Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Nuke Nuke Joke

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Their tiny tanks never stood a chance.
Yesterday, Barack Obama confirmed plans to be the first sitting president to visit Hiroshima while wearing lead-shielded underpants.

His purpose is, by wild coincidence, to tell the world how awful nuclear proliferation is (except, say, in Iran) but he reportedly has no plans to specifically apologize for the bombs which ended World War II with impressive finality.

Still, his visit is seen internationally as an acknowledgement that America once did a very, very mean thing and, now that many young Americans have no freaking sense whatsoever of history, we feel just awful about it. Come here, Hiroshima - you need a hug!

By the way, as long as we've mentioned people being increasingly clueless about history, the link above goes to a story in US News & World Report which reports that we dropped a hydrogen bomb on Hiroshima on August 6th, 1945.  Which was a pretty good trick, considering that the first hydrogen bomb (1000 times more powerful than the Hiroshima bomb) was test-detonated seven years later in 1952.

But hey, why let little things like empirical facts and actual history spoil a story about what assholes we were back in the 1940's? And for that matter, why should those realities deter Barack Obama from his latest strident stop on the seemingly unending "blame America first" tour?

After all, he's not going to become Secretary General of the UN without campaigning for it.

obama, obama jokes, political, humor, cartoon, conservative, hope n' change, hope and change, stilton jarlsberg, hiroshima, atomic bomb, nuclear, hydrogen bomb, pearl harbor


Mike aka Proof said...

Speaking of "no freaking sense of history", remember the speech where Obama referred to Japan dropping "the bomb" on Pearl Harbor? What a maroon!

james daily said...

I'm wondering who dropped what on Detroit? It could be a sister city to the devastated Hiroshima. I have seen a comparative pic and that are very similar.

REM1875 said...

And for the big apology to Japan _ "We are truly sorry for dropping this asshole on y'all"

Judi King said...

@ REM 1875: Great comment!
@ James Daily: Yes, Detroit looks like pictures of Berlin after WW2. Disgusting! I was born in Detroit and used to be proud to say more. It's heartbreaking to see a great city destroyed by the worse bomb of all....liberals.

Cat Whisperer said...

Reportedly Obama has no plans to apologize for the atomic bombs and instead will apologize for provoking the Germans into bombing Pearl Harbor. He also won’t release his transcript from Faber College.

TrickyRicky said...

Hey Stilton, maybe you need to start including trigger warnings in your cartoons. I've noticed that they tend to trigger incredulity, high blood pressure, feelings of anger, a diminished and red-tinged field of vision, and the urge to put a mace through my monitor.

Oh wait, it's the things that your cartoons lampoon that create those symptoms.....Never Mind.

Liberty Card said...

It's the old rule of thumb, to win a war, you make the war more unpalatable to your enemy than it is to you.

General Sherman practiced that on the south - wonder when The Dear Leader will apologize for that....

Geoff King said...

Since there is some debate on whether we really needed to nuke Japan as they already may have wished to surrender, just as there is debate on whether Pearl Harbor was "allowed" to happen to draw us into the war, I will simply say it appears Japan is slowly getting even by destroying all life in the Pacific (and possibly the entire planet afterwards) through the massive and unstoppable radiation dumping at Fukushima.
Nobody seems to want to talk about that anymore, as if ignoring it will make it go away.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Mike aka Proof- For anyone who needs their jaw dropped, follow this link to hear alleged Hawaiian Barack Obama referring to "The Bomb" dropped on Pearl Harbor.

@James Daily- Democrats were dropped on Detroit. And from too low an altitude.

@REM1875- It really does seem like adding insult to injury.

@Judi King- Well said.

@Cat Whisperer- He's been on double-secret probation for a long time.

@TrickyRicky- I have all of those same symptoms daily. And here's one other warning: if you have an election that lasts longer than 4 months, you should see a doctor.

@Liberty Card- Diplomacy is useful for avoiding wars. Unspeakable violence is occasionally useful for getting others to pay attention to diplomacy.

@Geoff King- I think about Fukushima all the time. It's amazing that in the current "environmentally conscious" era in which politicians decry the alleged dangers of the Keystone XL Pipeline and "man-caused climate change," they ignore the most horrifying (and ongoing) environmental disaster in history because it offers them no political benefit.

I'd bet that no more than 5% of Americans could even tell you what Fukushima is. Thanks again, media.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Readers- By the way, I just checked the US News & World Report link expecting that by now they would have revised the story to say it wasn't a hydrogen bomb dropped on Hiroshima. Nope! Either no one has called them on it, or they just don't care. In the story, they even link to a page that says what kind of bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, but apparently the (ahem) "writer" of the piece thought credibility was served by including the link without actually reading what was there.

Boligat said...

According to wikipedia when selecting candidates for Secretary General of the UN "due regard should be given to regional (continental) rotation of the appointee's national origin and to gender equality." It is customary that citizens of the five permanent members of the Security Council not be eligible.

I can hardly wait for O to declare that he is, after all, a Kenyan and hasn't been a citizen of the US ever in his life and that since he likes to wear mom jeans he is totally, like, qualified, to be Secretary General. Oh, yes, he has a Nobel Peace Prize, too.

Fred Ciampi said...

Well, like my favorite mentor once said (about obammy) "What an ultra maroon". My two favorite uncles, who were on Guadalcanal, Tarawa, and Okinawa told me when I joined the Marine Corps that a Marine's job is to kill people and break things. And, I think that applies to all branches of the service when in battle. Methinks that o'bozo was absent that day when they taught it in history class.

Bruce Bleu said...

Stilt, you never cease to amaze me with your erudite appraisal of situations, but I must protest your error of misrepresenting lamont's signature ass-kissing of foreigners. There is NO way he would speak to the Japanese and not refer to their nemesis as "Godzirra", and why would he need "lead-shielded" panties... he's got nothing in his "nether regions" to protect.
Regarding the "bomb", my uncle worked at U S N & W R and he has informed me they DID edit the type of bomb that was dropped... it USED to read "a plutonium/uranium/neptunium/americium/caesium bomb", so the attempt toward accuracy at least started.
As far as lamont continuing his "apology tour", the thought of him apologizing for America is as odious as Turd Kennedy apologizing for the buoyancy of Oldsmobiles!
You have the photo of lamont bowing to "Japan". He can't stop himself from bowing to his superiors, PLUS it is his way of "trolling for queers" who may be standing behind him. He can't miss an opportunity to reenact the constant buggering he received as an Indonesian youth, (or Hawaiian, Seattlean, Chicagoan, et al).

Pattymelt said...

Obama doesn't want to be UN Secretary General --- he's waiting to be appointed to the Supreme Court by her Highness---

George Glazener said...

@Pattymelt; OMG, that's the most frightening thought I've read in a long time. And in this day & time, that's saying a lot!

@Geoff King; what's the story on the debate about Japan allegedly wanting to surrender? I guess I never heard about that. Is there any truth to it, or just circumstantial evidence?

Geoff King said...

@ George Glazener: Supposedly Japan was already discussing surrender to the allies prior to the bombs, with the stipulation that their emperor remain in power. That was not acceptable, so we nuked them. Afterwards they did allow Hirohito to remain as a powerless figurehead anyway.
Here is one article about it:

Anonymous said...

Unconditional surrender put paid to the militarism of Japan. A conditional surrender would have allowed the militarists to continue to have influence in the government. We'd probably have had to do it all over again, twenty or thirty years later. Same basic deal with Nazism in Germany.

So, made in America, tested in Japan.

At least my father could avoid transfer from the ETO to the PTO, and my step-father did not have to return to the Pacific.

Do a little search for "Kempeitai", Japan's equivalent to the Gestapo/SS. And, how they abused people in the Philippines--including some cousins of mine.



American Cowboy said...

@Liberty Card said,
"General Sherman practiced that on the south - wonder when The Dear Leader will apologize for that...."

That will likely never happen. I imagine in "Dear Leader's" skewed view of history Sherman caused a lot of black folks to lose their jobs and become homeless.

John the Econ said...

"...the link above goes to a story in US News & World Report which reports that we dropped a hydrogen bomb on Hiroshima on August 6th, 1945."

That is just sad, but hardly a surprise. Over the last few years, I've noticed similar historical illiteratisms increasingly creeping into historical journals I've been reading for decades. As the ill-educated millennial generation creeps into more writing and editorial positions, it's inevitable that more and more of these kind to blatant historical errors are going to be creeping into what used to be regarded as "serious" publications. Such errors will creep through because fewer and fewer people were honestly educated in their various fields, and over time their ignorance will become to be fact.

None of this is really new though. I visited the Smithsonian Air & Space storage and restoration facility in the late '90s, during the first Enola Gay fiasco. Basically, far-left academics at the museum had come up with a display that basically made the US the villain of WWII, culminating with the dropping of the atomic bomb. After outrage from veterans groups and Congress, the original display was withdrawn. The docents I met with (largely WWII veterans with first-hand experience fighting the Japanese) were incensed; There was a large divide at the museum between people who'd actually been there, and the more recent academics out of a post-'60s university environment where mostly only historical revisionism was taught. Now that almost all of the living history is gone, there's no reason to doubt that the revisionist history will only expand.

Coincidentally, this year marks the 10-year anniversary of the film Idiocracy. It was a so-so movie, but the first 3 minutes is all you really have to see to get the point of where society is headed and why; In the 20th century, "natural selection" was replaced by a paradigm that actually rewarded and subsidized the multiplication of the weak and stupid.

The only difference is that in Idiocracy, it took 500 years to arrive at this moment, not a mere 500 weeks.

George Glazener said...

@John the Econ; Very well put. Idiocracy was supposedly set 500 years from now, but I think we'll be there in less than 30.

George Glazener said...

@John the Econ;
Reminds me of a visit to Salem, Mass in 2009. They had some kind of Witch Museum, and part of the visitor experience was to have the local college students talk about more contemporary "witch hunts". And this young kid brought up the whole "Cold War fear of the Soviets" meme, and how the USA made up all kinds of hoaxes in the 50's and '60's to gin up hatred towards them. When I heard that, I laughed right out loud and said: "Oh really, you mean hoaxes like The Cuban Missile Crisis? Go ask your grandparents how "FAKE" that was!"

Judi King said...

With the coming of age of the "clueless generation" it's no wonder we have the fine choices to be our Commander in Chief. It just keeps getting worse.

TheOldMan said...


Unit 731.

TheOldMan said...

Re: Fukushima

An interesting study would be to compare the amount of radiation emitted from the Fukushima accident vs Chernobyl vs all the above ground nuclear tests in the 40s-early 60s. As for "killing" the Pacific, I recall that many people claimed that the BP GOM spill was going to wipe out all sea life along the East Coast of the USA as the currents moved the oil there. Did not happen. Now oil is not radioactive waste and it does degrade faster but the panic was the same.

Dan said...

Regarding historical illiteracy and general inaccuracy in published articles and commentary.
Review the Gell-Mann effect.

Simply stated, You know a subject. You read an article in the paper about it. The paper has it all wrong, even to reversing cause and effect.
Now, think about all the stuff you read in the paper about things you *didn't* know about. How accurate do you think *that* stuff is?

I think Gell-Mann amnesia effect goes along with Dunning-Kruger. D-K being where someone doesn't *know* he doesn't know something, but nevertheless is convinced he's an expert.

I think I'll go take a nap now.

Charlie Mitchell said...

I get a kick every time I see that bowing-and-scraping pose of Obama's used in yet another picture.
Of course, I'd be happier still if the worm had never bowed down to anybody, but...

Rod said...

Trump would not be apologizing for very many things. He also knows quite a bit about China, and I bet that goes back what Japan did at Shanghai & Nanjing. He'll be more like to tell the world if necessary: The next one WILL be a hydrogen bomb.

We are now fully subject to political correctness even down to our workplaces, homes, universities & election process. It's not good; many people know it; and that's why by violating the "PC Rule", Trump is winning.

Republicans really need to be asking themselves: Why? after the last 7 years (& more) they couldn't think enough about the welfare of the nation as a whole to be able to handle this election cycle a lot better. They're all in it for themselves, and are almost as bad as the others about being out of touch.

Shelly said...

As a first wave baby boomer, WWII was still in our rearview window when I was a child. I knew lots of people who served, including my father, my father-in-law and others. I never once heard the Emperor of Japan was considering surrender. In fact, I always heard he proclaimed he would never surrender. He had plenty of Kamikaze pilots who were more than willing to die (much like our current enemy). Even after dropping the first bomb, he wouldn't surrender. The second one did the trick. Good thing he didn't know we only had two. Estimates of losing more than a million men gave Truman balls the size of Mt. Rushmore. Can you imagine the little piss ant we have now doing such a thing? As far as that sorry bastard is concerned, all this globe hopping to be the first in certain places is nothing more than legacy building. His legacy is already set in stone as the sorriest piece of crap to ever reside in the people's house.

Geoff King said...

@TheOldMan: The difference between the BP oil spill and Fukushima is that the latter is still leaking around 300 tons of radioactive water per day into the Pacific. This includes Cesium-137 which has a half-life of 30 years. You are esentially comparing apples to oranges. Even if the leak ended today (which cannot possibly happen) the long term effects on the environment would not be seen for decades. There are already massive supposedly unexplained species die-offs in the Pacific, what will the following half a century bring?

Geoff King said...

P.S. The BP oil spill lasted 87 days. Fukushima has been leaking tons of highly radioactive water per day into the ocean for over 3 years now.

Colby Muenster said...

Oh my... that photo of O'Liar bowing to the Japanese TOTALLY reminds me of the bit in European Vacation when the Griswold's show up at an unsuspecting German couple's house thinking (wrongly) that they are long lost relatives. After a meal, drinks, and entertainment, the Griswold's finally leave, and the German couple look at each other and say, "Who the @^&* was THAT?!"

@Geoff King,

The Fukushima environmental disaster gets no traction with the U.S. press because it can't be blamed on U.S. "evil" corporations or Republicans.

Atomic bomb vs hydrogen bomb.... Hey, to the moonbat press and populous, they are both just, you know, those bomb thingys that kill trillions of people that should be banned so we can all just coexist and, you know, like, smoke a bong together.

Colby Muenster said...

President piss ant has one testicle the size of a mustard seed, and the other one is just a little bitty thing.

I imagine there are ZERO world leaders that don't think he's a paper tiger.

Rod said...

BP - Macondo oil spill was indeed a mess and a highly avoidable mess directly due to deliberate poor decisions, mistakes AND ineffective oversight by the agencies, which then nail them on the cross. It's sad that in government service too many workers occupy "positions", instead of actually doing the jobs, and that may not be entirely their personal doing. That's often the way government works.

I'm NOT defending BP... but as for the spill: Much was cleaned up and the rest will decompose or be consumed by microbes. Sure a camera crew can be sent out to find a concentration then broadcast it so the public gets the idea that's how it is everywhere. Sometimes energy is messy; more then it should be. I forget the number but did a calculation of the ratio of oil spilled vs. quantity of water in the Gulf of Mexico and it was so very minute as to be negligible. Agreed, that's hardly valid near the spill; but it's informative when claims are being made they killed the entire Gulf. Want to see some bigger numbers? Study the toxins, fertilizers, etc that are being dumped down the major rivers, coming from the mainland. Ahh but those bad things have political power behind them.

On Macondo and other deepwater spills over time .... I also questioned Why? after the incident happened, keep pouring tons of firewater on a doomed semisubmersible which is in fact serving as a harmless "bobber" for the well riser to continue to burn off until well control is regained? But "the way we always dun it" seems to be to flood and sink the hull, collapsing & making spaghetti of the deepwater riser; then fight the much bigger mess you just made before being able to control the blow-out. When this issue was raised for discussion, "ZERO" acknowledgements or even replies were received from agencies and study groups. Out of sight seems to be first priority.

Tots said...

I have no regrets about the bomb. We saved hundreds of thousands of lives on both sides and Obama is an idiot for not knowing that.

My wife's grandfather was shifted from the European theater to the Pacific and was training for the invasion. He knew the score. If we hadn't ended the war he likely would be buried on a beach in Japan.

Members of my Family worked on the Manhattan Project in Oak Ridge. They made sure he came home alive.