Monday, March 3, 2014

On His Period Again

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Once again, America's chicken has come home to roost. Barack Obama's utterly spineless response to Russian military action in Ukraine has pretty much signaled to the world that the United States is officially no longer a meaningful player in foreign affairs and no advocate for freedom or democracy.

The president's appalling lack of seriousness was on full display when, less than a half hour after tersely declaring that Russian intervention in Ukraine could force the United States to "stand with the international community in affirming there will be costs, including shipping, handling, and sales tax," he rushed to a Democratic fundraiser, declared it to be "Happy Hour," and then swapped jokes with a high-roller about the possibility of nuclear war with Russia.

Then on Saturday, as a freshly-emboldened Russia rolled additional troops into Ukraine, the president's national security team met to discuss the rapidly evolving crisis and, upon finishing their deliberations, noticed that there was one Krispy Kreme doughnut left over because Barry hadn't bothered to attend the meeting. Although, according to a White House spokesperson, the president was later filled in by Susan Rice, who suggested that the president launch a drone attack on YouTube as soon as possible.

Vladimir Putin has correctly assessed that there is no threat whatsoever from the president whose "red line" became a punchline. Barack Obama has turned our once-respected national strength into an international joke.

And it's only the enemies of freedom who are laughing.

obama, obama jokes, cartoon, humor, political, hope n' change, hope and change, stilton jarlsberg, ukraine, russia, like it, keep it, fundraising, youtube


Duke Mantee said...

"Mr. President, how did this dangerous situation get started?"

It started with the election of President Obama.

Grumpy Curmudgeon said...

It's so bad, even the leading Democrap for challenging Cornyn realizes what a piece of s*** is leading this country from behind - but then that's how old Barry likes it...from behind!


Those who don't learn from history are bound to repeat it - reminiscent of the US laying back while Hitler annexed/invaded while claiming that the 'vows' wanted his protection.

Grumpy Curmudgeon said...

Fat Finger Complex strikes again - 'vows' should be 'vokes'

Geoff King said...

Evidently in an attempt to provide comic relief, Secretary of State John Kerry said yesterday on Meet the Press “You just don’t invade another country on phony pretext in order to assert your interests". He was actually referring to Russia entering Crimea, an autonomous republic within Ukraine, where they already had military bases and the majority of the people speak Russian. He was not referring to the US's unjustified invasions of Afganistan, Iraq, or Lybia. Can you spell "hypocrite"?

Geoff King said...

Must be that kind of morning. Libya, not Lybia.

TrickyRicky said...

He couldn't be bothered to attend a meeting of his national security team? Really? Really? How can ANYONE defend that?

Grumpy Curmudgeon said...

A pretty good analysis on Blackfive re: the Ukrainian situation - brings up a couple of good points on why the West (Obama) is powerless against Putin.

Confronting Putin Jeopardizes Obama's Withdrawal from Afghanistan

I have to also say that this administration's optics are proving their amateur status at anything: 1) Cut the military pay/benefits then announce a multi-billion slush fund for your union buddies; 2) Huff n Puff over the Ukraine then leave for Happy Hour. Amateur hour at the white house.

Bruce Bleu said...

The way "this dangerous situation [got] started", was the destruction of Eugene McCarthy in the "media", because NOW to accuse someone of being a communist is akin to explaining to a high school "science" teacher on national television that there is a valid argument for creationism.
Grumpy, LOVE the "Shaniqua Poppins" video. Wonder how long it took for Kesha to get a "visit" from those who know where Jimmy Hoffa is?
Stilton... "Ukrainetube"... GENIUS!
Geoff, let's not forget that Lurch was part of the invasion of Viet Nam!
Treeky Reeky, lamont can defend ANYTHING because he's lamont insane obama, and if you dispute his doing so, the ONLY reason must be that you HATE chocolate oreos!!!

George in Houtx said...

Grumpy C. how dare you besmirch amateurs in such a manner! amateurs would behave in a more professional manner. that crew in the White House is , in my opinion, doing everything according to plan. their only gripe is that things became so public so fast. it kind of got out of control before they could put the appropriate spin on things.

Judi King said...

This is just another global hot spot our traitor in chief is not willing, able or equipped to deal with. We've lost our standing in the world and have no power to influence global politics so, I guess, we must watch the despots take over.

Suzy said...


Chuck Ef said...

Duke Mantee is right - it started with electing this moron and it has been sliding downhill ever since like a steamy, hot turd. And the press just gives him a "buy". Didn't we learn anything from Saddam? A head-of-state who goes riding around on a horse, bare-chested, is a loon willing to do anything when confronted with a unicorn prince from the Chicago bathhouses.

But I am sure not ready to send out brave service people in for yet another mess created by the DC Elites. It's high time to get our own house in order. Judi King is correct.

John the Econ said...

"...there was one Krispy Kreme doughnut left over because Barry hadn't bothered to attend the meeting."

I don't know @Stilton; Seems to me that the less this President is directly involved with the defense of this nation, the better off we all are. We've already had enough meaningless "lines drawn". We really don't need anymore.

To Obama, this is all just an obnoxious distraction from his real priority, which is the "fundamental transformation" of America to some kind of harmless, feckless oligarchy.

Hey, does anyone else remember how Obama actually mocked Romney during the 2012 debates when Romney suggested that Russia was the big problem we'd be dealing with in the coming decade? Yeah, I wouldn't wait for the MSM to start pulling those tapes.

But I wholeheartedly agree with those above; the damage was done when we elected this buffoon in the first place. Everything that has happened since was only expected by those who know better.

David aka True Blue Sam said...

It's 1939 all over again...

Warsaw by Robert W Service

I was in Warsaw when the first bomb fell;
I was in Warsaw when the Terror came -
Havoc and horror, famine, fear and flame,
Blasting from loveliness a living hell.
Barring the station towered a sentinel;
Trainward I battled, blind escape my aim.
ENGLAND! I cried. He kindled at the name:
With lion-leap he haled me. . . . All was well.

ENGLAND! they cried for aid, and cried in vain.
Vain was their valour, emptily they cried.
Bleeding, they saw their Cry crucified. . . .
O splendid soldier, by the last lone train,
To-day would you flame forth to fray me place?
Or - would you curse and spit into my face?

September, 1939

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Duke Mantee- Absolutely right.

@Grumpy Curmudgeon- I don't think Barry is a real student of history. Although he'll certainly be mentioned in it in the future - if we have a future.

@Geoff King- Sadly but unsurprisingly, history is a long catalog of countries invading each other for less than altruistic reasons. But hypocrisy notwithstanding, we shouldn't idly stand by and watch this happen.

@TrickyRicky- Hey, a tee time is important too.

@Grumpy Curmudgeon- Wow, that's a fascinating link. In a nutshell, Obama needs Russian cooperation to withdraw our troops from Afghanistan (via an overland route). Barry won't risk his Afghanistan pullout, so won't challenge Russia over Ukraine.

@Bruce Bleu- I'm not sure if labeling someone a communist these days is considered an accusation or an accolade.

@George in Houtx- It does seem like the real analysis of this administration boils down to wondering what they effed up on purpose and what they effed up on accidentally.

@Judi King- I think Barry has been successful in undermining our nation's status as a world power. I just read on Drudge that China and Russia are happily shaking hands over Ukraine, and I think this may signal that they've written us off as anything other than a declining economic power.

@Chuck Ef- I'm definitely not advocating using our troops at this point; there are a lot of serious non-military measures we could take if we have the political will.

And "unicorn prince from the Chicao bathhouses" is my favorite phrase of the day.

@John the Econ- Granted, I don't want Obama actually getting involved in military decisions, but I'd like him to at least feign enough interest that our enemies can't write him off completely.

And yes, during their presidential debates, Romney warned about Russia's geopolitical ambitions and Barry snarked "Hey Mitt, the 1980's called. They want their foreign policy back. The cold war ended 20 years ago."

Unfortunately, the cold war seems to have been "reset" by Obama's "peace through obsequious weakness" initiative.

@David aka True Blue Sam- Chilling.

John the Econ said...

@Stilton, it all reminds me of a scene in "Braveheart" I saw last week, where King Edward I, scared to meet William Wallace personally for fear that he'd have his head chopped off, wonders who to send in his place to negotiate. Certainly ..."Not my gentle son. The mere sight of him would only encourage an enemy to take over the whole country.

This is where we're at today. Any think that Putin takes Obama, Hagel or Kerry seriously? At least Hillary had balls.

JustaJeepGuy said...


Hillary may have balls, but she's still a communist sympathizer--not that that's a bad thing to the Demo_Rats these days....

PRY said...

Good day, fellow serfs-in-training...yeh, BO is pretty dang slick when it comes to bamboozling his fellow americans. Amost like he just doesn't really care what his fellow Marxists do as long he and his ilk stay in power(gasp!).

I think at this point in time, what infuriates me most is his basic dismantling of our military by his imperial decrees! Nixon left office for his actions way back when...and, for a US president to attempt a DELIBERATE cutback on OUR DEFENSES, well, Nixon's shenanigans pale in comparison in my opinion!

I agree totally that BO is a problem, but not THE problem...he is simply the ONE THE LEFT HAS BEEN WAITING FOR for many years...those that hate this country while enjoying the fruits of this great land of freedom will occupy a special place in HELL! Such selfish and self-serving actions cannot allowed to stand! And these guys we sent to Congress ALL need to grow a pair and, despite their huge desire to keep their cushy jobs, STAND UP TO THIS TYRANT BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!
Fight RADICAL WITH RADICAL!!! And don't even ask pols such as John McCain for an opinion...stomach's kinda queasy already.

Have a good one, keep the faith...God' still at the helm.

Anonymous said...

What are we the freakin' world police now with you and your antique jokes?

READ MY LIPS...NO NEW TAXES. Think you can do something with that one tomorrow?


Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Anonymous- No, we're not the World Police. But maybe we should show enough geopolitical sense not to become victims, either.

And why bring up "Read My Lips - No New Taxes?" Bush Senior made that promise, then broke it because the Dems swore up and down that they'd compensate with meaningful spending cuts - but they were lying. On the positive side, the Dems don't even bother with those kinds of lies anymore (or making budgets, for that matter).

And despite your signature, I highly doubt that you're Jesus.

Chuck said...

If it weren't for double-standards, the left would have no standards at all. As to their moral compass, it reminds me of the compass Jack Sparrow had in Pirates of the Caribbean: it points to whatever they want most at the time with no concern whatsoever for right or wrong ... just "want".

Chuck Ef said...

Stilt -

BTW I did not mean to imply that you were implying (?) that we should send troops - or as "Jesus" above send, the "world police". I was throwing that comment at the DC elites - I am feeling al little disenfranchised these days. I most certainly agree that we should show enough sense not to become victims - that is, after all, what our defense spending is (or should be) for. The Dems have no clue -

And also for the record, thanks for reminding folks about that "no new tax" rip-off by the Dems. Reagan assumed the same thing - that the Dems would cut spending, and they of course would not. That is how the Dems stay in office - bribery.

Geoff King said...

Wow. Not wanting to bring up old news, but at least Bush did not lie under oath in a federal court with his "read my lips" statement as a certain Democratic President did regarding his sexual assault of a naive intern. I guess it wasn't really a lie because he never inhaled.

John the Econ said...

"Read my lips"? Geeze, if only it was 1990 again!

Obama says "The strong condemnation that it's received from countries around the world indicates the degree to which Russia's on the wrong side of history."

Whoa! That's scathing, especially from the President who has always been "on the wrong side of history", along with his "Global Testing" Secretary of State who has always been out of phase with history his whole, sorry life. History will at some point laugh at these moments, if it doesn't cry.

PRY said...

I was wondering just this morning how much good this Russian story could do the dems this fall. It's just getting hard to predict with any feeling of confidence how any situation will affect an election. It's certainly a god-send for the lefties as a distraction, but then again, the low-info bunch probably don't even know where Russia is, much less care that Putin is not hesitant in the least to do what he pleases.

Thanks, Barry, from Russia with Love, you could not play into his hands better if you had tried...and I'm not too sure you didn't do just that!

Pete (Detroit) said...

Geoff, there was NOTHING "innocent" about Monica. One of her associates reported at the time that when she got the intern posting, she remarked "well, I'm off to get my Presidential kneepads!" She knew EXACTLY what she was doing - it's why she saved the dress.
THAT having been said, Bush I was deemed to have lied, and it cost him his career (which, arguably, given the lackluster campaign, and keeping Dan Quayle, he wasn't that fond of anyway) Clinton's lie under oath 'merely' cost him his law license.
As I recall (and I may be wrong)
BOTH Barry and Mooch have lost theirs, before he ran for office. The circumstances are, of course, sealed. Hopefully, the 'you can keep him' lie will cost a whole buncha Dems their jobs this fall...

Colby said...

Something occurred to me today regarding the typical liberal's reaction to the current situation between Russia and Ukraine. The reaction is, well, nothing. They support HRH O'Liar no matter what. The guy could axe murder nuns, and they'd say he was just having a bad day.

So how would I feel if there was a guy (or gal) in the Whitehouse whom I really liked and supported, and I just found out Vlad Putin was banging my favorite president's ass like a screen door in a tornado. I'd be livid and calling for a Navy Seal team to bring Putin to the same room temperature condition that they brought Bin Laden.

I can honestly say I don't know how libs feel about Putin's actions because the libs I know are still talkign about the Oscars or how much they hate Ted Nugent. They are an odd breed indeed.

Chuck EF said...

Something to tie off this nonsense with Barry Bathhouse. Sounds a little kinky but here it is:

Let us all cry in shame.

John the Econ said...

Oh, I don't know @Pry. One of the characteristics of the "transformation" to being a "social democracy" includes a citizenry that cares less about the world at large and more about how things personally affect them. Today there was talk of another ObamaCare delay to push more if it past November's election to save more Congressional Democrats. For most people, losing their job or health insurance is a much bigger deal than whatever may or may not be happening in the Crimea.

David K. said...

The cartoon was funny, but the commentary disturbing. True, Obama is an ineffectual buffoon, but the notion that the US is the policeman of the world and has to stick its nose in everywhere is one that I disagree with. When Ron Paul takes an "isolationist" stance, people applaud his common sense, but when Obama doesn't act, he's excoriated for it. Now I agree that he should be excoriated vigorously and repeatedly, but not for failing to embroil us in a stupid war. Stick it to him for the vast number of things he deserves to be tarred and feathered and ridden out of town on a rail for, instead.

John the Econ said...

@David K, there's a difference between being the "policeman of the world" and being being respected. Today, we are neither.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@David K- I think you and I are probably more in agreement than not. I don't think the U.S. should be the world's policeman, and I certainly don't want us elbowing our way into more wars.

That being said, the world is an unstable place - and part of protecting our own nation is to try to tip the balance towards stability in various parts of the world, preferably in peaceful ways (economic influence, diplomacy, strategic alliances, etc).

But those peaceful tools are of little use if the world comes to believe that we will never, under any circumstances, use force.

That's why the world got significantly more dangerous when Obama issued his "red line" on the use of chemical weapons in Syria, and then stood around with his pecker in his hand when his bluff was called - allowing Vladimir Putin to become the instrument of his political salvation (and reinforcing for Putin the understanding that America, under Obama, is no superpower).

Personally, I hope that (for once) Obama wasn't lying about going after tough economic and diplomatic sanctions against Russia. But I'll only believe it when I see it with my own eyes. Obama's words don't mean a damn thing to me anymore - or to Russia, North Korea, Syria, Iran, etc.

John the Econ said...

Anyone else remember how during the '80s, this kind of crap didn't happen? Why was that?

It was because Reagan made it clear that this sort of thing would not be tolerated, and the world believed him.

His critics like to mock the fact that Reagan's only actual "military adventure" was tiny, little Grenada, when Castro decided to test Reagan's resolve. Our response was quick and decisive, and that was the end of kind of nonsense.

Compare the '80s to what has happened since, after we outsourced our resolve to "international consensus", which usually limits itself to "strongly worded letters".

The lesson is that those who are clearly prepared to act, usually don't have to.