Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Quiet Riot

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As surely as the swallows return to Capistrano and the Obamas return to the five-star environs of Martha's Vineyard, rioters have returned to Ferguson to block highways, set things on fire, loot businesses, and shoot at police officers in loving memory of Michael "Gentle Giant when he's not violently assaulting someone" Brown.

Not that there haven't also been peaceful protesters, exercising their Constitutional right to be wrong about the whole "hands up, don't shoot" myth.

What puzzles Hope n' Change is why there is still so much anger and animosity considering that Obama's DOJ not only completely (albeit reluctantly) exonerated the officer involved in the shooting, but also assumed supervisory oversight of the Ferguson police department and required them to make across the board reforms.

Does this mean that the protesters are now blaming Obama for alleged police racism, or are they simply saying that his DOJ is no better at protecting people from toxic law enforcement than his EPA is at protecting rivers from toxic spills? And if Obama is their problem, why are they marching in the street where Brown was shot instead of on the greens where the president is golfing?

Let's be very clear about something: Black lives matter. White lives matter. All lives, of every color, matter. But after nearly 7 years of inflammatory rhetoric from a deliberately devisive black president, that simple statement is now tantamount to hate speech. 

Which is why we can't help but sigh deeply while looking at the violence in Ferguson and hope that someday, somehow, we'll again see a time when #SanityMatters.


obama, obama jokes, political, humor, cartoon, conservative, hope n' change, hope and change, stilton jarlsberg, donald trump, vow, third party

No, Donald Trump hasn't made any such vow yet. But if he did, you just know it would be because he's already figured out a loophole.



Joseph ET said...

The idiots in Ferguson are having these so called protests in an effort to start another political advocacy group. I suspect George Soros is behind it. Some people are trying to get us into a state of anarchy following the “Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals” path. That’s all we need, another radical racial group like Sharpen or Jackson run.

I recall that several years ago someone was calling for the blacks to “demand the whites provide you with a good education.” That’s not the exact quote but something like that. Does anyone recall it?

TrickyRicky said...

I heard "The Vineyard" had two inches of rain yesterday. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Joseph ET- I don't doubt that Soros is still pouring money into these politically useful groups. The degree of organization of the Black Lives Matter group feels artificial and calculated.

And what will happen when they start trying to grab the microphones from GOP candidates? Hopefully every candidate on the Right has prepared a contingency plan.

I can't recall the quote you're referring to but, unlike the Democrats, I actually do want blacks to have access to a good educational system. But note that access is really all we can provide; actual "education" won't happen unless the students bring motivation and responsibility to the equation.

@TrickyRicky- I wonder if Barry still hit the links with a Marine holding an umbrella over him? Of course, the rain wouldn't have been a problem for Michelle - she's used to getting two inches.

Geoff King said...

It wouldn't surprise me if Emperor Øblahblah declared August 9th the official "Michael Brown Day". A special holiday in which the cops are ordered to stand down while the Pants Up, Don't mean Hand's Up, Don't Shoot crowd runs amok in the streets and further destroys their own neighborhoods.

John the Econ said...

If it makes you feel any better, just read a prayer dispensed from a predominately-white Christian denomination (that lately seems to feel shame for being so) for those of us who are disgusted with Ferguson and the "hands up - don't shoot" nonsense and "deny Michael (Brown)'s humanity and are more outraged by his conduct than by his death and the death of too many other Black and Brown bodies". As a Christian, I must apologize for the blatant brain damage of some of my fellow believers. #SanityMatters

Hillary's E-Mail Server: So it looks like the Republicans are finally going to get Hillary's server. Idiots. I really don't know what they expect to find, as the machine (if it even is the actual server) was scrubbed squeaky-clean over 6 months ago. If anything, all the Republicans will find is meaningless chit-chat designed to make them look nosy and petty for even looking. As I've said many times before, the smart strategy would have been to assume the mail was gone (other than the copies the Russians and Chinese no doubt have) and let her server become a political Schrödinger's cat, where what we could openly speculate about what was really on it would only be constrained by our wildest imaginations. Instead, they'll find absolutely nothing, and the Hillary campaign and her followers will claim victory in that the "vast right wing conspiracy" made all this noise again and found nothing. This is why the Clintons win almost every time, and will continue to do so until the GOP grows some new brain cells and some balls.

Speaking of balls - Microphone Grabbers: My fantasy as a candidate would have me kicking any mic grabber squarely in the balls with my pointy cowboy boots. Then launching him/her/it off the stage. Of course, this would be instantaneously be condemned as violent and unsuitable for a candidate for President by the usual chorus. And I'd be instantaneously infinitely more popular with the silent majority. After all, who do you want to be dealing with the mullahs in Iran & Putin? A guy who doesn't have a problem with with dealing with an assault (which grabbing someone else's microphone would be legally considered) by kicking an arrogant a*****e in the balls, or a guy like Sanders who just shrivels up and leaves the stage instead of standing his ground?

Speaking of the media and dealing with a******s: Has anyone else noticed that the harder the left and the media tries to destroy Trump, the more popular he gets?

Suzy said...

I can't wait to read more of the #blackvacationsmatter series!!!

Colby Muenster said...

I had to laugh when I heard that Billary was "finally going to turn over the server and fully cooperate with the investigation." The only shocking thing here is it took her minions THIS long to wipe it clean, shred it, pour acid on it, burn it, dump it in the Marianas Trench, then replace it with a clean duplicate loaded with all the harmless emails. Any 14 year old could have accomplished this while watching TV and eating a pizza. John the Econ is right; this is only going to backfire on the Republicans. Gowdy should just take one look at it, and say, "That's a fake," and then offer Putin some money for the data.

You gotta know that Michelle would only own the best (and way longer than 2") personal, vibrating "Barry stand-in." It's probably studded with real diamonds and uses a weed whacker motor.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Geoff King- Well, Baltimore's Mayor already demonstrated that the politically correct thing to do these days is give the protesters "space to destroy." I don't know why Barry wouldn't nationalize such a bad idea.

@John the Econ- For starters, I am more outraged by Michael Brown's "conduct" than by his death. His "conduct" consisted of stealing items from a store, tossing the store owner aside, strolling down the middle of a street, violently punching a policeman through a car window, grabbing for a gun (and setting it off), then charging headlong at the injured officer. If some church finds me lacking in compassion because I'm glad it's not the officer who was killed, they can pray themselves blue in the face for me.

Regarding Hillary's email server, I am beyond positive that it has been tampered with to such a degree that nothing useful can ever be found (for starters, I'd bet money that the original hard drives are long gone). However, and ironically appropriately, the Schrodinger's cat opportunity doesn't strike me as being dead. After all, if "nothing" is found, then the question becomes "what the hell did Hillary erase?" If she demonstrably lied (or was simply wrong) about the contents of the emails she turned in, then why should she be believed about the emails which she deleted?

On the subject of Trump, I'm bothered, baffled, and bemused. You're right, he feeds on the attacks he receives from the Left, the traditional GOP, and the media. His popularity is bolstered by an understandable anger on the Right, and people want to see him fight back. The best way to have him burn out on the campaign trail (or develop into a more viable candidate) is to stop treating him like a celebrity, stop making personal attacks, and instead start hammering him to not only boldy state our nation's problems, but also delineate what steps he will take to address them.

@Suzy- I can't promise there will be more, but then I'm usually as suprised as anyone when an idea hits.

@Colby Muenster- Exactly right. If I was Gowdy, I'd suggest doing some research to see if any computer tech guys in the area died mysteriously in the past six months (perhaps after cleaning up that server).

And regarding Michelle's toy, all I can say is you paint a disturbingly vibrant picture.

John the Econ said...

"His popularity is bolstered by an understandable anger on the Right, and people want to see him fight back."

I think that people would like to see any Republican fight back for a change. Alas, I have little hope of that because this has been pretty obvious for about a month now, (at least to me, and millions of others I suspect) and yet the current crop of Republicans (and their high-paid consultants) don't seem to be able to figure it out. The GOP is supposed to be the strong, "adult" political party. Instead, they seem to act as thought they're being told to behave like mere pajama boys. It's kinda embarrassing when it seems like Hillary Clinton or maybe even Carly Fiorina has bigger balls than any of the guys (other than Trump) we've been seeing lately.

We need someone who knows how to take charge, like this guy did.

And you can't fake that. You have to be it. And outside of Trump, I'm not seeing it.

TMay said...

@Stilton Jarlsberg Google EPA Superfund Gold King Mine blitzkrieg to see the latest news on the Animas River story.

Kenneth Jenkins said...

Why do black lives matter more than any other life? Has anyone checked how many abortions have been performed in Ferguson? Enquiring minds want to know.

Rod said...

More Hillarity: "OK, the e-mails were Top Secret at first.. but they were NOT Top Secret" yadda yadda, amounting to "when they were sent to my private, keep it all hidden server." That's a good one; I bet the opposition never thought of that.

Let's face it, to deal with a cheating, lying, crooked, deceitful, law-breaking, treasonous, single minded harpy bitch ... you have to think like one. It's hardly fair.