Monday, October 12, 2015


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Actually, since 2008 we haven't seen anything ELSE.
GREAT SCOTT! It dawns on us that many readers are still unaware of the powerful temporal displacement engine inside Hope n' Change (the way we see it, if you're going to build a time machine into a blog, you might as well do it with some style).

To begin your time-traveling adventure, look for this search box in the left sidebar which is not powered by a flux capacitor, but rather by a capacitor that sounds a lot like "flux."

Enter a keyword ("Benghazi," "Hillary," "Terror," "Golf," "Abortion"), hit "search," and get ready to leave blazing tire tracks. You'll get back an entire history of our cartoons and commentaries about your chosen subject.

This is a great way to get long range perspective on a lot of issues, and remind yourself just how we got into the messes we're in today (and how long ago we predicted them). Plus, it's also a wonderful way to find material with which to beat liberals over the head.

For instance, when Lefties claim that Barry is some sort of super-duper job creating machine rather than just the beneficiary of one of the slowest economic recoveries in history, a quick search of the words "jobs" or "unemployment" will provide you with interesting tidbits like these:

• In 2010, after wasting over $800 billion on shovel-ready jobs, the president admitted "there's no such thing as a shovel-ready project."

• In 2010, Nancy Pelosi declared that joblessness was actually a boon to Americans who could use their free time to "be creative and be a musician or whatever."

• In 2011, a final bookkeeping revealed that Obama's stimulus plan translated to $278,000 for every person who actually got a job (no matter how crappy) and the plan actually discouraged hiring.

• In 2012, the president announced his plan to create one million jobs by making it easier for foreigners to enter our country to go to Disneyworld. We swear we're not making that one up.

• In 2013, Obama disbanded his advisory Jobs Council in 2013 after not bothering to meet with them for over a year.

And on and on. Enter the name of a politician, an issue, or anything else and get ready for a Hope n' Change retrospective likely to amuse, educate, and quite possibly infuriate you.

Just make sure that while you're playing with our time machine that you don't forget to watch for Libyan terrorists. Just look what happened to Doc Brown and Hillary Clinton.


Joseph ET said...

My bar bills keep increasing when I see stories like this: " Illegal Immigrants Account for Over Half of California Driver’s Licenses Issued in 2015"
And this weekend I find that Governor Moonbeam and the idiots in California just signed this bill AUTOMATICALLY registering this group to VOTE
We hope that the DOJ or someone can stop this madness!!

California is a blue state anyway, but the danger is that the other states will think this is a great idea and do it too.

I hope these stories end up in Hope & Change's History files soon.

TrickyRicky said...

Thanks for pointing out the handy search feature. I know that we all need to be reminded of the unending litany of failure associated with this ruler. But, damn what a way to start a Monday, at least 13-14 hours before I can begin the self-medication process. Onward.

Geoff King said...

Interesting that in Back to the Future II, the date that Doc and Marty travelled to was October 21, 2015 - a mere 9 days from now. Also interesting is that, in that alternate time line, Biff was the owner of a Trump - like casino hotel and government graft and corruption was running amok.
And the movie was classified as science fantasy.

Cat Whisperer said...

Perhaps Marty McFly could stop by 1960 and counsel a young Stanley Ann Dunham on birth control. After all, we wouldn’t want her ... or us ... to be punished with a baby.

PoliticalXray said...

There's more than one context in which Doc Brown would have been unnervingly prescient: See "Back to the Future Knowing What We Know Now":

Fred Ciampi said...

Folks like Gov Moonbeam are the reason I moved to Appalachia in the first place. I lived through his first 2 terms in the 70s. He was a joke back then as well. His policies caused an exodus of businesses (and people & money) to other states just as now. Oops, moonbeam is on the telly right now signing up illegals to vote. It's too early for 'shine but what the heck? Stilt keep up the good work you're doing a good job from our perspective and, like most of your readers probably in the crosshairs of the alphabet agencies. Yay!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@JosephET- The story about illegals being automatically registered to vote in California is truly mind-blowing. Anyone - legal or not - getting a driver's license will be registered to vote unless they opt out. If you're registered and shouldn't be - there's no penalty. But at the polls, a quick computer check will let the workers know if you're a non-citizen, right? Nope- Brown's new law specifically forbids keeping a computer record of who's legal and who isn't. Brown is doing for voter fraud what Henry Ford did for the Model T - putting it on an assembly line.

And talk about hypocrisy: is there anyone in their right mind who believes that getting a photo ID is unacceptably hard, but visiting the DMV is easy?!

@TrickyRicky- Hope n' Change certainly doesn't advocate substituting "coffee" for coffee in the morning. Especially because it might interact with your tranquilizers and antidepressants.

@Geoff King- I probably should have held today's post until the actual date shown in the movie. Or maybe I did, but it traveled backwards all by itself!

@Cat Whisperer- Bonus points for the "punished with a baby" reference!

@PoliticalXray- I haven't watched the whole video yet but it looks interesting.

@Fred Ciampi- Call me an optimist (or a Johnny Optimism-ist) but I like to think that there are folks in those alphabet agencies who are quietly rooting for those on our side.

REM1875 said...

Fred it may be too early for shine but that mason jar of 'rheumatism medicine' is made to get ya going in the mornings.(and not the same way shine and prune juice does or a gallon of hard cider either)
Some days no make that weeks ahhh no months ahhh ok years make me wish I hadn't given up drinking. This is some scary stuff with out some chemical alteration.
Doc If I use your infernal time machine my life would be over. I would sit here forever and ever going back over great stuff when the world was much simpler.

American Cowboy said...

Every day brings another reason or ten that I wish to saddle up ol' "Dunny", load a couple pack horses and head even further away from what is professed to be civilization than I already am.

If I had a literal time machine I would travel back at least 125 years and be happy if I never returned. No matter the modern conveniences lost; it would be a time when self-reliance, responsibility, and hard work were attributes to be valued. And the typical modern "values" of today were either rare, or at least despised by the majority.

Colby Muenster said...

To paraphrase Strickland... "You've got a real attitude problem, Obama! Your father was a slacker and you're a slacker too."

@Geoff King,
Interesting! And I'll add that Barry's "hometown" of Chicago now closely resembles Marty's neighborhood (Lyon Estates) after Biff took over. We have President O'Biff! I just had a vision of Marine One crashing into a pile of manure and O'Biff spitting cow crap out of his mouth. Come to think of it, that's a pretty fair description of what usually comes out of his mouth.

@Cat Whisperer,
Ironically, it's the entire country (or even entire world) that has been punished with this particular baby.

tude dog said...

Not only is this a great research tool, but makes in cartoon form concepts easy to understand even for the dogmatic liberal.

Geoff King said...

Sidenote on the Back to the Future theme: if you are unaware, Lexus has created a hoverboard similar to the one depicted in the movie:
Now, if we only had a Mr. Fusion to attach to our DeLoreans.

Shelly said...

If the Justice Department was willing to sue Arizona for enforcing border control, I cannot see why they would not sue California for violating election laws and, in fact, the Constitution. Something tells me ideology will prevent that.

@catwhisperer, you win the comments and the entire internet today, IMO.

Art Rice said...

ok..... i have an idea for a cartoon but not your talent for putting it together.... .. so a benny hill reference...... combining pics of bernie sanders and hillary. to create Bernie Hill..... think on it.

Ankdy said...

I'll test-drive the new feature only with a very full bottle of booze on hand. The relentless liberal buffoonery is enough to drive anyone to drink. At least I'll have good booze with which to numb the pain.

Keep up the pithy commentary!

When do we see the 72 virgins in print again?

John the Econ said...

American Values 2015:

This guy may not be prosecuted:

The U.S. military officer in charge of last month's hearing for Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl has recommended he not do any jail time, Bergdahl's legal team says.

But this guy is discharged:

Sergeant 1st Class Charles Martland, the Green Beret being separated involuntarily from the U.S. Army for kicking and body slamming an Afghan police commander he describes as a "brutal child rapist..."

The above are prime examples of how the west has lost confidence in its former core values. The establishment will rise up to protect a loser who walks from his post to hide amongst the enemy, and then forces out a soldier who stands up against a child rapist because "that's what they do"?

Such is the evil of "multiculturalism", where all cultures are supposed to garner equal respect. I call it sick. Is this what we spent over a trillion dollars and thousands of America's best lives for? In 2002, would America had supported the invasion of Afghanistan if they knew that a decade later, Taliban values would be back, and tolerated right under American eyes?

Think any of the Democrat candidates will get asked about this tonight?

Colby Muenster said...

@John the Econ,

I share your outrage. Bergdahl is a POS deserter, and Sgt. Martland is a hero in my eyes. I wish he'd have cut that bastard's weenie off and shoved it up his #$%^.

As far was tonight's "debate." Will any of us be surprised if the questions go something like this?

"Secretary Clinton, So many politicians are not in touch with grassroots America. Please describe what it means to you to be so down to Earth."

"Mr. O'Malley, have you stopped beating your wife?"

"Mr. Sanders, would you describe yourself as more like Lenin, Castro, Mao or Stalin?"

Personally, I'm not sure if I can bear to watch it; it's not like I'd ever consider voting for any of them.

PRY said...

Methinks the dhimmicrat 'debate' is on same time as "The Bastard Executioner" on FX....I'll watch selected cuts from the political farce, just hate to miss a good zinger no matter who makes it!~

Fred Ciampi said...

I'm not watching the democrap debate because I am out of eye bleach. I'll catch all I need to know on tomorrow's Hope & Change. Stilt's just that good. As far as bergdali goes; when I was in the Marines lo, those many years ago, a piece of s**t like him would not be safe in front of real men. He would have slipped in the shower and broken about 57 bones .... or something like that. Perhaps a bus will accidentally jump the curb ... ah, dreams.

I am very curious how the ratings will be; will CNN beat FOX? We'll see.

Joseph ET said...

Bergdahl is a POS deserter! The Soldiers serving on the same post are showing a lot of restraint or he has a personal guard to protect him. On the other hand I don’t think a good soldier should put himself in line for doing time because of this deserter.
The politicians are trying to white wash this case as much as possible, first by delaying as much as possible to get it out of the news, then by taking his word for what happened - Bowe Bergdahl: “I Was Tortured, Shackled, and Caged in Taliban Captivity.” “I was kept in constant isolation during the entire five years, with little to no understanding of time, through periods of constant darkness, periods of constant light, and periods of completely random flickering light.”
Bergdahl's statement was released alongside a letter from his attorney. Do you think the attorney helped?
In all the photos that I can find of him during and after his “ordeal” he looked well feed and without any apparent signs of being Tortured, Shackled, or Caged. Please remember how our POWs looked coming out of Viet Nam even after several weeks of being feed and cleaned up so as to not appear too damaged at release time.

I’ve seen individual careers ruined by the Army over minor infractions. This guy will likely walk with “time served” and it makes this vet sick! Also, I’ve never received an answer as to when the Army started give out AUTOMATIC promotions. I had to be present and earn all of mine.

Joseph ET said...

This is what happens when the democrats have total control of a state.
“Government-Mandated Speech: Jerry Brown Signs Law Forcing Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers to
Promote Abortion