Friday, July 8, 2016


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If there were any lingering doubts about the professionalism and integrity of FBI Director James Comey, he unequivocally cleared them up in testimony yesterday before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. Simply put, Comey established that he couldn't possibly be more of a political whore if he was trolling the streets in ripped fishnet stockings and wearing a stained sandwich board offering "Blowjobs For 10¢."

In a bizarre proceeding which consisted of Republicans questioning the FBI Director, alternating with Democrats fellating him, Comey stuck to his claim that no charges should have been brought against Hillary Clinton despite the fact that there was an overabundance of evidence of guilt, and that any other human being would be harshly punished and prosecuted for her wildly inappropriate actions.

He also kept an admirably straight face as, piece by piece, he revealed that the FBI's investigation was a complete sham - intended to protect Mrs. Clinton's political aspirations rather than our national security.

For instance, when asked if the FBI cross-checked the testimony she gave the agency with the sworn testimony she gave to Congress, he said that the FBI hadn't bothered to because no one in Congress specifically requested that they do so.

Not that it would have made much difference - because when Hillary finally came in to give (ahem) "voluntary" testimony to the FBI, they didn't put her under oath. Still, Comey conceded that it would be a crime to lie to FBI agents. But... (you knew there was a "but" coming) there's really no way to establish if she lied or not, because the FBI made no transcript of her testimony.  Her utterances have disappeared into the ether as surely as tens of thousands of her missing emails...and any number of national security secrets.

James Comey and Loretta Lynch (who pounced on Comey's "recommendation" and threw out any and all charges against Hillary) have completely dishonored and discredited the FBI and the DOJ, and established beyond a shadow of doubt that our so-called legal system - up to and most definitely including the president of the United States - is now little more than an incestuous cabal of unindicted criminal co-conspirators.

obama, obama jokes, political, humor, cartoon, conservative, hope n' change, hope and change, stilton jarlsberg, fbi, comey, hillary, doj, gross, bin laden, blackmail,
"Put the oath of office in a plain brown paper bag, and leave it in the dumpster at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue."
Journalistically speaking, it would be gross negligence for us to publish the unsubstantiated accusation above, let alone to assert that we believe it's probably true. However, due to our entirely unintentional (and non-prosecutable) extreme carelessness, it somehow slipped into print today.



At the time of this writing we don't know many details, but as a Black Lives Matter protest in downtown Dallas was winding down - peacefully - two snipers opened fire on police officers, shooting 10 and killing 3. The situation is still fluid - no suspects are in custody and there is chaos in the streets.

Please keep the officers, their families, and Dallas in your thoughts and prayers.


REM1875 said...

May the Good Lord grant peace, comfort and healing to their families and loved ones.

REM1875 said...

Wouldn't it be nice to have a leader who at least tried to put the genie back in the bottle instead of dumping gasoline on the flames?

I am sure they are doing a terrific speech blaming us, trump and the NRA right this very moment explaining how it is our fault.

james daily said...
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james daily said...

I am sorry for the officers and their families. I have a feeling this is the first of many in many cities. Somehow in their twisted minds, these culprits are doing a pay back for the ones killed by the police.
On Comey, I read this story and now everything makes a little sense such as the Dump Trump movement, the sham convention and the support of Crooked Clinton. True? I have no idea. If it is, that is why the GOP split.

Joseph ET said...

This is where anarchy starts so Obama can declare martial law and cancel the election as goes one of those conspiracy theories?

I don’t understand why they are calling these thugs “snipers”. Using “sniper” instead of the correct term “gunmen” or “shooter” they are giving these cowards a higher status. Also, shooting from an elevated position DOES NOT make it a sniper perch! Just a COWARD with elevation.

Sniper = 1. A skilled military shooter detailed to spot and pick off enemy soldiers from a concealed place. 2. One who shoots at other people from a concealed place.
Does it make one a Sniper if you can’t see him behind a car in the dark? These guys were in a parking garage spraying bullets around, not “picking off” individuals.
Not Snipers in my book!

Fred Ciampi said...

I don't supposed that those nice folks at "black lives matter" and "the Black Panthers" who have been calling for killing white folks and police officers would have any information? (Rhetorical question.) Of course, if they did the administration would sweep it under the rug. I think there's a storm a-brewing.

TrickyRicky said...

I pray for the injured and killed police and their families. I pray for our country, and the 240 year old experiment in human freedom and dignity that it represents. With each and every day I wake up with an accelerating and inescapable perception that we are living in a Kafkaesque nightmare (think The Trial) that can only end in massive bloodshed and the enslavement of the country's population. I pray that I am wrong.

Judi King said...

I can't even find words. The destruction of my beloved country is now on a daily course. If DC was wiped off the face of the earth, could We The People survive? I bet yes.

Geoff King said...

On Clinton: the State Department announced it will launch it's own investigation into wrongdoing on Hitlery's part. Although she undoubtedly has all of them blackmailed as well, hopefully the investigation will last past the inauguration and any chance of Øbama granting her a pardon.
On Dallas: we all know that, whoever the shooters were or what their motives were, the guns will be blamed. I fear this is the beginning of the end of our society. I just pray to God that Øbama doesn't seize the oportunity to declare Martial Law and remain dictator for life.
@ Judi: D.C. being wiped off the face of the earth could be the best thing to happen to our country at this point.

Anonymous said...

*In 1992, Comey managed to keep Bill Clinton out of jail during Whitewater.
*In 1999, when Clinton pardoned about 450 felons (including 16 members of a Puerto Rican gang who had set off over 130 bombs in NYC which killed 6 and maimed many) and congress demanded an investigation, Comey (the federal prosecutor at the time) determined that Bill did nothing wrong.
*In 2013, Comey joined the HSBC (Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank, the 4th largest bank in the world) and sat on its executive board.
In 2012, just before Comey joined them, a Senate subcommittee designated HSBC as the number one money-laundering bank for the Mexican and Colombian cartels and an integral part of that international drug and murder apparatus. HSBC should have had its charter to do business in the United States cancelled immediately after the release of the Senate investigation, and top executives should have been thrown in jail as part of a narcotics racketeering prosecution, but under an Obama Administration policy, HSBC got away, literally, with murder. Instead of hard jail time for top executives HSBC got a Deferred Prosecution deal brokered by the current U.S. Attorney General, Loretta Lynch.
*And then also in 2013, that same year, Obama hand-picked Comey as director of the FBI.
*So no one should be surprised that Comey decided Hillary did nothing 'intentionally' wrong

What does this decision mean? That Obama, Hillary, Loretta and Comey do not think that protecting national security is as important as protecting Hillary Clinton.

Hey, friends watch each others' backs.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@REM1875- There's no question that Obama's long history of anti-cop rhetoric and race baiting has been one of the factors behind our currently explosive dynamic. Meanwhile, Jesse Jackson has already opined that the real villain here is Donald Trump and his alleged "culture of hate." Insanity by design.

@James Daily- The two recent shootings by police do indeed seem questionable based on what we've seen publicly. But those cops now have to face legal review and possible charges. There can be no justification for shooting random police officers - especially while they're guarding the very people protesting against them.

Regarding Hillary and the Foundation, I have no doubt that blackmail is their main business. Remember Hillary's first scandal, only days after entering the White House as first lady? She brought in a flunky from Arkansas (later, no one admitted to hiring him), Craig Livingstone, who gathered secret FBI files containing every accusation of scandal made against virtually every politician in Washington - all quite illegally. I have always assumed that this treasure trove of blackmail has been one of the sources of Bill and Hillary's political "success" and seeming immunity from the law.

@Joseph ET- You make a good point.

@Fred Ciampi- I don't know that the protest organizers were involved in any way, though I'm betting that - after the fact - the killers will be people who were known within the protest community.

And yes, there's a storm coming.

@TrickyRicky- Good description of the current mood and madness in our country.

@Judi King- The Obama Legacy is playing out all around us. He's not so much the worst president ever (although he IS that) as he is the most successful anarchist ever.

@Geoff King- I'm less than enthused about the State Department's investigation because they've been doing a robust job of covering Hillary's ass throughout all this.

And yes, Obama has already blamed guns for the Dallas massacre. I have no doubt that we'll be hearing the same from Hillary and others today.

@Anonymous- Excellent summation of Comey's relationship with the Clinton machine. There's a particular bitter irony today in the combination of stories: the top tier of law enforcement officials has tainted their departments with corruption, while the street-level cops are being defamed and murdered. Nothing good can come of this.

Rod said...

ZZZZZING.. Right on Stilt. You found the big clues. Really quite disgusting isn't it? And maybe the open war has started?

John the Econ said...

So if I understand the Progressive establishment correctly from what we saw yesterday, (and I listened to most of it) Hillary was simply ignorant and careless in the handling of her e-mail below the standard of which such incompetence could be considered "criminal", but at the same time, she's the most qualified person ever to hold the office of President since Lincoln.

Another great example of Progressive mental illness.

Never mind the endless string of lies, oh, and the interesting fact that her interview was neither under oath, recorded nor transcribed.

Wow. I hope if I'm ever under investigation by any government agency, I get to be judged under such a standard. But somehow, we all know that won't be the case.

Remember John Edwards meme of "Two Americas"? The Progressives had always promoted America as a land of the "haves" and the "have nots". They were talking about wealth, but in reality it's now about the "elites" and the rest of us. There are those who are above the law, and those who are under it. The elites and those they choose to favor to justify their elevation are above the law, and the rest of us are to be subjugated by it. And we just got a prime example of how that works.

Dallas: Too depressing.

Remember after that white kid shot all those black people at their church, and the the Black Lives Matter movement ordered that the airwaves had to be purged of a 35-year-old TV show because it featured a car with a Confederate flag on the top of it? They feared that the mere sight of that flag was enough to push the next racist white kid over the top and do the same thing again.

So why aren't we demanding the purge of violent hip-hop culture that is hostile to law enforcement?

Oh, never mind. I'll be in my bunker with a bottle this weekend.

Geoff King said...

So, the police in Dallas used their own bomb on a robot to kill the now identified black shooter. Talk about no due process.
I am sure the BLM protesters won't mind that at all.

John the Econ said...

A couple of more thoughts re Dallas:

This paragraph from the New York Times caught my attention:

"The sequence of events this week tore at a nation already deeply divided over questions of policing and race, pivoting from anger and despair over shootings of black men by the police to officers being targeted in apparent retaliation. It dealt a blow both to law enforcement and to peaceful critics of the police."

Really? Exactly who and how is anyone "divided" on this? How many people do you know who thought the point-blank shooting of a law-abiding citizen legally carrying a weapon (as in the Castile case) over a broken taillight was the least bit appropriate?

If there's any "division", it's the one being created by Progressives at the New York Times and other media, and political groups looking to not let another crisis go to waste. Yesterday afternoon, one of my anti-gun friends posted some meme about why the NRA wasn't on a rampage, alluding to an impression they wish to maintain that gun owners are exclusively white and racists. Certainly a hypocritical view to promote, considering that gun owners are a far more diverse group in America than the board of most Progressive media companies, or slate of Progressive Presidential candidates.

The sad fact is the the Progressives need a divided America in order to fulfill their agenda, and this is a great example of that agenda at work. Thanks New York Times for shamelessly providing today's example.

Item #2: The shooter who had barricaded himself was eventually killed by police with a bomb delivered by a robot.

Does anyone else find this disconcerting? Now I have no sympathy for the shooter himself; he ended up as a casualty of a war he declared. Yeah, and this probably saved a lot of taxpayer dollars in the long run my sparing Texas taxpayers the cost of a long and expensive trial and life imprisonment. But today we're at a point where we've got civilian police agencies deploying robotic bombs as a quick solution instead of taking the criminal into custody. I don't think I'm comfortable with this.

Anonymous said...

And Obama orders lethal drone attacks but with collateral damage & murder of non-combatants WITH NO OVERSIGHT; and mostly for show while still losing the campaign.
But after we're disarmed here don't expect anyone to obtain permits to carry bombs for self-defense. Executive protection is becoming even more overwhelming; let's see them disarm, or stay in the house and shut up. And the unruly crowd that comes to your door thinking your stuff should be theirs is not going to be disarmed. My God, wake up America.

Shelly said...

Mr. Econ, I have to take exception to your description of the robotic bomb. The perp had just shot who knows how many policeman from a sniper's perch and then took to the streets to kill more. He shot a policeman point blank in the back and then plugged him several more times after he was down on the ground. There is a video of this. The man who took the video of him shooting the cop in the back said he had magazines of ammo bulging in his pockets. He then ran and took refuge in a parking garage and threatened more damage, including shooting at the police who were trying to negotiate with him for several hours. He declared bombs were placed all around. It was not a quick solution and in fact was an effort to keep more police from being slaughtered. He deserved to be blown to bits before he could do more damage. It's dangerous to jump to conclusions in something this serious. If I sound angry, I am, and I'm heartsick. I was born just blocks away from the carnage and worked for many years right across the street from El Centro College, where much of the incident took place. My son's building is in lockdown and his whole company was precluded from even going to work. This is personal to me.

jlw said...


i agree with you. too early to be sure, but one site i read said that they had been trying to negotiate for some time. he refused. none would quibble if a sniper had put a bullet in his brain. a robot bomb is a bit unorthodox, but is no different.

it's personal for me, too.

Geoff King said...

This was the first time a robot-delivered bomb was used by police in this country to take out a suspect. It most assuredly won't be the last, now that the precedent has been made. There is no doubt this slimeball deserved it, but in today's rapidly advancing technological police state where will it lead? Will police in the near future just send in robots and drones to kill anyone breaking any law?
I have watched too many dystopian sci-fi movies to totally discount that idea.

Geoff King said...

P.S. I feel sorry for the robot, which probably suffered irreparable damage in the encounter.
Not to mention the taxpayers of Dallas who bought the, I'm sure, quite outrageously priced machine in the first place.

jlw said...

@ Geoff King

i don't know what robot was used, but if it was similar to this one
the price was less than an ER visit for a shot cop.

the price for this $4,325. i do not find that outrageously expensive.

John the Econ said...

@Shelly, I understand your feelings regarding this event, and as I've already said, there's absolutely no love lost over the demise of last night's shooter. It's simply the tactic that concerns me. Today, it was a cop killer that was blown up. But I fear that we're at the top of a very slippery slope.

Do recall something that Obama said in 2008:

"We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we've set. We've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded."

It's my guess that this would include bomb-carrying robots.

Also consider who Obama and his fellow Progressives consider as a bigger threat to civilian order than Islamic terrorists or even gun-firing BLM activists.

Another thought:

Has anyone else noticed how absolutely silent the gun control advocates are today? A Muslim shoots up a gay nightclub and the gun control lobby is at full volume before the bodies were cold. A BLM activist shoots up the Dallas police department, and absolutely nothing.


Judi King said...

@ John: Yes, I've noticed that. The same thing happened with the gorilla and the (black) child. The libs can't figure out which of their dumb causes to champion so they're quiet.

Dan said...

Regarding the announcement by the FBI Director.
Hillary didn't have any illegal "intent" -- or at least no more than others from Chicago.
(just off the top of my head)

Hillary of course,
Jesse Jackson
Rahm Emmanuel
Bill Ayers
Luis Guttierez
Rod Blagojevich
Wesley Clark
Bernadine Dohrn
Tony Rezko
Jeremiah Wright
Al Capone
Frank Nitti
Hizzoners Daley

True lovers of America and Freedom who respect the Republic.

Shelly said...

Mr. Econ, I respect your point and agree that this should be a last resort and not a first. I know my emotions are rubbed raw today but I do think in this instance, it was justified. Oh, and I love your commentary. I learn a lot from you.

John the Econ said...

{{{{{{{{ Consider yourself hugged @Shelly }}}}}}}}

I know it's been a rough day for a lot of people.

Pete (Detroit) said...

+1 Mr Econ and Ms Shelly - you make such a CUTE couple!
Seriously - I REALLY love the fact that when 'we' have issues w something someone else has said, 'we' can call them on it, typically in a respectful manner, fostering communication and understanding. I'm sure I don't have to mention how bloody RARE disagreeing w/o being disagreeable actually flipping *is* out on the interwebs...
So, bonus points especially to you two, in this case, and most of the rest of us in general. It helps keep this from (quite) being an echo chamber, and I'm sure keeps traffic up.
Yay US...

Rod said...

The John <> Shelly debate IS significant while also gaining respect for both of them. To the question shouldn't we add rapid-fire spray guns that can rise out of the roofs of black SUVs in public places to protect the likes of Obama and which could quite possibly be used rather indiscriminately; AND the Commander in Chief who employees lethal missile strikes fired from remotely controlled drones in effect upon his personal order? But what does the entire system get really fired up about? 30-round magazines. And as for the "thinking about trespass and poaching" deer hunter who might fly an al-cheapo drone over my property... I may pay a fine or eat Government provided meals in jail for a while; but they're going to lose their fly-spy toy. They may lose more than that if they trespass to retrieve it. I know how to shoot trucks real good.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Readers- One of the things I love about this site is that people can have reasonable disagreements and actually talk them out. There are plenty of places to go for flame wars and confrontation...but Hope n' Change isn't that place.

Regarding bomb-carrying robots, I have very mixed feelings; this asshole richly deserved it and, frankly, I hope there's video. But such death-dealing tools must never be used casually, nor without proper legal authority. Being turned into pink mist isn't exactly a "fair and speedy trial," although it gets bonus points on the "speedy" front.

In this case, it was known that the guy was a killer. He was refusing to negotiate and still had the firepower (and no doubt the willingness) to kill. Had the robot carried in gas, he could have run out, guns blazing. A remote taser wouldn't penetrate his body armor. Sending in a police dog or two might have worked, but depending on the logistics it might have been a pointless suicide mission for the dogs.

One possible benefit of this particular case is that in the future, bad guys might suddenly find themselves much more amenable to surrendering when they see that robot approaching with a stick of dynamite.

Meanwhile, Hillary is out there suggesting that white people bear some of the responsibility for this massacre because we don't listen to the grievances of black people enough. Bullshit. I am 100% against any police killings which don't bear up to scrutiny, and offenders need to be punished harshly - whatever skin colors are involved. But all cops aren't the problem, just as all black Americans aren't the problem. We really need to stop making every incident, no matter how awful, into a media circus which destroys perspective and proportionality.

As a citizen of the Dallas area, this horror has hit too close to home and it hurts badly. Last night I hung a blue lantern outside my house in remembrance and support of police officers. And it will be there again tonight.

Rod said...

By the way: Hillary has only "citizen" status now. And it's doubtful these decisions are based upon law, innocence or guilt, etc. Only a background check, record and references. So in light of Comey's statements about the EVIDENCE... why does Hillary still have high level national security clearance?

Bruce Bleu said...

I think, in order to be culturally sensitive, the authorities should make it a point to only smoke black criminals with a "HO-bot". How could anyone complain about THAT?

John the Econ said...

If anything, America needs more "reasonable disagreements" and fewer "flame wars". I enjoy engaging in discussions with people with whom I disagree, and yet actually can have a conversation with. It's the only way to test out ideas to find out which ones are great, weak and need improvement, or the ones that are weak and should just be discarded. Engaging solely with people with whom I already agree with 100% would be boring and pointless. I already know what I believe.

Unfortunately, too much of America isn't interested in that. They only want to be part of a winning team and need reinforcement. The safest way to get that is to intellectually isolate ones self where little is genuinely learned or challenged. You can see this in the insipid "memes" you see floating about social media from both sides. We need to be better than that. We need to be able to answer with solid arguments backed by solid facts. You can't do that if you hide in your "safe space".

I'd like to thank those here who are patient with me and are also willing to challenge, especially when I get long-winded. Peace out!