Friday, January 17, 2014

Let Them Eat Birthday Cake

In honor of Michelle Obama's 50th birthday, Hope n' Change has created this special video birthday tribute celebrating her ever-present smile, her grace, her dignity, and some of her more-quotable pearls of wisdom.

 So here's to you, Mooch - half a century of hating America, and still going strong!

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Okay, Michelle - Take a deep breath, make a wish, and blow out the zucchinis.


Bruce O'Hara said...

Good stuff, Stilton !!
I've posted it in today's E-Blast...

TrickyRicky said...

She's hated America for 50 years, I've hated her for approximately 5 years. What does this all mean in dog years?

Emmentaler "I Just Threw Up In My Mouth A Little" Limburger said...

Thanks for all the images of our Glorious First Lady, Stilton. I'd guess that this, viewed shortly after arising from my humble mat, suffices to the intent of: Swallow a toad in the morning if you want to encounter nothing more disgusting the rest of the day. - Nicolas Chamfort (1741-1794)...

mlester101 said...

"we don't do pinpricks" -H&C
I caught that and I wonder how many get it?

American Cowboy said...

Mooshelle celebrates her (I wonder about that, after one of those photos) 50th birfday.

That is 350 years in dog years.

Okay, I know that was just plain mean. . .to the dog.

Bruce Bleu said...

Treeky Reeky,
if magilla were aged in dog years, would she be a bitch?
You've GOT to be more culturally sensitive. She's the First HO! Someone is going to accuse you of being a racist unless you get a little more "street" to accommodate the ghetto queen.
When the publication below did a "spread" of magilla, they had to re-name the thing to comply with "truth in advertising" laws...
GO-rilla Magazine - the cultural roadmap for city girls everywhere.
Just tryin' to help here.

John the Econ said...

I doubt this will help:

"Michelle Obama Says She Won't Rule Out Botox"

“I will be in my early fifties when I leave here and I have so much more that I should do,” Mrs. Obama said of leaving the White House after her husband’s second term. “I don’t have the right to just sit on my talents or blessings.”

But you do have the right to endless free vacations and BS patronage jobs that you don't even need to show up for that pay 10-times what most other people make.

I'll be proud of my country when they finally wake up and realize how they've been taken by her ilk.

Speaking of, Mrs. Econ is looking for something new. Anyone know of any >$300,000 jobs out there? She'll even show up and work at least 8-hours a day, 5 or more days a week.

The reality of these people is so warped.

CenTexTim said...

Well done, Stilt. That should result in a flood of hate mail as it spreads.

@John the Econ - re: Mooch's quote:

I don’t have the right to just sit on my talents or blessings.”

I can suggest something else she can sit on...

PRY said...

Just proves, sadly, that being raised to embrace 'Liberation theology' makes one a very undesirable person to have around, much less RUNNING THE GREATEST NATION ON EARTH INTO THE GROUND!

She AND hubby Barry, Al Sharpton, the REVEREND Jesse Jackson(relatively a new daddy, what a guy),and all of the other black progressives are the absolutely most deluded people on earth! Of course, there are other progressives just as bad or worse, who are in it for the same selfish reasons, power and money...they ALL could give a rip about the 'plight of the poor and disadvantaged!

bocopro said...

I've never been especially disgusted by Mooch's face. She's not altogether unattractive until her inner nature finds outward non-verbal expression on her countenance.

Her arms are a bit orang-utanish, of course, and she's wider in the beam than what most people find classy. Not a whole lot she can do about those.

But what makes her unsightly and generally unappealing are (1) her total dearth of any sense of fashion and (2) her blatant, raging hypocrisy, which combined with that periodic manifestation of ghetto-girl ugly her face shows when she's pissed make her downright loathsome.

Sparky said...

Excellent, as always Stilton, but I think I just threw up in my mouth a little. [urp]

I say we all send Magilla Gorilla paper bags with cutouts. Think she'd get the hint?

@John the Econ ~ I'd like to shot her full of something that isn't botox. [metaphorically speaking if Big Sis is listening]

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Bruce O'Hara- Thanks for the share!

@TrickyRicky- Is this one of those Common Core math problems I've been hearing about?

@Emmentaler "I Need a Breath Mint" Limburger- Yeah, this video is a pretty concentrated dose of nasty to be taken in all at once.

@mlester101- Around here, I assume people will get it. But the great unwashed would just shrug their shoulders.

In fairness to Barry, it turns out that under his leadership, the US doesn't do pinpricks... because it doesn't do anything at all.

@American Cowboy- I've been aging in dog years ever since the Obamas moved into the White House. I see no reason they shouldn't be held to the same standard.

@Bruce Bleu- Culturally insensitive? Moi?

@John the Econ- Michelle says that she doesn't think she's "peaked" yet, which is certainly believable considering I'm unaware of any non-political accomplishment she's ever had.

Regarding Mrs. Econ, I'd suggest that she apply for Mooch's old highly-paying, critically-important hospital job...only when Michelle left, they eliminated the job and never replaced it. It's almost like she was being paid only to be the wife of a man with political connections.

@CenTexTim- Yet oddly, both Obamas feel they have the right to sit on our talents and blessings.

@PRY- This administration has been a disaster for Black Americans - by design. The Democrat vote machine is fueled by anger, resentment, envy, and racism - and so it is the goal of the first family to stoke those qualities whenever possible.

@bocopro- In fairness, Michelle cleans up pretty well when she has to. Some of her fashion choices are horrendous, but then again - you should see what I'm wearing most of the time.

No, what makes her so terribly ugly is the anger and hatred which so readily comes to the surface on a regular basis. She's simply not a nice person.

Colby said...

I'm pretty sure I got my facts straight here...

The obama's had to (GASP!) pay for this party out of their own pockets, and reportedly the invitations plainly stated that, should you attend, you should eat dinner first. Now, if that don't light your fuse, nothing will. These sniveling, arrogant snobs can't even buy their friends a f**king Twinkie or a bag of chips?! What did they serve, water? Sounds like a real fun party, eh? Of course, maybe the entire party budget got spent on weed and blow. It made me wonder how maybe people showed up with buckets of KFC.

We all make fun of Mooch looking like a Wookie and such, but you are right. It isn't her physical appearance that is repulsive, but rather her disdain of her country (and maybe white people too) that makes me want to spit nails. She was not raised with a silver spoon in her mouth, but it sure as hell wasn't a plastic spoon either. Her parents were fairly well off, and she attended Princeton, for crying out loud. Her first job paid $300k for her to do basically nothing. Why the flying hell does she have such a big chip on her shoulder?

If a genie grated me three wishes, one of them would be for the obama's to live the rest of their pitiful lives living in a hut next door to the first brother, and having to work for their daily food.

WMD said...

I have to disagree, Magilla was born with a silver spoon, up her ass.

Marine4ever said...

It just doesn’t get any better than this. So, what did I do? I reblogged it at I’m NOT Drinking Obama’s Kool-Aid!

In regards to the Moosechelle quote: “I don’t have the right to just sit on my talents or blessings.” Uuuh... just WHAT would those TALENTS be? Yeah, I know... that could open up a whole new topic of comments.

WMD said...

I don't know if this is a "talent" exactly but I do know that if she gave king hussein one of her balls, they'd both have two.

John the Econ said...

Unfortunately @Stilton, access to jobs like that only come to those who's spouses get elected to the senate; something that is less likely to happen for the Econ family than hell freezing over.

Bruce Bleu said...

Talking about a genie and three wishes, did you hear about when lamont went to New Jersey, (after Sandy,)during a rather difficult week contending with magilla and her threats to divorce him? lamont was walking along the beach and came across an old oil lamp in the sand. He picked it up and rubbed the side to see if it was shiny and a genie appeared. He told lamont that he could have three wishes, but for every wish he was granted, magilla would get double. His first wish was to have a book on the NYTimes best-seller list, and POOF... it was so. The genie said, however, that magilla had TWO books on the list! His next wish was for a truck-load of Menthol cigarettes, and, true to form, the genie told him that magilla had TWO truckloads of smokes. Then lamont paused, and the genie asked, "what do you want for your third wish", and as cool as can be, lamont said, "BEAT ME HALF TO DEATH!"

David in SoCal said...

@Bruce Bleu: HIYOOOOOO! When Oahu got tired of Mooch, they told her to 'Haul Ass'......She had to make two trips!
We're here all week ladies and gentlemen; try the Veal.

graylady said...

@ Sparky,
I still have a paper bag left over from when The Saints were the Aints, think that will do?

Stilt, your pics just reinforce my opinion that this is a woman seriously in need of a new stylist. Really the worst dressed First Lady ever. Also, it's really too bad her mother never taught her decent, respectable behavior when she was a child. Any decent southern girl wouldn't be caught dead in some of those body positions, outside a gym, at least.
And as for the Obama's behavior, they should get dwon on their knees and thank God that they ARE Americans, by now they would have been tarred and feathered and run out of any other country on earth on a rail.

REM1875 said...

As a vet my favorite was- "all this for a flag?"

Marine4ever said...

@ REM1875 -- If I'd been anywhere near, I'd have jack slapped the go-rilla at least four times, done a smart about face and marched myself to the brig, do my 20 years at hard labor on piss-and-punk and I would have been doing it the whole time with a grin on my face for having gotten the opportunity to do it.