Monday, March 10, 2014

Spring Forward, Fall Over

Readers- Okay, we could have just said that we despise Daylight Savings Time because it throws off our circadian rhythms for weeks (trivia note: Circadian Rhythm was also the official name of Lawrence Welk's orchestra!) and used that as an excuse for not posting anything today.

But Hope n' Change is made of sterner stuff, and so we decided we'd at least post a big, colorful picture of Barack Obama making his "derp" face. You're welcome!

We are now going to pour some coffee, some "coffee," or some coffee with "coffee" in it, and change the time on every one of our frickin' clocks while yawning and muttering under our breath.


Pete (Detroit) said...

Real Texans stay up until 2am on Sat to change the time like they're supposed to. Or so *I* was always told, in the Dorm (yeah, Aggies - ANY excuse for a party, you know?)

shirley elizabeth said...

In AZ we don't normally have to put up with this stuff, but since we all have these "smart" phones now, there were lots of unhappy, confused Arizonans waking to early alarms this morning.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Pete(Detroit)- I'm pretty much one of those real Texans. And my problem is that I don't go to bed until an hour later than usual because I'm telling myself that it's really earlier than the clock says. Which is how I cheat myself out of an hour of sleep night after night. Bah.

@shirley elizabeth- I formerly lived in Indiana and didn't have to fiddle with this either. I think Arizona and Indiana got it right.

Duke Mantee said...

"We are now going to pour some coffee, some "coffee," or some coffee with "coffee" in it..."

...and BACON!

Geoff King said...

DST originally was created by Germany in WWI to save energy by having people leave earlier for work in the mornings, thereby not heating their homes for an additional hour. Nowadays, since the advent of air conditioning, evidence suggests it actually wastes energy because people return from work to hotter homes and crank up the cooling an hour earlier. My main gripe is in Autumn when we must "fall back" one hour. Most digital clocks do not set backwards, so one must set them ahead 23 hours. I believe the ridiculous ritual of DST is now perpetuated by the battery manufacturers such as Duracell and Eveready in a get rich scheme, as we now are also reminded to change our smoke detector batteries while resetting the various clocks scattered throughout our homes. The majority of smoke detectors are powered by house current. The battery is only there in case of a power failure and should not only last many years, but most devices will beep periodically when the battery is in need of changing. In the words of a wise old Indian chief when told of the nescessity of changing all the clocks: "only the Federal government would believe that you could cut a foot off the top of a blanket, sew it on the bottom, and have a longer blanket".

Geoff King said...

On the subject of Circadian Rhythm, I noticed that my dog did not wish to conform with my suddenly getting up an hour earlier and taking him for his daily constitutional at a different time than his system was accustomed to. I fear this has diminished his respect for my alpha-male standing. Speaking of respect, and Ayattolah Øbama's inability to spell that word, Bob at has a great short video take on it today. His is another site that bears daily inspection.

bocopro said...

Only a government could come up with a plan for making blankets longer by cutting a foot off the top and stitching it onto the bottom.

John the Econ said...

Since we're all feeling a bit dazed by the time change, let me throw a little more confusion at you:

U.S. Household Net Worth Hits Record High

"Americans' wealth hit the highest level ever last year, according to data released Thursday, reflecting a surge in the value of stocks and homes that has boosted the most affluent U.S. households.

The net worth of U.S. households and nonprofit organizations rose 14% last year, or almost $10 trillion, to $80.7 trillion, the highest on record, according to a Federal Reserve report released Thursday. Even adjusted for inflation using the Fed's preferred gauge of prices, U.S. household net worth—the value of homes, stocks and other assets minus debts and other liabilities—hit a fresh record."

Don't you feel rich now? Clearly, the Obama recovery has been a resounding success!

Now, consider the following:

First, this report comes courtesy of the Federal Reserve, which has been merrily pumping trillions of dollars into the economy by keeping interest rates at near-zero, and printing dollars for Obama to spend on "stimulus" during the supposed "era of austerity".

And second, you only got to participate in this wonderful surge of wealth if you both owned your own home, and have a substantial percentage of your net worth invested in the stock market for the last 5 years.

Of course, if you did own your home before the real estate meltdown, then you really didn't get rich; you merely made back much of what you lost after 2007.

Oh, and if like most Americans (especially if you are less than middle-aged) you don't have most of your wealth invested in the stock market? Sorry then, you didn't get to participate. And the Fed has seen to it that your ordinary bank savings account now pays next-to-nothing. Sucks to be you!

"Wealth inequality…has increased over time," said William Emmons, an economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. "So, there seems to be a disconnect: There are big wealth gains, but not much follow-through on consumer spending."

I'd say. The biggest wealth-builder in America is "income" from a decent job. Without a decent job, it's not possible to invest, much less save, or even get out of debt. Expanding food stamps and other government freebies will never make anyone wealthy. (Unless they're in a business tied to providing the freebies, of course)

What's my point? That it's totally ironic that the administration that talks the most about "income inequality" has also been the administration with the policies that have been the best for the 1%-ers that it claims to so despise. So what's the President's response to this? To present a "post austerity" budget and economic plan that basically is just a lot more of the same.

So, what does that tell you?

Anonymous said...

I was expecting The World's Smartest Man to spell r-s-p-e-c-t [sic]

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

That is perfect. Obama's Get Even with emism.

CenTexTim said...

The nice thing about DST is that now the clock in my truck shows the correct time again...

leelu said...

...and yet, you'll be *quite* happy to get an extra hour of sleep in the Fall. And not complain, I'll bet. ;-p

George in Houtx said...

Just flippin' incredible! the ONE thing he should use his magic pen on to make it go away & I can't even support that because it is ,yet again, bypassing Congress. However, this DST is really something we could do without.

Colby said...

I will admit that I really do like having the extra hour of daylight after I get off work, but it really is a pain in the keester to go through the semi-annual clock changing BS. I would even like it if the time was left as it is right now. Let's forget the fall back nonsense and enjoy that daylight after work in the winter too! Of course, having been to AZ in the summer, I completely understand the total lunacy of having an extra hour of blistering heat after work.

Last night, Mrs. Colby an I were attempting to explain DST to our 10 year old grandson, and the kid was actually too smart to get it! He pointed out many times to us just how much sense it doesn't make. I told him HE should be running things. Lord knows he'd do a better job than the pack of Neanderthals currenty in charge (my apologies to Neanderthals).

Think of it as a coffee sandwich.

Emmentaler Limburger said...

@Pete: TAMU? I'm telling you: we know each other...

@Geoff King: Nope. Benjamin Franklin. 1784...

@Stilt: IMHO, they're all "Derp" faces...

oaksmiles said...

At a certain point, you've had enough daylight.

Anonymous said...

Stilton, have another cup of 'coffee'. It's Daylight Saving Time, not plural.

And, what happened to the study that was supposed to happen after changing DST to early March? Didn't save any energy, I'll bet.

Sparky said...

I hate Day Light Savings Time. Like all government sponsored things, it's obsolete, unnecessary, costly, and dangerous to our health. We'll probably never get rid of it. Very much like the POS in currently playing golf, AGAIN, somewhere in Europe.

Bruce Bleu said...

John the Econ,
I feel pretty good about my port (or starboard) folio. Since 2006 I made 179,500 in investments, and only 30,000 in the market. I guess lamont can't take credit for MY bottom line, (although I don't doubt he has "a laser focus" on my BOTTOM)!

Pete (Detroit) said...

Emmentaller, I was there for four semesters, 82 and 83. As far as I recall, the only two guys I knew from the metro area were both named Mike - the one I grad'd High School with (Dearborn High) and a guy from Southgate, who's Very Cute cousin was the best friend of MY best friend's sister.
But yeah, let's make sure, meet up some time - say, next Monday, Fort Street Brewery. I'll be wearing green...

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Duke Mantee- If the time change automatically came with daily bacon at breakfast, I'd feel completely differently.

@Geoff King- I'm pretty suspicious about the energy savings, too.

And thanks for turning me on to - I hadn't known about it!

@bocopro- Actually, I think the government would cut one foot off the top and only sew 6 inches onto the bottom - keeping the rest for themselves - while still claiming the blanket was longer.

@John the Econ- I saw some articles about this increase in net worth and just sighed deeply about the devaluation of our dollar (and my savings).

@Anonymous- Theoretically the "r-s-p-e-c-t" spelling error was made on dimbulb's TelePrompter. But c'mon, how the HELL can anyone honoring Aretha Franklin misspell RESPECT?! Seriously, sometimes I think that I'm blacker than Barry.

@Woodsterman (Odie)- Emism? (I'm confused, but we've already established that my sleeping schedule has been disrupted).

@CenTexTim- You're a glass half full kind of guy.

@leelu- Oddly enough, I also lose an hour of sleep in the Fall. I can't explain it, but I swear it's true.

@George in Houtx- In fairness, I can't really blame Barry for DST - though if he fixed it, I'd be in the uncomfortable position of finally thinking he's done something right.

@Colby- I must admit I like it staying light longer in the evenings, but I hate the Fall switcharoo which makes it look like midnight at about 7 pm. I just wish they'd pick a time and stick with it.

@oaksmiles- I want to print your comment on a t-shirt for Dracula.

@Anonymous- Okay, technically it's Daylight Saving Time, but the Internet assures me that scads of people use the plural, especially in other countries. So I'm still wrong, but I'm not lonely.

@Sparky- I just read some articles about how DST can genuinely screw up some people's health. Thank goodness we all now have free healthcare!

@Bruce Bleu- I cleverly backed out of the stock market in a pretty big way last year, sure that a crash was imminent. So of course, the market subsequently went through the roof (granted, for all the wrong reasons).

@Pete(Detroit)- To make sure I'm wearing green next Monday, I've already stopped brushing my teeth.

John the Econ said...

@Stilton, the agenda gives one the impression that ordinary citizens are no longer intended to have "savings". Under the perfect Marxist paradigm, there would be no need for "savings" since the state would be providing you with everything you need at every stage of life. (Remember "Julia"?)

"Savings" represents freedom, which for the masses is abhorrent to the socialist elite. Those with "savings" don't require government to tend to their every need. Plus, it's just plain unfair to those who don't have any.

R-s-p-e-c-t: Another fine example of media bias and hypocrisy. Remember how Dan Quayle became the dictionary definition of "moron" for spelling "potatoe"? I don't know what's worse; that he can't spell it, or that he mindlessly follows the teleprompter like a sock puppet.

John the Econ said...

BTW, seems that Obama went on the "Funny or Die" webseries to plug ObamaCare to the youngsters.

I guess the theory is that by trying to be hip and cool, the millennials who are currently avoiding ObamaCare like the plague will all of a sudden be convinced that it's the hip and cool thing to do.

Of course, as I've said many times over and over here, there's a big difference between convincing people to vote for you once or twice because you seem hip and cool, and getting them to actually write checks with lots of zeros every single month for forever, especially for something that is either a bad deal, you can't afford, or something you don't want or think you need in the first place.

To me, "Funny or Die" seems like an appropriate end for ObamaCare.

Ogrrre said...

Geoff King, DST was first proposed over 200 years ago by Benjamin Franklin AS A JOKE! Leave it to a bunch of idiot politicians to take a not-even-funny joke and completely ruin it by turning it into legislation.

Emmentaler Limburger said...

@Pete: OK. Maybe not from there. Close, but no cigar - one semester: Winter '84. And, I'll the one playing Sir Not Appearing In This Film as I'm in the more conservative company to your north for the time being.

@John: I guess the theory is that by trying to be hip and cool, the millennials who are currently avoiding ObamaCare like the plague will all of a sudden be convinced that it's the hip and cool thing to do.

Unfortunately, I think the theory is correct. Just as most had no idea what they were voting for when they went with team Øbama TWICE, they'll happily slip their scrawny necks into the noose if "everyone else is doing it"...

(I guess I'm too cynical.)

PRY said...

How do you know when it's

Daylight Saving Time

You're so sleepy that you can't get up and you jump out of bed thinking you have overslept!

You stagger to the bathroom and fall over the dog that is still sound asleep.

The timer on the coffee pot isn't set right, and there is no coffee.

You try to fix the clock on the microwave and set the timer instead – you wonder why a microwave needs a clock anyhow?

You decide this is really all a secret plot by "morning people" to get "night people" out of bed earlier.

The clock in your car has the right time for the first time since last October.

You arrive for church an hour late - just as everyone else is leaving.

You feel exhausted (and will for weeks) even though you missed only one hour’s sleep.

Your computer clock sets itself ahead, but you forget and set it ahead again.

John the Econ said...

@Emmentaler Limburger, of course most had no idea what they were voting for. But like I said, there's a big difference between voting for someone because you are clueless, and actually writing checks every month for it.

This is why "opinion polls" are largely worthless. Idiots are free to say whatever they think the popular answer is because there's absolutely no cost attached to doing so. ObamaCare costs are an in-your-face affair. The only true opinion people express that I take seriously is when it involves pulling out your own checkbooks. The kids aren't falling for it.

Sparky said...

BTW, did you notice that Turd Boy was on a "Funny Or Die" video? He is trying to coerce the "knuckle-headed" pajama wearing young people to sign up for the Affrontable Healthcare Act. I can't watch it because it makes me nauseous and throw things at the TV, but I was wondering, since he's not funny can he please hurry up and do the other?

Anonymous said...

Don't get it. Millions dead thanks to Obama's invention, Daylight Savings Time?

Let's not forget that Dubya extended DST by 2 months because it was a central plank of his, ahem, "energy policy".

Pete (Detroit) said...

Emmentaller - "company" to the north? you mean perhaps "country"? the one we cross south to get to (funny trufact - Windsor, ON, is *south* of Detroit, MI. So, for all you Journey fans, you now know where "South Detroit" actually *is*. "Wow, man, it's like a whole different COUNTRY, and stuff!)

Anon - Actually, I recall quite clearly when GRFord was pres, and he held DST until like Thanksgiving, one year. Walking to school in pitch dark at 8:30 am was neither fun NOR safe... just sayin'. Also, don't make the mistake of thinking that everyone (or even ANY one) here thinks W was any kind of conservative hero - he wildly spent so much $$ trying on rediculous gov't expansion attempt to buy the 'like' of Dems that it was unimaginable - until the currant wastrel in chief arrived on the scene.
Also, changing the topic in the middle of a discussion to point out any percieved flaws on an opposing side is a pathetic and logically flawed debate tactic. Please learn the rules the big boys play by? Kthxbai!

AuntJoy said...