Friday, October 28, 2016

Friday Potpourri

Today we begin with a special remembrance for a special lady who (and we mean this from the bottom of our hearts) deserves a special prosecutor...

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Yes, on Wednesday Sir Edmund Hillary Clinton celebrated her 69th year of making Earth a less pleasant planet. She had a small private reception with friends and family, and a serenade from Stevie Wonder, whose head-swaying, bobbing, and staring into space was perhaps intended to distract guests from seeing all those same tics exhibited by Hillary.

The event was marred only by an awkward moment when Monica Lewinsky usurped the first lady's job (again) and unexpectedly blew out the Bill-shaped birthday candles before being dragged from the premises with frosting stains on her blue dress.

And speaking of eye-catching clothing accessories, here at Hope n' Change we think we've come up with a real winner for this election season...

If we had any initiative and business savvy at all, we'd currently be selling this design at every polling place in America. Stickers, pins, t-shirts - maybe even some interesting body piercings!

But the reason we lack the initiative to make buckets of money is because we (like millions of other Americans) just found out what our Obamacare is going to cost next year - and the more we earn, the more it costs. So why bother working?

obama, obama jokes, political, humor, cartoon, conservative, hope n' change, hope and change, stilton jarlsberg, obamacare, 2017, premiums, rate hikes, expensive, screwed
Obamacare: "Bleeding From Behind"
We won't bore you with too many details - suffice it to say that for exactly the same policy we had last year, based on exactly the same earnings and personal details, the base premiums skyrocketed a full 50%.

That's bad - really bad. But not the worst of it.

Because Mrs. Jarlsberg will be starting Medicare next week and won't even be on the Obamacare policy anymore - which is why is reducing our joint subsidy by 75%. The final result is that 2017's out-of-pocket payment for a one person policy will be three times what we were paying this year for two people.

As an additional reason to start drinking early today, the "same old, more expensive" policy still doesn't include any of our doctors, so we'll have to continue to slink into back alleys with cash in hand for check ups, colonoscopies, prostate exams, and any other procedures which can be performed with coat hangers.

But this being Friday, we'd like to end this on an upbeat note: if Hillary wins the election, we'll soon look back on even this period of unaffordable, unworkable health insurance as "the good old days." Enjoy it while you can!

DOWNLOADABLE BONUS: Print Your Own "I Vomited" Pin! Just click on the image to see the high-rez version, then save the image for printing!


M. Mitchell Marmel said...


Seriously, can you post a version without the text covering the design, please? :D

Anonymous said...

"If Hillary wins....time to pick up a musket." Joe Walsh

Now I'm not sure a musket would get it done, but I do like his sentiment.

Stilt, God Bless you and Mrs. Jarlsberg for championing the good fight.

One thought......God will still be in charge on 9 November.

Peace be with you.
Jim G.

REM1875 said...

Casting lead musket balls and buying black powder and musket caps in bulk but I not sure what good it will do.

Jim Irre said...

I expect to get some sort of sordid visual from your expressive ramblings, but not so quickly! The "birthday" themed strip was also worthy of vomit. Glad I didn't eat breakfast yet!

Fred Ciampi said...

Even with all the bad news today's column hit the nail on the head. However, the third 'toon showing a poor fellow carrying the screw (which is what we all got when 0'bummer was selected) has what I believe to be a Freudian Slip. The screw is a left handed screw. Could it be that it is because 0'b0b0 is left handed? Oh, the humanity!!!!!! Try to have a wunnerful, wunnerful day.

TrickyRicky said...

Stilton, so sorry to hear about your Obummercare situation. It gives me nightmares to think about having to deal with that unholy beast. With an impending layoff and a finite COBRA option, I will have a couple of years to feel your pain. Maybe by then the crash and burn function will have been activated and I can go to the socialized medicine camps, where once you have started collecting Social Security benefits and stopped slaving away each day to keep the system going, you had better not get sick, for you will have become expendable as well as deplorable.

Judi King said...

Thanks for the great laughs. Except the last one was kinda painful. I'm on Medicare and my current Medigap policy is being raised over $100 per month in Jan (not quite double). Medicare people are being screwed also. Even if odumacare does, by some miracle, get repealed, I can't see any insurance companies lowering their outrages increases. My supposedly non-profit carrier has nearly a 10 BILLION $ surplus, which no one will discuss, but is claiming they're losing money! That doesn't add up, in my world.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand.

What's wrong with every health care provider in the country becoming a slave of the state?

Or do I misunderstand single-payer's implications?

Mike Porter said...

This method only missed the 1960 presidential election outcome, and likely only because it does not take into account massive fraud in a close race:

So we're still probably doomed... but wait, there's more - a group called Arizona Freedom Alliance comes up with this internal poll:

Trump Leading 67% to Hillary’s 19% in National Poll of 50,000 Voters

This represents one thousand people in all fifty states, broken down by democrat (33%), republican (33%) and independent (34%). Again, this all means nothing until November 8th. But if you're expecting the worst, you can, in the meanwhile, at least hope for the best. Well, the best that we can expect of Trump.

Geoff King said...

Here's hoping Hillary has a wonderful 70th birthday in federal prison.
And many more.

Anonymous said...

ObamaCare. Or how everybody now has to make a mandatory monthly donation to one of the Democrat's favorite charities - Insurance companies. And you don't even get a free tote bag or calendar.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@M.Mitchell Marmel- Your wish is my command. There's a higher-rez, downloadable version of the button on the page now without the additional graphics. Have fun!

@Jim G- If Hillary wins, Joe Walsh had better watch his back. And thanks for the good wishes!

@REM1875- Pretend to be Muslim while you're making all that stuff. Otherwise, you might get investigated.

@Jim Irre- Oh, like I was going to let Hillary turn 69 and not go for the most sophomoric joke possible? (grin)

@Geoff King- That's a beautiful thought. And we should bring her a cake with a file inside! Specifically, a revised FBI file of all her crimes!

@Anonymous- And those tote bags would come in handy when we need to bug out!

@Fred Ciampi- I'd missed that it was a left-handed screw. But it's all behind me now - which is why I'm typing this while standing.

@TrickyRicky- I never went without insurance in my life (almost always a personal policy because I've almost always been self-employed). I spent what it took (a LOT) to get the insurance and have the ability to choose my doctors. All of that is gone now, except for the part about spending a lot.

Obamacare's price (and your subsidy) is based on your "income" for the year. Mine is low enough that they've previously tried to put me on Medicaid (my income blows, but I have comfortable retirement savings in the bank), so I have to withdraw enough from my investments each year to show an "income" that allows me to buy a crap HMO policy and get something of a subsidy. Last year, I took out too much - and had to retroactively pay back $10,000 in subsidies to the government. If I take any money out of the market this year, I'll also be hit with that $10,000 penalty even before paying capital gains taxes. And I'm having to play the same game for next year, even though I'll now be paying three times as much as before.

Meanwhile, in order to get anything like "affordable" health care, I find myself having to deny owning insurance when I get scans, colonoscopies, or other procedures so that I can simply pay cash at the time of service. Because those same services would cost 3 or 4 times as much if processed through my "insurance," and the WHOLE amount would come out of my pocket until I've met my huge deductible. Thanks, Obama!

@Judi King- Mrs Jarlsberg is just starting Medicare, so on top of the tripling of our out-of-pocket Obamacare premiums, we'll also be paying for Medigap coverage. It never ends. Regarding the math of insurance companies, I'm not surprised that some may have huge surpluses but also claim to be losing money in a fiscal year; in other words, taking in less (even with the insane increases) than they're required to spend.

But make no mistake- private health insurance is going the way of the dodo. We will all be on the equivalent of Medicaid soon.

@Anonymous- You don't misunderstand a thing. To control the people, government needs to control medicine. Which means controlling doctors and, oh yeah, making their lives hell. New regulations were just released that will change how the remaining doctors who take Medicare will be reimbursed - linking their payments to results rather than simply treatment. Sure, it SOUNDS good...until you realize that if you get an illness that's hard to cure, no doctor will touch you with a 10 foot pole.

I have no doubt that in the very near future, it will be rare to see an actual doctor. Rather, we'll be meeting with medi-clerks who languidly tap our symptoms into a computer terminal, then print out whatever the government's MedBot Central says.

@Mike Porter- Interesting. I don't know WHAT to believe any more, so am instead simply chewing off my fingernails until Election Night. After which I expect to start chewing off my fingers.

Gajim said...

Had the same Obama Care experience. Last year I paid $4,200, the deficit went up $9,250 and I had to pay another $13,600 (making a total of over $27,000) before Obama insurance would pay in its first dime. That was after a 30% price increase.
This year Mrs G went on Medicare first and our two person Obama Care went up another 33% for coverage of just me. But now I'm on Medicare too, and messed up as it is, it is much better than that Obama crap.

Judi King said...

Yeah, I get the losing in fiscal year thing, but I thought their insane surpluses were supposed to cover such problems. Silly me.

John the Econ said...

Somehow I knew that we'd be talking about ObamaCare today. If there's one constant about the ironically (or Orwellian) named "Affordable Care Act", it's that it only seems to get worse, especially for a specific segment of American citizen that the left hates more than any other, the middle-class entrepreneur.

Why does the left hate us so much? Because as a group, we are by our inherent nature the hardest to control. We love freedom. We live to be independent. We resist collectivism. We don't like being told what do do or how to live. We are an embarrassment to the socialists who argue that life is not possible without their benevolence. And we certainly don't respect an elite class that can't manage their own sordid lives trying to tell us how to live ours.

So how does a centralized government looking to control everyone reign in its most recalcitrant citizens? By destroying their economic independence and taking over control of their physical health, which ObamaCare has effectively done.

The Democratic Party today is the party of the very wealthy and the very poor, which is why I've been calling most Progressive policy a "War on the Middle Class". ObamaCare is a perfect example in that:

A) The "rich" and elite don't care because they are effectively either self-insured, and/or have access to a class of health care almost totally insulated from what's getting foisted on the masses.

B) The "poor" have either been shuttled into Medicaid, or get subsidized. Do notice that the Democrat response to all of the bad ObamaCare news over the last two weeks has been to endlessly repeat that subsidies will automatically adjust to the new rates, so according to Democrats, it's all good and rates doubling doesn't really matter.

C) Except, it does matter if you are actually trying to make a living, as @Stilton points out above. If you make too much money (as successful entrepreneurs tend to do) you do not qualify for subsidies, and you get sacked.

In other words, if you're one of Nancy Pelosi's "artists" looking to dump your day job in order to take your garage band pro, this works for you. But if you are one of America's most productive class of citizens, you'll eventually end up about as financially secure as a professional garage band.

I really have to give it to the architects of ObamaCare in that I really can't think of a better way to economically devastate a single demographic in America with such surgical precision. If current trends hold, I anticipate a Nobel Prize for Jonathan Gruber, Ezekiel Emanuel and the other architects of ObamaCare once it's politically safe to openly celebrate this.

John the Econ said...

And this just in:

The FBI is reopening its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private e-mail server

Don't get excited. This is theater, at best. First, there's absolutely nothing new here. For Hillary voters, there's absolutely nothing the FBI can say or do to change their mind. She's going to win for the same reasons she was always going to win; She represents the establishment that pushes checks, subsidies & favors to over 51% of Americans.

In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if the FBI re-opened this investigation at Hillary's insistence. The FBI's reputation swirled down the toilet with the first vindication, and this may be an effort to restore some level of non-partisan respectability. It's safe to do this because, as I just said, Hillary's going to win anyway, and she's going to need an FBI with some degree of credibility to pursue her agenda of vindictiveness once in office.

No doubt, I wouldn't be surprised that come Monday November 7th, the FBI will come out and say "Sorry, nothing indictable here. Never mind."

And Hillary's sycophants get to continue their delusional meme of backing the "Most vetted candidate in history".

Colby Muenster said...

Whoa... The ACA reminds me of an old joke. A guy hears that Gramma's Whorehouse is the best place to get sex in the world. He pays his exorbitant fee to get in, and they direct him to go upstairs and through the last door on the left. He goes through the door, it locks behind him, and there's a big sign the says, "You just got screwed by Gramma's Whorehouse. Congratulations, Stilton! Did they at least offer you a cigarette?

@Fred Ciampi,
Dang, you stole my thunder by noticing the screw had left hand threads (I'm an engineer - it was the first thing I noticed). Not only are we getting screwed, it's by lefties!

News from North Carolina! My wife's friend went to vote yesterday, and they told her she had already voted. She explained that she was not crazy or stupid, and in fact, she had NOT voted yet and wished to do so. They "let her" do a provisional ballot, but the bottom line is, somebody used her name to vote, and her vote will not count unless there is a veritable tie. There are stories from all over the state of people's voting machines automatically changing to Demorat, as well as the situation our friend experienced.

There is a special place in hell for the judges who shot down our voter ID law!

Fred Ciampi said...

Colby, couldn't help myself. almost 50 years as a welding engineer mostly in aerospace. Retired now, yay, and just enjoying life in hillybilly land. I do go to the range regularly just in case........ And, yes, 0'boner is a lefty.

I was driving around the other day and noticed a Hildabeast sign. It's the only one I have seen in the county.

SC said...

The un-indicted felon, should go to the penitentiary, not the presidency.

Sandra Gray said...

Here in Alabama, United Health Care and Humana pulled out of ObamaCare, so we are left with only Blue Cross Blue Shield as the "choice" for "affordable" insurance. Our estimated premiums for the Blue Value Silver plan will be $2,162.31 PER MONTH!!! Don't get me wrong, BCBS is a great insurance to have, if you can afford it! We can hardly wait to start paying those premiums in January!!!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Gajim- I know I'm taking it up the Hershey Highway this year with Obamacare, but if I can just make it until Autumn of next year I'll be in Medicare. And I can't believe that I consider that to be a relief!

@Judi King- Oh, I'm sure there's money enough for the top execs to roll around in. I don't know all the ins and outs, I just know that insurance company profiteering isn't the big story here.

@John the Econ- Spot on, as usual. Obamacare is destroying those who are still trying to exercise both independence and responsibility. We're not only deplorable but dangerous, just because we might give others the idea that there's an alternative to being wards of the state. And of course, Obama laughed off the astronomical rate hikes by saying they don't affect "most people who get their jobs from an employer." Which again is saying "join a union or get on the government teat, but don't you dare try to make it on your own."

Personally, I'm making a conscious effort NOT to generate income or even take profits from investing, just because I don't want to pay another damn dime in taxes. I'm deliberately limiting my own productivity (at least, in any form that would make a material difference to the economy)...and doing so even though I know that it's what the Left wants.

Regarding the FBI reopening the case against Hillary, it would mean more to me if I wasn't 100% convinced at this point that Comey is a complete whore, bought and paid for. This (ahem) "investigation" is only to do one of two things: give Hillary another "all clear" right before election day, or stifle further speculation until after the election because "it's under active investigation."

@Colby Muenster- Good joke, and all too appropriate. And wow, interesting to hear about the voter fraud. And did you catch that Loretta Lynch (also a whore) made an announcement to poll watchers that if they see anything suspicious, they shouldn't approach or talk to the perpetrator because it might seem like voter suppression. Insanity! Why then even HAVE poll watchers?!

@Fred Ciampi- I think the Bible warns us that there will be signs of the Beast.

GenEarly said...

Vomiting will be the least of your concerns, as will "healthcare" Comrade Jarlsburg.
Avoidance of looking at the firing squad doesn't avert the bullets. That every single progreSSive movement carried to it's stated goals always ends the same. But "not here in the USSA!", of course. We have some old parchment that "prevents" this, not to worry.
I would prefer a "Lock Her Up" button, but that's just me being an "extremist" or more aptly a deplorable Irredeemable.Words have consequences.

GenEarly said...


John the Econ said...

Here's a good example of what Obama and his fellow Progressives really think of us:

SPLAT! POTUS’ latest Obamacare metaphor spits right in Americans’ faces

"Have to clear the bugs off the windshield to see the road ahead," says Pres Obama on conference call with ObamaCare enrollment personnel.

Got it? To the POTUS, we're just roadkill on the highway to their totalitarian nirvana.

And then people wonder why economic growth is flat and workforce participation is in the toilet. Perhaps it's because there are millions of people like @Stilton out there actually trying not to be productive, just so that they don't become "bugs on the windshield" of the ObamaCare wagon.

At the Econ household today, we're pretty lucky. Last year, we got on Mrs. Econ's employer's insurance. It's no where as good as the insurance that we used to purchase on the pre-Obama open market, but at least it's affordable. But as I've been saying here for years, the time will come when we'll be transitioned to "single payer", and our income taxes will be attacked to pay for that. At that point, I'll be joining @Stilton in the non-productivity game; working just enough to keep pocket money, but not to get hit by income taxes.

This is another reason that it remains vital that the GOP keeps congress, because once the Democrats get the house again, they'll be voting in a VAT and "imputed income" taxes to punish people like @Stilton and I for our income insolence. A "imputed income" tax was floated by the Clintons in '93, but losing Congress in '94 put an end to that fantasy. Expect to hear it floated again some time next year, as it will be very appealing to Bernie's clueless asset-less kids.

@GenEarly, to these people, collectivism is always just one more execution away from utopia. The bullying and violence promulgated by the Democrats against Trump supporters is just the beginning I fear...

REM1875 said...

Give us a break Doc- we know ya spent that extra $2500 on chivas regal, or was it $2.50 spent on clan mcgregor?

In realty I am so sorry and distressed by what this obastard has done to so many and am absolutely sick from the bastards in the lame stream media who make us feel like we are the only ones not rolling in the new found wealth of the oblamer fantasy because we are too stupid and lazy to put forth the effort to enjoy all he has done for us.
Dick the butcher did not know our media, and Dante missed the extra lower levels they were digging for our politicians and media.

Doc in your case and the rest like you where does this end? They ain't listening up top that's for damned sure. The media is ready with the mic to give ya 5 seconds of fame the day you loose your health care if ya just admit it is the republicans fault . but beyond that you are on your own.
Free stuff is never free. They won't be happy when they learn this but it won't be the lesson they carry. It took the soviets over 70 years to finally get it and some still don't get it.

REM1875 said...

those bastards are all for a VAT tax... and income tax.... and will add a flat tax on everything over all that- so we have to be damned careful how we do this.
It has to be one or the other and not their fantasy of all three.

American Cowboy said...

@John the Econ - What you say reminds me of the words from this song. He can't even run his own life I'll be damned if he'll run mine, Sunshine

It will be interesting to see which side riots November 9th though. While I won't be engaging in any violent or criminal activities myself I do believe I will go a little further back into the high country and hunker down for awhile.

John the Econ said...

Literally just played off my Pandora loop, and eerily relevant to today:

Some man's come he's trying to run my life, Don't know what he's askin'
Working starts to make me wonder where fruits of what I do are goin'
When he says in love and war all is fair, he's got cards he ain't showin'

How much does it cost, I'll buy it
The time is all we've lost,I'll try it
He can't even run his own life
I'll be damned if he'll run mine, Sunshine

Sunshine, come on back another day
I promise you I'll be singin'
This old world, she's gonna turn around
Brand new bells will be ringin'

In fact, it's quite interesting to listen to a lot of "protest" songs that came out of the '60s and '70s from "progressive" artists that have ironically different political meanings when interpreted in today's context.

Colby Muenster said...

Comey re-opens the FBI investigation on Shrillary. Ho-hum... nothing to see here... move on... but pass the paper bag of MD 20-20 first.

Colby Muenster said...

Drink Yuengling!

Dan said...

@Stilton -- you mentioned "... it will be rare to see an actual doctor. Rather, we'll be meeting with medi-clerks who languidly tap our symptoms into a computer terminal, then print out whatever the government's MedBot Central says."

It's already been tried.

In the middle-late 70s we had, in the Army, a job for medics called Amosist. Not sure if it was an abbreviation or not. Pretty much it was a kid with a binder of flow-chart questions. Do you have a cough? If yes, is it productive. If productive, is the expectorant green, white, or some other color. And so forth.

Army did away with it. Obama care might just bring it back.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@GenEarly- I, too, would like a "Lock Her Up" button. And thanks for the link to the Buchanan article - it's a good one!

@John the Econ- I've got to give credit to Barry on this one; splattered "bugs on the windshield" is exactly how he sees those of us who are fighting the program.

And you chill me with talk of a VAT or taxes on "imputed income" because they're so damned likely and would only punish those of us who have spent and saved responsibly. By the way, for any readers who aren't familiar with the "imputed income" concept, allow me to explain (and John the Econ can correct me if I blow it): let's say you've paid off your house completely and are living there, harming no one. "Hey," the government says, "for you to RENT a house like that would cost you $20k a year. And the fact that you DON'T have to pay that is like you receiving $20k a year, but you aren't paying taxes on it!" And so they'll make you pay tax on money you've never received, simply for living in your own home, or caring for your own kids.

And of course, the goal is always the same: to raise money from those who have it, and to punish those who've found a way to live a life that doesn't depend on government handouts.

@REM1875- Where does it end? For me, I'll be able to stagger over the Medicare finish line next year (not that it gives me any great feeling of security). But in the long run, I'm betting we'll have single payer care - and a healthcare system immeasurably worse than before.

@American Cowboy- Good catch on that song. I'm hearing old protest songs with a whole new perspective. And I wish I had a nice patch of high country to head out to when the SHTF, but I believe I'm going to have to ride out the tribulations here in suburban Texas.

@John the Econ- Thanks for sharing the lyrics - they're pretty much right on the nose. And while it's not quite as apt, I now have Buffalo Springfield's "For What It's Worth" running through my head...

@Colby Muenster- I don't know what to think about Comey and the reopening of the email investigation. We already know that Comey is in the bag for Hillary, so this move is either because there's something big enough that even Comey can't bury it, or (and this is my guess) this move is actually to shield Hillary in some way.

And wow - I'd never even heard of Yuengling!

@Dan- Interesting! Just because it's already been tried and failed is no reason to think the government won't do it again. The movie "Idiocracy" has a great worst-case scenario of this, with the brain dead computer clerk just punching at pictogram keys of what part of the body hurts (the way McDonald's clerks punch pictures of food items on their cash registers).

If the government finds that a "WebMD" type system is, say, 80% as accurate as a doctor and only 20% as expensive, you can bet that this will become the new standard for taking care of the masses. And as long as I'm in a predicting mood, odds are that most surgeries won't be performed by a doctor (at least, in the operating theater). Robot surgery will be the norm, guided by inexpensive humans with a modicum of medical training who will be based in remote surgery centers in India and China and use VR to see what part of you they're slicing from the other side of the world.

You read it here first...and you can bet on it.

Fred Ciampi said...

If I remember correctly, "imputed income" was first brought up by the lovely drivers ed coach little Teddy Kennedy and his lovely friend Barney Frank lo, those many years ago. Only back then the country had more sense and it was quickly quashed. Any more of these brilliant ideas and George Washington will rise again ... If you get my meaning.

chipmunk said...

My dad's comment whenever a bug splatted on the windshield was: "He'll never have the guts to do that again!" Strangely appropriate when now applied to Obama's statement.

XisDshizL said...

Hitlary finds out FBI reopened email investigation - Downfall Parody

Please share if you enjoy!

John the Econ said...

@Stilton, you nailed it. The VAT and "Imputed Income" taxes are the primary threats to my game plan of retiring once health care becomes "free", which is why they are inevitable. The brain trust behind the Progressive agenda is just bright enough to realize that the economy simply cannot survive if such a large contingent of its most productive and affluent citizens suddenly quit, turning themselves from "net producers" into "net consumers" within the economy, and of government. They will need ways of preventing me from quitting, and taxing my consumption and forcing me to pay taxes for a home that I've long since paid for would do just that.

Never mind that the logic behind the "imputed income" of property that you've already paid for is so simply flawed. The income that I used to buy my home was long since taxed. Instead of paying off my home, I could have easily consumed that money on a far more lavish lifestyle. Or I could mortgage my home and spend that money on other things now. Or I could have never bought a house and just stayed a renter forever, and spent the difference. Either way, had I done any of these things, I'd have more cash, stuff, or experiences today, but I would not own my home, and would have to continue to pay rent or a mortgage. It's a trade-off I was happy to make.

Overall, I think owning your home outright is a great thing. You are permanently insulated from rising rents. You benefit from rising property values. You can't lose your home because you fail to make rent or mortgage payments due to unexpected circumstances. But there are downsides as well. You are responsible for all maintenance. And unfortunately, rising home values usually mean rising property tax payments. And not all homes appreciate in value. (There's always a risk that your neighborhood could be overrun with Syrian refugees, and your home becomes worthless) If you're a renter and a neighborhood goes to hell, it's relatively easy to leave.

But never mind that. Progressives will sell this as part of their class warfare agenda, stating that it's simply "unfair" that there are people who don't have to pay rent or mortgages. (They won't mention that I still have to pay property taxes, however)

Making this even more inevitable is the wonderful job they've done priming the "millennials" into seeing themselves as permanent victims of "economic injustice", largely due to a mediocre, permanent 2% post-Obama economy, and economically illiterate students who've run up 5-to-6-figure student loan debts for useless degrees with no real skills for jobs that barely pay better than welfare. These are millions of kids for whom home ownership, much less owning one debt-free is but a far-reaching dream. So they're pissed, and will be happy to exact political revenge against those of us who came of age in more economically liberating times. I've been hypothesizing for some time that under their socialist tendencies, I'll be getting the last laugh, but unfortunately, the reality is that this is in no way assured.

James Daily said...

Read where the evil one will make no more campaign appearances. It will take that long for her and Huma to clean their pants after the new investigation was announced.
However, last investigation took a year or more. So, this is just a CYA move to avoid indictment on Comey because of the non announced relations he and his brother have with the Clintons - and he has made $8M working for the govt? wow.

Anonymous said...

Maybe now that Comey is reopening the email investigation, poor picked on Hillary will become sooo depressed like many of her victims before her that she will take a short trip to Arkansas. But I'm guessing she'll more than likely throw Huma and her creepy husband under a bus.

Rod said...

I'm hoping Hildabeast's blood pressure is pegging the pressure gauge increasing the prospects for a blowout. And I hope someone captures that on camera for clear evidence. Then would it be asking too much for a contactor's heavy duty bag in the landfill and forget this person for good? What persistent stains both she and her peeps are. Meanwhile: So well deserved; it IS fun to watch them come apart.