Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

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Yes, but at "double time" you'll finally get that $15 an hour you've been wanting.
As we reflect on Thanksgiving 2015, it strikes us that one of the defining qualities of the liberal left is that they demand everything but are thankful for nothing.

We suppose it's hard for them to count their blessings when they're more consumed with covetous envy of others. And it's seemingly impossible for them to swallow their pride (or is it hubris?) long enough to say "thank you" to their fellow citizens (including, especially, the "evil rich") who fund not only this nation's many generous social programs and safety nets, but the infrastructure that keeps our standard of living high and the troops who keep us safe.

We enter this Thanksgiving holiday at a time of great world tension and, sadly, legitimate concern about the quality of our political leaders. But that shouldn't stop us from drawing a deep breath, turning off the doomsayers on television for awhile, and making a calm reassessment of the incredible bounty which all Americans enjoy.

And of course, taking time to give thanks.

obama, obama jokes, political, humor, cartoon, conservative, hope n' change, hope and change, stilton jarlsberg, thanksgiving, terror, warning, isis, fear

To help put everyone in the holiday spirit while blood is still being mopped up in Paris and Mali, Barack Obama gave his version of FDR's proclamation that "the only thing we have to fear is fear itself." In this case, the president - who is constantly surrounded by heavily-armed Secret Service agents - said that "the most powerful tool we have to fight ISIL is to say we're not afraid."

Which would have been a lot more comforting if the State Department's CYA Bureau didn't then scare the hell out of everyone by issuing a worldwide terror warning suggesting that, according to their keen analysis of intelligence data, anything could happen, anywhere, at any time. And they advise special caution "during the holiday season and at holiday festivals or events."

So remember, don't be afraid - but make sure your Thanksgiving turkey really has a pop-up timer and not a detonator.


obama, obama jokes, political, humor, cartoon, conservative, hope n' change, hope and change, stilton jarlsberg, ahmed, clockmaker, terror, clock, bomb

Young Ahmed the Clockmaker has decided that rather than settling for 15 minutes of fame, he wants 15 million dollars for alleged "damages" to his reputation.

But just what "damages" has he actually suffered? Following his brief kerfuffle with authorities in Irving, Texas, his story went viral for two major reasons: his publicity-addicted father and CAIR promoted it, and Barack Obama made it into a national news story by tweeting "cool clock, Ahmed" even though the president hadn't yet seen a picture of the device which looked like it should have been disarmed by a sweating, cursing Bruce Willis as the seconds tick down to zero.

Subsequently, Ahmed was "damaged" by receiving truckloads of goodies from tech corporations, offers of scholarships from colleges, guest shots on scads of televisions shows, and an invitation to the White House, as well as being named "Young Muslim of the Year" and getting the opportunity for his family to visit the United Nations and trash talk our country.

The family eventually announced that it was moving to Qatar to enjoy the more civilized and tolerant nature of a Muslim country, but now seems to have second thoughts about living under a system in which you can be beaten to death with rocks for filing baseless nuisance lawsuits like this one.




REM1875 said...

Well are truly blessed and thankful, wish each a wonderful holiday, yes even lucy.

The Digital Hairshirt said...

Happiest of Thanksgivings to you and yours from the Digi Clan up here on Dog Hill!

Fred Ciampi said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours Stilt. I plan on walking around town announcing that I'm glad I am safe and sound at the top of my voice. But in a town with a population of 2,700 I probably won't be herd by many ...... Maybe I'll just go to DC.

Geoff King said...

This year, as with practically every previous year, I am thankful that I will not be travelling more than one mile for Thanksgiving dinner, and will be spending Black Friday walking in the woods, not in a mall.

Bobo said...

Happy Thanksgiving to all. I am thankful to be back on American soil after spending 6 weeks on "the continent" a couple months back. I've had enough of Europe to last me the rest of my life. There's no place like home. God Bless America.

Judi King said...

Happy Thanksgiving to all and may we remember who to give thanks to. (to your point, Colby)

George said...

Happy Thanksgiving to Stilton and all here who make this place my 'safe zone'...

Anonymous said...

May you and yours have a most wonderful and thankful Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!

I love Lucy - but then I have always been a sucker for the dimwitted hotties. That is why I am spending my Thanksgiving alone ...

sniff, sniff

And anyone out there who calls themselves a "progressive", may a chunk of GMO turkey get stuck in your windpipe and progressively choke you. Ha! I crack myself up sometimes ....

Anonymous said...

I dunno. If I had to go meet that idiot president we have it would take more than 15 million to compensate me for the anquish and turmoil I would experience.

Boligat said...

"...they demand everything but are thankful for nothing."

Stilty, you have nailed exactly what ails all of humankind, but especially the left. I truly believe that a lack of gratitude is one of the biggest sins that humans commit. It is this lack of gratitude that make all of the whiners on the left seem so shallow to everyone else who disagrees with them. When was the last time you heard anyone talking about reparations start off with, "I am truly grateful for the ultimate sacrifice of the hundreds of thousands of mostly whites and the role that sacrifice played in freeing my ancestors."?

Or when was the last time you heard any welfare queen start a conversation with, "You know, I am grateful that so many whites work hard enough and pay enough taxes that makes it possible for me and my family to live. I know I would like to have a little more, but without their sacrifice, I would have absolutely nothing. Thank you."?

Or, "You know, I live in a pretty rough neighborhood. I am grateful for the police. They keep it just barely livable. It could be so much worse than it is if it wasn't for these guys, many of whom are white, that literally lay their lives on the line for us."?

Or, "I know that there are times when I may not be as comfortable as I would like here at college, but, you know what? At least there is a college that I can go to. Not everyone gets that opportunity and I'm glad that I do. I know that I have to thank the taxpayers that provide the funds for all this. I promise that I will buckle down and get to class so that I can be successful and maybe make society a little better for all the taxpayers. I owe them that much."?

Yeah, I've never heard that either.

PRY said...

A safe Thanksgiving to all!

Shelly said...

I am thankful for you, Stilt, and all the other commenters here. You help me maintain my sanity in this screwed up world. I wish all of you a happy and blessed Thanksgiving. I will celebrate the day right here in Plano, Texas with my beloved children and grandchildren and even my ex-husband! The only shopping I do tomorrow will be with computer clicks!

tude dog said...

I don't comment often, but I do look foward to this site.

Thanks to Stil, HopenChange, I managed to get off my meds.

Ya all have a good one and do eat too much.

CenTexTim said...

"The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy."

Psalm 126:3 - something to keep in mind this Thanksgiving as we navigate our way through the gloom and doom propagated by politicians and the media.

Best wishes to each and every one of you for a wonderful Thanksgiving.

P.S. - One of the things I am thankful for is Hope n' Change. Keep it up, Stilt!

John the Econ said...

"...they demand everything but are thankful for nothing."

Is that like "They know the cost of everything, and yet the value of nothing"?

Either way, I hope you all have a great holiday, surrounded by people you love, or at least tolerate. But as you enjoy your holiday, know that like with crisis, the Democrats never let a holiday go to waste if it means they think they can score some points. Fortunately, any true conservative already knows what they stand for and how to defend their values and doesn't need lamely written talking points from a web site. So be prepared, as at least at any gathering I'm at when this kind of thing pops up, the turkey isn't the only carcass left at the table.

Also, my prayers for those who choose to travel this holiday season. Actually, Thanksgiving is the best time to travel internationally as few other Americans tend to do so. Paradoxically, even as Obama and Kerry drone on about how much safer and stable the world now is under their tutelage, they've basically issued a terror warning for virtually everywhere. They're even deploying an app to make it easier to "See Something, Send Something". Personally, I'd pass on installing that, since merely using it will likely get you flagged for "confusing prejudices with real security concerns", and therefore will get you put at the front of the line when they make "re-education" mandatory.

As for Ahmed the Clockmaker's lawsuit, I really do hope that actually makes it to court and we'll get to see if the city and school district of Irving has any balls when their taxpayer's dollars are at stake. I'm betting against it, and they'll settle for some undisclosed sum after which everyone involved should be fired.

Either way, it would be amusing to see where this family does end up. I've always rhetorically wondered why so many people continue to stay in a country that is obviously so injust, racist, and unsafe as ours.

Oh, and did anyone else catch Obama awarding the "Presidential Medal of Freedom" to a bunch of coddled leftist media celebrities? Exactly what has Babs ever done in the name of "freedom"?

Quite frankly, I think most of the people in this room have done more for "freedom" than most of the people on that podium.

Blessings to you all.

Bruce Bleu said...

SCREW EM... send him to kuhtar and let him have a SANDwich for "thanksbutnoThanksgiving"! Tell him to take lamont with him... I wanna see the glare magilla gives him when SHE begins living under shitria law! COITUS THEM ALL AND THE CAMEL THEY RODE IN ON!!!
And I've got an idea for Lefty Loosey... PROTEST working on a holiday by REFUSING TO GET PAID! THAT ought to get her a parade in Bahstin and a guest appearance on The Pew!

JustaJeepGy said...

I would be thankful for Busty Ross, if she had made an appearance today! C'mon, @Stilt, let's see less of Lefty Lucy and more of America's sweetheart. I'll even check in five minutes earlier than usual...

Tim said...

When the press announced that Obama was pardoning the Presidential turkey, Hillary said, "Oh, good. Does this mean they won't ask any more Benghazi questions?"

Rod said...

I count ours & my own many blessings on a regular basis; especially during tough times. It helps. This often surprises folks because otherwise I'm a curmudgeon. I'm well aware of that & am not proud of it... but I still think usually the others are the fools. More recently one of the things for which I'm thankful (and it also helps a lot) is HopeNChange; your steady insight & sanity mixed with skill & humor, Stilt; & the other followers. Ya'll give me hope.