Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Here's Mud in Your FBI

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FBI Director James Comey officially announced yesterday the findings of his agency's extensive criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton's use of an unauthorized, secret, private email server.

He basically confirmed that everything Hillary has said since the discovery of the email server has been a blatant lie. Yes, she repeatedly sent confidential, Top Secret, and Above Top Secret correspondence on an unsecured system. In fact, her "security" was less than that which would have been provided by a free gmail account.

Hillary lied about wanting the system strictly for "convenience" (not wanting to carry two devices), she lied about turning over all required State Department emails, she lied about not having destroyed official documents, and she could not demonstrate that her system hadn't been hacked by foreign enemies (which Comey conceded was likely) thereby putting lives, policy, and our national security at risk.

And although this was plenty of reason for Hillary to be handed about 1000 years of sentencing for gross and willful misconduct, Comey instead decided that no charges should be pressed because A) He is apparently a complete political whore, B) His family was being held at gunpoint, C) he believes that women (bless their hearts) are just too darn stupid to understand computers, security, and laws, D) Hillary made a pact with Satan which involves fellating lepers in Hell for all eternity, or E) all of the above. Which, frankly, we're pretty sure is the right answer.

Granted, we all knew that Hillary was going to get away with this. Satanic deals simply work that way. But still, this is more than just a disappointment. This is the end of the rule of law.

The connected and powerful can do whatever they want and get away with it, while the rest of us are likely to get an ass-reaming if we can't decipher 15,000 pages of IRS instructions - or if we simply have been identified as political conservatives.

And while Hope n' Change still thinks Trump is an annoying bobblehead, this incident has redoubled our resolve to vote for him in November. Because the current system must be utterly destroyed. A lawless nation can not survive - indeed, must not survive.

Make no mistake based on Comey's scurrilous absolution: Hillary Clinton is a criminal and quite likely a traitor. She set up her email server with the specific goal of avoiding legally mandated public scrutiny of her wheeling, dealing, and influence peddling. Her "gross negligence" was by intent.

And yet she's flying to campaign appearances at taxpayer expense on Air Force One with her buddy Barack Hussein "Death to America" Obama at her side and, importantly, covering her ass. And all the while, Putin thumbs through her hacked emails and plots the many new victories he'll enjoy (and blackmail schemes he'll hatch) if she is elected president - despite an FBI declaration of near-criminal ineptitude.

This is a sad day for America and American justice. It is also, in an entirely legal and peaceful manner, a strong call for sweeping political revolution.


Bruce Bleu said...

OK, so James Combover equates "justice must be blind" with "justice must be stupid"? Do we lack even ONE PERSON to stop the travesty of this evil? You've heard of "Banana Republic" political crap, now welcome to the "Watermelon Republic" of lamont!!!

drjim said...

I've seen a LOT of political corruption in my 64 years on Earth (hey, I grew up in CHICAGO, fer Pete's sake!), but this absolutely takes the prize.

VERY sad day for what's left of the America I grew up in and love....

Jim G. said...


Jim G. here....former Naval Aviator, USN retired. I've held a USG security clearance for over 40 years.

This is the most egregious act of political cover up in the history of this country!

You and I would be in prison if we did what she did. At MINIMUM she should lose her Security Clearance, which would prevent her from being elected as POTUS.

If she wins the election, the United States of America as you know it will end.

Trump may be the only chance we have of surviving our future....unless of course you believe in Jesus I do. He is "The way, the truth, and the life".

Peace Brother,
Jim G.

Judi King said...

I happened to be at my car dealership, in the waiting room, while they dealt with a re-call and the news was on. At the beginning of it's speech, it sounded like they were really going to indict her, 'til he got to the end. I was totally stunned and kept saying OMG. Unbelievable! I see no hope for this country at all. Besides this legal travesty yesterday, along with the re-call, I got a letter from my insurance about a $102.00 increase per month for my premium. Altogether a day that sucked. @ Jim G: God Bless America. I agree that we have no other chance out of this total mess.

bocopro said...

Fred Ciampi said...

However, if you even dare to download a piece of music illegally the FBI will be on you like hot on hell. Unless, of course you're The Hildabeast, then you can do as you please. It seams as if Slick Willy has more cunning and power than Don Corleone. I think gun sales went up another 28.622 points yesterday.

TrickyRicky said...

If Trump is the Republican nominee, he truly is our last chance to avoid becoming Venezuela. The Supreme Court. What more do I need to say? If you vote third party or stay home and pout because Trump isn't pure enough, then you are complicit in the continuation of the abomination that was Comey yesterday. The day after Independence Day, for God's sake!

Discuss amongst yourselves. This election cycle is not about purity, it is about survival. I can't comment from work, and have no interest in turning Stilton's comment section into a place I won't go any longer (Patterico comes to mind).

Judi King said...

Perhaps Comey got a message from the Clinton death squad. A rational conclusion.

Geoff King said...

Either Comey feared for his life or his family's lives for crossing Clinton, which would be a sad commentary on the head of the top law enforcement agency, or perhaps he has been promised Lynch's position as AG after Hillary appoints her to the SCOTUS. This could also explain the illegal meeting with Bill on the Phoenix tarmac.

Michael Donohue said...

If Hillary did not care about protecting her country's secrets while Secretary of State, what does she care about?

chef621 said...

@ Mike...

What difference does it make? This world is not our final home, hers either (chuckle, chuckle)

Boligat said...

@Mike: If Hillary did not care about protecting her country's secrets while Secretary of State, what does she care about?


Oh, yes, she cares about her grandbabies. Hers, not yours. Isn't that what Bill and Loretta Lynch discussed?

Boligat said...

Not one single person will change their vote for Hillary because of this. All they will see is that the FBI is not recommending charges so that means, "She di'n't do nuffin'. The repubicans be jus' lyin'."

elseebee said...

Like everyone else, I was shocked at "part 3" of Comey's speech. But then I realized that Comey has set the stage for the next president to indict her and throw her butt where it belongs. If he'd sent this on to the current AG we know the conclusion would have been "no indictment". Comey was forced into saying it, but he laid out the case for the NEXT president to have his AG (think Christie or Gowdy)bring the case to court. And Obummer will not be able to pardon her then!

chef621 said...


So Much Wrong and So Few Seem to Care

Word-for-word from the Cornell Law Library:
Former United States Attorney General Michael Mukasey tells MSNBC that not only is Hillary Clinton's private email server illegal, it "disqualifies" her from holding any federal office. Such as, say, President of the United States. Very specifically points to one federal law, Title 18. Section 2071.

For those of us who do not have United States Code committed to memory, here's what it says:

(a) Whoever willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, or destroys, or attempts to do so, or, with intent to do so takes and carries away any record, proceeding, map, book, paper, document, or other thing, filed or deposited with any clerk or officer of any court of the United States, or in any public office, or with any judicial or public officer of the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

(b) Whoever, having the custody of any such record, proceeding, map, book, document, paper, or other thing, willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, falsifies, or destroys the same, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both; and shall forfeit his office and be disqualified from holding any office under the United States. As used in this subsection, the term “office” does not include the office held by any person as a retired officer of the Armed Forces of the United States.”

Yes, it explicitly states "shall forfeit his office and be disqualified from holding any office under the United States."

Shouldn't voters know that?

james daily said...

This is not surprising. Hoover could not find the Mafia in NY and said they did not exist. One thing Crooked Clinton and the Mafia had in common was a high body count.
I do remember one fellow a Republican showed One tax return to someone and went to jail. Clinton pulled hundreds and at the time was not a govt employee. It was kind of neat that Comey said just because we let her skate does not mean that other will not be prosecuted (for lesser offenses?) Last hope is Trump. Now the flip side of the coin: Are the RINOs that said they would not vote for Trump still in that court?

John the Econ said...

It has been for some time, but now it's official: "Rule of Law" is gone for the elite. The Clintons and those like them are now free to operate transparently without fear of legal consequence.

The only thing that surprises me is that people were actually surprised. As I've been saying for decades now, the Clintons deal with Satan preclude any relevant legal action being taken against them as long as they exist in this life. (I shudder to imagine what's in store for them in the next, but my religion officially precludes my opinion on that matter as that's entirely up to a higher authority)

Suffice it to say @Stilton, that I wholly agree with your answer "E".

Once again, Republicans have been fools for waiting on the FBI to indict Hillary over this as "official" vindication of her criminality. In fact, the whole "handling of top secret material" aspect of this isn't even the heart of the scandal. The real scandal is that she had a "private server" in the first place. There was only ONE reason to go to the trouble and expense of running a private server: To escape accountability. This is the heart of the Clintons and their crimes.

Over 30,000 messages were deleted. I know how complex weddings and yoga have become, but hardly that complex. We know for a fact that there were emails deleted that were definitely not about wedding plans and yoga routines, like the State Department freak-out < over the no-name stockbroker that gave over $100k to the Clinton Foundation and was subsequently placed on a top-level security panel. They've got the State Department side of the messages, but Hillary's side are MIA. The rest of those 30,000 messages are a literal Schrodinger's Cat exercise.

So why is there no talk about this? That server (which was once actually co-located at the Clinton Foundation) was the conduit between Hillary's "official" duties at the State Department and the money laundering operation known as the Clinton Foundation. Unless the Russians (and whoever else hacked into that server) release them, we'll never know what those 30,000 messages were about. But based upon what we do know right now as fact should be more than enough to jettison this woman from the possibility of public office.

And yet, that won't happen. She will be elected the next President come November, simply because she represents the status quo in a nation where the majority now profit or survive by the graces of that status quo. Those people will not be giving that up, no matter how corrupt they know Hillary to be. Trump is just a side show to distract us from that vile fact.

CenTexTim said...

I'm still having a difficult time bringing myself to vote for Trump, but crap like this definitely makes it easier to vote against hillary. Hopefully there will be a huge backlash that galvanizes others to do so as well.

Walter1694cir said...

The cancer of corruption eats at the very heart of our judicial system. Several have cited
U. S. Code, statutes and laws applicable to this debacle raging in our country. Lying, lack of integrity, self-serving politicians and a vast portion of Americans who support this NEW NORMAL and NEW LOW.

Shame on us for continuing to allow this behavior and lack of ethical or moral behavior to continue.

By and large the very term "politician" denotes chicanery, fraud, corruption and being less than a whore! At least the gutter snipes/street walkers/hustlers clean themselves from time to time, not our political whores and their supporters(Johns).

Colby Muenster said...

@elseebee said...

"...Comey has set the stage for the next president to indict her and throw her butt where it belongs."

I like your optimism, and I'm not trying to be snarky, but Hillary is not going to indict herself and throw herself in prison (or the fiery pits of hell either). But we can dream, I suppose. If, by some wonderful act of God Almighty, she does not get "elected" President, O'Liar will have her name written very first on his long list of criminals to pardon on his last day of office. Although, on second thought, I guess there is nothing to pardon, is there?


True, true. This horrific injustice by the FBI and DOJ will not change the election one iota. The useful idiots in Billary's corner were already in Billary's corner. This may, however, wake some middle-of-the-roaders up enough to inspire them to go vote for Trump.

Still, in the meanwhile, we will be enduring the jeers from the left. "Nanner nanner nanner! You right wing nutjobs were WRONG! She's INNOCENT!!"

txGreg said...

For those who might not know this story, please allow me to underscore Stiton's comment about "The connected and powerful can do whatever they want and get away with it, while the rest of us..."

If you don't know the name and story yet, here's a quick sketch of the fate of one Kristian Saucier. One could argue that his crime was similar to that of he Hildebeast - although much less egregious and with no apparent ill intent. However you'll notice a sharp difference in regards to the consequences they face. His apparently will be fairly harsh. Hers will probably be to be crowned President.

Rod said...

Comey presented the findings which are all-telling. Then he caved; no telling under what duress. That's half & half. He VERIFIED what we need to know. There's a simple & entirely legal way to make this all right; at least re: Obama, Hillary, Benghazi, Emails, US border, misuse of major agencies under executive control, obnoxious travel, & on & on. Let's focus on her public "trial" this next national election day. WE need to convince the other half there isn't going to be much for them if we ALL fail; & most of what they worry about are predictable routine Democrat divisiveness & scare tactics. Republicans, Independents, Libertarians, etc. need to get real about talking with the other side before this election AND get out our vote.

Unknown said...

I firmly believe that the discussion between Bill and Loretta either involved a threat on her very life and/or that of her family if she opted for indictment, the promise of appointment as AG again under Killary's presidency, and/or lots and lots of money for non-indictment of her highness. Donald Trump may not be a charismatic speaker, but I believe he has our nation's best interests at heart. If elected, he will surround himself with the smartest people who believe in America and will follow Constitutional law to revamp all the crap that has happened since Noblama has been in office (i.e. Obamacare). He truly wants to get this country back to the greatness it once enjoyed. It was not all that many years ago in my lifetime that America was great. I pray to God that this evil woman does not get elected. I also believe one should be able to pass a civics-type test of general government knowledge before they are eligible to cast a vote. Heck, Mark Dice interviewed a number of people as he does from time to time in San Diego who didn't even know what we were celebrating on July 4th. This is plain sickening. Please get out there and vote for Trump and understand that he will be surrounded by the best of the best. Thanks for letting me vent...

Unknown said...

Sorry about the triplicate posts. The latest one should be the version I intended. If anyone can tell me how to go in and delete the first two, I would be much obliged. :(

Fred Ciampi said...

Sandy Link, at the bottom of all posts is a date. On yours is a trash can. Just click on it to remove that post.

Unknown said...

Thanks Fred. :)

HerrDrSteuer said...

None of our enemies have material with which to blackmail Hillary. Oh, they have the information, but Cankles cannot be blackmailed. One has to be capable of shame or at least embarrassment to be blackmailed.

Shelly said...

Stolen from a Facebook post:
July 4, 2016 - the day we celebrated freedom from tyranny and equal treatment under the law.
July 5, 2016 - just kidding!
At the very least, she is totally incompetent to do the job. The whole "she didn't mean to" doesn't pass the smell test. At least he did lay out the crimes in no uncertain terms. It was the conclusion that reeked. Here's what I heard: she committed all these crimes and lied about them but she is above the law and won't be charged, but don't you try it because you will. I guess he would rather suffer the public humiliation he was bound to get than get a barbell dropped on his neck.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Readers- Way too much here for me to respond to individually, but we all seem to be of similar mindsets. I'm sure none of us was surprised that Hillary was able to get away with her crimes, but what DID surprise me was Comey's lack of an attempt to even try to justify giving her a free pass. Rather, he documented a long list of crimes - yes, crimes - and then said that Her Highness won't be charged, but anyone else under similar circumstances would be. That's the most honest dishonesty I've ever heard.

Hillary absolutely acted with criminal intent, although her goal wasn't so much to reveal confidential information as to allow it to be revealed as a side effect of setting up a server specifically for chicanery and avoidance of FOIA compliance.

The one-two punch of the Benghazi findings and the FBI blow-off of charges has hit me hard, mood-wise. And I must admit, I'm starting to think of ways I can start using "extreme carelessness" in my own life to circumvent little things like laws without having to worry about prosecution. I think tax returns will be a good place to start. Not that I INTEND to make any mistakes - I just won't give a crap about following the rules and hope for the best. And where the form asks if anyone helped prepare my return, I'll happily pencil in Hillary's name.

Rod said...

At first I thought as many do that Comey kind of skipped over an important middle step when he went from (A) broke the law, lied repeatedly, withheld information and was acting beneath her station.... all the way over to (C)Very careless but not chargeable. But I suppose in our legal system, which these asses know very well in order to survive, there's no such thing as (B) Guilty, but we won't or can't pursue it. Well; that's fine for them but I think a couple of hundred million grown-up American citizens with functioning brains could see it another way.

Judi King said...

@ Rod: You got that right!

REM1875 said...

Well folks the results are in and loretta just said no one will be prosecuted-
somehow I don't think any of us lost any money on that bet.

Geoff King said...

Is there anyone here who does not now believe that a Hillary conformation of presidency is not already set in stone? Regardless of who you vote for, the election is already over. The globalist New World Order will prevail, and a vote for Trump will be futile.
Therefore, I highly recommend a vote for a third party of your choice.
Trump will not be allowed to win. He will be disgraced in some manner, or simply be eliminated by forced suicide. If he was to win, the left will promote mass riots throughout our country. If he survives that, how much stock will you be willing to put in yet another narcissitic self-serving Commander in Chief?
If you truly believe Trump is the answer, I must ask what is the question? Do you really think that he will restore our republic, or do you just hope that he won't destroy it quite as fast as the alternative option? Either way, you are part of the problem-not part of the solution.
The lesser of two evils invariable has the same outcome, in the long run.
I believe Hillary is guaranteed to become our next president, regardless of what the popular vote says. Therefore, please vote for what you believe in, not for who you think might be slightly better than the other option.
The establishment will never allow a wild card non-team player like Trump to become president. If a majority of you vote for him, you have probably signed his death warrant. His blood will be on your hands.

Geoff King said...

Here is another consideration. If Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate for President, succeeds in getting 15% of the popular vote in major polls (he now has roughly 12%), he must by law be included in the Presidential Nominee debates in November.
If an extremely popular third party candidate can actually speak to the American people in an open debate with the Republicrats, it could seriously change the outcome of the election.
I am not saying Johnson can win, but he definitely will make a major difference in all future politics if he is allowed to be included in the debates.
If nothing else, he will let the American voters, who will see his name on the ballot in all 50 states for the first time, know that there is an alternative to "the lesser of two evils".

Geoff King said...

Joseph ET said...

July 5, 2016
The day that Justice died in America!

Boligat said...

@Fred: "Sandy Link, at the bottom of all posts is a date. On yours is a trash can. Just click on it to remove that post."

Does this work with every post? I can't see any trash can on mine, but then I don't have an icon in front of my name like you and some of the others do. I guess I am missing something.


It would be nice for some of us that aren't all that tech savvy to have a how-to link or section to explain the nuts and bolts of posting, editing, etc. etc. etc.

Bruce Bleu said...

Watching our nation being flushed down the crapper is SOOOO irritating that I can't stand it. How about when I vote in November I "identify as a voter" and mark the repubican candidunce, THEN identify as a disgruntled law-abiding taxpayer and take a dump on the democrap side of the ticket? Maybe I can turn in my ballot at Target so nobody gets confused.
Chef621; I LOVE your "recipe book". Too bad the LAWS of this nation are hidden from Senaturds and CONgressmen, otherwise I'm SURE they would uphold their duty and oath of office to pursue those who defecate on our treasured founding documents.

Fred Ciampi said...

Here's a wunnerful, wunnerful site I stumbled across at the DBD place;
It's full of details about the clintons. For shame...................

Anonymous said...

This verdict means that Obama, Bill, Loretta, Comey,, care more about protecting Hillary than in protecting national security. Disgusting.

txGreg said...


I believe that the folks with the "B" icon next to their name are registered users of Blogger (provider of and thus have special powers that are not granted to the rest of us relatively anonymous citizens. In this case, I think preferential treatment is to be expected... not like that being displayed the ongoing abuse of our alleged Justice system.

John the Econ said...

@Geoff King asks "Is there anyone here who does not now believe that a Hillary conformation of presidency is not already set in stone?"

Geoff, it was "set in stone" all the way back in 2008.

Let me offer the proof this way: For an example, let me present the City of Atlanta, which was (and largely still is) hopelessly corrupt. Whereas the Clintons have the Clinton Foundation for money laundering, the City of Atlanta has the Hartsfield-Jackson Airport. Friends & family of the mayor and city council get the choice monopoly concessions at the airport. Non-friends need not bother applying. A decade-and-change ago, the city was adding a new runway. When the city solicited bids for the 9-figure project, there was but a single bid. There were at least a dozen major construction firms in the region that should have been interested in such a large and profitable project, and yet only one went to the trouble to send in a bid. Why?

Because everyone knew the fix was in.

Preparing a bid for such a large and complex project isn't cheap, easily costing hundreds-of-thousands to millions of dollars. Why would you bother to go to any time, trouble and expense when you already knew that you definitely would not be getting the job?

The same thing applied with the Democratic nomination process. Unlike with the runway contract in Atlanta, the Democrats had to have somebody run against her so that the nomination process didn't look too much like that of North Korea. So they presented people who absolutely should have been no threat to Clinton. There was that guy who was the former mayor of Baltimore. Baltimore. And then there was that nut Sanders who they let run even though he's never been an actual Democrat! Hillary was never supposed to have had any actual competition.

Now, the Sanders candidacy did get totally out of control as the elites clearly did not anticipate the level of middle class discontent that was also responsible for the Trump ascendancy. (and the Brexit vote in Britain) But that's why the "superdelegates" are in place as a backstop. Anyone who knew better knew Sanders didn't have a real chance.

Even without the lifetime of Clinton corruption, Hillary is an awful candidate. The left has taken great glee over the last year pointing out how dysfunctional the GOP is, resulting in the ascendancy of Donald Trump. But are we to believe that the Democratic Party honestly doesn't have anyone better, more qualified, or more honest in their ranks than Hillary Clinton?

I wholeheartedly agree with Geoff that this is the inevitable conclusion of decades of "voting for the lesser of two evils", which has now trod the bar so low, it's no longer visible. We need a third, and even fourth or fifth choice.

As I've said many times before, barring some unforeseen event (and an indictment is no longer on that list of possibilities) Hillary will be elected over Trump, simply because she represents the status quo in a nation where over 51% of the population is getting checks or other favors from the status quo. And now that an indictment is off the table, Hillary is back to her bidding war to buy Bernie's kids.

So I'm imploring people to vote for any alternative. I'm with Geoff and the Libertarians, but quite frankly, I wish people would consider any alternative even if it's the Greens, Socialists, or the Black Panthers. Anything! Until people realize that there are possibilities beyond the Democrats and Republicans, next time around we'll be faced with something even worse then Hillary and Trump. Don't think that's possible? A decade ago, who could have imagined Hillary and Trump?

John the Econ said...

An aside: Now listening to the hearing with Comey, who keeps reiterating that they could not recommend indictment against Hillary because they could not prove "criminal intent". The fact that she set up a private server in the first place was "criminal intent"! Astounding, but I guess it shouldn't be anymore.

I'm considering getting into the "private server" business. I wonder how many other "private servers" there are serving the DC elite.

Judi King said...

The Constitution Party is supposed to be on the MI ballot in Nov. Their candidate is Darrell Castle and, if it is indeed on our ballot, he will get my vote. If not, I guess I'll go with Gary Johnson. NO Clinton...NO Trump. If Trump should magically win (ha ha), does anyone believe he'll end up with a Republican congress? I don't and, If not, it will be the same status quo that it has been for years...... nothing changed.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@John the Econ (and every else)- Interesting to consider a protest vote of "anybody but a Democrat or faux-Republican" this time around. I agree that the odds of Hillary "losing" the election are as low (and legitimate) as the odds were that she'd be maybe a vote for a third party would at least make a small but audible squeak as we go under for the third time.

I watched some of the Comey proceedings, and will be making that the subject of a brief, bile-spittingly angry commentary for tomorrow's HnC. The man couldn't be more of a whore if he was wearing a sandwich board offering blowjobs for 10¢.

Here's Your Sign said...

1) James Comey has always been considered smart, politically astute, and honest.
2) Suppose, for an instant, that in his investigation, with his knowledge of the political climate, he determines that NO MATTER WHAT THE FBI DOES, HILLARY SKATES.
3) Pretend, for a moment, that Comey is a true patriot and wants to protect his country from the most corrupt politician in living memory.
A) Prove, on national TV, that she is guilty and has lied about everything.
B) Broadcast to the world that she will not be prosecuted because she is above the law, generating justifiable outrage.

If you think about it, he may have just done the most that he could against Hillary.

Rod said...

The first sticky point is official "Guilt" does not exist until proven in a court of law. Prior to that that there is only "evidence" about which Comey seems to be clear and forthcoming; but also very careful. The real nitty-gritty they ALL still skip over is the word the of the law vs. what is now standard practice on deciding to bring charges. That has to do with "ignorance of the law" ie knowingly" & "intent"; and she's clearly getting all the breaks on that. It sounds like and Comey admitted it.. after all this, Hillary or just about anyone could again do the same damned thing and the result would be the same. For Hillary, Yes. For any of us? You must be joking. CONGRESS needs to tighten this up. Meanwhile WE get to judge this lying treasonous, inept bitch directly ourselves this fall.

chipmunk said...

@HYS, I agree, Comey did the most that he could against Hillary. The look on his face as he abruptlt left the stage indicated to me that the whole thing disgusted him, too. It's a good bet that he and/or his family were under threat of being "suicided".

Geoff King said...

A drunk driver generally does not "intend" to harm anyone with below par driving, yet will be prosecuted to the max if harm is done. Also, as has been drilled into us repeatedly, IGNORANCE OF THE LAW IS NO EXCUSE! If I carry a concealed weapon with no permit to do so into almost any other state besides here in Arizona (where no permit of any kind is required), I will be arrested and have my gun confiscated. The fact that it is not illegal in my state, so I therefore wish to plead my innocence because of lack of knowledge of local unknowing, will not be a viable defense.
Whether or not Hillary knew she was breaking the law is irrelevant, and if she truly is that unknowing how good of a POTUS could she possibly be?