Monday, November 23, 2015

Population Bomber

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Hope n' Change believes that the current fervor about vetting refugees to avoid terrorist infiltration is dangerously shortsighted. We're being distracted from a real and much greater danger - an actual bomb capable of incalculable damage and an actual bomber already working to deploy it.

To put this statement in context, we must begin by conceding that terrorism is a real and terrible threat worldwide. But the kinds of attacks mounted in Paris and Mali, while horrorific, do not and can not amount to an existential threat for our country. In a purely clinical sense, we lose more people to automobile accidents than terror and life goes on.

That isn't to say that it isn't critically important to fight terror as vigorously as possible. Nor should we allow any refugees into our heartland without thorough vetting.

But the real threat which can destroy this nation is a population bomb - and unsurprisingly, Barack Hussein Obama is the bomber. His goal is to destroy the culture and values of the United States from within by flooding our country with immigrants who are unlikely to assimilate.

Millions of them, if Obama has his way, by the end of his second term.

It has always been this president's clear goal to sponge the alleged stain of America and American ideals from history and the map. To redress the colonialist evils he believes we've visited on the world. To assure, in the words of his spiritual mentor, that our "chickens come home to roost."

That means bringing the United States down both as a superpower and as an economic and moral force in the world. And Barack Obama has already taken us terrifyingly far down that road with a multi-pronged attack on the cohesion of the American people.

Like other western countries, the United States is seeing dramatic demographic shifts as populations age and birth rates among the most educated segments of the population decline. The liberal culture mocks traditional marriage and parenthood, infantilizes young men and women, idealizes minimum wage jobs with little chance of advancement, and aggressively promotes abortion as a "choice" to allow a selfish "me" generation to avoid the responsibility of raising a child.

Not so with the immigrant populations, legal and illegal, who enthusiastically "go forth and multiply," changing our demographics, language, beliefs, and culture.

Does this make the immigrants bad? Absolutely not. It's human nature to try to move from a bad situation to a better one. But neither are drowning people "bad" if they attempt to overload a lifeboat and, in the process, cause it to sink. When the immigration process is uncontrolled and assimilation becomes a discarded virtue, we're all in that sinking lifeboat - and Barack Obama knows it.

But this population bomb isn't the only challenge the president is mounting in his effort to erase our sense of unity and our collective national identity. He has worked tirelessly to set American against American - inflaming racial tensions, attacking police officers, and preaching pitchfork-wielding class envy while promoting economic policies designed solely to reward the rich, subsidize (and make dependent) the poor, and bleed the great American middle class out of existence.

There is no power on Earth - certainly not radical Islam - which can bring down our nation as long as we believe in ourselves and each other, and reinstitute a most American institution: the melting pot  which simultaneously celebrates ethnic, national, and religious diversity while bonding our citizenry in a proud, singular, and unifying culture.

This is what America's greatest enemy has focused his attentions on destroying.  An enemy who, ironically, was never thoroughly vetted.


Mike aka Proof said...

Great minds! That looks like the same suicide vest I 'shopped onto one of those snotty Deport Racism 2016 kids.

REM1875 said...

Great job, doc, Bravo!!! 5 stars ***** This is his legacy- loved by brown and mooseslime alike, adored by blacks out of a sense of pride, and a way and a weapon to beat conservatives to death by liberals- and when they are through with that.... the are going to find out the hate each other, and his shiney liberal utopia by the sea will be a warring hell on earth. What a legacy.

Joseph ET said...

When my forefathers came to America from Europe in the 1800s they had to sale all their property and pool their megger savings if any, to purchase tickets on a ship for the long dangerous trip here. Some even died on the journey, some were born on the ship. Then there was a stay at Elis Island of several weeks for processing and to make sure they weren’t carrying any diseases. Once released some had a relative to stay with, but most did not. Either way they had to find some kind of work (anything) to earn a living. There was NO welfare, NO food stamps, NO section 8 housing. There were a few soup lines and the churches tried to be helpful too. If they found a job that paid a dollar a day that would be great, but most jobs didn’t pay that well. But they persevered. They learned English and saw to it that their children learned English and received some education. They adapted to America while also celebrating the “old” ways. And they didn’t whine, cry or demand that their new home change to suit their wishes!

There’s quite a contrast to the immigrant we are getting now!

Barbara said...

Well, Senator Ted Kennedy's plan was to reform where immigrants to the USA came from. Near the end of his life, Kennedy was one of the first of the uber influential Democrats to throw his support behind Obama. I guess Ted Kennedy got his wish... posthumously. This was all premeditated. Who said, "The future belongs to those who show up?" I have a sense of impending doom, but at least I am not alone.

Charlie Mitchell said...

I've said much the same before, and I'll say it again here:

To me, Obama is an American in name only. Sure, he holds US citizenship, but he was raised in Indonesia and Hawaii, both of which are very different in culture from mainstream mainland America. As a young adult he finally came to the mainland for college, and from there went on to the big city. Those last two are pretty much artificial environments, not mainstream American environments.

Obama's mother and father were in no way "mainstream", so he just doesn't know how we think. He can't help himself in doing what he does, because he has no firm "raised American" foundation upon which to build.

Poor guy, I actually feel sorry for him, that he never got to do things like go to the county fair with his friends and girlfriend, go camping with the family, work at the Piggly Wiggly grocery store after school, etc.

Obama doesn't really care what we think. He's going to do everything in his power to "prove" that he's smarter than the rest of us, and if it doesn't work, he'll have so many millions that he'll be insulated from his own failures. I read a while back that he's moving back to Hawaii after he's out. Once again, he just can't stand living in mainland America among mainstream Americans.
Poor guy - he's adrift and he doesn't even know it.

Jim Irre said...

BHO isn't the problem, the American people are the problem. This all began back in the early part of the 20th century with the progressive takeover of education. The fall of classical education supplanted by the rise of institutional education has seen generation after generation of mind-numbed zombie following where no-one chooses to lead. Aberrations on the landscape such as Ronald Reagan, have done little to slow down the inexorable March to the drowning seas. We, as a people, are drowning in our own foolish ignorance and at this point it doesn't seem likely that we'll recover.

The Quixotic battles we fight are the contrived distractions set before us in order that the underlying war can be continued largely without our notice. American society has become STUPID and follows blindly bleating, "Four legs baaaaaad, two legs goooooood!" The swine in charge has us corralled on this animal farm and our way of life is being slaughtered as the lamb.

Fred Ciampi said...

And another sad issue is that the great destroyer, if he doesn't become dictator-for-life, will be enjoying his life to the fullest after he leaves office. And on our dime! Him and his will be in a safe enclave somewhere out of the strife that he created. And a terrible strife it will be....... I'm glad I'm old but I fear for all of my 20 or so great grand children.

Geoff King said...

Many would say that Ă˜bastard is doing a fantastic job of leading our country - including Richard Cloward, Frances Piven, Karl Marx, Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Emperor Nero....................

Judi King said...

Great cartoon and one of your best posts ever. Everything you said is so unfortunately true but his (the dic's) supporters don't get it. They have been so brainwashed by their so called educators and left leaning media that they believe they are right. They know nothing about history, they no nothing about creeping socialism and it's evils, they can't see that what they're destroying is destroying themselves. They never heard of "A house divided against itself cannot stand" (Abraham Lincoln), which is this administration's tactic and an ancient one. May these supporters wake up in time! Maybe the current terrorism threat can help to unite this country. I'll always remember 9-12-01 and how we were actually one united country with no divisions. It was so beautiful and great but sadly didn't last.

Dilbertnomore said...

Sadly, you, once again, have nailed it. I wish you weren't so necessary.

John the Econ said...

Bravo @Stilton. Well said.

Europe is all but gone. For the last few generations, loss of confidence after two world wars and then socialism has converted Europe mostly to a museum to the former greatness of western civilization that tourists visit in awe. A generation from now, it won't even be that. The invasion taking place now is just the final breech of the dam. America still has a choice, but barely.

Do note that the Japanese realize this. The Russians realize this. The Chinese realize this. Even the "moderate" Arab countries realize this.

@Barbara, not only did the "reform" of the sixties redefine the types of immigrants and where they came from, it also eliminated the requirement for "sponsorship"; that a citizen or citizens of the United States would be personally responsible to see that the immigrant would not become a burden to society. (This is also another example of the left's agenda to eliminate "personal responsibility" from the national lexicon)

@Jim Irre, I am afraid you are right. There would be on Obama without a nation of people willing to vote for him, twice.

@Fred Ciampi, absolutely. Unlike the rest of us, the mega-wealthy (who contrary to supposed Progressive intentions have mostly thrived during the Obama era) will be able to mitigate the consequences of this invasion in their daily lives. They will live in their gated and guarded communities, eschew public transit, and send their children to exclusive private schools, and will also be the primary beneficiaries of cheapened low-skilled labor. These people will pay Obama handsomely as both a reward and as a mechanism for moral superiority and to feel good about their exploitation of the rest of America.

Bruce Bleu said...

Stilton, you inferred the "shortsightedness" of allowing mooselims into the country without adequate "vetting" was dangerous, but looking at the situation with a statistical mindset, the ONLY way to statistically guard against something happening, is to NOT LET THE EVENT BE POSSIBLE! If you don't want HIV to enter the blood supply, YOU DON'T TAKE DONATIONS FROM HIV POSITIVE PEOPLE, you DON'T take the blood and then screen for HIV, because 100% inspection procedures are statistically 97.3% accurate and effective!
If you DON'T want mooselim terrorists in your population, you must stop ALL mooselims from entering, PERIOD! No mooselims, no mooselim terrorists, (also remember, mooselims BECOME terrorists, they are not BORN terrorists). All a mooselim needs to become a terrorist is to BELIEVE AND FOLLOW THE KORAN! (OR be stupid enough to follow a moron like louis ferrycan.)

Colby Muenster said...

Perfect and extremely disturbing) summary of the O'Liar plan. Nothing to add other than I'd gladly slam my dick in a door to see this posting quoted verbatim in the NYT and WaPo without it being accompanied by some libtard commentator's poisonous rebuttal.

@Judy King,
President Lincoln was quoting the Bible; Mark 3:25 to be specific. Still, you are spot on, but not only has O'Liar heard of this concept, it's one of his favorite tactics. I pray we survive the assault on our freedom!

Judi King said...

@ Colby Muenster: Thanks for the heads up. Apparently Lincoln found this Biblical reference apropos in his time as it is now.

WalrusMN said...

Well said, S.J. What it all boils down to is this: the so-called Progressives have succeeded in turning off the burner under our melting pot.

Popular Front said...

Read some history. It is full of instances where suspect and/or deeply unpopular leaders/tyrants/dictators were dragged from their ivory palaces by angry mobs and beheaded/hanged/nailed upside down to trees/stabbed in the rotunda(ouch!)/torn apart and shot. Are you getting the hint?
RISE UP! ENFORCE A CHANGE! You voted for this dangerous pseudo-marxist as President, NOT as ultimate ruler therefore you can un-elect him the old fashioned way. STORM THE WHITE HOUSE! Reclaim the Constitution - by the people, for the people. 10,000 angry citizens would be enough for the initial assault, provided you are motivated and patriotic enough to take some casualties which you certainly will before you overwhelm the Secret Service security detail.
The Russians have been dining out on the 'Storming the Winter Palace' BS for nearly a century (there was nobody there btw) so now it's the USA's turn, so get on with it.

JustaJeepGuy said...

I'd really like to know why the progressive scum think they'll be immune to the problems their open borders are going to cause. Even in their gated communities, they won't be safe. Once enough invaders know where all the good stuff is (in the gated communities, natch), the progressives won't be able to hire enough armed guards to keep the looters out. THEY'LL ALL DIE IN THEIR GATED COMMUNITIES!! Which will make me smile, for sure!

OpenTheDoor said...

When O'Baja was elected, the next day I transferred all my savings to a guaranteed bond market fund. My financial adviser thought I was crazy. I have 3 stock market college fund investment accounts for my grandchildren, they all have lost money, the bonds have brought in little, at least they are not going backwards.
Every time the advisor calls, I laugh and tell him, again, what has to happen before I creep out of the Barack shelter, it isn't safe yet.
O'Baja is the devil.

American Cowboy said...

Just happened to watch some of the live press conference with the French president and the US poser-in-chief.
It was in the first few moments that he took a veiled swipe at President Bush's response to 911 as a knee-jerk fearful response to terrorism.
He pretty well showed his true colors, again, when he casually referred to the French president by first name, while referring to the Syrian leader as MISTER Assad.
He tried to interject himself into a question directed to President Hollande with the excuse, "There are to presidents up here."
Everything about this guy is nauseating to intelligent people.

American Cowboy said...

Two, not to.

American Cowboy said...

Damned fat fingers and too much coffee!
How can I delete mistakes?

Colby Muenster said...

@Judi King,
It made me wonder what it would be like to have a president who honored the Bible rather than the Qur'an.

I don't think the average progressive puts two and two together enough to realize that open borders = death and violence. Just look at the resistance to Kate's law. It does bring a smile to the face, though, when I think about those idiots huddled in their homes, starving and unable to defend themselves should the caliphate (God forbid!) happen here.

John the Econ said...

@American Cowboy, I watched that presser as well.

One interesting point: The President referred to the war with ISIS as against an "ideology", instead of just "terrorism" or "extremists" as he usually does.

That was either progress or a slip.

John the Econ said...

A bit off topic, but timely for those of you planning on travelling tomorrow:

Airport workers hope to get Thanksgiving travelers’ attention

"On the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, one of the busiest travel days of the year, workers at 15 major U.S. airports are planning a day of fasting, vigils and rallies, aiming to galvanize the traveling public’s support for their fight for better wages."

Because, there's no better way to gain my sympathy for your cause than screwing up my travel plans on one of the the busiest, already most stressful days of the year?

Better watch out airport workers because I hear the President is about to flood the low-skilled worker marketplace with a few hundred-thousand more young guys who'll be more than happy to take your place for far less than $15-an-hour with benefits. Happy Holidays!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Readers- Great comments and conversations above. Circumstances (not big or interesting ones) haven't allowed me to take part the way I'd like to, but you've been doing fine without me!

Rollory said...

" the melting pot which simultaneously celebrates ethnic, national, and religious diversity while bonding our citizenry in a proud, singular, and unifying culture."

This is a lie.

It is propaganda that was popularized in the last years of the nineteenth century as a way of attempting to brainwash out of existence objections to importing large numbers of unassimilable immigrants of fundamentally different nature to the existing population of the country (Eastern Europeans and Mediterraneans as opposed to the English/French/German people that had made up the entirety of the American population until that point). Oddly enough, the regions that received large numbers of these immigrants had their politics and voting patterns change on a permanent basis.

It is propaganda that is still set to the same purpose: the destruction and dissolution of the actual American population, and with it, the actual qualities that population has.

Everything else you say is irrelevant so long as you turn it to this purpose.

Anonymous said...

Obama IS the bomb

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Rollory- I've lived a long time, and I haven't seen the kind of Balkanization which would come from "large numbers of unassimilable immigrants" until fairly recently. When I talk about the melting pot, I'm not saying that we should all be homogeneous - rather that there must be a single dominant culture in which we can all participate. I think we've actually had a pretty commendable record of that being the case in the past.

@Anonymous- Specifically, a cluster bomb...

JustaJeepGuy said...


My father's parents came from Sicily in 1895. My father and his siblings were all as American as can be. I can't speak for my grandparents as they were both deceased before my 1st birthday. However, I'm pretty sure they assimilated as well as their children. Buying a house is a pretty serious sign of assimilation in my book.