Friday, November 7, 2014

Hard of Hearing

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Election Day is over, the 57 states have spoken, and Barack Hussein Obama won by a landslide. At least, that's what the voices in his head are telling him when they're not saying things like "that dog looks tasty" or "let's go golf."

Speaking at a press conference to give his unique, and quite possibly psychotic, perspective on the Republican electoral blowout on Tuesday, Obama said "To everyone who voted, I want you to know that I hear you. To the TWO THIRDS of voters who chose not to participate in the process yesterday, I hear you too."

But what, other than the fact that the Secret Service should start carrying butterfly nets, did he mean with that statement?

Translation: "If you voted, you lost - because you're in the tiny minority. If you didn't vote, you win - because you're in the great big majority. And I hear your message loud and clear: you hate Republicans but you refused to vote for those heretical Democrat candidates who denied that I am the way, the truth, and the life!"

Put another way, Obama is claiming support not only from everyone who voted Democrat, but from everyone who didn't vote at all. Including the countless pixies, elves, and unicorns that dance in his noggin.

Still, he offered a few conciliatory words to the Republicans, saying "I'll work with them when I can," i.e. when Hell freezes over. And he also says that if the Republicans don't want him to issue a raft of Executive Orders, he'll be perfectly happy not to use them...if the GOP just gives him everything he wants.

But despite these bold bipartisan efforts to reach across the aisle, the president is also willing to go it alone on critically important matters like granting amnesty to the millions of people (including criminals, rapists, and scabies-infested gang members) who have flooded across our southern border.  In Obama's words, "to those who chose not to participate in the process of legal immigration, I hear you."

Okay, he didn't actually say those words. But we're pretty sure that at least one of the shrieking voices in his head did.


Grumpy Curmudgeon said...

I think I'll repeat the words of another sage regarding 'Battleground Texas' - "The chances of changing Texas 'Blue' is the same as a guy hitting on a lesbian." In my complex we have a 'person' who has plastered her car with Abortion Barbie, Texas Blue, etc. stickers - I swear it is all I can do not to scribe "LOSER" on her rear window.

Texas Senate 10 came through and corrected the 'Wendy Davis' error and elected Konni Burton - I've met the lady and she is the greatest representative of conservative values.

Fiftyville said...

"To the TWO THIRDS of voters who chose not to participate in the process yesterday, I hear you too."

Do you suppose he was talking to the dead? Not in Chicago, of course. THEY vote no matter what.

Geoff King said...

Øbutthead also said: “I’m pretty sure I’ll take some actions that some in Congress will not like,” he said. “That’s natural.”
“That’s how our democracy works.”

You would think that the President of the United States of America should be one person who knows that our country is a republic, not a democracy.

Mike aka Proof said...

Barack hears his imaginary friends.

Geoff King said...

P.S. In any event, what his comments imply is neither a republic nor a democracy. It is a dictatorship.

George in Houtx said...

ain't it just a little strange that those who did NOT vote seem to have a voice in this matter? granted, the voice they have is only in dear leader's head. for those who still doubt, when someone has been so thoroughly repudiated, and then to act like he won big time, .... narcissist barely measures up to THAT level. well, we have 2 years to go! that is if we assume that he doesn't pull some shenanigans and make himself president for life. this sounds a lot like what an old Irishman told me was "Irish foreplay" ...... "brace yerself"

Bruce Bleu said...

I'll never forget what lamont said when he was asked to dialog with Republicans in 2009 regarding things he didn't want... "Hey... uhhhhh we uhhhhh WON, you uhhhhhh LOST!" Bipartisan my furry corpulent ASS. I say we BURY lamont under copious amounts of TRUTH and REALITY!!! Find out what the voters WANT, propose a bill, and let lamont VETO it in FULL DAYLIGHT. THAT ought to make his bony little butt PUCKER!!! (Well, at least consider it as Reggie Love's birthday present.)

John the Econ said...

How ungrateful America is to this man. Those who bothered to vote clearly rejected him. We simply do not deserve him, and yet he still fights for us (and those who didn't even bother to vote) and will continue to do what he thinks is best, no matter what we think, say or do. He really is god-like, at least in his own mind.

...and that of the MSM, which apparently still believes and is already scolding the GOP and telling them that they need to give Obama what he wants for the good of the country and the vast majority of non-voters who obviously do still support him, even if they couldn't bother to show up at the polls because something better was on TV that night.

All of this just reinforces the argument I been making for a few years now: It really doesn't matter anymore who we elect. The bureaucracy is now openly run by Progressives, and will only respond to Progressive whistles. The GOP is powerless to stop this, and I'm pretty sure they don't want to, since the establishment types honestly believe they can manage it to their own benefit. They never seem to learn.

Joseph ET said...

When I watched the POTUS at his news conference on Nov 5th the first word to come to mind was “delusional.” What planet is he living on? This reminds me of Don Quixote’s completely delusional view of the world. And everyone else pays the price for it. He thinks that he alone is going to save America from disaster. Someone needs to tell the democrats that “elections have consequences” they lost this one and any and all comprise must be from the democrat losers.

TrickyRicky said...

Delusional, petulant, authoritarian, narcissistic man-child. For the next twenty-four months he will be as dangerous as a cornered badger with an ass full of buckshot, particularly until the new Congress is seated. The plus side is that every day he shows more of his true self for everyone to see. The mask is coming off, although most of us who frequent this blog were never fooled. The meme going forward for the left will be that he is an aberration, and that the NEXT socialist dear leader will finally get it right. We must not let that become accepted wisdom. Dog eater did not make the current viciously socialist version of the Democrat party. They made him. He is who they are. We must not personalize what is in reality a generally held worldview on the left.

Cat Whisperer said...

For some reason President Radar-Ears can’t hear the 52% percent of likely voters who disapprove of the job he is doing.

Bill said...


I did not receive your emails for November 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 2014 until today, November 7, 2014.

Since I've been subscribed for a while, I'm probably not the only member of your list who was blocked from receiving your very important pre-election day messages?

Just thought I'd let you know.

Thank you,
Bill Moore

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Grumpy Curmudgeon- In my neck of Texas, the idea of the state turning blue is beyond laughable.

@Fiftyville- The only way to hear from a lot of voters in Chicago is to use a Ouija board.

@Geoff King- I wouldn't think this president would know it. "Constitutional scholar" my rear end...

@Proof- Seriously, the man is certifiable.

@Geoff King- I heard a pundit saying that Barry's view of how to wield power would set the founding fathers spinning in their graves. I think we should hook turbines to their coffins to generate electricity. It's a longshot, but it has a better chance of working than any of Barry's other "green energy" projects.

@George in Houtx- The idea that non-voters delivered a message as meaningful as that delivered by the voters is repugnant (and creepy). It negates the whole idea of voting.

@Bruce Bleu- I heard the idea floated on Limbaugh's show yesterday that the GOP only pass bills which enjoy the support of 60% of the country, and put those bills on Barry's desk along with the research showing the popularity with the public. Make him pay for the things he vetoes.

@John the Econ- Much like "radical Islamists" (a term Barry will never actually utter), I think he now sees actual voters as a radical fringe in our country; people who not only have beliefs but act on them in dangerous ways.

And while your bleak analysis about the likelihood of positive change is probably accurate, I'm at least consoling myself with the idea that some good will likely come out of these elections, if only at the state level. And who knows - maybe someone on the national stage will surprise us for the better. If it happens, I hope I'm sitting down.

@Joseph ET- I like the "Don Quixote" comparison and think it's exactly right. Although rather than tilting at windmills, Barry is (over)funding them.

@TrickyRicky- Even with Barry's mask coming off, the MSM and the Left still characterize his myriad failures as GOP obstructionism or trying to cope with insurmountable problems created by George W Bush.

And you're correct that the Left will continue to think socialism will work next time; it just keeps stumbling on those pesky freedoms in this country.

@Cat Whisperer- Perhaps it's because he has his fingers in his ears and is sing-songing "La la la!" as loudly as he can.

@Bill- I'm not sure why the emails were delayed, but you should also be aware that I don't send out emails every day. They come out on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and really only serve as a reminder to folks to get over here and look at the cartoons, the editorial, and the comments.

And sometimes I'll either forget to send out the email, or will just skip it if I feel like the cartoon du jour is only "so-so" (that's how averse to spam I am).

Although happily, I seem to be a tougher judge of my own work than a lot of other people. Sometimes I'll think I barely got a base hit, and then others say it was a home run.

By the way, I occasionally DO post a bonus cartoon or graphic over on the Hope n' Change Facebook page, so if any of you readers are on Facebook, you may want to "like" the page!

Colby Muenster said...

Ya know, it's really freaking scary to realize that, in all likelyhood, O'Liar actually believes his "2/3 still worship me" fantasy. So what does that say about the 2/3 of people who didn't vote when he ran for president twice? But wait... using his logic, I'll boldy declare that 2/3 of the people did NOT want him for president, in addition to the roughly 48-49% who voted for McCain or Romney. If there are 200 million registered voters, 165 million did not want him as president (using his illogical logic, and if I did the math right).

This guy is bat shit crazy. I think Chewbacca's been slipping mercury into his food.

Rod said...

There have been many BO descriptors, “slow learner” being one of the earlier & milder ones. It's becoming clear a clinical diagnosis is in order. He’s apparently in good physical condition, so in the least it's termed Narcissistic Personality Disorder; and that is indeed a psychosis. Like his politics or not, the nation has a big problem with this guy.

Jim Hlavac said...

Well, he wouldn't be the first president to refer to the silent majority -- there's always Nixon.

You know, there is a theory that says those who don't vote like it just the way it is. There's also some rational basis in the idea that an individual vote doesn't matter, so they rationally ignore it all. Here's the way one sage columnist put it ...

He's not the only one with that take. It doesn't matter because nothing will change. There's lots of good ideas that run around, and what we're going to keep is the what exists. Sure, a "fair tax" or a "flat tax" would be great ... and it has zero ability to become real and the IRS disbanded -- for the mindset prevailing rather likes the IRS. Virtually no law affecting economics, social policy, regulations of business or the financial sector, or health care, has ever been repealed. There have only been four sets of law ever repealed, and each brought more social liberty, if not economic liberty: Slavery, Prohibition, and now marijuana and laws against gays.

This president is dangerous not only because of his policies, but because he operate within a system long created that gives him endless power to do it. The next president is going to have even more power. For the laws that are not repealed are those which create bureaucracies to rule our lives and fortunes, even if we're free to smoke a joint to forget about it. And this mindset is not ending anytime soon -- and 2/3rds of the people know it, feel it, and so act on it, by not voting.

And this president and his advisors know this well ... and alas, has the power to do something about it. And short of the Republicans simply refusing to fund the government agencies, they will trundle along right on over us, like a rope cart to the gallows.

Judi King said...

There is always low voter turn out in every election. I didn't hear anything about it from the "dic" in 2012 when Romney lost. Maybe all the non-voters that year really liked Romney. Only the people who care who runs this country will ever vote and the opinion of the rest is irrelevant. As for "dic", he needs a reality check.

Judi King said...

Sorry Colby, I posted before I read yours. Pretty much what I had to say. And Rod, I do believe he has many mental illnesses. Yes, we do have a problem.

Colby Muenster said...

Oh, and we had a record mid-term voter turnout in North Carolina. How would President O'Delusional explain that? It's a rhetorical question; I really don't want to know the answer.

Shelly said...

Before the election, I got a post in my Facebook newsfeed promoting the Democrats in Collin County, Texas (a very small organization, I would suspect). This was a promoted post (i.e., bought) and the comment section was awash with awe of Wendy Davis and desire to turn Texas blue. I posted a comment to the effect that if they wanted to live in a blue area, why not move to Detroit and not ruin our state. A couple of days later, the post showed up again. My comment had been deleted, of course. Another example of liberal tolerance, I guess.

Skeptical Voter said...

I dunno---"that Obama looks tasty"?

Maybe in cannibal ville.

Grumpy Curmudgeon said...

@Stilton: We're in the same neck of the woods - SD10 is our district, though I'll never understand how Abortion Barbie ever got elected, but Konni is our TX State Senator now, and thank God that Libby Willis (hand picked by the Davis campaign) went down in flames. I'm just getting my kicks at the many circular firing squads taking aim.

Anonymous said...

Stilt, I'm pleasantly surprised it was not always necessary but since you've recently made the change to stop "open posting"; could you be more specific about the problem? Has HnC been discovered by more "progressive" brat-bullies who are acting poorly; is it or own behaving poorly, or other?

PRY said...

He and his policies were rejected Tuesday? Really? Well, we all KNOW they were...and so does he, but, folks, we got a guy here who JUST DOES NOT CARE!

Really, we have been witness to some straaaange characters in our time, but this bird really takes the cake! And, it's a bit hard to just scoff at his arrogant audacity, but, hey, I don't know about you, but I take his BS personal!

How dare he dally with OUR freedom, OUR health, OUR kids' futures, OUR economy, OUR HOME! He is as cowardly or more so than the most vile middle eastern terrorist! They sneak around and kill you...Obama simply lies to your face with that damn smuggish grin on his, just like every COMMIE DEMOCRAT we see on the news each day! God help us!

I believe HE will!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Colby Muenster- I think Barry starts with the presumption that all sane people worship him and his policies, and he then mangles any evidence to the contrary until it fits his fantasies.

Or, as you put it, he's bat shit crazy.

@Rod- In complete seriousness, I've considered Barry to have one or more serious pathological personality disorders for years. Look at his horrendous and chaotic early years, his rejection by a black father, and the alienation he felt when being raised completely apart from any black community. I think it unhinged him and left him very angry. He more or less says so in his autobiographies.

@Jim Hlavac- Well put, throughout. I think a number of people voted for Republicans not so much because they think the GOP can make things better, but they hope they can make things get worse a little more slowly.

@Judi King- I am sure to the soles of my shoes that Barry believes the low voter turnout was because so many Democrats on the ballot ran from him like he had Ebola.

@Colby Muenster- Clearly it was some kind of racism or fraud or something. I'm sure Eric Holder is sending a squad of investigators even now.

@Shelly- Collin County, huh? Hi, neighbor! I got a couple of those sponsored ads for Wendy, too. In fact, I clicked on them repeatedly in hopes that each click would cost her campaign some money.

@Skeptical Voter- As the old joke goes: "I hate Obama!" "Then just eat the noodles."

@Grumpy- My favorite part of this election (other than winning, of course) is hearing the Dems try to make sense of it - or simply weeping and whining.

@Anonymous- As nearly as I can tell, there was only one sad and uninformed troll who was crashing the party. But he/she/it was so vile and so consistent about making personal attacks that I decided I didn't want any of my readers to have to worry about being targeted.

People with opposing political views are still very welcome to post comments. I've initiated moderating only to ensure that things stay civil - not to limit differences of opinion.

@PRY- I do take a lot of the bad-mouthing from this president and his cronies personally. Very personally.

I'm tired of being attacked by the government because of my race, my sex, my age, my patriotism, my values, my self-reliance, and my abiding respect for the Constitution.

Geoff King said...

Ya know, I have never considered myself racist in the past. However if Øbama, Holder, Jackson, and Sharpton are the best that the Black race has to offer - as the liberals would have us believe - I must now seriously reconsider my position on the matter.

newkirk dirk said...

Don't bother explaining anything to the democrats. Don't waste a moment's thought on those losers. Just get right to work doing the people's business.

Start by passing a whirlwind of single issue bills through both houses so that aka obama would be forced to veto them individually and very publicly and very explicitly reveal his toxic hatred of America. Force recalcitrant dems to oppose a veto override on each one so that they, too, will seal their doom with the American people come next election. Move quickly and be aggressive. Don't bother trying to work with the other side - the mandate is to stop them, using a steamroller if that is what it takes.

Immediately greenlight the Keystone pipeline. This is a no-brainer that would set the tone of things to come.

Defund obamacare, then repeal it completely (two distinct actions).

Stop amnesty. Fund boarder security. Ban moslem immigration altogether and immediately eject all moslem non-citizens. Blockade Ebola country flights.

Immediately disarm all feral government agencies except the boarder patrol and the FBI. Bureaucratic agencies have no business creating their own mini armies and Gestapo-like storm troopers. Take away all their hardware and ammo and make it illegal for them to be armed (if they need enforcement, let them go to local law enforcement, the states or the FBI, in that order).

Defund and kill Common Core. Get the feral government out of public education altogether (except indirectly via stipends to the children of indigent parents). Let parents choose schools by voting with their tuition dollars and their feet.

Implement a flat tax and defund and kill the IRS (and remove all their pensions and other parasitic perks).

Defund and dismantle out-of-control feral government agencies such as the EPA and the Bureau of Land Management.

This is just a starter list, but if aka obama wishes to continue with his anti-American agenda, make him have to do so on individual issues veto by veto so he can't hide behind bundled legislation and claim he didn't know what he was doing or his hand was forced. Make him show his evil or cave to the white-hat, good guy conservatives just trying to save America.

Bill said...

Hello Newkirk Dirk,

Your list is the most wonderful thing I have seen for a while.

It needs to get legs and get to the newly elected folks in the house and senate.

Thank you for creating it.

Bill Moore

John the Econ said...

How about that? 2 days after the election, we learn that we're sending troops back to Iraq.

Hey Obama-base, pissed-off yet? Know you know how we've been feeling for the last 6 years!

Grumpy Curmudgeon said...

@Newkirk Dirk: Love 'The List'and totally agree. If you don't mind, I'll put it up on my blog (with your credit) when I revamp it from taking back Congress to looking towards 2016, think I'll also forwarded it to my congresscritters.

@Geoff King: I was never raised as a racist, nor did I ever consider myself one, however, considering the characters you mentioned, plus the Furgueson/St. Louis/Trayvon Martin, etc.,Mobs, Nagin, Jessie Jackson Jr, Sheila Jackson Lee, Maxine Waters etc.(the list is long and distinguished), and the thousands of gimmie stuff voters, maybe the good 'ol boys had the right idea with poll taxes, etc. I've often thought the best way to stem illegal voting was to have to have to show a 1040 where you're not someone's dependent, and get rid of these corrupt voting machines - go back to paper ballots.

Grumpy Curmudgeon said...

@newdirk Kirk: Also I would add, how come just after the election:
1) Obama is sending 1500 more combat troops to Iraq w/o Congressional approval? (Brings the total now close to 6,000 if you include the Marine Expeditionary Brigade on float off the coast).
2) The actual number of illegal alien criminals let into this country.
3) The IRS admitting to a Federal Judge they never bothered to look for Lerner’s emails.
4) The recent email dump that ties Holder directly to the Fast & Furious cover up.
5) Why it took till election eve to free the Marine in Mexico?

Grumpy Curmudgeon said...

I think it's about time to contact our state legislators and demand a change to the State DPS Driver's license laws where they can not accept a California Drivers License as a proof of citizenship.

CA To Issue Drivers Licenses to Illegals

newkirk dirk said...


Re-post, my friend, no credit needed...just get the word out.

Great blog, btw

Judi King said...

Dittos to newkirk dirk and Bill. Great list!

Judi King said...

For a new perspective: Google ...List of African-American Republicans. Click on first link (Wikipedia). An amazing list.

Wahoo said...

Note the return of those arabic design curtains (instead of the US flag) as the backdrop of Barry's press conferences.

Grumpy Curmudgeon said...

Obama nominee for AG represented the Clintons during Whitewater - no surprise there that we might get an AG that would actually do something (I must be off my meds to think that).

Loretta Lynch Represented Clintons During Whitewater

Geoff King said...

Here in Arizona, voters passed a proposition that basically tells the feds to go to hell:
The Constitution is alive and well in this state anyway.