should be cleared up in just a few short months, which unfortunately means by the time the sign-up system actually works, the open enrollment period will be over - and many uninsured people will have to wait most of a year for their next shot at the brass ring.

But in the larger scheme (and it is a scheme),  if lots of people don't get insurance, get sick, and subsequently die, it's still fine. Or more specifically, their uninsured survivors will still be fined.
BONUS: The Shutdown Hits The Fan

It's official: the government has shut down and Hope n' Change is still here! We win!!!

Well, that may be an overstatement - but we're still enjoying the general chaos and the good clean fun of salting liberal wounds with cartoons like these (which we posted on Facebook)...

We're not certain, but we're pretty sure this is either Chris Matthews or George Soros...

Obama brushed away an imaginary tear as he pointed out that national parks and monuments will be closed for the duration of the shutdown and, if the GOP get their way, Christmas will be threatened (yes, he really said that).  

As far as we know, the White House Kwanzaa celebration will still be held, and will include the First Family's festive ceremonial lighting of George Zimmerman.


TrickyRicky said...

Screw him and the horse he rode in on. This is the way it is done...

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@TrickyRicky- I've got to say that this story made my day when I saw it (once my blood stopped boiling). There's nothing "non-essential" about honoring our veterans...except to this president.

Anonymous said...

And the Grand Canyon has been filled in with Nancy Pelosi's empty
Botox containers.

Grumpy Curmudgeon said...

@TrickyRicky: Two days ago I had the honor of talking with one of the WWII vets. He said he hadn't really been in combat, he was just a gunner on B-29's and flew 'some' over Japan (not in combat?). I said my B-in-L had been in the AAF, was a co-pilot on a B-24, was shot down on the raid over Pelosti and spent 4 years in a German POW camp in Romania. He said he convinced one of his friends to go on this Honor Flight as the friend did not have much longer to live, and he needed to see the Memorial.

Bless the lawmaker(s) that took charge and God Bless these "Greatest Generation" veterans. I was in my early teens, and could not get my B-in-L to talk about his experiences outside of him mentioning one time "You'd be surprised what you WILL eat" and that he didn't know how he or the crew got out of the aircraft. He passed in the mid 70's, but recently I had the opportunity to tour a B-24, and talked to one of the WWII pilots of 'The Flying Coffin' (aptly named for a couple of reasons) and he led me to a site that had the Bomb Groups after action and debriefing reports.

I read the after action reports from the other pilots who said his aircraft had sustained a frontal attack by three ME-109's in formation that shot out the 'greenhouse', the cockpit, and three engines. The last sighting was the aircraft in flames, in a spin, and no chutes were visible. I read his de-briefing report after the camp had been liberated (another amazing story). He said that they had been taken to the crash site to identify the remains of some of the crew. He said he took over the controls from the pilot who had been wounded, recovered from the spin long enough for the surviving crew to bail out, but he didn't remember how he got out of the aircraft.

He lived with what we now know as PTSD for the rest of his life. He never got the chance to see the Memorial, but he would have been one of the one's leading the charge. Thanks Stitlon for allowing me to ramble.

Colby said...

A Grand Slam, Dr. J! I sure didn't take long for O-Gotcha and his gaggle of shitheads to pull the same crap they pulled when the sequester hit like a ton of helium. Tooting my own horn, here... I knew damn well they would start trying to inflict maximum pain, and blow this "shutdown" as far out of proportion as Courtney Stodden's boobs. But how friggin' pathetic is it to try and deny WW2 vets access to their own memorial?! The best thing that happened yesterday was seeing those 90 year olds running their wheelchairs and walkers past the guards (whom BO will probably fire because they willfully let it happen). And somebody please tell me... if we can't afford to pay guides for the WW2 memorial, how can we afford guards? Same deal with National Parks... We have to furlough the rangers, but we replace them with guards to make sure nobody gets in? Buck you, Farry!

Boy, I guess you told US! You can wipe the spittle off your monitor now. Millions are flocking to Obamacare? How's about you post a link proving that, since you're the Proof Police??

Duke Mantee said...

@Ted Brist

I wouldn't be basing my argument on the point that "millions upon millions of Americans are flocking to Obamacare" when they are REQUIRE TO BY LAW. It's poor salesmanship.

Grumpy Curmudgeon said...

Ted: I respect your right to disagree, and will defend that right, however, let's try and keep the diatribes clean - your language only defeats your mindless nattering of The One's talking bullets.

Reiuxcat said...


Po-ta-to or Pah-tah-toe.

You can dress up your Obamacare insurance scam anyway you like. That pig is a pig, even with the lipstick on it.

If you actually read your slanted article from factcheck (also slanted, caught in lies before that favored His O'liness) congress and staffers will be treated differently than the public at large.

They will continue to get subsidies for their insurance. No other American who enters the exchange who makes six figures will be getting subsidies.

It's funny, if you were truly interested in the truth, you'd be pointing out the continued hypocrisy of the administration. I mean, it'd be for the children.

Reiuxcat said...

@Ted Make that 2,799,999 individuals. I was just checking out the prices and comparing them to what I already have.

It does appears, it'll be better to take the penalty and get that free healthcare already offered at emergency rooms across the country.

Tim said...

I found it interesting that among the "non-essential" government agencies being shut down is E-Verify (and here's a link for Teddy: I guess O thinks keeping workers legal isn't very important.

If you want results, maybe we should keep everything else open and cut the salaries to everybody in Washington - the shutdown would be fixed in minutes.

Reiuxcat said...

@Ted Uh-oh. Better revise your numbers, HHS won't say how many enrolled.

John the Econ said...

Look what all happens when I'm gone! Mrs. Econ & I were spending an extended & disconnected weekend at a mountain spa, (living the life of 1%-ers) and all hell breaks loose. What I find interesting in the whole budget debate is the fact that the Senate has not considered a budget in over 3 years. The media has obviously chosen to blame the GOP for the impasse. Why isn't Harry Reid held accountable?

For those who have already read the following, please forgive me. But it's just as true today as when I originally wrote it about 4 years ago:

I believe that our government has entered the “post budget age”. The government is so huge and out-of-control, (spending over $10-billion per day, and committing to even more in liabilities) and everyone knows that government accounting is mostly fiction anyway, so why bother with the pretense of creating budgets which are highly controversial and just piss off people anyway? It's so much easier just to do as they've been doing and approve spending piecemeal where they get brownie points for “bringing home the bacon” without the un-fun part of being held accountable for any of it.

I mean, wouldn't your life be so much more fun if you could just charge everything and never worry about accounting for the bill? Mine sure would!

Budgets are actually written statements of priorities. A budget says "These are the things that are our highest priorities" and voting for one is a statement of responsibility, just as you are signing to take responsibility every time you use a credit card or write a check.

The problem is that much of what our legislative and executive branches really want to spend money on (crony capitalism, corporate bailouts, pork barrel nonsense, out of control entitlements, etc) are not politically popular at home, especially with the rise of the Tea Party movement. Signing a budget filled with such fiscal malfeasance now means very uncomfortable "town hall" meetings when you get home and something that you'll have to answer for come time for re-election. So why sign onto that if you don't have to?

Of course, this isn't just the work of Democrats. The “post budget age” is the logical progression from the “post deficit matters” age; the Keynesian splurge that started after the 2000 dot-com crash and 9-11 by Bush and the GOP congress. Consciously or not, they jointly concluded that in light of the market crash, economic slowdown, the wreckage of 9-11, and impending wars that the deficit didn't matter anymore, or at least could be left to be dealt with at a later date. Of course, after the relative austerity of the latter Clinton years, the Democrats were more than happy to go along with that. By the time they took back Congress in 2006, nobody was even talking about the deficit anymore, and they were poised for Keynesianism in steroids.

And as long as China is willing to keep lending and the Fed is willing to keep printing money, there's little reason to stop now.

Oh, this latest crisis will pass. Sooner or later, they'll settle on some form of "continuing resolution" that will pass the buck down the road without addressing the real issue. And America will continue to muddle along towards mediocrity.

Ted: If Congress & staffers thinks they're getting such a raw deal by being forced into the exchanges, then perhaps they should have read the bill before passing it in order to find out what was in it. Having the President waive another aspect of the law is both unconstitutional and a chicken@#%t way to make up for their own malfeasance.

American Cowboy said...

Just read that some of the nearly 50% of "essential" federal employees at Mt Rushmore [the Shrine of Democracy] were out blocking off road pull-offs on a public, state highway to make sure that no-one could stop to look at the mountain carving. I guess the European style entrance and parking for pay being closed to the public owners of this Shrine of Democracy isn't enough of an insult to American citizens.

Pete (Detroit) said...

Ted, we can agree that "NO one wants Obama Care" is an incorrect statement. For any of various reasons, 25% - 35% of the population thinks they want it. That leaves 65% - 75% of the rest of it that want to burn it to the ground.
Were there issues w/ the "previous" system? Sure. Was this the way to 'fix' it? You've GOT to be kidding me. Insurance companies dropping policy classes, going out of business, people having hours reduced, Dr.s retiring in droves - what part of this strikes you as a good idea? Worst of all, the stated purpose of ACA, to 'provide' 'health care access' to the 20 - 30M who don't have it (largely by choice) is a fail - I have yet to see a projection that states we will STILL have 20 - 30 million 'uninsured'.
So, please explain, if you would, what was the effing POINT?

WMD said...

Stilt, that was great (Well excluuuude me) I remember watching snl back in the day. I was a teen at the time and we used to get loaded and laugh our asses off. Of course that was about three or four lifetimes ago for me. Oh and Johnny was really good today too. And glad to hear things are better on the personal front.

And Grumpy, having used to work in aviation I've actually worked on several old WWII bombers. A B-29 a B-17 and a B-24, the Liberator. I also worked on a slightly post WWII Hawker-Sidley Sea Fury, anyway, I have often thought about the crews that used to fly those things and what they were thinking and how they must have felt. And I compare that to todays generation. During WWII they rationed many different things. Can you imagine the reaction of the shallow, self-centered, self-entitled citizens of today if we had to ration anything?
There would be riots in the streets!

Well, I guess that brings me right to health care rationing.

Like Pravda recently pointed out, America is a communist country now.
Not becoming...but is.

American Cowboy said...

Please, let's all ignore TB as the useless troll he is? We can have a much more intelligent conversation that way.

Bruce Bleu said...

You have raised a very important point, but neglected a key ingredient... we live in a representative republic, and the morons, I mean AGENTS we send to the District of Criminals are "US". They are to procure OUR results, they are OUR voices, they enact OUR laws, they do OUR bidding, SOOOOO, if THEY are exempt, the rationale is WE are exempt... they are acting at OUR behest! If lamont goes to the United Nincompoops, he is standing for the NATION of the United States, not as a singular person! RIGHT?

And I notice that "one particular liberal invertebrate", that "ignorant [truculent obstreperous] pustule" has revisited HnC. How fortunate for us. I haven't suffered an analogous diminishing of my formidable I.Q. since sitting with my granddaughters during a showing of TeleTubbies. Just exactly how many people are necessary to check lamont for colon polyps, and how does he fit them all IN? (One would think it would take a caboose of magilla's magnitude to support such a crowd.)

lamontocare is not a pig, really... it's more like a "black hol..." excuse me, it's more like an "african-american hole", it sucks so bad even LIGHT can't escape it!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Readers- Please ignore any future spit-flecked nonsense from Ted Brist, as I'll be erasing it whenever I encounter it. He's too often shown himself to be foulmouthed, hate-filled, and factually wrong about everything he believes. He is a waste of our time.

Barry did unilaterally break "The Law" of Obamacare, which specifically and deliberately specified that members of Congress and their staffs would have to purchase their insurance through the exchanges, and every one of 'em would be ineligible for subsidies because they make too much money.

The politicians whined that this would cause a "brain drain" as staffers left rather than obey THE LAW, and so Barry gave them an exclusion from that part of THE LAW by arranging for their premiums to be paid by the taxpayers - shielding them from the harm and pain which was supposed to keep them in touch with how their policies were affecting the rest of us. This is very specifically NOT the deal available to the rabble.

And as far as Day One computer crashes being indicative of Obamacare's "popularity," I imagine that many people were simply trying to log onto the site (like me) to see what the hell is going on with our insurance now (and how badly we're likely to get hurt), or others (like TB) checking to see what their new "free" insurance looked like and whether you could get extra food stamps as a first day signing bonus.

But that's the end of discussion of points brought up by the late, unlamented TB. Life is too short to feed the trolls.

John the Econ said...

@American Cowboy, I have to disagree. We all should listen carefully to @Ted Brist. He's a wonderful look into the pliant Progressive's mind.

As Sun Tzu famously said, "If you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles... if you do not know your enemies nor yourself, you will be imperiled in every single battle."

Study how he thinks, or doesn't think. Yes, arguing against him to change his mind is indeed pointless. But learning how to make him look as silly for what he says will serve you well. The goal should be to make people understand how silly progressivism is, and expose the slavery that it ultimately seeks.

American Cowboy said...

@John the Econ
I agree with your comment. I should have been more specific in my thoughts of ignoring TB and others of his vitriolic, bile spewing ilk.

Knowing ones enemy is vital.
However it is a waste of time to engage in a battle of wits with an un-armed opponent. :-)

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@John the Econ (re: Brist)- I understand where you're coming from, but I don't believe we have anything to learn from Brist, even as a bad example. If he were representing a logical but conflicting viewpoint, then his presence might be constructive. But if he simply represents an echo (frequently an obscene echo) of well-known liberal talking points and outright lies then he brings nothing to the table.

I don't think anyone here is ignorant of what the Left thinks or why they think it. Or, I should say, why they "feel" it - as "thinking" never enters into the equation.

John the Econ said...

It's your show, @Stilton. But I would have liked for Ted to answer one question: When the Federal government totally takes over all health care, (which will happen once ObamaCare achieves its primary goal) what will happen to us all the next time the Federal government does not get its way in terms of profligate spending and growth? Instead of just shutting down national monuments, they'll be shutting down your doctors office.

Is he actually going to argue that that will never happen? It would be amusing to hear him try.

Colby said...

I'm with you, Stilton. Ol' brother Ted's rantings are amusing, but they irritate the crap out of me. I know, I know, that's probably his goal, but surely he can't be so mindless to believe his vitriol will sway anyone on this blog. Right? And if he DOES belive it will sway us, he is a very disturbed individual indeed, and should not be given quarter.

I was, however, amused at ol' Ted's statement that millions were flocking to sign up for Obamacare. I remember back in the 60's when millions were flocking to join the Army so they could go to scenic Vietnam and get their asses blown off.

In an unrelated issue... Hats off to the 53 Senators that voted to uphold our 2nd Ammendment and block the UN from dictating our gun laws. And may the 46 that voted against this bill rot in hell. Still trying to wrap my head around it. FORTY-SIX of our US Senators WANT countries like Russia and Afghanistan controlling our guns (or if they had their way, controlling our LACK of guns). Both of my NC Senators supported this, even Hagan who usually votes however Obama tells her. So, I am going to thank both of them, although I think Hagan probably blocked my email years ago.

Now... where's that coffee....

Kencor said...

Ted Brist is a perfect example of why I prefer the civil discourse of a site like this. Once the name calling and profanity start the discourse is over. Is it really so hard to espouse a different point of view without the profane raving? It sure shows up quickly on the unmoderated sites and that's when I'm outta there. Thanks Stilton.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Anonymous- That's why they call her "Old Face-Full."

@Grumpy Curmudgeon- If that's your idea of a "ramble," then please do so more often. Great, inspiring, and humbling stuff. I swear, with no hyperbole whatsoever, that hearing about these modest heroes lifts my heart and gives me strength in these difficult times.

We can never fill their shoes, but we can at least try to keep our country on the path they forged for us.

@Colby- You're right, it's the same "inflict maximum pain" strategy used with the sequester, and it's born of two sources: political mischief-making, and overt dislike of the American people.

As for Turd Brist, I'm not sure millions of people used the site, or a few people tried to get past the crashed servers millions of times.

@Duke Mantee- Good point! People "flocking to Obamacare" are just as likely to be fleeing fines.

@Grumpy Curmudgeon- I'm afraid that Teddy's language is on par with his reasoning ability, and both are best suited to providing warm, nurturing environments for fly larvae.

@Reiuxcat- Exactly. Yes, Congress needs to get its insurance through Obamacare. But THE LAW states they have to do it exactly the way WE have to do it - and that's where Barry changed the rules, forcing us to pay for their premiums. If Brist doesn't know that, he's reading no news at all. If he denies that it's an important distinction, then he's disingenuous or a fool. Or, of course, both.

And I, too, made at least 10 attempts to log in yesterday to see what's going to happen to my family. In the warm-up stage, the Healthcare Marketplace suggested that my daughter would only be eligible for Medicaid, but - because Texas isn't expanding Medicaid - she can't get that either. So we'll be have to be looking for back alley neurologists who can treat epilepsy with wire coat hangers while women seeking abortions will get them entirely paid for - and probably a pedicure thrown into the bargain.

@Tim- I like the notion of a 25% across the board paycut throughout Washington - and REPEATING the exercise annually until a balanced budget amendment is passed.

@Reiuxcat- I'm sure HHS will release accurate numbers as soon as they can get them from Ted and his Ouija board.

@John the Econ- I actually had a liberal friend tell me that the problem which caused the shutdown was that the House Republicans were failing to do their duty and pass a negotiated budget. This person clearly had NO IDEA that the Dems didn't create, propose, or pass a budget for years - and the budgets Barry submittied garnered not a single vote of support from either party.

Finally, as you say, if "the law is the law" then Barry can't change it unilaterally and then claim the rest is inviolable. And yet he does.

@American Cowboy- There's an American flag or two on the moon; I wonder how the government can keep us all from looking up at THAT monument to American exceptionalism? I'm expecting an order to go out that we'll all need to wear welder's goggles at night.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Pete(Detroit)- The "point" was to consolidate government power and redistribute wealth. Period.

@WMD- Pravda prints a lot of unfortunate truths these days, and there's no question that I'd believe Pravda over ANYthing coming out of Obuttweed's mouth.

And I've also wondered what would happen if our nation was called on to accept rationing (of ANYthing) to advance the greater good. I don't think it would fly anymore; there's just too much personal entitlement and not enough public spirit. Not to mention, too few genuinely inspiration leaders.

@American Cowboy- Consider him ignored, banned, burned, buried, and the ground sown with salt.

@Bruce Bleu- Yeah, what you said!

@John the Econ- Actually, it's been a long time since Brist has been amusing in any particular whatsoever. I welcome any dissenting opinions on this blog as long as people want to be polite and have true give and take. I've been known to change my mind on some topics, make corrections, and offer apologies. Not often - but it can happen.

But it's NOT going to happen with someone whose only purpose is to goad, annoy, and lie.

@Colby- As pretty much all of you know, things are tense in my home from time to time for reasons relating to my family's health. And frankly, that decreases the amount of bullshit I can put up with in a day - I need to save my strength for more important things.

@Kencor- I spent virtually no time on sites that are full of ugliness and namecalling; I can't abide it from either side.

The high quality of dialogue and thoughtfulness in this comment section is one of the things I'm proudest of. We're a surprisingly tolerant and eloquent bunch, genuinely concerned with seeking answers - even if that requires listening to respectfully expressed alternative viewpoints.

mjloehrer said...

Great to see that you made the final eight of iOwnTheWorld's best sites. I voted you #1.

Ciccio said...

Nowhere in this argument did I see anyone of any party state the blunt facts:

The credit managers of the bank with which the government of the US does its business refuse to increase its overdraft limit.

That is something every company and every individual can understand. Many of us have been refused more credit than the granter believes we can comfortably repay, we may grumble but we accept it and make adjustments, cuts where needed. Obama's statement that it is not going to cost a penny is a blatant lie and can easily be exposed by the simple fact that if it is not going to cost anything he does not need to borrow more money.

Grumpy Curmudgeon said...

The shut-down Kabuki theatre continues, to no surprise. Seems that the only rule, and the first operating principle in the Democrats playbook is “The Public Must Suffer”.

National monuments have had “goons” dispatched to erect Barry-cades and provide armed security when these open air monuments have stayed open 24/7 - 365 days with only an information booth and a few roaming park police. The most glaring was the threatening to arrest a 95-year-old who fought at Omaha Beach - using the famous “adapt, invent, overcome” strategy, the veterans ‘stormed’ the Barry-cades and overcame; displaying a sign “Normandy was closed when we arrived too!”.

The NPS ordered closure of Turkey Run Farm because it sits on federal land. Despite the fact that the farm is privately funded, has a 30 year no-fee lease, has operated successfully for 32 years without NPS funds, and was fully staffed and ready to open, Barry-cades were placed by NPS at the entrance to the farm and pavilions.

Orange cones block the main entrance to Mount Rushmore in the Black Hills. Even some viewing areas along roads are blocked off (NPS blocking public highways now?). Gov. Daugaard, a Republican, sent a letter to the National Park Service on Monday authorizing the use of state personnel and resources to keep the popular Black Hills tourist stop open, according to a news release from Daugaard's office. Daugaard would be willing to raise private funds to pay for the lighting of the memorial and use state personnel to provide security, according to the release. Under the proposal, the visitor center would not be open, but concessions and the gift shop would be.

A park service spokeswoman said the agency cannot hand control of the park to the state because it is a federal facility, or is it because a Republican offered?.

One has to wonder how an entity would use staff that they don’t have funds for to prevent people from visiting sites that operate under private funding.

Then, Navy and Air Force fans are denied the simple pleasure of a football game, and the Naval Academy Athletic Association (a private organization)will lose in excess of $4 million from loss of ticket revenue, sponsorships, parking & concession revenue and a payout from CBS Sports. The Air Force has a similar program that operates using private funding. When asked why the Department of Defense was suspending intercollegiate athletic contests if government funds are not required, Gladchuk said he was told it was about “optics.”

I wonder how much it will cost the taxpayers when lawyers for these private groups get involved to recover the losses incurred by these needless closings?

Grumpy Curmudgeon said...

@Ciccio: Of course it's a lie, but believable by the low information voters that are the Democrats base. As you said, and it doesn't take John the Econ's degrees or experience that when you increase the credit limit on your MasterCard, it's for one purpose, you're gonna spend it. But then, 'ol Barry is appealing to those who think nothing of maxing out their cards and either paying only the interest or not paying at all.

Colby said...

Gutson Borglum is spinning in his grave. My father (Army - Pacific theater - Luzon) and my Father in Law (Gunner - US Massachusetts, BB-59, Pacific theater) are both spinning in their graves. Come to think of it, millions who offered up their lives for our freedom are spinning in their graves.

I saw Chief Potentate Harry on TV last night growling about the people he knows who are hurting (presumably because of the Republicans) being much more important that a kid with cancer, or some such rot. I came to realize that this piece of condensed owl shit is actually more evil that BO. He is essentially a one man Senate. We may have 3 or 4 Senators with the gonads to stop this bastard, but the rest are too chicken-shit to take a stand and remove him from the chair. I still do not understand how the law can allow ONE MAN to decide if the Senate votes on a bill or not. How?

Sheesh..... Now I'm ranting. Sorry.

Bruce Bleu said...

For this petulant little man-child to close down the WW2 memorial would be like the Queen of England getting a bumblebee in her bloomers and closing down STONEHENGE! The memorial is OUTSIDE, it is NOT operated by electricity, it just sits there to be admired and enjoyed.
Folks, when YOUR government begins doing things to curtail YOUR liberty to operate in YOUR country, when YOUR representative in the Senate (Nevada senator Hairy Palms) says he will NOT consider the GOP bill to fund the NIH for cancer-stricken kids (because he wants to cast Republicans as the bad-guys who shut down the gov’t) then YOUR government is out of control and needs to be CHANGED!! If you don’t “get it” and understand how dangerous this regime is behaving, then YOU are an IDIOT and should never be allowed to vote again.

Pete (Detroit) said...

Yes, Stilt, that was CLEARLY the point, just as when Joe the Plumber pointed out that tax CUTS would generate more revenue, and Himself came back with "it's not about raising revenue, it's about re-distribution of wealth. Obvious to any who can see lightening and hear thunder...

Occurred to me yesterday that a Phrase we're looking for is "consent of the governed." And we, the "governed", through our representatives, are saying "NO!!"

Grumpy Curmudgeon said...

@Colby: Dirty Harry was elected because 1) The Republican candidate was an idiot that eve I would have had a hard time supporting, and 2) The SEIU unions control Las Vegas and the other large cities. I noticed that the Senate Ethics (now there's an oxymoron) Committee absolved DH from the land deals that netted him a multi $100K profit.

DH declares the bills from the House DOA because he is scared that some might actually garner some bi-partisan support against The One's Alinsky Plan for the US. The US system of bi-caramel legislature was patterned after the English House of Lords, House of Commons, with the State elected Senate serving both as a damper to the 'Radical' House and to represent the States rights in the federal government. We lost that 'damper' and protection when we amended the Constitution to allow the election of Senators by popular vote. Now the 'more powerful' Senate is the same vote buying, interest dealing, graft ridden cesspool that the House has become (with some few exceptions in both chambers).

@Bruce Bleu: You are so right. A recent study has shown that adult status is now not reached until the age of 25 - we should move the voting age back to at least 21 or one would have to prove that one is not claimed on their parents tax return to vote ( I can see 'ol Eric the UnJust blowing spit bubbles now). The exception would be if you are in any of the armed services or can produce a DD-214 - if you're gonna get your a** shot off for your country, you ought to be able to elect your leaders (though the Dem machine seems to be able to conveniently 'lose' the absentee votes from the service members).

Grumpy Curmudgeon said...

Why are unmanned web sites shut down? I can understand no systems administrator available or interactive response, but this is one more 'Make The People Suffer".

RE: Harry Reid's lament over the poor workers in Nevada - they get Unemployment Insurance - garnered from the NOAA Weather website:

Due to the Federal government shutdown, and most associated web sites
are unavailable.

Only web sites necessary to protect lives
and property will be maintained.

See for critical weather
information or contact for more
information about the shutdown.

NOAA Federal Employees: For access to the
Notice to Federal Employees About Unemployment
Insurance (SF-8)Shutdown Unemployment Insurance

Gang of One said...

You can't make this stuff up.
Need help with O'Care? Just dial

What never repeats, but often rhymes? said...

Stilton, thanks for another great post today. I also voted for you in IOTW's list, you richly deserve it.
The WW2 vets/memorial story is a telling example of the Two Americas split now in media news coverage. Conservative online media is all over this appalling story, rightly so. The leftist MSM is covering it not at all. We are polarized and cracking as a nation because as a population we are working not just with different belief systems, but DIFFERENT SETS OF FACTS. The liberal who turns to MSM for 'news' is carefully kept low-info by this kind of blackout censorship even as he/she prides himself on being well informed after diligently skimming the WaPo, NYT, NPR, CNN and one or more legacy TV networks.
As a longtime DC resident, it's worth repeating that the WW2 Memorial is an open-air outdoors memorial that's normally open 24/7/365. Physically it's just a modest fountain flanked by an open circle of wall-height stones engraved with the names of the 50 states, dates of battles, etc. Normally anyone can stroll over at 1 AM, and because it is unmanned, there's no more 'cost' to operating the memorial than the DC city light bill for the fountain lights. (There are private suburban homes with bigger fountains) Despatching an army of security to barricade the memorial is like having a SWAT team fix bayonets around a park bench to enforce a NO SITTING decree.
It would be Monty Pythonesque if only it weren't so tragic a symptom of our Caligula in Mom jeans and the damage he's doing to the nation we love.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@mjloehrer- Yep, Hope n' Change made the semi-finals for "most popular conservative blog" over at (a great site!) In the next round of competition, sites go one-on-one with each other, and I'll try to notify readers when they can vote.

It's all in fun, and really just a good way for people to become aware of other great conservative blogs.

@Ciccio- I think you summed it up nicely with "blatant lie." By the way, the House Republicans have offered a bill that says that the U.S. will never default on credit obligations, by making such obligations our top fiscal priority in a crisis such as this one. The Dems, however, won't accept it - preferring damage to America's credit rating and economy to actually talking about delaying Obamacare.

@Grumpy Curmudgeon- I believe the next step in Obama's "hurt the public" campaign will be to "consolidate resources" by putting kids from the Headstart program into the cages of carnivores at the Washington Zoo.

Seriously, it's appalling to see so many people deliberately and needlessly hurt for the president's political pleasure.

@Colby- Hey, some rants are essential. Reid really is a despicable human being, and is responsible for untold and ongoing damage to our country and the world. And "condensed piece of owl shit" is the perfect description.

@Bruce Bleu- It's one thing to close federally funded facilities at national monuments, but quite another to erect barricades to keep people from being able to even see them at a distance. That's abusive behavior, pure and simple.

Of course, shuttering America's monuments (especially to veterans) is probably a dream Barry has had for decades.

@Pete(Detroit)- And of course, Barry was once asked if he'd raise taxes on the rich even if it caused decreased tax revenue for social programs. He said he'd still do it to make things more "fair." He doesn't just want to redistribute wealth, he wants to punish wealth creation.

@Grumpy Curmudgeon- Agreement on all of your points about Harry Reid. As for the idea that adult status is not now reached until age 25, I'm afraid it's probably true - and even then "adulthood" ain't what it used to was.

I think we're going to have to stop measuring Americans in terms of generations, and measure them in terms of degenerations.

As far as NOAA websites shutting down, they're currently non-essential because without active government supervision, there is no weather.

@Gang of One- Maybe I should try dialing it. I've tried to log in to for three days unsuccessfully.

And isn't it odd that a super-funded government website can't keep up with the traffic which probably handles every five minutes?

TheOldMan said...

CA says oops, we miscounted. (Un)Covered California now says that they had about 650k website hits on Tuesday, not 5 million.

David in SoCal said...

Stilt: Just when I think you have outdone yourself, you outdo your outdone again! Bless you my friend, and thanks for taking the time to post the truth; with the spot on jocularity. As for the 'Liberal Reaction' pic: Can't be Chris Matthews; he's too busy in his 'spankatorium' staring lovingly at his Obama posters, whipping his pony.(albeit a shetland pony)

robsan19 said...

Founding Fathers Tavern closed due to government shutdown. Please explain how a PRIVATE business operation within/on government property needs to be closed, because of the government shutdown? Just another example of the lengths this administration will go to hurt the public or business endeavors.When will this country wake up and smell the coffee?

Bruce Bleu said...

David in SoCal,
It's pretty hard to deduce if you are being surreptitious in your "spankatorium" remark, but I would venture to say that Chris's decorator was Haz-BRO, and the theme is "My Little Bony", (thrill up "leg" available at extra cost).

As you so adroitly observe, this "government" is doing its BEST to operate OUTSIDE the parameters of our Constitution, and behave as a dick-tater ship, (with emphasis on the DICK), because aforementioned DICK has a twiggy against whitey and people who have liberty outside the bounds of his decree.
Unfortunately I fear that the country will wake when the last vestiges of liberty are in the rear-view mirror.