Monday, May 23, 2016

Any Way The Wind Blows

Patrons at the National Gallery consider the bold new work "Obama's Legacy."
We won't lie to you (although we'll frequently kid you a little) - there was nothing in the news today that really inspired us enough to deserve our usual huffing-and-puffing cartoon and commentary treatment.  Just more of the same bleak news which is contributing to our graying hair (what little is left of it) and potential cirrhosis.

Oh, there was one story which seemed potentially ripe for comedy. Obama hosted his final White House Science Fair (from which the priceless picture above was taken) and used the opportunity to form a Kids Advisory Science Committee to help him come up with ways to curtail climate change and cure cancer. A funny idea, right? Right...?

Only we couldn't bring ourselves to joke about it (although we were itching to drag out our old "Ahmed the Clockmaker" material). Because unlike Obama's legacy, which will bring nothing but grief, these math and science-oriented kids really will be the ones working to invent solutions for the world's many challenges.  And despite Hope n' Change's usually cynical attitude, that's something we actually believe is worth celebrating.

Plus, it's refreshing to see the president turning his interest to what goes on in school classrooms rather than school bathrooms. Too bad it's taken 8 years for him to do so.


Jim G. said...

Which reminds me of a Joe Walsh album, "But Seriously Folks" where he sings a song about "Anyway the wind blows."

Meanwhile, the "Negro That Be In Charge" is continuing his around the world apology tour in Vietnam and Japan. Funny the Vietnamese never apologised for torturing our Airman nor did Japan apologize for Pearl Harbor. Seems our Muslim President finds it appropriate to "bend over" to the rest of the world.

I bet Russian President Putin finds that most amusing. He is ready for some of that "bend over" Obama action!

But for Bernie or Hillary and they will....bend over too.

Peace be with you,
Jim G.

TrickyRicky said...

Finally, a photo of Dear Leader doing what comes naturally.

Rod said...

Initially thought I needed the coffee fast, but no; we started off with a double. LOL. We're all going to be OK.

Geoff King said...

By lifting the arms embargo against Vietnam, Ă˜bama's legacy may very well be starting WWIII with China.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Jim G- I had Bohemian Rhapsody in mind when I titled today's piece, but no complaints about Joe Walsh.

@TrickyRicky- The alternate title for the gallery portrait was "Thinking of Reggie."

@Rod- We've all learned a lot about self-medication in the age of Obamacare.

@Geoff King- Hey, you can't ask for a bigger legacy than World War III!

Mike Porter said...

All is not lost... just half:

CenTexTim said...

If only obama had truly refrained from meddling with our public school system. But alas, he's screwed that up also, just like everything else he touches.

Obama Orders State-Sanctioned Racism In Minn. Schools

More details here.

John the Econ said...

Anything to get people's mind off of "Recovery Summer VI" in an election year, where the economy is still struggling to make 2%, aka "the new normal".

Did you catch the ceremony last week where he gave out the Medal of Valor to 13 hero officers who risked their lives in the line of duty? In the video, he alternatively seemed to be bored and/or scowling the whole time. He admonished the nation to "support and listen to its law enforcement officers", except of course, when in the hood where it's open season on the police.

What's with the TSA?:

TSA head: Expect more airport security delays despite funds

"The head of the Transportation Security Administration warned travelers Friday to expect long airport security lines to continue during the peak summer travel season despite Congress' shifting of $34 million to the agency."

Does anyone remember after 9/11 Senator Tom Daschle's bold pronouncement that airport security just had to be run by the Federal government because "You can't professionalize if you don't federalize"? Well, now you get to see how that worked out; another inefficient, corrupt, demoralized, demoralizing agency that actually gets to do anal probes on innocent American citizens.

And why is Obama getting a total pass on this? After all, as "President of the United States", he is, in fact, the ultimate boss of The Executive Branch. When any private company screws up this badly, the CEO is ultimately called on the carpet. But Obama is never criticized for his utter lack of executive management.

Remember folks, today they're making you stand in lines just to get on your flight. Soon, if most in Washington get their way, these same people will be directly managing your health care and you'll be doing the same at your doctor's office, assuming you're allowed to go in the first place.

So it's little wonder that Obama would just assume run out his final months at science fairs, letting his various agencies run rouge over the economy and Constitution, and going on apology tours.

Bruce Bleu said...

JtE, I have seen your posts for YEARS and have never noticed anything in them that looks hinky. Well, imagine my surprise when I saw your comment about lamont's agencies messing with the economy and Constitution. But, maybe I'M wrong... is my face red?

Rod said...

I actually like THAT image because just when that A-hole starts thinking how precious is the breath in that bubble... it will pop.

Stan da Man said...

Oh, look, a Michael Jackson impression...

Anonymous said...

I guess he misunderstood what it meant for Bill Clinton to get a blow job in the White House. Barack figured that if Bill could do it he could too. Hence the picture.

James Daily said...

I do wonder about the TSA. Are they trying to break the airlines? Put them out of business so they can run that, too? Inquiring minds and all that.

Walter1694cir said...

With all the perfect comments with reference to The Muslim in Chief AKA Bawanna OSambo, there's not much else to be said except to make this trip to the Far East is like playing one more round of golf on The Shitsville Course.

God help us if The Harlot should ascend into the role OBum has carved out...HNIC!!!!

Tots said...

Speaking of the TSA, Mussolini at least made the trains run on time. If we have to put up with an out of control authority couldn't they be considerate enough to be efficient BEFORE we get to death camps?

John the Econ said...

I find it amusing that Progressives love to lament the "typical CEOs" who spend their days on the golf course while their companies wantonly commit malfeasance. But our national CEO gets a total pass while the organization he is supposedly in charge of runs amok.

For example, Obama is complaining because the Senate is holding up his Zika funding, refusing to grant the near $2-billion he wants to spend.

Never mind the fact that Obama already had plenty to spend on the problem, but instead decided to flush half-a-billion down the toilet at the UN for "climate change". So now he wants more money, most of which I'm willing to bet won't actually go to deal with Zika and more than the UN money solved "climate change", but will instead get diverted to usual agenda-driven professional special interest nonsense. Progressives always seem more interested in theoretical or existential problems instead of actual ones, where results can actually be measured.

And then, there's the VA, which like the TSA is foreshadowing our future under "single payer" health care:

VA secretary: Disney doesn't measure wait times, so why should VA?

Which is a statement which is as absurdly ignorant as it is arrogant. If there's any corporate entity in America that is totally customer-centric, it would have to be Disney.

(A decade ago, I was arguing that GWB should have outsourced Iraq to Disney; They know how to turn an otherwise inhospitable landscape into a paradise that people will pay large sums of money to go to. They know how to develop infrastructure from scratch. They know how to build to high standards and within a defined budget. They know what is technologically possible, and how to integrate that technology. They know how to feed tens-of-thousands of people daily, and cater to their every practical, and even impractical needs and desire. And they know security. There are probably few places safer than a Disney property. Not surprisingly, Disney was not impressed with the VA Secretary's comments.)

Put another way, you're not likely to die waiting in line at a Disney property like you are at a VA hospital. And soon, under whomever's version of "single payer" we end up with, you'll be wishing you were in line at a Disney-run facility instead of at a government-run heath system directed by morons like Bob McDonald and staffed by unmotivated former TSA screeners.

Anonymous said...

amazing you still elect such clowns because you can't lead yourselves

but then you are humans



Buck O'Fama said...

Obama blowing bubbles, in his youth it was Gay Ray. Guess all his bills are paid by us now so only we are left with the bad taste in our mouth.