Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween 2014

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The cartoon above could have been a lot longer, but rather than make it 100 panels long we decided we'd rather get the candy, decorations, and spooky sound effects ready for the trick-or-treaters.

Happy Halloween from Hope n' Change!




Geoff King said...

I was going to go as a Democrat for Halloween, but I couldn't get my head to fit up my butt. Oh well, maybe I will just stay home and take half of the kid's candy that show up to give to those that are too lazy to go trick or treating. Happy Samhain!

TrickyRicky said...

Good stuff...but in the zombie video, how come they didn't change Nancy Pelosi into anything?

Anonymous said...

Should have just been a 'ding' -- ringing the back door!

Bruce Bleu said...

How cute that you show little Barfy Obola sh*t-or-treasoning door to door, going back to the SAME place with a new line of BS! It's just like listening to the White HO-use Spokesbullshitter palavering the latest "approved" pressarrhea.
And, WOW, Stilt... that video is more scary than ALL the slasher/zombie movies combined!
Let me see if I've got the "cast" of "women" (because I saw magilla too) correct... HO-llary, VAJ-ery, NASTY PeGROSI, Debbie WAS-A-MAN Schlitz, and the first HO!
It REALLY wasn't much of a challenge since you depicted them in their natural HO-bitat!

Froaderick Barbarossa said...

You're mean, Doc. You're scaring the kiddies (the "progressives").

Actually the kid in that photo is pretty bright for his age - afraid of O'Bozo The Clown.

Jim Hlavac said...

Eh, so we're living in a "Tales from the Crypt" sort of times ... beheadings at home and abroad, horrible diseases, bombings, shooting down passenger planes - indeed, since 9/11 it has seemed one horror story after the other, and our politicians are running around like scared bunny rabbits with no overarching strategy to deal with anything -- but perhaps to react ineffectively to event after event -- both sides, none are innocent. Meanwhile the script writers, aka the media, keep trying to rewrite everything to fit a narrative that fewer and fewer are buying - both sides. "Low information voters" are legion on both sides.

It's also like a "Tale of Two Cities," with Democrats bleating incessant racism and, when they think about it, homophobia, and always blaming the wrong people for whatever malady occurs, while exonerating culprits. And the Republicans seemingly blaming every problem on gay men (you know, God is punishing everyone.)

Of course, many people think there's going to be some major changes with the upcoming elections - and that's not going to happen. If anything, it'll get worse.

It's like most of the country is zombies on the real issues - while everyone becomes enormously animated on the most ridiculous "problem" ever to face the nation: sissy smooching. Which apparently requires either a Constitutional Amendment to say "no" or Supreme Court decision to say "yes." Of all the absurdities of our times, it's just the biggest silliest one.

Well, I've said it before -- it's another 2 or 3 presidential terms before all this gets straightened out -- which will only come about by giving up the current mindset on nearly every issue that permeates our binary thinking.

Enjoy your candy, it's going to be bumpy ride. Ah, relax, things could be worse: I could be twins! At least I've set up a youtube channel under my name were you can watch me rant with my music playing in the background. :)

Colby Muenster said...

Unconfirmed rumor... This year, the White House is giving trick or treaters $560,000 invoices for their share of the $17 trillion debt.

Colby's Scary-o-Meter:
Nightmare on Elm St. Ho hum.
Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Meh...
Nancy Pelosi. Gaaa!

Pete (Detroit) said...

Going to a party in Ann Arbor (home of U Mich, very liberal town) tonight, think I'll tell people I'm Barack Obama. When they point out "but he's BLACK" I can look at them in disgust "Racist!"

Geoff King said...

I am somehow reminded of an old Star Trek episode guest-starring Frank Gorshin (the Riddler from the original Batman series - yes, I know this dates me). In it, the Enterprise becomes host to two aliens from a planet where all inhabitants are half white and half black, literally, with half of their faces one or the other color. Naturally, those who were black on the right side despised those who were black on the left, and vice versa. The episode made a strong statement about the foolishness of racism. That made me think a similarly colored Ă˜bama mask would be a great thing to wear this Halloween. It would both point out his true racial background, along with his decidedly two-faced policies.

John the Econ said...

@Jim Hlavac, a agree that we won't be seeing much in terms of real "change", no matter how the election turns out. The establishment GOP clearly demonstrated this season that they have no coherent meme beyond "we hate Obama" to run on. To those who say I'm wasting my vote by going third-party, please try to convince me how voting for Republicans who aren't really interested in smaller government, don't care about securing our borders, culture, or heritage is really any better than allowing the Democrats to do what they've been doing since 2006. Any takers?

If the IRS scandal should have taught us anything, it's that the bureaucracy, almost exclusively controlled by progressives, runs the show now. I don't think even a reincarnated Ronald Reagan and Tea Party Congress could do anything to change that now. The could repeal or pass all the laws they want. The Lois Lerners of the bureaucratic establishment will simply ignore them. If they're ever called to answer for their sins, they'll just claim their hard drive crashed and plead the 5th.

So if I were to dress up as the scariest thing I could think of tonight, it would be the "faceless bureaucrat", with unlimited power to screw with your property, liberty, and very life and accountable to absolutely nobody.

DougM said...

Okay, son, that video is now duly stole.

Geoff King said...

@ John the Econ: As you eloquently stated, and to paraphrase Hitlery, what difference does it make if I vote for a Republican or Democrat? They are two sides of the same coin. The two party system has become so entrenched in American politics that neither side can accept an outside point of view. A third party candidate cannot possibly match the campaign funds or political backing of the two controlling and mutually supportive parties. IMHO, those that believe they must vote for one party or the other because that party is the "lesser of two evils" are both delusional and instrumental in the inevitable downfall of our nation. Voting for a third party candidate, although that person has little chance of winning, sends an extremely strong message to the powers that be in Washington that they had better take notice of the public dissatisfaction of the way they have been running things, or even more voters will abandon the status quo parties. I say voting Democrat or Republican is a wasted vote because they already counted on you prior to the election. You are just another number in a predetermined race. However, voting 3rd party is the wild card that both parties fear as it has been proven to change the outcome of an election, far more than any Democratic or Republican vote ever has. In this election, I will be voting for those Libertarian candidates that are running. Otherwise, I will vote against the incumbants - regardless of party affiliation. That is exactly what the in-bed-together two parties do not want, and therefore, is my only possible option.

John the Econ said...

As for the Ebola "panic": I'm not a big conspiracy type, but is it possible that the Ebola "panic" is actually a distraction from both a bigger problem, and an even bigger Obama fail?


The very odd emergence of this virus at this time – especially just prior to the new school year and now fueled by the congregation of children in schools – demands an explanation. The only plausible one is that this has been brought here from south of the – now non-existent – border.

Even though the threat from Ebola is real and likely greater than the "experts" have tried to make us believe, far more people have become sick and died from the "mystery" virus likely coming from the south, not Africa.

As I've said before, the moment that a hapless American child dies from Ebola, Obama would be politically toast. And yet, American children have already died from this new mystery virus now spreading through the schools.

So yes, I imagine that there are a lot of political operatives who'd much prefer that we remain fixated on Ebola instead of this disease that is already running lose in the US, and is the direct fault of this Administration's failed immigration non-policy.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Geoff King- The secret to getting your head to fit in there is lots and lots of practice. The Dems have had years of it.

@TrickyRicky- Pelosi was unchanged because, when it comes to zombies, you don't mess with perfection.

@Anonymous- Actually, at the back door it's a dingleberry.

@Bruce Bleu- Actually, I like to think of the kid in the Obama mask as being a little conservative making a smart point: so many awful things, and they all end up wearing the same face.

@Froaderick Barbarossa- Kids have a natural fear of clowns. I wish more voters did...

@Jim Hlavac- I wish I thought that Tuesday's election was going to make a big change for the better, but I don't. Mind you, retaking the Senate would be a great thing - but I think we're about to see Executive Orders Gone Wild.

@Colby Muenster- I wish the White House was giving out those invoices! By comparison, razor blades in apples aren't so scary.

@Pete(Detroit)- "I'm his white half."

@Geoff King- I remember that episode well. The message wasn't exactly subtle, but it was right on target.

@John the Econ- Fortunately, here in Texas there are Republicans I can actually feel good about voting for, so I don't have to face a third-party conundrum. That being said, I'd still advise voting for Republican senators at the very least in hopes of blowing Harry Reid out of his position of power.

@DougM- Stolen? Nah, it's a trick or treat gift! And thanks for sharing! (Reminder - go check out DougM's reliably great conservative stuff over at!)

@Geoff King- You certainly make a plausible case for going the third-party route. And I'll note that I've been inundated with GOP requests for donations in the past months, and I respond to each (at least here in my office) with the phrase "blow me!"

This is especially true after the mainstream GOP funneled money into defeating Tea Party candidates in the primaries.

@John the Econ- This is a hugely under-reported story. We already knew that a lot of the kids streaming over the border were sick and poorly screened. We then found out that they were being sent to "undisclosed locations" all around the country. And now we're getting nasty disease clusters.

And it certainly seems possible that there are political games being played to use Ebola to divert our attention from this serious medical problem.

While I usually try to avoid wearing a Reynolds Wrap Chapeau, nurse Kaci Hickox has done a nice job of capturing multiple news cycles...but her story is really starting to get suspicious. There are reports that she is either a recent or current employee of the CDC (in "intelligence," no less) and her new lawyer is a White House visitor.

And is Obama confident about attacking quarantine policies because he knows more than he's letting on - like (and this is only speculation) that Hickox was never exposed directly to any Ebola patients at all? It would certainly explain her attitude.

The whole thing stinks on ice.

James Childress said...

Ah dammit, I was eating when I clicked on the Walking Dems video. This one needs a warning label.