Friday, May 27, 2016

Lady & The Trump

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Donald Trump "sealed the deal" Thursday when his delegate count pushed over the magic number of 1,237 with multiple states left to go to further pad his margin of victory.  The people have spoken - and they're using very short (frequently 4-letter) words.

While Hope n' Change isn't wildly enthusiastic about Mr. Trump owing to some policy differences (we favor having policies), we suppose we'll now have to be more supportive of his campaign. Which would mean not pointing out that he sounds almost exactly like Billy Mumy in the scariest-ever episode of "The Twilight Zone," in which 6-year-old Anthony Fremont has zero impulse control coupled with absolute power over his terrified parents and neighbors.

At one point in the show, Anthony glares at a man who isn't supportive enough and says, "You're a bad man! You're a very bad man! And you keep thinking bad thoughts about me!" At which point Anthony uses his yuuuge mental powers to turn the man into a grotesque jack-in-the-box, his lifeless head bobbing on a spring, causing everyone else to tell the angry child, "You done good! You done real good, Anthony!" so as not to incur his wrath.

With that as preamble, we'd just like to say, "you done real good, Mr. Trump!"

Mind you, Hope n' Change is not in the #NeverTrump camp. But we ARE most assuredly in the #NeverHillary camp and the #BernieSandersAreYouFreakingKiddingMe?! camp. So odds are pretty darn good that The Donald will get our vote in November.

Especially if his rallies keep getting disrupted by violent left-wing protesters who are seemingly immune from the law. Maybe seeing a few of them turned into jack-in-the-boxes might actually be pretty satisfying.

Wish us into the corn liquor, Anthony.


Jim G. said...

Busty Ross...Oh yeah!

Ok can hammer on Hills and you can dump on Trump. Heck you can even give Bernie a few burns.

But whatever you do, please give us more of the smoking hot Busty Ross!

Peace out,
Jim G.

REM1875 said...

Remember those who served and have passed this weekend
and enjoy yourselves also.

Fred Ciampi said...

One thing, OK several things, that will make me a happy hillbilly about Trump is who he starts picking for his cabinet. For me, in particular, is his choice for the Attorney General. And then on down the line; Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, and on and on. We have to De-pussyfy the military. (I just invented that word. It has a nice ring.) When I was in the Marines the Corps would never have stood for women in combat for a lot of reasons. At any rate, given the choices we have in the GOP, Trump has them all beat. I am looking forward to the debates. "Let the games begin!".

TrickyRicky said...

Busty Ross for press secretary, now THAT would be huge!

Emmentaler Limburger said...

Guys, guys! Please! Busty is Stilt's wife! Have a little decorum...

The funny thing is that, for the last couple of weeks, you couldn't tell Trump was running against anybody. The LSM was all Trump, all the time.

I, too am a bit skeptical regarding The Donald. He has a history, but is that history an indication of a "reed in the wind" vacillation between ideologies, or just "smart business" ensuring no enemies in government? Some of the stuff in the Wayback Machine show him spewing conservative tenets unprompted at a younger, less toupee-dependent age. Others? Well...

He'll have my vote, unless the Intelligentsia in the GOP yet disrupt the will of the people and cheat some other loser into the spot. Then I'll be forced to vote for the write-in candidate: "Busty Ross"....

Geoff King said...

My favorite episode of Twilight Zone was "Time Enough at Last" starring Burgess Meredith as the sole survivor of a nuclear holocaust who just wanted to read books with no one bothering him. The death of everyone else put him in his glory...until his Coke bottle glasses broke.
This Memorial Day is made doubly sad when considering those brave heroes may have died in vain for a country which is now collapsing anyway.

chef621 said...

I loved the comparison of Anthony and Trump! As scary as it is, I will also vote for Trump just to keep the "wicked witch of the west" from being our next leader. Com'on Toto, let's follow this yellow brick road.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Jim G- Rest assured that Ms. Ross will remain actively involved in campaign commentary here at HnC.

@REM1875- A good and important message. I'll be making a Memorial Day post on Monday, of course, but it's good to call the occasion to mind right now. We must never take for granted the gifts we now enjoy which were won through the sacrifice of others.

@Fred Ciampi- As I've said here before, the best thing Trump could do to truly make me enthusiastic is to start naming exemplary cabinet choices. And not just by naming names, but by getting public confirmation from these worthies that they'd be willing to serve.

@TrickyRicky- I'd hate to lose her, but the good of the country comes first.

@Emmentaler Limburger- I'm happily married to the lovely Mrs. Jarlsberg; Ms. Ross is my executive assistant (trust me, you don't want to call her "secretary") and single.

And yes, the media IS giving us an unending feast of Trump. He's "good TV" in an era where nothing else is required for celebrity. Or, perhaps, power.

@Geoff King- Don't even start me on favorite Twilight Zone episodes- we'll be here forever.

And on a much more serious note, this Memorial Day is especially bittersweet when I look at what our country is doing to abuse the freedoms which were so hard-won by those who died in service.

GenEarly said...

While people are free to naggerize over the Trump phenomenon, it is truly historical and hysterical to the Elitists of both putz political parties. Hence my support for Trump, a modern day resemblance to Andy Jackson, except Trump is even more of an outsider.
No Man is perfect, of course women don't have that liability, lol. Hilarity's only claim to fame is her gender, and just between us, old Grannies aren't too much to get excited about.
bottom line is Trump or Bust....and the economic bust is coming irregardless of who is elected, but it would be nice to have a country to rebuild from instead of the ProgreSSive ideal of a NWO USSA.

Rod said...

Yes, this is going to "take a little getting used to." And YET AGAIN, this time we don't know what we're getting if Trump wins. But we do know that on the other side, and [HINT: Here's the bigger problem -> Democrats have become SO RIDICULOSLY UNACCEPTABLE we'll take the chance with Trump. I think he's loyal to USA, is a little warped but sees the world as I do, & I'm OK with him being a real jerk and more to our enemies, invaders & world competition. We also have a lot of friends, allies & partners so I'm looking forward to him growing into the role. As for the administration: Hide them for now or bring them out? The people he selects for key positions will be key. I'll bet my vote most of them will have held real jobs & done well in them. They'll also have to do their new job IN THE WAY WE EXPECT, or they'll be dismissed. I don't anticipate a bunch of clueless, inept, divisive, lawless, double-talking traitors like with Obama & Clinton.

Mike Porter said...

Though he was never my first choice, it has become painfully clear of late that Trump is really the only choice that we have given the present state of this country. As Breitbart would say, politics is downstream from culture. And American popular culture has been so thoroughly corrupted through the decades of progressive influence that it has become impossible for conservatives to state their case and persuade via any form of civilized discourse. It's not that the enemy is in any way powerful, only well connected and utterly retarded as concerns historical context. The progressive playbook is full of caustic, nasty and bombastic turds of political correctness that are flung far and wide in the battle to distort facts, deny reality and shut down opposing points of view, while conservatives time and again vainly attempt to fight a conventional war against these dirty guerilla tactics. With this, Trump has become our 'Nuclear Option' (tm) - our last resort in a culture war already lost. Don't like the term 'anchor baby'? Or ‘illegal alien’ for that matter? Don't want Moslems called out on their ‘terrorist problem’? Fine. Cash in your opinion for what you think it's worth and shove it up your own ass a nickel at a time. And while you're at it, don't make the rest of us watch you... get a room. And might I add, there are many fine rooms to be had at a Trump hotel.

Our only hope at this point is that after Trump wins in a landslide, he surrounds himself with, and heeds the advice of, a few constitutionally minded folks who aren’t a bit squeamish about brandishing flame-throwers and burning down the house of hope and change.

Bruce Bleu said...

I didn't know that Billy sang ZZ Top music.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@chef621- The comparison to Anthony occurred to me a couple of days ago when watching Trump give orders to remove a demonstrator from his rally. "He's a bad man," Trump told the crowd, "a bad man."

For better or worse, I see Trump's ascendancy as something which could never have happened without the ongoing cultural assault from Obama and the left. He's not an action so much as a reaction. I have real concerns about how he might govern, but I will not willingly give the progressives four more years of doing irreparable damage.

@GenEarly- I can't disagree with anything you're saying. This country can't afford to have either of the Democratic Socialists win the election.

@Rod- I'll admit that I have pleasant fantasies of Trump running the upper tiers of government like a business: meet your goals or get publicly rebuked and/or fired for incompetence. Clear out the deadwood. Eliminate redundancies. Demand budgets and budget discipline.

The question is whether or not these are only fantasies. But what is the alternative?

@Mike Porter- Great post. And I think you distilled the situation perfectly when you said "Trump has become our 'Nuclear Option' (tm) - our last resort in a culture war already lost."

@Bruce Bleu- He sings it nationwide.

John the Econ said...

So be it. It's going to be a fascist against a Democrat.

And just to clarify, the fascist is Hillary, and Trump is the Democrat.

And when you brought up The Twilight Zone reference, I was assuming you were referring to Hillary. After all as we learned 20 years ago, anyone who wasn't "supportive enough" of the Clinton machine was punished, whereas those who funneled money to the Clintons through their various mechanisms (Lincoln Bedroom rental, White House "coffees") were richly rewarded. This time around, now that the IRS feels free to do the political bidding of the left and the Clinton Foundation is in place to freely accept the checks, the first Clinton administration will be left in the dust. If the Clintons were able to go from $0 to $100-million after their last run, they'll easily be worth $100-billion after the second.

But then again, my Anthony comparison isn't fair, and I think you are right; when Hillary strikes, it's cold and calculating unlike Trump who just shoots from the hip.

Buck O'Fama said...

Alas it is a beauty contest and it boils down to two sets of drumsticks. Nobody tunes in to hear what Miss America wants to do about saving the planet. It's red meat.

I see many comments above so I will only add, if it takes a pseudo NYC liberal/now republican to close the border after asking the idiot class in our party for 20+ years, well then play that Trump card. We currently have a conservative or pro America movement in America, if Trump is what it takes to keep pressure on to move the conversation/nation/politics to the right, so be it.

My favorite retort to my nitwit liberal relatives to their angst over Trump being the answer is....perhaps you shouldn't have asked such stupid questions for the last 8 years.

CenTexTim said...

"...this Memorial Day is especially bittersweet when I look at what our country is doing to abuse the freedoms which were so hard-won by those who died in service."

And what it (we) are doing to abuse the men and women who have served.

Regarding Trump, I'm in the 'lesser of two evils' camp. But if he fixes the mess that is the VA I could become a supporter.

Fred Ciampi said...

Talking about the VA, I requested to see a dietitian to guide me to lose about 65 pounds. (I'm 73 and want to be careful with diets) Eight months later I got a letter saying I was all set up with Doctor ---------. Well I went in for my appointment and the doctor was an Otolaryngologist. Close, but no cigar. Maybe I should go to Disneyland. They have long lines too.......

Rod said...

By the way Stilt: The cartoon clouds for dialog are kinda gettin in the way. You know what we mean.

NVRick said...

@GenEarly; My dear wife is a granny of a certain age. She is certainly someone who I am always excited about, if for no other reason than she has put up with me for 51 years, 47 of which we have been married (we were high school sweethearts).
Hillary, on the other hand...

Shelly said...

Although I desperately wanted Trump to lose the nomination, I must grudgingly admit I'm beginning to think he is exactly what we need at this terrible time. I've no doubt he loves America and our veterans. After watching Obama's grovel tour around the world with dictators and the like, we need someone who will sing the praises of our beloved country to all the tin pot totalitarians Obama so loves. Obama poked his nose in the election from overseas, of course, and said all the world leaders are worried about a Trump presidency. Good! They should be worried that the smooth-talking, America-hating jerk is about to get the boot. Trump may never have held public office but I believe he is a natural politician. After hearing this morning that 90% of new hires for VA are not doctors but administrators, gardeners, interior decorators and the like, and our current armed forces being decimated, we have GOT to do something about this choking bureaucracy. A Hillary regime might be the final nail in the coffin.

Geoff King said...

IMHO, Hillary will be the death of this country in less than one term. Trump may extend that until the middle of his second term.
Either way, the "lesser of the two evils" will still cause the destruction of our country. Kicking the can down the road is not the proper way to run our nation.
My greatest hope now is that Clinton will be indited, Sanders will fail to garnish the needed votes, and Trump will piss off enough free-thinking individuals to make a 3rd party candidate a preferred choice for those who cannot stand the idea of turning our country over to yet another narcissistic lying bastard.
There is a 3rd choice people! Don't waste your vote on the lesser of the two evils. If Hillary gets disqualified, Trump is definitely not the best option remaining.
Vote with your heart, and vote for the good of our country. Do not vote simply to make sure the one you like least can't win.
That thinking has been steadily eroding our once great nation for decades now.
If enough people voted for the best candidate, instead of the one they think has the best chance of winning, we would turn our country around. Otherwise, a vote for "B" is no different than a vote for "A".
Wake up! They are exactly the same party, and either choice will destroy your grandchildren's chance of a decent life.
God help us if Trump is our best option.

Geoff King said...

P.S. If my choice is to vote for a lying criminal democrat or a lying game show host democrat, I believe I would prefer to write in Foghorn Leghorn or Yosemite Sam instead of selling my sole to the lowest bidder.

Geoff King said...

*soul. Damn auto-correct.

Bruce Bleu said...

I'm SURE that someone in Rrrrrrrussia would call her "BOOBula".

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@John the Econ- There's no question in my mind that Hillary is the more calculating and evil of the two. My concern is that Trump might be the more dangerous of the two.

@Buck O'Fama- I'm not sure that Trump is going to move anything to the Right ideologically, but I do think he'd get some things done which haven't happened under the current system. Neither the promises of Democrats or Republicans have any remaining credibility. And when a majority of people lose faith in their system of government, it's a dangerous and volatile situation.

@CenTexTim- Amen to that. I, too, could become fairly enthusiastic about Trump if he bulldozes the current VA bureaucracy that stands between our vets and their healthcare.

@Fred Ciampi- At least at Disneyland you're likely to end up on the right ride.

@Rod- So you're saying the balloons are getting in the way of the balloons?

@NVRick- Nice story! I think Hillary's lack of feminine appeal has little to do with her age or even her looks. It's her personality that's appalling.

@Shelly- Even the reserved (and always readable) Peggy Noonan at the Wall Street Journal concedes that it may be time for an "orange-colored bomb" to disrupt the systemic corruption in Washington. I feel the same way - but still have significant concerns about collateral damage. Still, if no attempt is made to change/save the system this time around, I don't know if anything will be left to save.

@Geoff King- I still can't say with certainty what I'll do in November.

@Bruce Bleu- The Russians are a frisky people.

Judi King said...

Citing Trump's business accomplishments as a qualification for president is absurd. His narcissistic, delusional, "fantastic" prowess is a house of cards and his supporters have been trumped. He has borrowed and inherited millions for starts, failed in so many business ventures (this can be checked out), has has been named in so many lawsuits, used many aliases, not to mention his personal life and Mafia connections, that he should be in the Guinness Book of Records for biggest jerk. Not someone I want in MY White House.

Mark Matis said...

Recommendations for Trump's cabinet:

AG - Andrew Napolitano
EPA - Anthony Watts
Treasury - Ron Paul

Can you see the heads exploding?

Stilton Jarlsberg: Huma finds everything about Thunder Rodent Thighs totally appealing. Although, of course, the only part she has closely inspected are her "lips"...

Bruce Bleu said...

Mark Matis,
Interesting your observation concerning Huma Abbadon [sic]... you obviously know what the Latin word is for "lips".

Wahoo said...

Had a bad experience with corn liquor nigh 50 years ago, and that was both the first and last time.

Wahoo said...

Had an even worse experience during Harvey Wall-banger craze in southern Calif in the early 70s, and I haven't been able to look at a Galliano bottle since.

Fred Ciampi said...

Wahoo, I use either rice or 'taters for my hooch ..... Oh, wait, I don't make any, it's illegal and the only thing the gubbermint allows that's illegal is people..... Whew!!!

Rod said...

Just watched the ABC broadcast of the Indy 500 and must say it may be the worst such production I've seen in ~55 years of interest. The race was fine; but they need to reconnect Jim McKay & Paul Page. The entire presentation frequently missed the action for a bunch of fluff; had irritating, off-topic & repeated commercials; too many of them; we have to watch the same dynamic & meaningless visual graphic at each return to the race; no recaps of what we missed... and I don't think they presented the unofficial order of finish except as a quick after-thought just before sign-off. The only woman driver Pippa Mann finished the race which was a lot better than many of them but I don't think they ever mentioned her name after the pre-race show. Again, I can hardly how this nation is changing.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Rod- True story: about 50 years ago, Paul Page (yes, that Paul Page) was my boss at the Glendale Cinema 1 & 2 in Indianapolis. I was a young usher, and he was the assistant manager. Many's the time that the (later) voice of the 500 instructed me to traipse across a mall parking lot and a busy highway in order to get his lunch: Arby's roast beef sandwiches with extra horsey sauce.

Okay, it's not a GREAT story, but at least it's true.

Bruce Bleu said...

Stilton, because of all you contribute to our ability to maintain a small modicum of sanity in "lamont-o-world", I speak for ALL of us in saying "you continue to bring the stories of Stilton Jarlsberg so we can appreciate how you got to where you are today!" (Wait... is insanity a PLACE or a condition?) "Indianapolis"... I thought the "cheese-heads" lived in Green Bay? Anyway, Just be glad you weren't the concierge for the lamont administration, or you would be getting "beef and cheddars" with extra "horseys ass sauce"!

Ciccio said...

It is totally beyond me how anyone with more than two live brain cells can praise the socialist medical system in Cuba. Doctors in Cuba are guaranteed housing, if they are single it means a room, monthly rations of basic foodstuffs, $50 a month and a bullet in the back if they are caught trying to leave this paradise. I have been to Cuba a few times, it is cheap, it is safe and it is warm but it is no paradise.