Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Cool Crock, Ahmed

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It's been a big week for young Ahmed Mohamed, the budding genius who figured out how to stuff the guts of an electric clock into a pencil case. First he got to meet with Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir, the genocidal "Butcher of Darfur." Talk about a childhood dream come true!

Next, the Council on American-Islamic Relations named him "The American Muslim of the Year," apparently for going 365 days without killing anyone. Which, make no mistake, we think is a good thing - although we're not quite sure why it deserves a trophy.

But best of all, Ahmed was finally able to make good on Barack Obama's tweeted invitation to the White House, where he attended the 2nd annual "Astronomy Night" along with luminaries like climate change evangelist Bill Nye "The Science is Settled Dammit" Guy, and 11 astronauts who have participated in NASA's exciting Muslim outreach program and occasionally actually gone into space thanks to Islam's dramatic contributions to rocket science.

Well, actually the contribution wasn't that dramatic. Centuries ago,  Muslims "invented" a symbol to represent the already-existing concept of "zero" - that symbol being a simple circle ("You know - for kids!").  We're not quite sure how this translates to putting a man on the moon, but surely the president couldn't say it if it wasn't true.

Interestingly, Ahmed didn't have his (ahem) "clock" with him and he didn't get any quality one-on-one time with Mr. Obama... no doubt because the Secret Service takes security a lot more seriously than the president wants our nation's schools to do.


obama, obama jokes, political, humor, cartoon, conservative, hope n' change, hope and change, stilton jarlsberg, hillary, trey gowdy, benghazi, testimony, youtube

Tomorrow, Hillary Clinton will give testimony before Congress's special Benghazi committee, and Hope n' Change is hoping for fireworks. And we're not talking about snap, crackle, and pop fireworks - we want Boom! BOOM! KA-BOOOOOOM! fireworks.

The focus of questioning is not expected to be on Hillary's blatant email issues and total disregard in the handling of classified materials, but rather on the four Americans who died horribly in Benghazi, why she did not provide them with requested security, and why she pushed an untrue (but politically expedient) story about the attack being caused by a Youtube video.

As much as we'd like to see Trey Gowdy score a slam dunk on the cackling Clinton, it won't be easy. She's a talented and practiced liar, evidence has been obscured and destroyed, the political legitimacy of the committee has been (unfairly) called into question, and of course there's the possibility of "bad optics" if the woman who claims she can stand up to Vladimir Putin seems "bullied" by the harsh questioning of an insensitive penile-American.

Whatever happens, we're guessing it will be interesting. And, unlike the Youtube video, actually watched.


obama, obama jokes, political, humor, cartoon, conservative, hope n' change, hope and change, stilton jarlsberg, biden, 2016


JC said...

"Pencil case"? That was his mom's Halliburton-like cosmetics case. Seen 'em at Needless-Markps, back when my girlfriend was still alive.

Mike aka Proof said...

Obama the pres'dent was fooled

said Ahmed's creation was cool.

A clock disassembled,

a bomb it resembled

and CAIR acted much like a tool.

TMay said...

There were a number of headlines a few days ago that Obama would not meet with clock boy because the boy had just met a terrorist.

Michael Beaty said...

Some of the sources I've seen indicate that the Muzzies sotle the symbol for zero when they invaded India

Cat Whisperer said...

Thank you Muslim Science! Without the zero we wouldn’t be able to tally what Obama has done in office that hasn’t sucked.

TrickyRicky said...

That this little twerp was named American Muslim of the Year for such an unbelievably vapid attempt to disrupt his school with said "invention" says about all you need to know about the state of Muslim accomplishment in the 21st century, the state of our media, and the state of our empty chair president.

Fred Ciampi said...

Maybe little ahmed will get the Nobel Prize in physics this year. And ahmed is such a good way to draw attention away from all the other illegal things that obummer is doing.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@JC- I've seen it described as a pencil case although I suppose it could just as easily contain cosmetics. In which case Ahmed would claim that he'd invented a woman.

@Mike aka Proof- Nice limerick, and I appreciate your truncating pres-i-dent so that the syllables actually work. That's the kind of pride of craftmanship that this country needs more of.

@TMay- In the few pictures of Ahmed and Barry at the White House, it's a crowd scene in which Barry appears to be looking past the boy. I think the president's handlers finally figured out that nothing good can come out of a close association with this kid and his family.

@Michael Beaty- Don't you hate it when looters and pillagers invade and steal mathematical symbols?

@Cat Whisperer- The "sweetest sound on Earth" is the word "Zero" when used to describe the number of Obama's positive accomplishments.

@TrickyRicky- The good news is that Ahmed won't be winning "American Muslim of the Year" in the future because his whole wacked-out family is pulling up roots and leaving the evil, prejudiced United States to move to Qatar. There, they can enjoy the greater freedom and tolerance of Shariah law. Unless Ahmed turns out to be gay, in which case he'll be beheaded.

@Fred Ciampi- In fairness, Ahmed deserves a Nobel Prize in physics as much as Obama deserved one for "peace."

Juanita The Icon said...

I am confused as usual. Why is that woman not in jail? I thought she was. Please explain....

And I thought I read yesterday that Ahmed kid blew himself up in Qatar or something. Or was that someone else? I could swear I saw him with 72 virginal goats. So confused....

Bruce Bleu said...

I watched the video 2 days after it had been reported and it had had 343 views. YEAH, this damned video was responsible for all KINDS of damage because of cave and camel Wifi connections to responsible mooselims who only want a peaceful world. How can they be expected to react any other way when PARODIES of their religion are portrayed. Yeah, when camel and goat escort services are on the wane and gas prices are going down it's hard to stay docile while you struggle to jewel-encrust your $300,000 Mercedes and to have sex with boys when Anal Lube is so expensive.

PRY said...

you know, we have ALL come in contact, at school, work, a blacklivesmatter rally, you know the usual places we all go from time to time....and we've had to listen to or watch some dufus at the class or rally about whom we instantly decide, "wow, that guy is a goof...wonder how he got that way....remind myself to avoid this dude"! Well, that's how Ubama strikes me...even without all the reprehensible stuff he's done, I would have taken every possible avenue to avoid interaction with someone that I felt was a TOTAL WASTE OF SPACE! And I would have been correct!

John the Econ said...

Really, does anybody outside of the media take CAIR seriously? I don't think that even the multi-cultists in academia pay attention to them anymore.

I preferred Bill Nye when he was better known as "Speed Walker".

Nice to see the Secret Service on the ball. Clearly the new rules are working. They seem much less distracted when there aren't foreign hookers around.

Hillary & Benghazi: Unfortunately, I think that those who are expecting fireworks with Hillary at the Benghazi hearings are going to be disappointed, as they usually are when Republicans think they've finally got the Clintons right where they want them. Remember, the Clintons are like The Terminator, who easily manages to walk clear of any supposedly unsurvivable fire. The Clintons have clearly made a deal with the devil, who has indemnified them from any significant earthly consequences of their actions. I have no idea what they exchanged for this kind of power or what awaits them in the next life, but I can't imagine it being the least pleasant.

As for the Benghazi narrative: I think the GOP is missing the boat on the real issue. Yes, like most of the Federal government, Hillary and the State Department were woefully incompetent and filled with countless bureaucrats all perusing personal and political agendas that are not aligned with the best interest of the United States. But we already know that. Why should we expect that the State Department is better run than any other Federal agency?

The real scandal of Benghazi is how Hillary and the Obama Administration threw America's highest values under the bus to save themselves and excuse the worst tendencies of our enemies. Instead of taking advantage of what should have been a "teachable moment" to the rest of the world about how in America, citizens are not told by the government what they can or cannot say, or require government permission to say it, they instead went on another "apology tour" and subverted the due process of law regarding the producer of a YouTube video that nobody had ever heard of before. Two weeks later, Obama even went as far as to address the UN, stating that "The Future Must Not Belong To Those Who Slander The Prophet Of Islam". Just how does he plan to see that enforced?

As usual, I'm afraid that the GOP's eye is off the ball here. The 1st Amendment is the real target, and is currently under assault in America, as has the notion of "free speech" been in Europe for the better part of a decade now. (In Britain, it's now possible to be literally arrested for quoting Winston Churchill in public)

A question I'd like to see the committee ask Hillary is, "Why did you make one of America's core values, "freedom of speech", the villain when we all know that was not the case? Is it your position that "freedom of speech" is the problem and needs to be curtailed?" I don't expect to see this happen.

No, they're not going to repeal the 1st Amendment. That would be difficult, because Americans still largely like the idea of "freedom". But what they are going to do is make it very dangerous and expensive for you to exercise your right. Not very many of us can spare the hundreds-of-thousands of dollars it takes to fend off this kind of protracted litigation, which the government and special interests will be happy to pursue. So most of us will be forced to take the safe route and shut up. Which is what they really want.

Colby Muenster said...

Ahhh what a country! A guy who gets his legs blown off by Islamic terrorists while defending our freedom will wait months to see a "medical professional (nurse)," but a kid who looks like an Islamic terrorist (yes I'm a raaaaacisssst!) builds something that looks like a bomb, and gets invited to meet the President.

Sorry, Stilton, but there will be no fireworks at the hearings tomorrow. I fear that Trey Gowdy is going to interrogate the hell out of the old hag, and the press will make her look like a martyr, and him look like a raving, slobbering, right wing nutball on a vendetta. Then again, one can hope! I'd gladly fork over my next paycheck to see Screech go down in flames just like our embassy she refused to defend.

So, Biden's not running....
I still think that O'Liar has something cooking behind the scenes that will put a very abrupt stop to the Clinton campaign, and it will happen just after she gets the nomination. THEN, Barry's pick will come forward to save the day. Could be Lizzie Standing Joke. Maybe Mooch? Hell, it could still be SloJoe! Get to be a presidential candidate without spending a crying dime.

John the Econ said...

Meanwhile, elsewhere in Washington DC...

WikiLeaks posts CIA chief’s hacked emails

"The announcement follows the government’s admission that it was investigating reports that a high schooler had broken into Brennan’s personal AOL email account along with the Comcast account of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson."

I don't see what everyone's excited about. It's my understanding that passing classified material through an unsecured email account is no longer a big deal for those in Federal employ. In fact, Bernie Sanders is tired of hearing about this kind of thing...

Judi King said...

The Benghazi hearings.....just another media show. The ()itch will NEVER be indicted. People don't mess with a Clinton and live.....

Dobro Player said...

Your cartoon reminds me of "unexpected jihad" videos, like this one
There are more of those videos here, some of them are crap and some are good.