Friday, May 13, 2016

The Gloves Are Off

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Yesterday Donald Trump met with House Speaker Paul Ryan to discuss their divergent political perspectives and they didn't kill one another - which was enthusiastically described as "very promising" by the increasingly dyspeptic GOP Chairman, Reince Priebus.

And if you think Hope n' Change is going to say more than that about anything related to Donald Trump today, you've got another think coming. It's Friday, and we all deserve a quiet weekend.

We will, however, point out that we've always suspected the name "Reince Priebus" is actually a poorly disguised anagram. Is it mere coincidence that exactly the same letters are found in the phrases "Bicep Rein User," "Rube Rice Penis" and "Eerie Curb Nips?" We think not.

"Reince Priebus" can also be rearranged to spell "Bi-Creep's Urine," which segues perfectly into our next subject...

obama, obama jokes, political, humor, cartoon, conservative, hope n' change, hope and change, stilton jarlsberg, stephanie rawlings-blake, baltimore, bathrooms, restrooms, transgender

In news that we can only assume will have Mississippi and North Carolina jumping for joy, Baltimore Mayor Stephanie "Death Glare" Rawlings-Blake has declared that she won't authorize the travel of city officials to states which don't allow people wearing shoe-mirrors to flip a coin as their preferred method of deciding which bathroom to use.

Rawlings-Blake is, of course, most famous for her asinine policy decision to pull back police in order to give "space" to rioters and arsonists in Baltimore "who wish to destroy." Which worked great, by the way, assuming that you find smoldering rubble to be a tourist attraction.

Apparently, restrooms are the next sacrificial "space" that this bitter, self-important idiot wants to give away to placate those who "wish to destroy" - in this case, the innocence and privacy of others.


REM1875 said...

Rhesus and proboscis monkeys is what I always picture.
Isn't there some sort of law against parents who hate their kids that much?

Hey, Hey Stephanie over here, please add Texas and Oklahoma to the list. Please, please, pretty please?

TrickyRicky said...

Good Lord, with the shape this country and the world at large are in, our Federal government has nothing better to do than force the population to embrace a (fake) transgender agenda? By fake I mean the Bruce Jenners of the world who put a dress on and don't even bother to go Full Monty under the scalpel. Hell, if I could have put on a dress and self-identified as a girl in high school, do you know how fast I would have been in that girl's locker room?

I mean shouldn't they be polluting rivers in Colorado by negligently fiddling with abandoned mines, or trying to stop a worldwide warming trend that has been in place for 10,000 years, or destabilizing North Africa, oh....they are?

Never mind.

Cat Whisperer said...

Mayor Rawlings-Blake self-identifies as an idiot and we must all accept her lifestyle choice.

Dilbertnomore said...

Stephanie Rawlings-Blake - Saw this post and ...

The Irony!

Feta Asiago said...

Anyone need to use the bathroom? Speak now, or forever hold your pee.

Geoff King said...

My dog evidently has transgender issues after being fixed. Now he pees on every tree regardless of gender.

Fred Ciampi said...

Oh, I'm surly going to hell for this;
With apologies to William Shakespeare:

To pee, or not to pee--that is the question:
Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to choose
The boy's room or the girl's room of outrageous outhouse
Or to take arms against a sea of perverts
And by opposing end them. To die, to sleep--
No more--and by a sleep to say we end
The gender choice, and the thousand natural shocks
That flesh is heir to.

Bruce Bleu said...

Considering what the establishment gop is doing, I'VE got a finger on each hand I got extensions (allusion to stephanie "deaf glare" original nappy-head rawlins-blechhh) on just for the occasion.
Thinking of the gop poobah, when I muse on his name, all that comes to mind is "Reince andRepeat". With the current toilet controversy, I guess Reince Peebus makes sense too.
Under the, koff koff, leadership of lamont insane obama this COUNTRY is in the crapper, it is understandable that toilets should be in the forefront of thinking at present.
The destruction of stephanie's city warrants a name change. It could be called "BaltiLESS". As far as idiocy of the mayor, it is requisite for liberals to be imbeciles, and the african variety have dutifully assumed the "slave to liberalism" that their "massa's" have demanded.

Rod said...

Give the woman some credit. With meeting technology, city employees traveling that far out of state sounds rather unnecessary. Yo! bitch. Wipe that look off your face and claim some credit for fiscal responsibility. It's not that? Oh,OK.

DaughterJarlsberg said...

I've actually heard that you can get prescription medicated cream to treat Eerie-curb nips, but it smells like bullsh*t

John the Econ said...

I wish it were possible to take a vacation from Trump. I can't watch the national news anymore, since for the last year it's mostly been "The Daily Trump Report".

World War Pee: I'm sure the folks in Mississippi and North Carolina are besides themselves at being denied omni-sexual rioters from Baltimore.

But the trannies in the women's room at Target is just a sideshow. The real agenda is to get sexually confused teenage boys into the girls locker rooms and showers. The exact reason for this agenda to me is somewhat unclear, beyond being part of the ongoing Progressive "War on the Middle Class". I'll bet you anything that you won't be seeing any "transgendered" boys lathering up in the girl's showers at the ultra-exclusive Sidwell Friends School, where DC's Progressive elite send their kids to be educated, well insulated from the hoi polloi and the Progressive insanity that they gleefully impose on your kids. In fact, I'd be quite surprised if there even were any "transgendered" at Sidwell Friends. I'm certain that their screening process filters those people out.

John the Econ said...

"Mayor Rawlings-Blake self-identifies as an idiot and we must all accept her lifestyle choice."

Thanks @Cat Whisperer for the belly-laugh of the morning.

@Fred Ciampi, if you're going to hell, it's certainly not for that.

Oh, and by the way: Dozens of "sanctuary cities" are blatantly ignoring Federal immigration law. So why shouldn't communities that recognize "World War Pee" for the insanity that it is simply ignore the Federal government on this?

I think I'm going to go down to the Social Security office today and "self identify" as a 70-year-old and get a check and free health care.

Pete (Detroit) said...

Daughter J - That's not the creme, that's just his natural state.

To the point of Mr Econ - I have yet to see spelled out the actual issue that the potty laws are intended to address...

Also of note - the number of people who post stuff like 'hells yes, I'd have been in the girl's locker room in a New York Minute' has prompted the backlash of "Wow, I love how thees guys all admit that at heart they're basically sexual predators..."

Uh, sweetie? Do you not REMEMBER Jr High? 13 year old boys ARE pretty much all sexual predators at heart... Can (and DO) most of them control these urges (and eventually learn full control) you betchya. Are there insane urges going on? Ohhhh, yeah....
People who forget Biology are doomed to re-heat it...

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@REM1875- I have no idea what sort of financial clout Mayor Rawlings-Blake thinks she's wielding, but I can't imagine it really amounts to more than a mouse fart.

@TrickyRicky- I have sympathy for people who have a genuine medical condition (my wife is related to an actual hermaphrodite who had to choose which sex to be when he/she reached puberty) but their numbers have to be microscopic. I also have sympathy for people who have psychological problems, which I think is more often the case with gender confusion - but I don't think the best way to handle it is by normalizing what is likely a condition which needs time and treatment.

Frankly, I think this is all just election year nonsense again intended to make those on the Right seem like haters. I can't really imagine any other reason Obama would be wee-wee'd up about this (to quote the great man himself).

@Cat Whisperer- When you put it that way, I'm forced to agree.

@Dilbertnomore- I think irony is the mayor's specialty.

@Feta Asiago- Adult diapers are starting to seem much more appealing.

@Geoff King- The easiest way to tell the gender of a tree is by the shape of its limbs. Or if it has nuts.

@Fred Ciampi- Okay, you're bard from using the restroom (grin).

@Bruce Bleu- I recently learned that Reince isn't even his real name - it's "Reinhold." Why the heck he turned it into something even more obscure and difficult to say or spell is beyond me.

@Rod- You make a good point. Why would city officials need to leave their cubicles at all? Except, of course, to make sure they weren't trapped if rioters set City Hall ablaze.

@DaughterJarlsberg- The cream does indeed cure eerie curb nips, and is also good for soft shoulders. As for the scent, perhaps you're confusing it with political rhetoric?

@John the Econ- I desperately want a vacation from Trump, too. My entry today was about as minimalist as possible, skipping any real politics. Expect to see more of that on this particular subject.

Regarding transgendered students, I believe that the new decree at least stipulates that the student's gender identity needs to be confirmed by a parent or legal guardian, which should discourage at least a few horny guys. But on the other hand, can we believe that the Feds won't attack their own standard? After all, they encourage cutting parents and guardians out of the process of giving kids access to sexual information, birth control, and even abortion. Want to bet they wouldn't support a guy who says he identifies as a girl but can't tell his hateful Right-wing parents?

Meanwhile, unlike sanctuary cities, schools will be hard pressed to "simply ignore the Federal government on this" because they're threatened with losing funds. In other words, pure coercion.

@Pete (Detroit)- Great point. Hormones are powerful things - and I frankly disregard any child's feeling of being transgendered until those magic chemicals kick in.

The shower room stuff also touches upon the over-sexualization of youth these days, the tsunami of porn exposure, and the increasing normalization of things like sexting. Kids are losing their way (and their minds) sexually, and the Left is actively encouraging it.

Geoff King said...

Supposedly Caitlyn Jenner wants to be Bruce again:
Perhaps there should be 3 restrooms in all public places: Men, Women, and I haven't a F'ing Clue.

Geoff King said...

I'm thinking the whole transgendered bathroom use thing is more of a female issue than a male issue. I do not believe many men would mind sharing their restroom with women who identify as men. The reverse is probably not the case.
However, I am reminded of the scene from Crocodile Dundee when Mick has to check the gender of a transvestite by grabbing him in the crotch. Perhaps similar hall monitors would be appropriate in front of Men's Rooms.
I know I would pee easier knowing the person next to me was an actual woman, not a wannabe.

Geoff King said...

Since transgendered people are only .3% of the population, yet evidently require special treatment by the majority, I say every lifestyle minority should expect the same. Roughly the same percentage of people in mental institutions believe they are Jesus. Shouldn't we all be forced to pray to them out of compassion?
How about the 44% of the population that has smoked Marijuana? Shouldn't mean they get special rooms in public buildings where they can congregate with like-minded individuals and feel at ease with their personal choices?

Shelly said...

Mr. Econ, World War Pee caused a spit take from me.
Geoff King, I too am amused by Bruce Jenner's conundrum. Because he really is a man, he is attracted to women but because he is a Christian, it's against his belief to have a same sex relationship. You really can't make this stuff up.
As far as the bathroom business is concerned, it's merely another concocted wedge issue for the Dims to attack conservatives in an election year. Was anybody talking about it a year ago, six months ago, huh? I was pleased to see our great State of Texas is giving President Piss Ant the middle finger on his latest decree.

Geoff King said...

@Shelly: I too once explored my feminine side. I went as far as shedding 3 or 4 tears when I first watched Old Yeller.
However, I have yet to don a dress, wig, makeup and walk into a Ladies Room because I identified and felt "pretty".

John the Econ said...

@Pete (Detroit) notes "I have yet to see spelled out the actual issue that the potty laws are intended to address..."

@Pete (Detroit), I think that this is largely a bold, new kind of power play by an emboldened left. For decades, they've been largely satisfied by slowly changing American culture via the media and academia. But now that's no longer fast or comprehensive enough. Using raw power, they're going to force their view of "normal" and "acceptable" by fiat, and if you don't agree you'll be made to pay.

"13 year old boys ARE pretty much all sexual predators at heart..."

Very true. That's why thousands of years ago, society evolved social and cultural institutions to elevate young men and women above the behavioral standard of feral animals. It's either ironic or hypocritical that the left, which has actively been working to dismantle those institutions for several generations, now complains about the obvious and inevitable result; feral boys and girls.

But as I've said here before, what gets me is the total reversal that's taken place over the last 20 years. During the Clinton era, the left was all about protecting women against any perceived slight. (Unwanted advances or even dirty jokes - considering who our President was, this was not entirely unreasonable) But now, the "safefy" and "comfort" rights of those same women have been totally tossed aside so that an incredibly small subgroup (of males, no less) can exercise their "freedom" to "express themselves". Amazing.

@Stilton, as you acknowledge, the whole "parents and guardian" thing is a total feint. The left has also been working for generations now to render parents and parenting irrelevant. If pre-teens are mature enough to make their own "reproductive decisions", then why not sexual identity as well?

As for "sanctuary cities", there is all kind of funding the Federal government could cut off, but won't. At least for now. It would be fun to see the outcry should a President Trump actually use his phone and pen to try.

But you do point out the consequence of Federal dollars. With Federal dollars come Federal strings, which is the whole point do doling out the Federal dollars.

And as you point out, in today's oversexualized and over-connected society, kids are in more need than ever for viable guidance to counteract the anything-goes culture. As I've said before, for the last half-century the left has used sex to literally seduce the culture. I don't know how to get it back once that has happened.

But don't just believe me. Just look at where our morally superior European socialists are taking them. I fully expect pedophilia to be next.

Stan da Man said...

I'd like to think that even at 13 I wouldn't do a corpse...
I periodically also like to think I'll win the lotto..

Dan said...

@Pete (Detroit) What the NC Bathroom Law is supposed to cover: I read the law and, although it doesn't state so, I think the purpose is to prevent perverts from going into the girls' locker room and then claiming they identify as girls to avoid being arrested for being the perverts they are. And no, it's not just for bathrooms. It's for changing rooms, locker rooms, and so forth as well.
There is also a provision in the law Okaying the establishment of single-occupancy bathrooms, changing areas, and showers to allow privacy.

Bruce Bleu said...

Standa, Evidently lamont IS in favor of necrophilia, because according to HIM there are probably wives who are intimate with "Corpsemen"!

Rod said...

Well, let's see. If the T.G. set is 0.3% of population (questionable); and let's take a school for example of 1000 students, we're talking 3 students need to use the WTF? gender room. They ought to be able to supply that need by refitting the WC near the boiler room. As for showers, same deal: Put a curtain on it and use the safety shower in the lab; or bathe at home. This stuff is getting nutty, and the Devil made me say THAT.

Bruce Bleu said...

Rod, the "T.G." population is around .04%, so out of 1000 students, .4 students, (or 4 tenths of a student) will need to use the WTF? crapper. I hope the school has 2500 students so there is an entire student to use the toilet.