Monday, May 5, 2014

Inner Circle Jerk

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Considering that Hope n' Change Cartoons is dedicated to finding a little humor (albeit frequently mordant, sick, or gallows humor) in the news, it may seem surprising that we have such strong distaste for the annual White House Correspondents Association dinner, at which the president and alleged journalists roast each other with jokes.

But that's because there's nothing funny about the destruction done by this administration with the complete cooperation of the news media. When this inner circle gathers to make jokes, they're really laughing at the great unwashed citizenry who aren't in on their big incestuous game of charades.

The acts of this government and the complicit media have a huge impact on our lives, livelihoods, and loved ones. And while Barry, his one-percenter Hollywood pals, and the news media sip champagne...the rest of us endure real pain.

Which, in the eyes of these "elites," makes us the biggest joke in Washington.


Geoff King said...

Bruce Coville, an author of children's books of all things, put it quite eloquently in my opinion when he said "Withholding information is the essence of tyranny. Control of the flow of information is the tool of the dictatorship". Just as Joseph Goebbels put all German media under Nazi control during Hitler's rise to power, Ayatollah Ă˜bama's minions do the same with US mainstream media.

TrickyRicky said...

@Geoff King-Sorry to quibble, but the MSM as they are universally known are anything but mainstream. As you made clear in your post, they are nothing more than a tool of our oppression. Fascist lapdogs. And yes, I do know the definition of fascist. This particular version can't even get the trains to run on time.

CenTexTim said...

"Considering that Hope n' Change Cartoons is dedicated to finding a little humor (albeit frequently mordant, sick, or gallows humor)..."

"You must learn to laugh or else you'll weep yourself to death.”
― Bernard Cornwell

Bruce (I'm back on two wheels) Bleu said...

Geoff King,
Have you noticed that the Bill of Rights grants protection to "the press", and WE have a "Media"? It is no less than the advertising arm of the democrap party, (as I'm sure you know), NOTHING remotely like the entity which deserves Constitutional protection! With a scary percentage of the populace too stupid to realize this, it is foreboding what our future will be.
Where's "Vlad the Impaler" when you need him?

Mike POrter said...

If there were any justice in this world, it would not be so much a roast as an outright blazing fire...

Chuck Ef said...

All very good points. Control of the media is in fact the first step and critical. Keep that hairy eyeball - BO will.

BO always loves a good laugh.

@Bruce Bleu - Vlad the Impaler and BO are best buds, dude.

Jim Hlavac said...

Ah, when the sycophants kowtow before the psycho and the psyche of the people is imperiled.

The word "correspondent" seems so silly -- for nothing in that city corresponds to the real world outside of it. All just pretty faces like in a model catalog, but not a serious mind among them.

Inside the Beltway they call it now -- virtually walled off from the people -- it all reminds me of street signs: "Caution, Children at Play." Alas, they play with matches.

They say Nero fiddled while Rome burned, and supposedly he set the fires. Now they party while the nation is a tinderbox of seething discontent, sparks flying everywhere, and the powers that be are seemingly oblivious because they don't lead real lives, but stoke the embers. The entire populace now considered a danger to the Republic in one way or the other.

On the other hand, it's really just like any other White House press briefing -- the fool in charge cracks jokes and the press laughs.

Then again, Nicholas II of Russia, Charles I of England, and Louis XVI of France were all holding parties shortly before their ends. And now our king is meeting with his jesters -- and well, it never does turn out well. The question becomes, perhaps, do we get the Communists, the Puritans or Napoleon.

Though somehow, I still believe there's a Jefferson out here somewhere in the land. So keep smiling folks -- for the last laugh will be with We the People.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Geoff King- Coville had it right, and there are multiple ways for a government to suppress information. Including wining and dining members of the media and letting them rub elbows with Hollywood stars. There's no need to get tough when a little bribery works just fine.

@TrickyRicky- Rush Limbaugh's description of these folks as the "lamestream" media is accurate but a little glib for my tastes. But you're certainly right that there's nothing "mainstream" about their values.

@CenTexTim- That quote from Cornwell is a wonderful summation of my world view (and, unsurprisingly, applies equally well to both Hope n' Change and Johnny Optimism.)

@Bruce Bleu- You make an interesting and accurate distinction between "press" and "media." The word press is directly derived from "pressure" - but none seems to be applied to the government anymore.

@Mike Porter- But, in the words of Richard Nixon, "that would be wrong - that's for sure." (grin)

@Chuck Ef- Barry's sense of humor stems exclusively from his elevated sense of superiority, and his scorn for others. He lacks both the humility and self-awareness to laugh at himself.

@Jim Hlavac- I, too, was thinking about the word "correspondent." In divorce proceedings, it means the person whom one of the partners has been illicitly sleeping with. Which strikes me as a pretty tidy summation of the relationship between Barry and the media.

I appreciate your historical perspective and would like to see the party in Washington rudely interrupted - though as you point out, I'm a bit nervous about what might come next.

It's No Gudda said...

Jim H. Maybe they should change the spelling to "co-respondent" like in a divorce case. Heaven knows they're assisting in the screwing of America.

John the Econ said...

Has anyone else noted that the more any particular industry gets "credentialized" by government or academia, the less innovated, vibrant, and competitive it becomes?

Journalism as a profession certainly qualifies. The elite J-schools today, such as Columbia are little more than liberal PC conformitoriums.

On the other hand, where are the most competitive and wealth-producing industries in America today? Businesses involved with or surrounding the Internet, which is virtually unregulated. (Although the governments world-wide are doing all they can to change that)

Freedom of speech is under attack world-wide and here in America, and you'd think that of all professions, journalists would be on a tear about it. And yet, they're not. They're content to yuk it up an administration that has explicitly stated that it has an interest restricting speech it finds troublesome. The sad reality is that most of the journalists in the room feel comfortable that the restrictions at the moment are parallel with their values, so it's no immediate threat to them. It only demonstrates how corrupted they've become, and don't even realize it.

Chuck Ef said...

@Jim Hlavac

You are quite right, although I am not too sure what the difference is between "the Communists, the Puritans or Napoleon" - it's really just a matter of the style in oppression.

And though the story of Nero is apocryphal, it was certainly descriptive of the tenor of the time - though there was a great fire in Rome during his reign. But, to your point, such indifference as denoted in the story has been true of many times in history (including medieval Islam) during the climactic pinnacle of decadence in the ruling elite and it is most certainly true of our time.

Nero fiddles. And we endure the pain, as the good Doctor said.

Colby said...

Stilton said, "Barry's sense of humor stems exclusively from his elevated sense of superiority, and his scorn for others. He lacks both the humility and self-awareness to laugh at himself."

I have heard Rush Limbaugh refer to our once fine country as "The United States of the Offended," and no group represents this concept better than O'Liar's pack of miscreants or the so-called "Press." I have to snigger to myself imagining these groups huddled together at some hoity toity function, roasting each other, pretending they think it's funny, all the while seething inside. It is my observation that most Liberals have zero sense of humor, unless it's a joke about Christians, George Bush or (insert Conserative talk show host name here).

I pray every day that we can elect enough adults in November to put a screeching halt to this train wreck called The Obama Administration.

Pete (Detroit) said...

Colby, to THAT point, I'd be happy if more "adults" would even RUN... OTOH, one of the biggest d-bags out there, My FORMER reprehensitive, John Conyers, is apparently DQ'd from the primary. Seems his signature gatherers were not registered to vote, and apparently that's a thing here.
Wannnnn, waaaaahhahahahhaha!!!!
Couldn't happen to a nicer D-Bag... Racist scumbag was sworn in in 1965 has has been perverting the constitution since. IIRC he ran from a prison cell, once... founding member of the Congressional Black Caucus and the kind of bigot that feels if your skin is dark at all, you HAVE to vote D or you're a sell out...
Too Damned Bad, Unka John, now you can spend more time w/ the family. His wife was born a few weeks before his election...
And his son - like who has $30k in concert tickets laying around, anyway?

txGreg said...

Regarding the mainstream/lamestream media or whatever... I like Mark Levin's name for them: The Praetorian Media.

Much like the original Praetorian Guard, they surround the "emperor" and seek to defend him from harm. Also known for their sycophantic adoration of the emperor, and their tendency towards corruption...

Chuck Ef said...

OK HnCers, get with the program!


"Praetorian Media" - OMG! What they did to Caligula! No! Good God, Levin doesn't mean it!

Fake vapors here.

PRY said...

As we have all noticed before, ALL the demos must get a notice that today they will be FOR OR AGAINST any issue in the news, and are given the necessary talking points, because EACH AND EVERY ONE has the SAME POINT OF VIEW, and says the SAME THINGS on any issue!

Just heard on the ED SHOW that this 'Benghazi story' is old stuff, has been talked to death, and, like with Bret Baier on Fox, "Dude, that was two years ago!" And, they really hate it when they think the right is using THEIR tactics! He said Benghazi is just a 'distraction' leading up to the midterms in six months! All this crap is getting pretty old and tiresome, as is the Benghazi story, but that's because of the stonewalling from the Obama Admin!!!

American Cowboy said...

@ Colby

Don't you mean you have to
snafrican anerican at yourself?

Okay... I'm sorry, I know that is pretty close to the edge, but I hope it doesn't "offend" someone.

John the Econ said...

Talk about a circle-jerk: Put on your boots because the BS is going to be thick today now that the administration has issued it's big "climate change" push this morning, and the media is cooperating full-bore. (pun intended)

The fraud that is the "climate change" (formerly known as "global warming) agenda is probably my favorite topic and example of fraud against the citizens of the world after "health care reform". It's not referred to as "climate change" because the "global warming" stopped over 16 years ago, contrary to what the "hockey stick" and all of the infallible "climate models" told us what was going to happen.

If you watch any national news today, expect to be bombarded with tales of out-of-control weather all but wiping us from the surface of the planet; Hurricanes, tornadoes, locusts, etc. If it's bad, it's capitalism's fault. The ultimate take-away? Capitalism must be stopped. Much better that your property and freedom be turned over to our elite overlords to better manage them.

BTW: Tornado seasons this year started later than nearly any season on record.

Colby said...

Detroit Pete,

Mrs. Colby and I lived two freezing cold years in "Da UP," so I am VERY familiar with that sack of poultry excrement, Conyers. Glad you got rid of him finally, and I hope he doesn't get replaced with a clone.

Here in NC, we have a good chance of sending that bag Kay Hagan packing this fall, and we may even get lucky enough to get Dr. Greg Brannon (voted today with fingers crossed).

American Cowboy,

No, I said "snigger," not "Sniggah." HUGE difference!

Chuck Ef said...

@John the Econ

So we are way, way far away from the good doctor's main point - aw, but what the heck. When the cat's away ...

Did you see the piece in the current NR regarding His Supreme Holiness, M. Mann? Twas quite good.

AGW is certainly plausible but plausibility doesn't make a scientific theory. I have looked long and hard for the scientific information behind the religious fever (that was supposed to be "fervor" but I like the error better) of the "believers' - seems like for all the hullabaloo, that would be easy - but goose eggs so far.

If any of the HnC folks know of a reliable source for the SCIENTIFIC information, including modeling, that supports the "believers", I would be interested. Really.

A cry for help.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Chuck Ef- Even when I can't jump into the conversation as much as I'd like, "the cat" is never really away (grin).

In one of tomorrow's cartoons, I touch on the global warming changing whatever apocalypse. Do I think we're having climate change? Yeah, probably. Do I think that it's primarily manmade, or we can do anything about it? THAT I have no freakin' idea about, because I haven't seen any good data. (Though my best guess is "no.")

Correlation does not equal causality, and studies which are designed to prove (even erroneously) that mankind is changing the climate are the only ones that get government grants.

Personally it's my opinion (and only an opinion) that our world is changing dynamically as it always has, and we should use both our technology and our best capitalist brains to deal with it.

And note that this suspected "change" is not 100% bad - some areas which previously didn't support crops will now do so; other areas will find their productivity decreasing. This is an amazingly intricate science...and the information we're getting is largely BS.

John the Econ said...

@Chuck Ef, I don't dispute that our climate is likely changing. But it's been doing that ever since the first two specs of stellar dust stuck to each other and this planet started to form.

There has never been a "consensus" on "climate change", and the only people who say there is are those with a statist political agenda. The unresolved questions include:

Is the warming trend that has been under way since the last ice age actually accelerating?

Does human industrial activity have anything to do with that, and if so, how much?

Is there anything worthwhile we can actually do about it?

Personally, I believe that we probably do have some influence, however no where near the influence that the warm-mongers say we do. To me, the question is really is a human-induced 1/2-centigrade increase over a century worth all of the benefits that industrialization has brought us? I'd say with resounding enthusiasm, absolutely! It sucked living like they did before the industrial revolution, and very few people alive today would be the least bit happy there.

As for the "science", the "climategate" data leak told us everything we had to know about the inner cohort behind the bogus science. Their models do not work without cheating. Their models cannot predict the past, much less predict the future. If we're going to re-organize our entire civilization over this, the "scientific community" is going to have to do a lot better than this.

Mann is a complete fraud. The "Hockey Stick" that Al Gore loves is only a hockey stick because they eliminated known historical weather patterns such as the little ice age and medieval warming period. The only organization to "investigate" him also cleared everyone at Penn State in the Paterno affair. So we know that it's all about the money.

The "Climate Change" political agenda is a wealth transfer spoils scheme to take money away from you to be put at the disposal of elitists like Obama who know better how to spend it, like on the millions of community organizers who are completely useless to an honest market economy.