Friday, January 9, 2015

Non-Prophet Organization

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By now, the entire world knows about the horrific terrorist killings at the offices of satirical publication Charlie Hebdo in Paris, France.

And thanks to the actions of the incestuous pinheaded pedophiles who committed the atrocity,  millions upon millions of people have now seen the cartoons which dared not only to depict Mohammed, but to satirize - and thus challenge - dangerous Islamic extremism. When these murderous dimwits enter the hereafter (which can't possibly happen soon enough), we're guessing that they're more likely to get an eternal ass-chewing rather than virgins.

Unfortunately, a disturbing number of national and international news sources are actually attacking the victims - saying that the cartoonists "should have known better" than to deliberately provoke radical Islam's "mad dogs."  But that misses the important point which the satirists at Charlie Hebdo died making: it's a big freaking problem to have mad dogs taking over your streets and cities. 

Disclaimer time: No, not every Muslim is a civilization-hating, foam-at-the-mouth, murderous whackjob. The vast majority of Muslims are so peaceful and easy to get along with that they don't even go out of their way to screw up brunches, like a number of other annoying groups in the news we could mention.

Okay, with that statement out of the way, it's insanity to ignore the fact that most terrorists are Muslim and inspired by radicalized Islamic teachings. Civilization's efforts to remain in the 21st century must take that into account when providing for the safety of citizens. And the moderate voices within Islam need to take that into account when considering the future of their faith.

Let's make something clear: it doesn't take particularly big balls to do Hope n' Change. Oh sure, we're likely to get audited, get our healthcare screwed with, have our phones tapped, lose jobs, money, and friends, and get our food spit in everywhere except Chick Fil-A.

But we're not likely to get beheaded or machine-gunned. Because we have our hands full just going after garden-variety enemies of the Constitution, while the staff of Charlie Hebdo had the courage to challenge the enemies of Western culture and modernity.

Everyone who believes in Freedom should celebrate their bravery, deeply mourn their loss, and heed their warning.

Je suis Charlie.

obama, obama jokes, political, humor, cartoon, conservative, hope n' change, hope and change, stilton jarlsberg, charlie hebdo, terror, Islam, Paris
Comforting words in a time of crisis

BREAKING NEWS: Kouachi brothers reported killed in France, already burning in Hell.

To celebrate, the t-shirt we designed for today's cartoon can actually be purchased now from the good conservatives at Dianny Tees.  The t-shirts feature the slogan "Aloha Snackbar" (which you really don't want to hear shouted in a public place), the slogan "Home of the left-handed pupu" (Hawaiian for snack) as a tip of the hat to the Islamic custom of using the left hand for backdoor hygiene, and a tasteful pineapple logo. Which, if you look closely, has a familiar-looking crescent and star motif...


REM1875 said...

Wow doc never thought about how dangerous your job was with all these whacked out loons wanting to behead anyone who speaks out or insults their profit er prophet but enough about the American left and msm, it appears that radical islam can be just as bad.

REM1875 said...

Seriously doc I am extremely grateful for you and all who work at this job in trying times. We need y'all. Thank you.

Geoff King said...

Once again our Wimp in Chief showed his true colors and sympathies by refusing to blame the Paris killings on radical Islam. At least this time he did call it terrorism instead of "workplace violence" as in the Fort Hood attack by a radical Muslim.
Yes, the majority of Muslims are not terrorists, just as the majority of Germans were not Nazis. However, if the world continues to pretend the radical element does not exist and refuses to denounce them out of political correctness, that can only send them the message that their insanely violent agenda is working. What is really needed now is for the non-radical Muslims to step up and fight against the cancer that is in their midst, or we will truly be headed for a Holy War beyond compare.

Reiuxcat said...

The majority of German's were not Nazi's, but they did nothing as they steam rolled and murdered millions. So as you say Geoff, the world stands by and does nothing as these jihadis murder. I shudder the day the jihadis get their hands on an working nuclear device.

Meanwhile, DeBlasio, Boehner, and all the wonderful Obamacare "gifts" for 2015 are off the headlines. The Muslim in chief, His O'liness, is just giddy with this "win win" situation.

Grumpy Curmudgeon said...

I like that Egyptian President el-Sisi has called out publicly for a reformation of the Islamic faith, to renounce the evil of the radical Jihadists - now let's see how long it is until the exact revenge (Interesting that Spell-Check wants to sub Sadists for Jihadists...maybe one of the few times Spell-Check knows best????).

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@REM1875- I don't face anything worse than financial or social consequences for what I do and say here. That being said, I feel a genuine kinship with the fallen at Charlie Hebdo and am taking this pretty personally.

@Geoff King- In case I've been too vague on the subject before, I'll flat out say that in a war between radical Islam and Western civilization, Obama will not be on the side of Western civilization.

Moderate Muslims (which is hopefully not an oxymoron) must push through a reformation pretty damn fast if our cultures are to coexist.

That being said, one of the goals of the terrorists is to inspire hatred and action against all Muslims, in order to force the moderates into radicalism. Which is why we need to act with intelligence rather than pure passion.

@Reiuxcat- Add to this the news that North Korea may have the technology to miniaturize nuclear weapons at this point. And, no doubt, the financial incentive to sell such weapons. ISIS certainly has the money these days.

@Grumpy Curmudgeon- I hope some of the imams that Egyptian President el-Sisi was speaking to will actually take his message to heart.

And yes, I flinch every time I use the word "hope" these days.

Butterkäse said...

Je suis Charlie - oui!

And Doc, I understand that you had to put that disclaimer in. Me? I will agree with that sentiment when the "mainstream" Muslim, if they exist as such, decry and condemn this sort of anti-Western violence. And agree to finally coexist after centuries of this sort of bloodshed.

I am not holding my breath. They are dancing in the streets over this bloodshed as they did after 9/11 and other such heinous Islamophilia. My opinion. Muslim community: prove me wrong. And please don't kill me. Please stop killing in the name of your god and your so-called prophet.

m.tullius cicero said...

we need a Pope that will start a Crusade against evil Mooooslims!

John the Econ said...

@Stilton, I think it's vitally important to note at this point that if "millions upon millions of people have now seen the cartoons which dared not only to depict Mohammed, but to satirize - and thus challenge - dangerous Islamic extremism", it's only because of the Internet and a handful of bold printed sources. If you're looking to see what the fuss is about at most of the world's "leading" publications and television networks, you are never going to see them, of if you do, it's a blurred out version, as if they're underaged minors having their privacy protected.

So as these mainstream supposed beacons of "free speech" drone on about the this attack upon the foundations of western civilization and how they stand with Charlie Hebdo, they continue to self-censor as they follow their even higher calling of "multiculturalism" in a zealous mission "not to offend". Talk about what I call "Irony Impairment". You can't have it both ways.

It just goes to show that terrorism works. Eventually the terrorists do get what they want. Yeah, millions of people will eventually the Charlie Debdo cartoons. But what they won't see are many future ones.

Mike Porter said...

Stilton: Trust me when I say that if I were to run a satire publication that periodically lampooned pigressives and koranimals, you can bet your ass that there would be a fully loaded AR-15 and a pile of 30 round magazines in every corner of that office space. And of course, all employees within would be strongly encouraged to fully understand that while the pen may be mightier than the sword, some situations call for something with a bit more stopping power than mere ink.

Reiuxcat/Stilton: If they ever do manage to detonate a nuke in the United States then it's a fairly safe bet that we can all kiss our civil liberties goodbye. I would further posit that defenders of liberty would surely become the fall guys if it were to happen under the current administration.

As to this 'silent moderates' conundrum, one need only read their damned book to understand where the 'radicals' get their ideas. Like Communism, Islam is an ideology blatantly committed to the conquest and subjugation of all non-believers. Even the harshest elements of the Christian Old Testament fall far short of the casually promoted savagery found throughout the Qur'an. It was the New Testament that brought Christianity out of the dark ages, while no such vehicle exists for Moslems. Thus I fear that there will be no meaningful solutions from that culture anytime soon - at least none that Western civilization would find equitable in the least.

CenTexTim said...

I second John the Econ's comment. It disgusts me when those spineless wimps prattle on about "Je suis Charlie" when they totally lack the cojones of the real Charlie.

Related: I'm watching CNN report on the French hostage situation. The CNN talking heads refer to the Jewish store where hostages were held as "the supermarket" or "the market." No mention of the Jewish connection.

And of course, the appeaser-in-chief refuses to use the "I" word when discussing this and other attacks. Disgusting...

Colby Muenster said...

Fox News is now reporting that four of the faceless cowards (to quote W) have now met their maker. This pleases me greatly, but I find it incredibly pathetic to compare O'Liars typical response to terrorists to the French response. They swiftly hunted these camel fockers down and killed them. BOOM! You're dead! O'Numbnuts would spend years setting up civil trials, then just turn them loose when the heat dies down.

My wish for the four dead terrorists is that their 72 virgins turn out to be hairy 350 pound dudes with tattoos and insatiable appetites for anal sex.

HRT said...

Dear Readers,

A plea from Downunder to my American cousins. Stop using words such as crazies,funamentalists, fanatics, radicals and extremists to describe Islam's killers.

They are none of thse things. They are entirely rational in that they are following the instructions of their god and/or their prophet. The instructions may be irrational, but those who follow them are not.

Pay attention to Islam's clerics - there has been a steady stream of them assuring us there is no such thing as moderate Islam or Islam Lite. They maintain Islam is Islam.

Why not beiieve them? Just stick with unadorned Islam and Muslim and forget the misleading tags.

TheOldMan said...

@Mike I could not understand that either. Even a few 12ga available with 00 would be enough to disorient the mooslimes. Ok it's France, they should at least have put in a double entry door with camera and remote unlock.

Cat Whisperer said...

Not all Muslims are terrorists, just like not all Democrats are horse thieves. However all horse thieves are Democrats.

PRY said...

Doc, you got that exactly right when you refer to these 'extremists' as 'the enemies of Western culture and modernity.'
Far as I can tell, that's as close as ANYONE has gotten to naming our enemy!
Not all the people or organizations are guilty, but ISLAM is what is driving certain nutcases to do what they do!

Don't tell Barry I said that...I'm sure he would disagree!

Anonymous said...

Remember when the Catholics, Mormons, and Scientologists murdered the creators of "South Park"? OH WAIT! THEY DIDN'T.

I hope these thug terrorists woke up in hell.

Anonymous said...

@Colby. No, I hope instead of 72 hairy dudes, it is going to be pigs that will be servicing them.

Judi King said...

Just a queation......Where all all these "virgins" gong to come from and are they to be beheaded for immorality afterwards?

Butterkäse said...

BTW Doc, I want to echo what REM1875 said. Thanks for what you do. We live in such a screwed-up world, with ignorant, selfish, spoiled SJW pigs running around picking up the droppings from the Islamic blood-thirsty criminals and licking their Muslim anuses while they celebrate Che and all of their other fellow "progressives" ...., er, .... But I digress.


Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Butterkäse- I'm hoping we start hearing those moderate Islamic voices soon and loudly. Although like you, I'm not holding my breath.

m.tullius cicero- I'll bet the president would be happy to label such a crusade as "Christian terrorism."

@John the Econ- Spot on. When the "offensive" cartoons are blurred, pixelated, or described instead of being shown, the terrorists are winning. I tip my hat (or possibly beret) to a surviving Charlie Hebdo cartoonist who says that he "vomits" on the magazine's new friends who neither knew the magazine nor shared the fight.

By the way, Charlie Hebdo's politics were hard left wing - so this really is a free speech issue rather than simple political solidarity. I find a number of their ideas repugnant - but still salute their courage.

@Mike Porter- I've always believed that the pen is mightier than the sword except in a sword fight. That's why the offices of Hope n' Change are patrolled by a fierce guard dog with razor sharp teeth. Penny moves like Jackie Chan and shreds like a wood chipper. Bad guys, you've been warned.

Regarding the violence called for in the Koran, I really don't know if it can be fully put in check. And the more often I use the word "hope," the lamer it's sounding even to me.

@CenTexTim- As much as I hate to say it, Bill Maher is one of the few voices in the media who has spoken out pretty bravely about Islamo-terror. I'm offended by all the members of the MSM who are now doing group hugs and claiming solidarity with the fallen in Paris.

@Colby Muenster- I'm pretty sure that Eric Holder's trip to France was intended to let him read the terrorists their rights and help them find lawyers, but the dirtbags got dead first. So now Holder's trip to France will be about organizing brunch protests against police violence.

@HRT- You may very well have a valid point, but the terrorists actually want us to condemn all Muslims so that the more peaceful among them are pressed into the fight. So for as long as possible, I'm not going to do that.

@TheOldMan- I completely agree. And I'm betting that this is a good time to be in the business of selling security equipment in Paris. It will be going like le hotcakes.

@Cat Whisperer- When you're right, you're right.

@PRY- I've got to admit that my blood boils when I see a woman in head-to-toe burka, looking out of an eye slit or through impenetrable mesh (and this is a regular occurrence at my local grocery store). It angers me the same way it would anger me to see a black person being kept in chains. It may have "tradition" behind it, but it's not right.

@Anonymous- It takes strength to be able to weather the attacks of humorists without fear. It's pretty clear which religions have that strength and which don't.

@Anonymous- Martyrs in Hog Heaven would be a great title for something. Maybe a YouTube video...

@Judi King- I've sometimes wondered about the female jihadists who blow themselves up. Do they wind up being raped for eternity by 72 guys?

@Butterkäse- Yeah, it's a heckuva world ain't it?

Judi King said...

Yeah, I've wondered about the women jihadists and how about the suicidal kids? What do they get?

Rod said...

OK here's another reason to have much respect for you. You're still open-minded enough to listen to Bill Maher and know his position on things. I gave that up long ago along with others such as Obama, Reid & Pelosi. Bad on me I suppose; but I've limits to control blood pressure. And I do not tolerate liars.

Geoff King said...

K. I noticed an anomoly about the Paris shooting, and I hope someone else here saw this as well. When the supposed Jihadist shot the cop lying on the sidewalk, I could clearly hear the officer plead "don't shoot me" in plain English. Originally, I thought it was odd that a FRENCH policeman should speak in unaccented English to an assailant who seemed to be speaking in Arabic, but now - after trying to access the same original video, and only getting versions with no sound or dubbed in French - I have to side with the Conspiracy Theorists on this one. Why would a Gendarme, in fear for his life, speak in English; and why would that now be deleted from the Internet?

HRT said...

Stilton - thank you responding to my post. However your comment: "You may very well have a valid point, but the terrorists actually want us to condemn all Muslims so that the more peaceful among them are pressed into the fight," bothers me. I cannot recall any killer saying that.

I detest Islam and that revulsion is based on 7 months in Egypt, over 5 years in Saudi and 2 years in Singapore. In Saudi, mouth frothing hatred of the West and Westerners was regularly spewed from the nearby mosque. Six years later, it was the memory of that screaming hysterical hatred which enabled me to say to my wife during 9/11, that we were witnessing a Muslim attack on America.

There is only one country in the world which does not have a problem with its Muslims and that country is Singapore.

I was there between 1997-99 as a flight simulator instructor with Singapore's air force, and soon learned Muslims were not permitted to become air force pilots.

Why? Well, there was concern that even born in Singapore Muslims would turn their weapons back on their own country, should it come into conflict with a Muslim neighbour.

Obviously, Singapore did not think it was possible to identify the moderates.

At the moment I suggest the smart money is on Islam to win this world war. I think it will remain there too until we get more people like Geert Wilders of the Netherlands in power or, there is civil war in the UK and/or France.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Geoff King- Wish I'd seen the video you're referring to. Was this raw video, or is there a possibility that someone was doing a voiceover and translating into English what was being said? If you find a link to the video, I'd like to see it.

@HRT- Your personal experience definitely carries more weight than my hypothetical speculations.

Maybe I should tailor my opinion to say that we destroy the radical Islamics first, and then look to see whether those who are left can coexist with civilization or need to be shipped elsewhere.

Unknown said...

Would Obama have ever said to resist the impulse to condemn all gun owners by the action of a few radicals and criminals- because the vast majority of gun owners are harmless?

Judi King said...

So now the insane POTUS has released 5 more islamic terrorists from Gitmo and has a meeting with president Raul Castro of Cuba set for April 11th. TRAITOR anyone?