Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas Shocking

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Sometimes it takes two seemingly unrelated news stories to tell the whole story. 

In this case, the first story is about a Census Bureau study which shows 65% of kids in America are in homes receiving aid from federal programs. And the second story is about Barack Obama winging his way to Hawaii ("The Least Christmassy State in America!") for yet another insanely expensive 17-day vacation and choom fest.

The Census Bureau report is based on statistics from 2011 - meaning that the actual numbers are probably even worse now. But it's shocking and depressing to think that the majority of kids in America are now being brought up with the expectation that nothing is more normal than needing and receiving a government payout. That's a mindset which suggests a very bleak future for those kids and our country.

Meanwhile, the president who has tirelessly devoted himself to gutting the middle class and turning America's citizenry into indentured servants is still living like a king (Kamehameha, to be exact) on our tax dollars.

We wish we had a snappy punchline with which to wrap up the commentary today, but those statistics have sapped our sense of humor. Maybe we need a 17-day luxury vacation...


Geoff King said...

According to, they have already flown a replica of the White House fence and the Resolute Desk to Hawaii for the Emperor's vacation. Evidently they have no fences or desks on the island:
I especially like the picture of Ă˜bastard having a Mai Tai with that traitor John Boehner prior to his departure.

REM1875 said...

Well all of the top families in dee cee are hooked on govt largess, why shouldn't everone else be?

REM1875 said...

I mean come on govt welfare is not just for the poor. There is a whole class of crony capitalist, elitist, wealthy socialist and politicians who enjoy a govt funds so why not let a few crumbs fall from the table for the rest of us.
Let's not be too stingy with someone elses money.

TrickyRicky said...

Two words....rogue wave.

American Cowboy said...


Sue Nahmi?

Froaderick Barbarossa said...

"Progressives" are thugs, murderers, thieves, and Neanderthals (I should a modicum of respect by capitalizing 'neanderthal').

Obama and his kind (lest I be called "racist", I am referring to the aforementioned thugs) want to turn us into that same smarmy mess that is the EU.

"The urge to 'save' humanity is really the false-face of the urge to control humanity." - Mencken

Maybe a volcano will consume this low-life dictator we call presidente?

Fred Ciampi said...

Louis the XVI and Marie Antoinette all over again......

Bruce Bleu said...

Why can't lamont try surfing a lava flow? Maybe he could go to an amusement park where one of the "rides" is a wood-chipper. (hey... I'D be 'amused'")
When are his old drug-dazed buddies going to convert the official mode of transportation into the "choom limousine"? (Silly me... it's probably already happened.)
He most likely rides in "Choomper One" and on "Air Choom One" also.
Al Not-so-sharpton has probably slept in the Linc-choom bedroom, and lamont thinks that Joseph and Mary detoured to the stable because there was "no choom in the Inn".

David in SoCal said...

If Hawaii wasn't such a HUGE welfare state, the enraged populace would,(in my dreams), sacrifice Ochoomba to Pele. But like all other gubment subsidized losers, they idolize him like the rock star he thinks he is.
Just heard on the news that His Ineptness has traded 3 Cuban criminals for one American held in Cuba. Whatta deal. And now, to further distract the American populace, and possibly to import MORE liberal votes, and definitely spend more tax payer billions; Oshitferbrains announces he will reopen relations with Cuba. Are you cucking fidding me? Another perfect example of this commie sympathizer kissing the ass of another despot dictator, except this time he's actually sucking the 'Cohiba Rosa' of Raul Castro. Just when you think 'stupid' has reached a new height, he raises the bar again.
'Bout time to water the trees again.

Colby Muenster said...

Whenever O'Liar goes on one of his monthly vacations, I get this conflicted feeling. Half of me is outraged at the extravagance and tone deafness, and the other half fervently prays the asswipe just STAYS there.

Imagine how much better off our country would be if we could just get this bastard to stay the hell away. Absolutely, positively well worth a $million a day!!

Hell, we could pay the little tyrant a $billion a day and we'd still be way ahead. He could buy all the choom in Hawaii, we could maybe pay the bills for a change... everybody wins.

Froaderick Barbarossa said...


Was: "I should a modicum of respect ..."

Is: "I showed a modicum of respect ..."

Spell-checkers were invented by ignorant "progressives" who do not know how to spell, much less anything else except to say "Give me! - I'm a victim!"

John the Econ said...

One of the memes the Democrat machine has been pushing since the election is how great the economy is doing (proven by a record-level stock market, that mainly benefits "the rich") and how many new jobs there are out there.

Every time I see this, I ask the same question: If the economy is so great, then why are there still record numbers of people on food stamps, disability, and other welfare programs? It seems incongruent to argue the first while acknowledging the other.

The response is usually something like "Well, the recover isn't perfect, but considering how Bush left things..."

Of course, this was a trick question. Progressives cannot reconcile these two things with a straight face. But I can. It's all by design. We aren't living a "recovery"; we're living "the new normal".

The Democrats have wholly owned "the poor" since the explosion of welfare in the wake of Johnson's "Great Society". But that's not enough, because America is still too successful for there to be enough of "the poor" to swing any election. They need to own the finicky middle class as well. That is why over the last quarter century we've been seeing the gradual expansion of government programs that were formerly exclusively for "the poor" inch their way into the lives of what we would have used to call the "middle class". For example, families in many states that make close to $100,000-a-year now qualify for Medicaid, school lunches and other forms of "assistance". I myself, who considers himself "affluent" now has ObamaCare! The ultimate goal is to assimilate most, if not all, of the middle class into some form of government dependency. This will assure big government politicians (Both Democrat and Republican) control over nearly everyone, as well as to finally achieve a near-classless society as "the poor" and "middle class" are more closely merged into one theoretically-united class.

I wish it was only food stamps and school lunches that these kids are being raised on. On my local radio station, I've been hearing this PSA for the "selective service", listing all of the things that 18-year-olds will not be eligible for if they fail to sign up within 30 days of their birthday; student loans & grants, job training, government jobs, etc; all stuff I turned down as an 18-year-old, but stuff that today's 18-year-olds have been raised to consider as indispensable.

On another angle of this story, do notice that the vast majority of the children on these programs are living in single parent households. I've long taken the unpopular and politically incorrect stand that single parenthood (especially by choice) is not economically or socially viable. This is not even debatable. And yet, we'll continue with programs that make such poverty inevitable.

John the Econ said...

On a totally unrelated topic, these got my blood boiling yesterday:

First, was the concern of the MSM and government in Sydney not for the victims of Man Haron Monis, but over they hypothetical backlash against other Muslim extremists.

First of all, most "backlash" against Muslims in the west is almost exclusively perpetrated by other Muslims, not the straight-white-makes the media fantasizes about.

Second, WTF was this nutcase, who was already well known to the government to be an extremist doing out on bail for being an accessory to murder of his ex-wife and had 30 sexual and indecent assault charges pending?

The police had a sniper with a clean shot on the guy, and didn't authorize the shot!

Oh, and apparently Monis had a gun license in a country that has effectively outlawed guns! So you and I would be disarmed, but they're happy to dispense licenses to known deranged Islamic antifascists who molest people and kill their ex-wives?

Meanwhile on the topic of the "Religion of Peace":

"TALIBAN insurgents have killed at least 141 people, most of them children, after storming an army-run school in Pakistan’s deadliest ever terror attack."

In one room, a teacher was set aflame and the children were forced to watch her burn to death, before they too were all shot.

And yet still, the elite multiculturalist left would prefer that we focus on the "humanity" of the Taliban too.

I'm sorry, but there is absolutely no "humanity" to be found in any monster who'd set another human being on fire to watch die, and then killing a room full of kids while yelling "allahu akbar". And putting ones emotions and intellect on a search for such humanity while ignoring the victims of such evil is both intellectually retarded and near as evil.

PRY said...

My friends, we are witness to one of the most immoral, unehtical, immodest, self-centered, and yes, unholy people ever to gain power over others. This list would include Hitler, Pol Pot, Stalin, Marx, James Jones (the Jamestown suicides), Charles Manson, and anyone else you might want to name to this infamous list of cretins who will burn forever for their actions.

Now, wanna know how I REALLY feel?!

David in SoCal said...

OH, I forgot to mention the Cuban thugs traded for 1 American, are responsible for 4 American deaths. I'm sure that makes a wet spot in dear leader's mom jeans.....

Barry Soetoro will rot in hell for what he has done to U.S.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Geoff King- That's a pretty funny website!

@REM1875- Exactly; rich or poor, the government wants you at the trough because that's what will keep them in power.

@TrickyRicky- Hey, we can dream.

@American Cowboy- I was once in Hawaii when they had a 6.0 earthquake. I quickly sought high ground in case of a tsunami. Sure enough, the water level rose two inches - albeit not on my side of the island.

My wife still laughs at my caution.

@Froaderick Barbarossa- Excellent and accurate quote by Mencken. And regarding volcanoes, I don't think there's much activity on Oahu just now. Though maybe if we start praying to Madame Pele right now...

@Fred Ciampi- That would make us the peons. Because they peon us.

@Bruce Bleu- Ooh, "No choom at the inn" is a line I wish I'd thought of. Wonder if it's on the official White House "holiday" card this year?

@David in SoCal- Hawaii is a huge welfare state. And as I've repeated many times, a few years ago a study found Hawaii to be the number one state in "access to healthcare" because so many people were on social programs. The problem: doctors were flooding out of the state because they couldn't afford to practice. A high-ranking doctor called the resulting conditions "third world" at the time - and all of this predates Obamacare.

It turns out that the study's definition of "access" only meant to coverage, not actual treatment. Hard to believe that Hawaiian Barry didn't know that.

As far as the Cuba trade goes, it's bad - and it's insane that Barry is normalizing relations with Cuba instead of Israel.

@Colby Muenster- The best money this country could ever spend would be to keep Barry on the golf course for the next two years.

@Froaderick Barbarossa- You're just trying to call attention to the fact that you used the word "modicum."

@John the Econ- I need to find another word other than "exactly" to respond to your posts (grin).

But yes- the growing number of people getting payouts from federal programs isn't about anything other than pumping up the numbers and conditioning millions of people to accept that "new normal" you refer to.

And the government is taking the place of the family breadwinner(s), and destroying families in the process. The stats in the study I linked to are a knife in my heart. No good can come of this, and I don't know how we can turn it around.

Regarding the Sydney terrorist and the Taliban slaughter of innocents in Pakistan, we need to start calling out evil as EVIL instead of the pansy ass PC tiptoeing this administration insists on. Radical Islam needs to be treated as the cancer it is.

@PRY- It's hard to know just exactly how much damage Obama has done to our nation because A) he's not done and B) the effects of his actions will stretch far into the future. He is a disaster of genuinely historic proportion - by design and intent.

Colby Muenster said...

By the way... Stilton, how did the adventure in plumbing go?

John the Econ said...

Another topic: Hollywood Surrenders to North Korea without an actual shot fired.

I've long argued that being a "post-modern liberal" is the most gutless choice you can make in life. Liberalism demands little of substance from you, and yet delivers an instant sense of moral superiority and entitlement.

Nowhere is this vacuousness as evident as it is in Hollywood, which just surrendered to North Korea over the whole "The Interview" fiasco.

Mark Steyn said it better than I could yesterday:

"I wouldn't mind but this is the same industry that congratulates itself endlessly - not least in its annual six-hour awards ceremony - on its artists' courage and bravery. Called on to show some for the first time in their lives, they folded like a cheap suit. As opposed to the bank-breaking suit their lawyers advised them they'd be looking at if they released the film and someone put anthrax in the popcorn. I think of all the occasions in recent years when I've found myself sharing a stage with obscure Europeans who've fallen afoul of Islam - Swedish artists, Danish cartoonists, Norwegian comediennes, all of whom showed more courage than these Beverly Hills bigshots."

And yet it's the Hollywood types that the left sympathizes with versus the real free-speech patriots who literally do risk their very lives by speaking out against global injustice. For those people, the enlightened left seeks to ban them from even speaking at their venues.

So I guess just like with Islam, it's no longer PC to make films that are anything less than flattering about North Korea. So chalk another safe villain of the list. We're now down to middle-aged white males, conservatives, Christians, Germans (but only if they're Nazis) and newly-re-added Jews.

This is how the totalitarians are going to take over the world by the middle of the century; we're going to let them, without firing a shot. And the left is going to give accolades to themselves for letting it happen so bloodlessly.

Colby Muenster said...

@John the Econ,
Hollywood is the center of the hypocrisy universe.

They will glady trash conservatives, shred The Constitution, belittle Christians, defend rapists ("but was it RAPE rape?), ridicule rural America... But take a stand against a corrupt communist government who treats it's citizens like dirt, like Cuba or N. Korea? Forbid the thought!

Their stars will blame gun owners for violence and lobby to ban all guns... except theirs of course.

They will place the wealthy into the same category as Satan himself, all the while raking in millions of their own.

They will lobby for higher taxes for everyone but them.

They will scold us for "warming the planet," then fly off on their Gulfstream to a waiting Rolls Royce.

They will sing the praises of Common Core for YOUR kids; their kids go to private schools.

I really think McCarthy maybe had the right idea!

Geoff King said...

I was in Home Depot today and a little old (Hispanic) lady with a cane asked me if I could hand her a can of gold spray paint off of the shelf right next to me. Normally I would not have hesitated, but since the First Ladyboy now calls that a racist act, I felt obligated to beat her with her own cane:
NO, I DIDN'T! I immediately used my 6'4" of height to help a fellow human being. Michael Obama, being 5'11", should be used to people asking he(r) to reach for things for them by now, one would think.

Geoff King said...

P.S. As the average male height in the U.S. is around 5'10", and the person who claims to be the president's wife not only beats that but surpasses the average female height by well over 6", I do not believe that (s)he should complain when people ask for help in reaching for things unless it can be proven an act of "vertical discrimination" (I think I just made that term up). That would be similar to asking a dwarf to pick something up off the floor because he is closer, which may upset him and we all know that 6 out of 7 dwarfs are not Happy.

John the Econ said...

It's interesting to see many Hollywood celebrities now condemning Sony's cave-in to wanna-be terrorist sensors. Welcome to the club guys, but Hollywood itself has been censoring for decades now. It's just that the censorship hasn't been happening to the "cool" and "hip". Perhaps this will wake up some people.

Can't believe that for once, I agree with Micheal Moore, who tweeted: "Dear Sony Hackers: now that u run Hollywood, I'd also like less romantic comedies, fewer Michael Bay movies and no more Transformers." Amen. When Mrs. Econ & I are in the mood for a movie, we're amazed by the vast quantity of content and amount of money spent by Hollywood to produce absolutely nothing that we're even remotely interested in seeing. Tens-of-thousands of hours of content produced annually, and yet we're usually stuck going home to watch old classics on Netflix.

Although I do have to give praise to the Texas-based Alamo Drafthouse movie theater, which will be screening "Team America: World Police" as a substitute for "The Interview."

JustaJeepGuy said...

So, Hawaii has the most people with health care "insurance" but no actual health care because they won't allow doctors to actually make any money? Is there anyone (who isn't a brain-dead liberal moron) who couldn't see this coming? Is it just not possible to get a brain-dead liberal moron to understand that their dream world can never come to pass when real people are involved? Why do I bother to ask such questions?

NemoMeImpuneLacessit said...

Sapphire and the Kingfish ... plus Algonquin J. Holder.