Friday, June 12, 2015

News of the Whirled

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We're letting the cartoon do the talking today, because the vapidity of those on the Left - and what they consider newsworthy - pretty much leaves us speechless. And by "speechless," we of course mean we don't want to open our mouths and risk spilling what we're drinking.

But fortunately, that's not the case for our liberal correspondent, who is here to share her personal insights into the critically important process of candidate selection...

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Mike aka Proof said...

What a great campaign slogan for Sanders!

"Catch that Bernie sensation!"

Rod said...

Question: What's so unusual about Bruce Jenner? Answer: He's a nationally-recognized Republican who is not running for President.

Geoff King said...

Yeah, forget about minor issues such as the secret trade deal that will destroy our constitution and economy or the Bilderberg meeting taking place in Austria right now where the elite globalists are discussing world domination, what we really want to know about is Trans-Jenner's philosophy of life.

Juanita The Icon said...

What are you speaking of?!

Your lefties do not read the news - they make things up as they go. Pfft! You fools. Lefties only deal in what other lefties say. News. Please. Facts. What are facts? You people are crazy.

So I read somewhere that the new bases in Iraq will be equipped with emergency fairy dust and armored pink tighties. Maybe someone told me that, I dunno.

You people ...

Hey where's John? He has so much to say.

Colby Muenster said...

Nail head.... meet hammer face.

And what bernies my ass more than the "Oooo, there's a squirrel" alphabet news non-media? It's when Fox News jumps on the bandwagon. C'mon, Fox... SOMEBODY needs to cover the real news, and you are the self-proclaimed somebody.

But hey... it's Friday, and, this morning, I had the pleasure of flipping off some middle aged blonde driving a Mercedes with a Hillary Hillary sticker. I figure the name was on there twice to represent Clinton's double standards. But, I doubt the twit saw my single finger salute because it was likely difficult to see while texting and putting on makeup.

Unknown said...

I don't know about you guys...maybe because it's full-blown hot-as-hades summer finally here in OK, but lately the news seems a bit stagnant, so I went to my usual source for hard-hitting news reporting, The Daily Show....naaa just kiddin'!

Really, no matter WHAT the story that comes down the pike, it's got that nasty left-wing spin on it and it's gettin' real tiresome! I swear, if Humpty Dumpty was still sittin on the wall, the left would want to know WHY he's sittin on that wall so long, and how can we tax that; don't we need to pass a law or something?!

Yeh, the staleness of the left's take on EVERYTHING has grown past the point of tiresome to totally insane...looking forward to something different; not getting my hopes up that it will be that much better, just different, ya know?

Have a good weekend!

John the Econ said...

Sorry, @Juanita. My Koch check seems to be lost in the mail, so I've had to remain focused on revenue generating activities.

Lately, when not focused on actual work, I've been more focused on what "the left" (I no longer call these people "liberals", since there is very little that is "liberal" left in these people) has been excited in writing about about lately.

Certainly, the New York Times expose on Marco Rubio was enlightening. Oh, not on Rubio, but on the new depths of hypocrisy of the New York Times. So if I understand this correctly, Rubio had student loans and bad real estate investments, and then pain the money back!

Shock! Horror! The nerve of the man! And how out of touch he must be with ordinary Americans", none of which could possibly relate to being stuck with student loans, or underwater real estate post-2008. Doesn't he understand that the proper thing for enlightened Progressives to do is to go on the lecture circuit for $250,000 to $500,000 a speech like the Clintons? His student loans would have been gone in no time that way.

Oh, I've also leaned the difference between a "speedboat" and a "luxury speedboat". A "luxury speedboat" is one that is purchased by a Republican.

No, in the New York Times universe, the moral thing to do is to default on your student loans. That's right. Times op-ed writer Lee Siegel is upset about the massive debt he racked up going to Columbia Journalism school decades ago to follow his dream in a dying industry instead of going to a cheaper school for a career that actually pays its bills. Now, he finds 30 years later that the interest he owes is greater than the principal, so he's not going to pay.

"I chose life. That is to say, I defaulted on my student loans."

Well, isn't that nice. A Progressive chooses "life" for once. (Not a surprise since it was his own, but I'll stop here on that meme) Meanwhile, he doesn't seem to give a rats ass about those of us who didn't go 6-figures into debt at elite schools chasing professions with less-than-stable incomes to pick up his slack. But hey, he's a Progressive journalist at The Times, so why shouldn't us greedy money-grubbers pay for all he's doing for society? Every day listening to self-centered asses like Siegel who made bad business decisions, I question going to a school I could afford and diverting myself from my adolescent aspirational dreams towards a career I knew would pay my bills.

Okay, I don't really do that. I like where I am and how my life worked out. But I also have to wonder how my life would have turned out in Siegel's dreamworld, where college would be free. After my four-plus-year vacation from reality, would I be the productive citizen I am today? Or would I have chased an economically untenable "dream" on the taxpayer dime. I wonder.

An irony of that dream, obviously missed by Siegel is that if college was "free", he still wouldn't have had access to the elite private education he bemoans owing money for now.

John the Econ said...

Trigger Warning: My "Safe Space" has guns.

I was considering creating a bumper sticker with that. Over the last year or so, I've been experiencing great schadenfreude watching the extreme left beginning to openly consume itself. Recently, we had a liberal professor confess that his liberal students terrify him. Today, we have radical feminists offended by the leftist creation of the "trigger warming", because the term itself is a "trigger":

"...Everyday Feminism definitely believes in giving people a heads up about material that might provoke our reader’s trauma. However, we use the phrase “content warning” instead of “trigger warning,” as the word “trigger” relies on and evokes violent weaponry imagery. This could be re-traumatizing for folks who have suffered military, police, and other forms of violence. So, while warnings are so necessary and the points in this article are right on, we strongly encourage the term “content warning” instead of “trigger warning.”"

So I will now feel even more enthusiastic about issuing "trigger warnings".

And finally, I did watch Bill Clinton the other day on Bloomberg as he defended the Clinton Foundation. I had to question Mark Halprin's comment regarding the recent scandals when he asserted that "the Clintons don't know how the media works?". Seriously?"

If you could stomach the whole thing, it was rather amusing. I have to admit, he's slick. He actually seems as though he's sincere and believes his shtick. When asked about his questionable money-making activities, he actually says he's "gotta do it to pay his bills", just like he's an ordinary working guy like you and I struggling to make the rent instead of a guy who gets paid $500,000 just for walking into a room.

But one of the more amusing lines? "Has anybody proved that we did anything objectionable? No."

Nope. And they never will. But that doesn't make it smell any less.

Juanita The Icon said...

Trigger warnings? WTH was that all about. But that reminds me of a story.

So, enough of that. Hey, did you all know that Bernie honeymooned in the Soviet Union? He was black before he went and female. And now? Hey, you crackers can put 2+2 together can't you? I smell Manchurian Candidate here.

I also smell bladder infection .... ugh.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Proof- It strikes me that "Bernie Sanders The Democrat" can also be abbreviated as "Bernie STD."

@Rod- Man, does that seem like the truth these days!

@Geoff King- I'm not really seeing much about Bilderberg in the news. But then again, that's kind of the idea, isn't it?

@Juanita the Icon- It's true; Lefties really don't tend to read anything longer than a tweet.

@Colby Muenster- I haven't encountered a Hillary bumper sticker yet. I suppose I should start preparing for that inevitable trauma...

@Wayne Shook- It seems like there are a lot of huge and very important stories that are all being ignored while we're drowning in spin, trivia, and celebrity foolishness.

@John the Econ- I know we've been living in topsy-turvy world for quite awhile now, but this new idea that there's now a moral imperative to default on loans is a head spinner. And it sounds like Hillary is going to be making the student loan "issue" a major platform in her run for office - along with multiple other ways for people to dodge the responsibility for their choices.

And I've mentioned it before, but college educations really are free if you take courses online at iTunes University. I think it's time to stop putting kids deeply in debt and instead point them at free resources and tell them "there's your education if you're willing to work for it."

Regarding "trigger warnings," I'll give myself credit for the May 29 Lefty Lucy cartoon in which she points out "if you're offended by the word trigger, you're still screwed." Honestly, it's almost impossible to parody these people.

Finally, I almost (but not quite) admire Bill Clinton's chutzpah in not so much denying wrongdoing as saying "no one can prove it." Seriously, I can't handle another four years of these people in the White House.

@Juanita the Icon- I'm not sure if Bernie honeymooned in the Soviet Union, but I'm positive he fell in love there. With the economic system.

John the Econ said...

"Honestly, it's almost impossible to parody these people."

Man, you've got that right:

Regarding Rachel Dolezal: Self-Invention Jumps the Shark

"The story of Rachel Dolezal reads like a parody of modern liberalism, but it isn’t a joke --these people really are that crazy."

John the Econ said...

Or try to wrap you head around this one:

If Bruce Jenner can become a woman just because he decides to, then why can't Rachel Dolezal decide to be black just because she decides to as well?

Sergio said...

Lefty Lucy sounds like Sandra "your ceiling needs painting" Fluke