Monday, October 19, 2015

Berning the Embassy

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Helpful tech tip: regularly check your email "spam folder" for urgent requests begging for more security.

It seems likely that it's all over but the screaming (literally) on the Democratic nomination front, after Bernie "I'm only using one-tenth of one percent of my brain" Sanders declared during last week's alleged debate that "the voters are sick and tired of hearing about her damn emails" and would prefer to hear about real issues.

Apparently "real issues," to Bernie, don't include national security, accountability from government officials, ferreting out corruption in high office, influence peddling, dereliction of official duties, lying to the American public, and more. No, he's too busy railing against rich people (like Mrs. Clinton) who game the system (like Mrs. Clinton) with the help of Wall Street (like Mrs. Clinton) while using every legal dodge available to avoid taxes (like Mrs. Clinton and her fraudulent "Foundation").

Of course, he's also against those who opposed LGBT issues (like Mrs. Clinton), and those who pushed for military action overseas (like Mrs. Clinton), and those who don't pay female workers as much as male workers (like Mrs. Clinton).

All of which raises serious questions about how and why Bernie gave Hillary the gift of public absolution for her sins (just before she'll be forced to testify on Benghazi this week) and yet be sincere about his presidential run?

The answer, of course, is that he's not serious and never has been. He has been Hillary's co-conspirator from day one, in the race only to allow her radical Leftist ideology to seem "moderate" when compared to Sanders' raving, spit-flecked, anti-capitalist insanity.

For quite awhile, Hope n' Change almost wanted to give Bernie credit for at least being sincere in his wacky beliefs - but all that changed when he deliberately threw the race to a woman who is the literal embodiment of all he claims to despise.

The man is a complete whore.


obama, obama jokes, political, humor, cartoon, conservative, hope n' change, hope and change, stilton jarlsberg, iran, missile, deal, kerry, nuclear

Actually, it's no sure thing that either our nation or the world will see the next election thanks to the Middle East mischief being cooked up by B. Hussein's close personal friends in Iran.

It seems that on October 10th, Iran test launched a new generation medium-range ballistic missile "inherently capable of carrying a nuclear weapon" in riotously flagrant violation of their agreement with the United Nations not to do so.

Obama has shrugged this off as largely meaningless, because the tough, tough, tough agreement John Kerry "negotiated" doesn't place any restrictions on Iran's missile program and therefore this troubling development doesn't mean a thing in relation to our peachy-keen deal.

Oh sure, some skeptics might find it troubling that we only have Iran's word that they're not hastily cobbling together nuclear warheads to go on those missiles. And that we've just gotten a huge reminder that Iran doesn't keep its word and never has.

But to those skeptics, America's most brilliant president has but one thing to say: "HEY! LOOK OVER THERE! CLIMATE CHANGE!"


George in Houtx said...

and Dear Leader would be right! the climate is, indeed, changing. I don't know how many are actual "climate" scientists, but there are a lot of people getting grant money to say that these changes are human-caused. it's interesting to note that, under climate change, we seem to slip smoothly from global warming to "prepare for an ice age".

Rod said...

These are after all the same folks who spent a lot of our money deliberately & totally destroying many still-decent used vehicles that, in former times, went into the used car market and kept a lot of cash-strapped people mobile so they could get to work. Remember the Cash For Clunkers program? ... All in the name of saving some fuel. That fuel savings cost us a LOT of $ per gallon. And many of those folks now have a car payment. But then on the other hand when they abandon our security missions in hostile territory, military vehicles are left there,& they still run just fine. And in the big picture, this rant is just nit-picking.

One thing dumber than this is a nation with the means to change it; and still they keep these liars, idiots & traitors in office.

TrickyRicky said...

"The goal of socialism is communism" per V.I. Lenin, so no, I have never given Bernie credit for shit. Except for wanting to destroy this country.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@George in Houtx- I think there is evidence of climate change (how could there not be? It's a dynamic system) but I have yet to see anything convincing about the "man-caused" component. And yet Barry calls this myth the greatest and most urgent threat to our nation's security and uses it as an excuse to disengage from world events - except to the extent that he'll be meeting with other world "leaders" soon to discuss ways we can start making reparations to other countries.

@Rod- Cash for Clunkers really honked me off (no pun intented) as I needed a used car but they were all rendered into worthless scrap even if they were running perfectly (note to the "green" fanatics: you make a much bigger carbon footprint building a new car rather than simply driving a slightly less efficient old car). The program cost taxpayers $3 billion, and the auto industry actually ended up making $3 billion less in auto sales than they normally would. The program was a complete failure except when it came to redistributing wealth.

@TrickyRicky- Let me emphasize that I was only giving Bernie credit for being sincere instead of being a bald-faced liar. But it turns out I was wrong.

FlyBoy said...

I don't know about the rest of you, but where I live (Indiana), climate change is real. It's definitely getting colder here, even going so far as to cause the leaves to start changing color and falling off the trees. At this rate, the temps will be in the teens by the end of the year, and we'll be up to our necks in snow!!!

Geoff King said...

Short of her collapsing on stage while drooling and babbling incoherently or developing a hole in her teflon armor and actually being indicted for something, it appears to me that Sanders, Biden, Trump, Bush, the RINOs, the ignorant Democratic constituency, and the usual voter fraud from the left all but guarantee that Hitlery will be our next president - because...vagina.

MJ Kishka said...

Watching the Debate was as appealing as prepping for a colonoscopy but one couldn't miss the Media's massive coverage of Bernie's absolution of Hillary's emails and subsequent security leaks, throwing away his only Ace against Hillary as he completely ignores the corrupt, wealthy, criminal candidate on his left. With such skills he qualifies for John Kerry's position as Secretary of State.

Bruce Bleu said...

I must agree with you about "climate change". In fact, it's getting so dire here in Colorado that the leaves are actually committing SUICIDE and jumping to the ground in utter despair. It is ALSO obvious that this appears to be RACIALLY MOTIVATED! Like in YOUR state, it is only leaves of COLOR that are dying!

Geoff King,
THANK you very much, (he said, dripping with sarcasm), for that visual... I'm going out to my truck to get my 1" carbide-tipped augur so I can drill out that part of my brain that registered Shrillary could even OWN a vagina!

Fred Ciampi said...

I told a liberal that I know (yes, I actually do know a liberal, a relative) that 40,000 years ago that the northern part of the USofA was covered in ice thousands of feet thick and the climate has been warming ever since without man's help. He told me that it is a story that the Republicans made up. I don't dare suggest that volcanic eruptions do more than their fair share of contributing to CO2. And another thing; ask a person educated in the current school system what the breakdown of gasses in the atmosphere is. It is Nitrogen, 78%,Oxygen, 21%, Argon, <1%, and CO2, a whopping 0.035%. Any recent high school graduate will tell you that CO2 in at least 80%. Yes I had one tell me that. Sigh................

John the Econ said...

Until last week, I at least respected Bernie for being a "true believer" who sticks to his principles, as 19th-century and out-of-touch as they are. But then in the middle of last week's debate, he started running cover for Hillary and I could only come to two possible conclusions: "He really doesn't want to win", or "He's really part of the Clinton machine".

Because you are absolutely right, @Stilton. He says he is fighting against everything that Clinton has been living for the last 30 years in thought, word and deed. I can understand wanting to "take the high road" and avoid slamming his fellow Democrats, by ironically employing Reagan's old GOP mantra of "Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican". But actually pulling her out of the fire that she herself has fueled? If I was a Bernie supporter, I'd be demanding a refund at this point.

As a supposed "true believer", Bernie knows that in order for socialism to have any chance at all of being the least bit viable, integrity above all other values must be present in all our leaders and throughout the bureaucracy. (Even the East Germans couldn't make it work) If if one had to pick a single value lacking in the Clinton clan, it would obviously be "integrity". For the Clintons, government has a lucrative mechanism of plunder that has made them rich and powerful, to the tune of at least 9 figures. With leadership like that, "social democracy" doesn't stand a chance.

Iran: Nothing to see here, move along. "Climate Change" is going to nuke us before the Iranians do. Really.

John the Econ said...

@George in Houtx, the left always like to scream "follow the money", honestly believing that everything that contradicts their agenda could only be funded by "big oil" or the Koch brothers.

And yet, it's big government that funds the worst agendas, and "Climate Change" is one of them. Today's example comes from people who honestly believe that people who contradict the "climate change" agenda should be charged under RICO statutes.

That's right. There are "serious" people who honestly believe that this blog post is actually a criminal act, and that people like @Stilton, myself, and probably most of you should be fined and jailed for doing so. In America, the "land of the free". This is how far down the rabbit hole we've gone since the beginning of the "hope and change" era.

But here's the rub: It turns out that the leaders of this cabal of "serious climate scientists" who wish to have you and I prosecuted as criminals for daring to question their agenda, are in fact the ones guilty of racketeering! They are making millions of dollars from the "global warming" racket in university salaries and government grants, that they then funnel about in Clinton Foundation fashion to hire family and friends and posh living.

Proving that there still is some degree of "shame" left in America, this exposure was enough for them to pull down their letter to the President and attorney general to be replaced with some irrelevant gobbledygook. (Thanks to the fact that this is the 21st century, and embarrassing stuff on the Internet never dies, the original can still be found) I'd like to see a GOP candidate with balls announce that these people should be investigated under RICO and prosecuted. That would be climate justice.

Earl Allison said...

John the Econ -- the reason the Left wants to criminalize any kind of dissent is because they lack any facts or legitimate point of view to argue with. It has never been more evident than under the Obama junta that (to borrow from an old law joke) the Left can do nothing but pound the table, as both fact and law are diametrically opposed to their viewpoint.

With the internet, the media no longer has the stranglehold over "truth" it once did, and until and unless the Left can control said internet, too, they run the constant risk of fact and truth putting the lie to everything they claim.

Amazing how the "Party of Science" is anything but. Equal parts amazing and sad that so many "scientists" seem to have forgotten what science, especially in regards to "manmade climate change" actually IS, a hypothesis that needs to be rigorous and publicly tested time and again.

John the Econ said...

@Rod, also recall that "cash for clunkers" mainly benefited wealthy people who were going to buy new cars anyway and didn't need my tax dollars to help them in doing so. It's near the top of my list of Progressive environmental policy initiatives that almost exclusively benefited the affluent at the expense of "the poor".

In fact, most Progressive environmental policy initiatives end up working this way. The "rich" and very wealthy either benefit or are not substantially affected, while the middle class and poor take the bulk of the cost.

@Fred Ciampi, such stories make one suspect that our public education system is, in fact, a success; at least if "success" is defined as making it possible to make the vast majority of people believe practically anything because they are too ignorant to realize otherwise.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@FlyBoy- I don't know why you're giving this important climate data away for free when the government is giving other people multi-million dollar grants for basically the same information (wry grin).

@Geoff King- I'm hoping that something will derail Hillary, but I'm starting to have my doubts. Between Kevin McCarthy's brain-dead, incorrect, and entirely needless assertion that the Benghazi hearings are political, Bernie Sanders' absolution about the email scandal, and Obama saying "national security was never in jeopardy" (in other words, telling the DOJ not to prosecute her no matter WHAT the FBI or Gowdy Committee turn up) Hillary is starting to feel inevitable again - at least as the Democratic nominee.

@MJ Kishka- It wasn't surprising but was disheartening to hear that the press pool erupted in cheers when Bernie threw away his greatest (and entirely legitimate) opportunity to knock Hillary down a few pegs. And you're entirely right that a man of such great mendacity and ineptitude is destined to reach new heights, perhaps in the Clinton administration.

@Bruce Bleu- Please don't call them "leaves of color." The politically correct term is Autumn-Americans.

@Fred Ciampi- Why should today's liberals know more about science or meteorological history than they do about anything else?

@John the Econ- There were plenty of circumspect ways for Bernie to not address Hillary's email scandal (personally, I prefer to think of it as her national security scandal) if he'd wanted. But nooOOOooo. I think Bernie is smart enough to know that he's actually pushing a two-tiered system in which the rich and powerful rule over all the peons, but do it in a way slightly more to Bernie's taste. And in this case, he thinks the best way of making that happen is by casting his lot with the Vagina Demagogue.

Regarding Iran flagrantly violating a solemn promise, it's worth noting that despite news of the missile launch, Barry was signing papers yesterday and declaring it "adoption day" for his devil's deal with Iran. What an unfortunate time for the president to prefer adoption to abortion.

John the Econ said...

@Earl Allison, to Progressives, the best debate is the one that never actually takes place, for the reasons you mention. This is why our supposed "institutions of higher learning" now employ "speech codes", have "safe spaces", and classify anything that a Progressive finds discomforting as "hate speech", and unworthy of consideration. Is nobody amazed that Berkeley, formerly known as the "home of the free speech movement" is now one of the most speech-restricted places in the country?

"Climate Change" has long been more religion than science. So much so, in fact, that the Pope himself has now canonized it.

Fritzchen said...

Bernie's not a complete whore, but he is approaching it asymptotically!

p said...

Fred Ciampi - I actually looked into it, as back ground for a speech I was writing for a class.... over the past 400,000 years, there have been 4 glaciations, each lasting approx 80,000 years, w/ "temperate" breaks of approx 20,000 years between them. We are 12 - 15k years (or so) into the current one. So, what we so arrogantly consider "normal" is a 1:5 fluke.
Now, geologically, even a 400,000 year chunk isn't much - so look to the previous 10M years, and climate was basically "dinosaur swamp"- which, if the warm alarmists were correct, we might be headed back to.
As if there were anything we could do to stop it.
See also Chinese / Indian CO2, as they add more power and (dirty / cheap) vehicles daily...

Pete (Detroit) said...

Fred Ciampi - I actually looked into it, as back ground for a speech I was writing for a class.... over the past 400,000 years, there have been 4 glaciations, each lasting approx 80,000 years, w/ "temperate" breaks of approx 20,000 years between them. We are 12 - 15k years (or so) into the current one. So, what we so arrogantly consider "normal" is a 1:5 fluke.
Now, geologically, even a 400,000 year chunk isn't much - so look to the previous 10M years, and climate was basically "dinosaur swamp"- which, if the warm alarmists were correct, we might be headed back to.
As if there were anything we could do to stop it.
See also Chinese / Indian CO2, as they add more power and (dirty / cheap) vehicles daily...

Apols for double post - don't know how to kill the previous one..

Fred Ciampi said...

Yes Pete, Last company I worked for before retirement has two factories in China. I had a chance to spend a year there but declined as the last engineer who went told us about the 4MM of ash collected on the automobiles every morning from the local power plant. And yes, their cars have little to no pollution controls. I understand India is worse. I really think the Chinese government uses pollution as a form of population control. The death rate from respiratory illnesses in abnormally high.

Fred Ciampi said...

PS - Pete. There is a little picture of a trash can at the bottom or your post. You can use it to delete posts. :)

Pete (Detroit) said...

Interesting - have never seen it... what browser?

Fred Ciampi said...

Just to the right of the date/time.

jimp8606 said...


Thank you. I thought I was the only one seeing how Bernie was a shill for the Hilldibeast (with full apologies to Wildebeests, no offense intended).
Who knew that so many in our nation would be as hot and horny for a full blown Socialist that the Berninator would need to have his microchip reprogrammed by the resistance to protect our future from the rise of the Rino's. Noting that there is the possibility that he may ultimately need throw himself in front of the T(rump)-1000. A selfless act only a true unthinking machine would understand and thusly ensure what should be a riveting sequal to the original 2 Term(Obam)inator. (Somewhat fitting that the 3rd terminator was a woman too, at least well visually enough to deceive and penetrate for maximum destruction)

Rod said...

My mother has been placed in enhanced assisted care facility and she has healed up well but is less capable and is happy there; but to my surprise SHE REPORTS that nearly every old person there has had enough, is a believer, would just as soon pass on, is disgusted but thinks all this political stuff is beyond them, and have no plans to vote. IMO that's so bizarre, one would think they'd still want to participate. That's where we really need some help.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@John the Econ- As I've said before, whoever controls the language controls the arguments.

@Fritz Brohn- Indubitably!

@Pete- Excellent points. Comfy temperatures aren't really the norm on planet Earth (well, not comfy for humans - woolly mammoths loved the cold weather). Without knowledge of the Earth's climate history, how can anyone have perspective about what is, or isn't, happening now?

And your point about China and India is incredibly important: what can Obama do in the United States which would make a dent in all the pollution being produced in those countries?

@Fred Ciampi- I've enjoyed the Karl Pilkington television travelogue "An Idiot Abroad," and it shows how awful the pollution is over there. Is that pollution destroying the planet? Probably not. Is it killing people? Absolutely.

@jimp8606- I've got to admit that the notion of "Terminator Bernie" is pretty hilarious. Although considering the fact that he never shuts up, maybe we should call him the Interminable-ator.

@Rod- I can't help but think of the Simon & Garfunkle song about Mrs. Robinson in the rest home...

Sitting on a sofa on a Sunday afternoon
Going to the candidates debate
Laugh about it, shout about it
When you've got to choose
Every way you look at it, you lose

I must admit that it's a sentiment which I increasingly understand. That being said, I wish the older folks would vote - if only to frustrate the caregivers who will otherwise be filling out absentee ballots for the Dems.

American Cowboy said...

Just my "two cents" about the climate change comments above:
I believe they are correct about the cooling that will take place in many areas over the next few months. But as also mentioned periods of icy cold were followed by temperate, warmer periods of time.
I predict that there will be a definite warming trend sometime after the turn of the year, and that will be followed by some downright hot temperatures.
But I may be wrong, after all I am only a hard-working cowboy mostly educated at the school of hard knocks, and not a liberal educated tool.

Bruce Bleu said...

American Cowboy,
The "degrees" afforded by your education in the School of Hard Knocks do not add to "gloBULL warming". J Paul Getty had an 8th grade education and became the most powerful man in America for a time. When you grow into an American CowMAN (with kudos to Inspector Clouseau) I'm sure you will make your impression on this nation.

Pete (Detroit) said...

Rod - that's where the D party really 'cleans up'.... the cute little absentee ballots, already filled out, all you have to do is sign, and send...

John the Econ said...

@Pete (Detroit), until relatively recently, China was expanding their coal-fired electrical grid by the size of Great Britain's every single year. And when I say "coal-fired", I mean mostly using low-grade coal and without the expensive scrubbing technologies we require here.

China doesn't give a rat's ass about the theoretical threat from their carbon emissions. They barely give a rat's ass about the very real toxins they spew and is poisoning their own citizens and environment. When they pay lip service to "carbon footprints", it's only to goad on the west to do what they've been doing for two decades now; increasing pointless carbon regulations that ultimately forcing heavy industries to leave the west and re-establish themselves in China.

I've long argued that "environmentalism" as we practice it today is a benefit of "affluence". People only became interested in environmental issues once we as a society moved high enough up the Maslow Curve, and our basic physiological needs were largely met. This is also why I believe that the Progressive environmental/economic agenda that ultimately turns us back into poor serfs will be very detrimental to the environment. Poor people & cultures don't care at about things like carbon footprints, or even what they do with their own trash.

@Rod, that's astounding. After all, since the very beginning, the Democrats have used Social Security as a threat against the old folk to get them to the polls lest the Republicans have them thrown out into the street. Is it really possible that the Democrats have made their core audience so cynical that they no longer care?

@American Cowboy, such is the beauty of "climate science" today; it's been presented as a "heads we're right - tails you're wrong" kind of argument. No matter what happens now, if it's "bad", it's the fault of capitalist-caused anthropogenic climate change.

TheOldMan said...

@Pete @Fritz Imagine if you will The Dear Golfer and Al Whore 15000 years ago standing before the retreating NA glaciers moaning about climate change and the impending doom and how it was a shame that future generations would not be able to experience these magnificent glaciers. You have now entered The Imbecile Zone. Different millennia, same turds.

JustaJeepGuy said...

When I heard that Sanders said that about Hillary's e-mails, I figured she'd just offered him the VP spot and he was okay with that. Pretty sad if true.