Monday, January 12, 2015

Through Playing or Playing Through?

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To prove once and for all that religious fanaticism and violence are absolutely unacceptable to Western civilization, 40 world leaders linked arms at a massive anti-terror rally in Paris on Sunday. Literally millions of freedom lovers took to the streets in the largest demonstration of its kind in French history.

Standing tall against terror and ignoring personal risk were French President Francois Hollande, British PM David Cameron, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu, representatives from Turkey, Italy and...and...oh, screw it. We can only stall so long. Barack Obama wasn't there. Of course he wasn't there! Just because a couple of days ago he declared that he would "stand with France" doesn't mean that he should actually have to, you know, stand with France. Especially on the weekend.

Not that the United States was entirely unrepresented. Attorney General Eric "Isn't He Gone Yet?" Holder was already in Paris mounting an investigation into whether the terrorists had been read their rights and offered legal counsel before being shot by the over-armed and quite possibly racist French police.  Holder did not, however, actually bother to attend the anti-terror march owing to a pressing brunch engagement at the Folies Bergère.

Still, despite all evidence to the contrary, Barack Hussein Obama isn't entirely uninterested in stemming the worldwide plague of radical Islamic terror.

Just kidding! He is entirely uninterested and won't even admit that radical Islamic terror exists!

But he has offered to host an international White House "Summit on Countering Violent Extremism" next month, at which he will explain his belief that truly violent extremists like Timothy McVeigh and Officer Darren Wilson might have been turned away from their blood-soaked paths if they had only been given two free years of community college.

BONUS: Parlez Vous VC?

obama, obama jokes, political, humor, cartoon, conservative, hope n' change, hope and change, stilton jarlsberg, charlie hebdo, paris, terror, kerry, je suis charlie
We don't doubt it for a minute, Mr. Kerry.


rickn8or said...

That photo must have been 'Shopped by the same guy that ran up Teh iWon's birth certificates.

Geoff King said...

Just because Øbama had nothing on his scedule to prevent him from attending the anti-terrorism rally in Paris, doesn't mean his thoughts weren't in that direction. After all, France is between the US and Mecca when the Muslim in Chief bows down and prays that way 5 times a day.
I don't know what disgusts me more, the fact that the highest ranking US official at the rally was our Ambassador to France-Jane Hartley-probably only because she actually lives there, or the fact that our government and people allow this travesty of a president to continue in office and disgrace our country on a daily basis.

James Childress said...

So instead of linking arms, he is spending time on the links.

Grumpy Curmudgeon said...

News Alert: It was learned that Eric Holder’s plane was delayed in France while he was escorting a load of $10,000/lb truffles back to the White House. The flight was delayed as the runways at Andrews AFB couldn’t be cleared of snow with all the snow removal and de-icing equipment was busy clearing the Imperial Golf Course. Rather than appearing to co-mingle with people that actually gave a s*** about Radical Islamic Jihad, the wily almost ex-AG donned his Groucho Marx (or maybe was it Karl Marx?) mask and ducked into a Anti-Terrorism meeting that was in progress. In later events, when learning about the demonstration in Paris, the First Wookie, chugged her $1000 glass of Chateau Rothschild, burped, and screeched her famous curse “Let them eat granola”. She immediately returned to sucking meat off rib bones, and the finger of an errant servant that got too close to the platter. Meanwhile, His Imperial Oneness launched an intense investigation into the leaking on Twitter of the First Whelps wearing a dead cop rapper’s t-shirt. Assisting in the investigation, Kim Jong-Un initially declared the leak was identified as coming from David Petraeus’s Sony PlayStation account. His Imperial Majesty has ordered the formal beheading, er, investigation.

Note: These events did not happen...or did they????

TrickyRicky said...

OK Stilton, first new keyboard of the year. Jean Francois Kerry..."I used to say it a lot in Vietnam". And on Capital Hill if memory serves.

Maybe if there were free community college in the Muslim ghettos in France this would never have happened.

Judi King said...

I think we all know where our "leader" stands and who with!!!!! I call it aiding and abetting the enemy. I believe that's treason in our constitution.

Colby Muenster said...

He claims he is a Christian, but his absence speaks volumes. Wouldn't want to piss off your base by marching against radical Islam now, would you? We all know who his "base" is, and it sure as hell ain't the people he swore to serve and protect (twice). Did the weasel even make a statement of solidarity with the march in France? Did he even acknowledge that it happened? (sorry... I didn't watch any news this weekend... zoned out on football).

Funny toons, but I give the second one my "coffee spew of the week" award!

Geoff King said...

Excuses are like assholes. They all stink, and some become president:

FlyBoy said...

John "Horseface" Kerry had much more urgent business to attend: a global warming summit in India (No shit)! This at a time when records are being broken almost daily for extreme low temps across the Northern Hemisphere. Does anyone in this administration have a single clue as to what's happening in the real world????

Grumpy Curmudgeon said...

With the famous ‘I just sat in something warm and squishy’ look, Jean Francois dismissed as ‘quibbling’ criticism that the Obama administration did not send a single high-ranking official to Sunday's unity march. "I really think that this is sort of quibbling a little bit in the sense that our Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland (of the It Was The Video Benghazi fame)was there and marched, our ambassador [to France Jane Hartley] was there and marched, many people from the embassy were there and marched." Nuland, in fact, attended a march in Washington. Perhaps Jean Francois was confused and thought he was spending Christmas in Cambodia?

Regarding France, Kerry stated "It is an ongoing longtime relationship that is deeply, deeply based in the shared values, and particularly the commitment that we share to freedom of expression." But flying the French flag from your sailboat to avoid paying taxes doesn’t count as ‘freedom of expression'.

Missing March Quibbling

Re: Parlez Vous VC? For those not familiar, John Kerry’s statement before Congress in 1971, it is documented here:

Winter Soldier Statement - John Kerry - 1971

Did I mention how much I personally detest this POS?

Fred Ciampi said...

Well of course obummer wasn't there. Yesterday's demonstration in Paris was a collection of World Leaders. obama is NOT a leader. He is a ruler wannabe and a puppet on a string.

Grumpy Curmudgeon said...

My thoughts exactly. The only thing these animals understand is overwhelming deadly force.

Judge Jeanine

Judi King said...

@ FlyBoy: NO, no clue!

Anonymous said...

I got ninety nine appearances but France ain't one.

-B. Hussein Obama

American Cowboy said...

I'm still waiting to hear the reports of looting and burning buildings by the demonstrators. Oh wait, they were demonstrating for something positive. Never mind...

@Grumpy Curmudgeon
Thanks for the laugh! I can see it all now.

@Judi King
Agreed. But sadly I have to ask, "What constitution?"

American Cowboy said...

I pulled this quote from the article about "quibbling":

The official also said "it is worth noting that the security requirements for both the President and VP can be distracting from events like this.

And yet leaders from many other countries were able to do so. And what better way to have flipped a figurative finger in the face of terrorists than to have shown up and participated in this demonstration of solidarity, in spite of a measure of personal exposure to danger? Of course with a closet Muslim like Øbama and a coward like SOS Lurch what can we expect?

Rod said...

Be a bit kinder folks. Barry is a lying, pretending, inept, insane, racist, disconnected, treasonous asshole... but he's not stupid. He can't "march" like that; he knows a lot of people would try to kill him.

David in SoCal said...

Stilty: Good form today, my friend! That photo of Barry Osportsfan at the French march reminds somewhat of the same photo technique used to place HRH Soetoro at the situation room during(insert crisis here).

@Grumpy C: If your 'Onionesque' reporting skills don't get you nomination for a Pulitzer Prize; I quit! And please don't be so critical of Mr. Kerry; after all, he DID serve in Viet Nam(in case you haven't heard), where he received a scratch requiring a band aid, and NEVER got the Purple heart he thought he deserved!
As Kerry was busy carbon foot-printing his way around the world speaking out against Global Warming; 90 un-named Scientists have revealed that John 'Odo' Kerry, once attended the Jane Fonda School of Patriotism, where he earned a Masters Degree in Baiting.

@All: Stay vigilant for the radical islamic terrorists that Barry can't seem to recognize!

Butterkäse said...

Hey come on folks - our so-called president is still trying to understand his navel. He has no time for matters of state. It is entirely racist and islamophobic of any of you to suggest otherwise.

Our so-called president and this administration entirely sucks big time.

Lafayette - we are busy with 18 holes, go away. Or at least have the decency to plug my ass big Frenchy.

Grumpy Curmudgeon said...

@David in So Cal: Actually I served in the 1st Marines during the period Jean Francois was touring (one CAN NOT say combat patrol). Heard one of the Purple Hearts was for shell fragments in eye - denied when it was learned that it was a piece of egg shell from an errant omelet (obviously a VC booby trap - well, they got the booby right!). Actually it was found that he also had attended the Hanoi Jane School of Anti-Air Pirate Gunnery. He failed when it was learned that all he could hit was the broad side of a pickle heiress. But I digress...

Shelly said...

There's no way BO was gonna miss all that football this weekend. Besides, this is not his cause and he doesn't want to go anywhere he is not the star of the show, basking in adulation. His standing with real leaders would reveal how small and insignificant he really is. He sent three THREE people to the funeral of the thug in Ferguson, the one who in reality caused all that rioting and carnage. We know where his sympathies lie.

John the Econ said...

"Well, I used to say it a lot in Vietnam". LOL! Thanks @Stilton. Classic.

Yes, it was very telling that Attorney General Eric Holder wasn't there. Once again, the Obama Administration demonstrates that it's more dangerous to be our ally than our enemy. Of course, this march was merely a symbolic act (which this Administration is mostly about) and yet they couldn't be bothered to be involved. It really does beg the question of just who's side we're on.

So what was their lame excuse? "It is worth noting that the security requirements for both the President and (Vice President) can be distracting from events like this - for once this event is not about us!" The official did not address how other prominent world leaders were able to work around the security requirements.


And what a turn this is: The French might be growing bigger balls than the Americans? They even go beyond George Bush's squishy moniker of a "War on Terror" and call it what it really is, a "War on Radical Islam".

Meanwhile, while "free speech" advocates the world over continue to repeat the "I am Charlie" meme, In the supposedly "free" USA, there are few university campus newspapers left where publishing the Charlie or Charlie-like cartoons would not get you hauled before a secretive administrative star chamber and expelled for committing a "hate crime", or at the very least will get you shut down.

For decades, I have been arguing that it was only a matter of time before "the people" would get fed up and democratically elect a fascist regime because of the inability or unwillingness of establishment liberals and the squishies to deal with real problems. In previous decades (late '70s and '80s) I used to argue that it would be in response to crime and general lawlessness. Today, it seems that it will be in response to Islamic Fascism. We may be on the cusp of witnessing that take place this year in Europe. As I mentioned last week, the citizens of every other "tolerant" country have also had enough, and it's starting to show as who is getting elected.

On Education: Once again, the Progressives only solution to a problem is just more of the same, and calling it "free".

So let me get this straight: We have a largely failed primary & secondary educational system that for generations has been failing to prepare our kids for college. So instead of fixing that, (which we are either unable or willing to do) we highly subsidize college which has encouraged our universities to take practically anyone with student loan cash, which racks up $1.2-trillion in outstanding debt (most of which will get written off) and countless millions of students both indebted and still unemployable. So the President's solution to this mess is to make 2-years of community college free?

If we were to fix (via de-monopolization) primary & secondary education and stop subsidizing universities that are totally unaccountable for their product, the rest would solve itself. But that isn't what any of this is really about, isn't it.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Readers- I'm juggling chainsaws today so haven't had a chance to respond to all the great comments. I'll try to get to it when I can, though you're doing fine without me!

Colby Muenster said...

Grumpy's first post,
Well done! Laughing ass off!

Grumpy's 2nd post,
Yes, but tell us how you REALLY feel about Lurch.

What kind of state is our country in when even the French make our "leader" look like a sissy? And Lurch Kerry is now going to France after the fact? Talk about insult to injury!

PRY said...

There's a big difference in SAYING you stand with someone and actually DOING IT! As you pointed out, he IS totally uncaring about anything that does not meet his standards pertaining to his legacy!
Had O been there, he might have been asked to speak...that's the bright spot, we were all spared his oratory!

I.C. Nielsen said...


DougM said...

The Kerry one … painfully brilliant.

REM1875 said...

Hard for berry to get his 7000 staff, media hacks and pc buddies together on such short notice for a trip to France.
We can't expect him to travel without his royal enterouge.

REM1875 said...

Old 'Victor Charlie' kerry, you pegged him.

Joseph ET said...

Obama's spokesperson Josh Earnest said; Obama attending the Paris March would've interfered with "Common Citizens.” They don’t seem to worry about the inconvenience of the American Citizens when he goes on a date night in New York City, or motorcades through our major cities during commute time. How about weddings or the citizens living in Hawaii or Martha's Vineyard? Oops, I almost forgot, he doesn’t give sh@t about the Sheeple.

Earnest also cities “security concerns” as through 40 of the Real World Leaders didn’t have any security or concerns, This has the appearance of being a coward, lacking the courage to do or endure dangerous or unpleasant things.
Answer this. If something unpleasant had occurred to those Real World Leaders with Obama absent, would we be asking “what did he know and when did he know it?”
Obama’s main concern is he didn’t want to stand in solidarity with the people of France in defiance of Radical Muslim Terrorism. And we all know why!

Islamic terrorists and jihadists see him (and us) as a paper tiger, just like the Japanese saw us leading up to WW II.

Unknown said...

Just an hour ago I sent that cartoon to a bunch of my Vietnam War buddies and are the comments coming back.
I don't think anyone I know that has a positive image of John F-up Kerry.
Warlord 17
Vietnam War Army Huey pilot.
117th AHC

John the Econ said...

Actually @Joseph ET, I have little doubt that most of those world leaders did have "security concerns". The point is that they obviously overcame the concerns for their personal safety with some degree of courage that our leader lacks, even with a security staff of thousands.

For crying out loud, there was even Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas marching within inches of each other!

I don't have an overwhelming level of respect for most of the Euroweenies who are only now appearing to awake to the problem, so it's telling that they appear to have more courage than our supposed leader of the free world.

Or should I say "former leader of the free world" as he clearly and willingly ceded that moniker years ago with his "lead from behind" paradigm. Was he not there because he and his handlers were too scared or didn't care? You decide.

Either way, the administration that once was all about "optics" has certainly been failing at "optics" lately.

One thing is for sure: 30 years ago, you know that Ronald Reagan would have been front-and-center of that march, no matter what his security team told him. But then, he was both a leader and had genuine courage. Even the Bush's would have gone.

All Obama has done this week is send a crystal-clear signal that American leadership in this war is going to be MIA, for at least the next two years.

American Cowboy said...

@John the Econ

Well at least "The Wahn" was able to take time from his busy schedule and pose for a photo op with basketball players. That even managed to give the LSM the news fodder to complain about one of them not wearing a necktie. Now THAT is some pretty important news.

John the Econ said...

On a totally unrelated topic: Currently watching the President on his latest presser, and having difficulty keeping breakfast down.

It's amazing what he now takes credit for, which basically repudiates his first 5 years in office. The guy who's been whining the last 4 years about evil Republicans putting the brakes on the Democrat's endless spending and "stimulus" waste-a-thon now takes credit for a lower deficit!.

The guy who once favored European-style fuel prices to force lower and middle class Americans off carbon now takes credit for $2-a-gallon gas, while still threatening to veto the Keystone XL pipeline! Never mind that cheap oil is entirely the result of the extraction boom (which not only was he not responsible in any way for, but has actively resisted) and a slowing global economy.

And on Keystone: The only argument still against it is from the anti-carbon crowd that doesn't want the oil from the tar-sands extracted, period. Well, guess what? The (Kyoto-participating) Canadians are going to extract it no matter what we say or do. The only question is how it's going to market. Currently, that means rail and truck, which, ironically, are far more "carbon intensive" than a pipeline would be. And if it doesn't get sold to American refiners, it will get sold to Chinese refiners, and we all know just how carbon, pollution, and safety-concerned the Chinese are.

So, in fact, the more "carbon efficient" approach would be to in fact, build the pipeline. This is the argument proponents should be making.

And then he goes about the need for more infrastructure stimulus to get Americans back to work. Just what does he think building a much-needed pipeline is? Previously, he's pooh-poohed it because building a pipeline only creates a few thousand jobs for a few years. Huh? Just how is that any different from building a bridge or a highway?

Or is his real problem that the Keystone XL pipeline is a private venture, initiated by private industry and funded with private money, and lacking the cronyism that accompanies Federally-managed projects.

Judi King said...

Our "leader" has been MIA for over 6 years on all fronts.

rickn8or said...

The only question is how it's going to market. Currently, that means rail and truck, which, ironically, are far more "carbon intensive" than a pipeline would be.

"Carbon intensive" it might be, but it benefits his buddies in the "ahl transporting bidness."

Colby Muenster said...

Joseph ET said... "Obama’s main concern is he didn’t want to stand in solidarity with the people of France in defiance of Radical Muslim Terrorism."

Amen, brother, but I'd say you need to replace the word "France" with the word "Earth."

@John the Econ,
I'd bet W would have been at the front of that march as well; maybe even Clinton. That being said, I'm glad O'Liar didn't go. It shows the world that he values his own hide over just about anybody or anything.

Plus, I hear the there was no way to get the Royal Litter there in time, so he would have had to (gasp!) WALK!

Geoff King said...

I, for one, am extremely proud of the strength and perserverance shown by our elected officials. Not since WWII have our leaders shown such fortitude and backbone. No longer can the world's opinion of us be one of an impotent nation of wimps.....Oh, wait a minute....for a moment there I thought I was French.

Anonymous said...

LOLOLOLOL! Beautiful!