Monday, October 24, 2016

Let Us Spray

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They took away our soap-on-a-rope when we made a little noose.
Today marks the first day of early voting in Texas, and Hope n' Change had no intention of letting the opportunity to vote against Hillary Clinton slip by.  Oh sure, we could have waited for Election Day, but what if we were hit by a bus, a meteor, or an assassin employed by the Clinton Family Foundation?

Right up until the last minute, we had extreme reservations about voting for Trump. The man is a disaster of the first order - but at least there's a scintilla of hope that he might head a worthwhile team. And even if he doesn't, at least it's a relatively safe bet that he would be a highly disruptive force in a political/moral quagmire which desperately needs disruption.

In order to cast our vote, we had to ask ourselves if there was anything imaginable which might come out in the next couple of weeks that would keep us from voting for Trump over Hillary. And the answer is no. He would have to be proved responsible for raping more women, causing more deaths, extorting more funds, revealing more national secrets, and forging more secret alliances with America's sworn enemies than the Clintons have. Frankly, we don't think that's even theoretically possible.

Additionally, we wanted to vote early to show our resentment for the way the media has conducted itself during this election cycle. Every day, new scandals are coming out about Hillary (any one of which would sink most candidates) but they're quickly buried by the mainstream media. Instead, we're given sensationalistic news stories about a female porn star coming forward to accuse Trump of offending her womanly sensibilities by giving her a quick hug and a kiss over a decade ago.

Oh, please. This is a woman whose theatrical specialty is [CAUTION: you may want to skip directly to the next paragraph. Be warned that you can never un-read the following words] something called an "anal creampie." And we're supposed to believe that this gentle flower is still having nightmares about getting a kiss from Donald Trump?! Unlike her seamy day job, at least a quick peck from the Trumpster won't make it impossibly painful for her to ride a unicycle.

Enough is enough.

This is not the election we hoped to see in 2016, and these are damn sure not the candidates we wanted to choose between. Even after 8 years of Barack Hussein Obama, we took no real pleasure in casting our vote...other than imagining the horror-stricken faces of those on the Left if Trump somehow wins.

If that happens, liberals will finally know the pain that we have felt for 8 long years. And know why we don't ride unicycles.


AmyH said...

Stilt, I cast my vote on Friday, only because I will be working the election at a local precinct. 5:30am till well after 7pm; being a Judge, I get to take the paperwork to a central location after we close out the machines at 6pm. That in itself is a cluster-f. Leave Democrats in charge and they F that up. Im dreading Election Day though. Not because of the long hours, the crappy pay, the long linesnof people we will get but because I am nervous on who my Inspector will be. Last 2 Election days we have had one of the most inept Inspectors. We had a great guy but since he was one of the few Democrats that made sense, they stopped calling him. This last one allowed a woman, who doesnt vote in my precinct, to come in and berate me in front of everyone (including my son). She never stepped in to kick her out. But, I digress.

He wasnt my favorite choice but I had no problem pushing the button next to him. I just cannot knowingly vote for someone like her. There are so many other qualified women that should be on the ticket. There was one but the MSM only sees Democrat women as potential Presidents. I will never tell my daughter she too can be President because she cant if shes a Republican (boy she better and not be brainwashed). I dont think I can handle for 4-8 years, seeing Billy bobble his head around with that goofy grin.

Bruce Bleu said...

Considering this coming election, I'm reminded by your "blood alcohol level" comment in the introductory e-mail of a comment by Charlie Weaver during Hollywood Squares, "Peter Marshall: If you’re going to make a parachute jump, you should be at least how high?
Charley Weaver: Three days of steady drinking should do it." Personally I will walk to the polling place, because if I drive, the ossifer will be checking my BLOOD level in my ALCOHOL!

Andrew said...

I'm proudly voting for Trump. I will be holding my head up high in this god-forsaken-liberal-filled-crappy-turdburgling socialist county I live in as I vote for him, knowing that there looks like many more of me-uns this year than they-uns in said crap county.

I am far less apprehensive in choosing Trump than I was in 2004 in choosing McCain, whose only two virtues was going up against a complete neophyte named BHO and having Sarah Palin as a VP candidate (She hunts and fishes, she has a big family, she was actually a mayor and governor, and actually cares for the common man, what more to love? Oh, yeah, easy on the eyes and ears, too!) It tore me up watching the hatchet job the media did on both that idiot McCain and that nice Governor Palin, rat bastards that media was and is.

I even held my nose for Romney and what's his name, knowing that there was no chance in hell that Romney would win. I just had to. Someone had to make sure that at least 1 vote wasn't cast for His unHonorable Messiah Baby-Jesus-Mohammed Hussein Jerk-face in the loser county that I live (in Florida, not Dade or Broward.)

But Trump? Oh, hell yeah. Anyone who, after getting shafted by the Repubs for funding and support, said the shackles are off. He didn't hang his head and slit his throat, like, oh, McCain or Romney would have, oh, no, he basically did the flying finger salute to all his detractors and managed to pull off major campaign speeches and debates and one weinie roast while not having his campaign bus dump crap on city streets or anything else. He's kinda the Andrew Jackson of the modern era, all the elites can't stand him, while all the common people who can't stand the elites like him (generalizations, but mostly true.)

So he talked like a guy in a locker room. Geez. (Come on, guys, who hasn't talked that way in the locker room?) At least he didn't give nuke secrets to everyone on open mike night at the boob tube, or worship at the feet of Soros, or make charitable contributions to herself, or, or, or...

M. Mitchell Marmel said...

"We did 20 minutes of acoustic, sitting down, with a joke about why we were sitting down, which was to prove that we still could after 20 years in the record business."

-Gerald Casale, DEVO

REM1875 said...

Ok Doc on the one point you brought up I like to give you a little more to ease your pain- between now and election day even if Trump did not sleep and somehow bribed them into adding 8 more hours a day there still is not enough time for him to match sHrillary in corruption and crime.

I like the thought of a loud mouth politician who is too dumb and uncultured enough to know how things get done in dee cee between gentlemen and gentle ladies of the congress and house of lords.....ahh.... I mean the senate. You know where republicans act with decorum and follow the rules while demonRats/media stab them in the back.
One who is too dumb to know a compromise means we loose something and they don't ever get all they want without loosing a damned thing.
One who is so dumb as to not realize a 20% raise in spending is not a 30% cut because the demonRats did not get 50% they demanded- that despite way the media and demonRats whine- that it is in fact an actual 20% increase in spending.
One who is so dumb that when the media/demonRats lie and spin an issue- he does not know that he is supposed to just accept their spin but calls them out on it and their double standards
I think I am ready for some one that dumb. It will be refreshing.
I will be the rebirth of investigative journalism and we can be sure that he will not get away with even the "appearance of impropriety" let alone the actual thing.

TrickyRicky said...

@REM1875-I will be dropping off my ballot here in Colorado today. I too, and ready for someone who will not go along to get along. We tried that with McCain and Romney. We gave the old guard GOP both houses of the Congress, to what end? Time to send in the hazmat team and fumigate the swamp on the Potomac.

James Daily said...

Since there is no voter fraud, if you want to live to be really old, move to NC.
"And it gets worse. Two voters — and, yes, they’ve already voted in early voting — are over 150! One in Gaston County is 154 and another in Granville County is an astonishing 160!" (2214 over 110 years young)
I'm with Stilt here, I'll cast early. At my age, ya never know.
Lastly, TX has not elected a statewide democrat in over 20 years so there is some hope.

Boligat said...

If Trump wins the election he should hold weekly pressers. In each one he should outline ONE of Hillary's offenses, starting with Mena, Arkansas. Complete with documentation and a list of all the dead bodies associated with it. Then watch and see what the press does with it. News organizations that cover the presser as they would if the Clinton's were republicans, get moved to the front of the audience and get to ask questions. Those that bury the reports get moved to the back. Each week, a different Clinton shenanigan. Now, I realize that there are more Clinton shenanigans than there are weeks in a four year term of office, but after, say, ten weeks, those news organizations that have ignored, or downplayed, the reports, should be barred from any further press conferences; they aren't really reporting the news anyway. Those that report the news, get to stay, they're doing their jobs. The eleventh press conference consists of calling out those news organizations that have shirked, or twisted, their duty. They need to be called out on it and shamed publicly. Big news for all the other orgs that do what they are supposed to do, filming the physical man handling and humiliation of the slackers as they are dragged out of the news conference and tossed out on the street.

Fish Out of Water said...

Two observations here. One is there are fewer than normal yard signs out for the neo-caligula, pathological, serial liars (and her sexual predator husband). What signs are out are the usual useful neighborhood idiots, who would vote for a rabid boar if that was the Democratic candidate. Likewise, bumper stickers etc., are also few and far between.

But those in the past elections far put out Republican signs, bumper signs are equally scarce.

Fred Ciampi said...

Yea for North Carolina. Move there and live for another 50 to 100 years. Well, at least vote for that long; democrat, at least. But most big cities have folks voting well into their hundreds of years. Hmmmmm, don't know if that's a good or bad thing. Reckon it depends whether you're a democrat or Republican.

OpenTheDoor said...

I read "someplace' 'somebody" said this election should have been the Republicans to easily win, well, yeah.
Only problem was the Republicans screwed the pooch and STILL cannot grasp the disdain the yuge basket of deplorables have for the GOPe.
Are the clowns in Washington drinking Sanka?
Stilton is still my favorite cheese.
Vote early, vote often.

Bobo the Hobo said...

Maybe I'm burying my head in the sand but I don't believe the "polls" that state Hillary is ahead are correct. Torture numbers long enough and they will tell you anything you want and judging by the number of Trump signs in my little burg in Central Florida, not to mention the number of people along the sides of the road waving big Trump flags, generating a cacophony of horns, I believe Trump will win.

Bubba better watch his back if his wife thinks she will lose; it could turn into a nasty October Surprise.

Geoff King said...

Here in Arizona a democrat nominee for president has only won our electorial votes once in the last 64 years, but with both our republican senators, Flake and McCain (who I will be voting against) denouncing Trump, it appears Clinton has a great chance of carrying this state as well.
Time to buy more ammo and prep my bug-out supplies.

GenEarly said...

"Comrade" Silton, you actually suppose your anti-Hilarity vote "counts"? Such naivete, and the contortions you go through to avoid being associated with the 1st Independent candidate for president, well since Washington anyway.
I call you "comrade" affectionately as a participating citizen in the USSA, we must All keep up with the Hopeless Change, since even some of those "purists" voting for Trump must disassociate in some manner from their reluctant actions.
Let Mr. Soros allay your concerns, your vote is worthless, but be sure to keep your copy of
Solzhenitsyn's book as some comfort in the camp for your treasonous vote, albeit reluctantly.
Trump 2016 or forgetaboutit

Sam L. said...

It took you this long to decide? HILLARY DELENDA EST!

GenEarly said...

To all the reluctant or never Trumpsters voters; I'm sooo sorry I voted for Trump in the Primary and denied you your loser "!Jeb!", just think of how "historic" it could be now in the media.
"Bush III or Clinton II?" We so need "Our Demoncracy" of Royal Crime Families here in Amerika!
It was supposed to be a Republic1 But these marxist code words drive me batty...
"ProgreSS", "Forward", "Our Democracy", "at the end of the day",... Do you request or decline a blindfold? You always have "choices", Comrades!

John the Econ said...

Theoretically, what I am about to suggest is probably illegal. But since rule-of-law in America has been passe in the last half-dozen years or so, and is soon to be pointless under the 2nd Clinton Administration, at this point what difference does that make?

You'd think that a visit to the DMV should be enough to make this point painfully clear to most sentient beings. But since it's not, if your election location is a cluster as described by @AmyH above, I'd suggest saying as often as possible, "If the clowns that run government can't manage something as theoretically simple as an honest election, what kind of idiocy does it take for someone to imagine that they can honestly manage far more complex tasks, like running your health care?"

Voting via mail or absentee? The latest form of election fraud I'm hearing about are helpful Democrats going door-to-door, offering to safely transport your ballot to the local election processing facility.

Speaking of Health Care: I understand that there's an initiative in Colorado to covert the whole state to a "single payer" paradigm. (Vermont considered doing so in 2011, but backed out before implementing it because even the far-lefties in the Vermont legislature knew that there was absolutely no way they could pay for it since unlike the Federal government, states can't just print money) Colorado's proposal would be financed by a 10% payroll tax. (Only 10%? How quaint!) It's not too popular, so it's not likely to pass. Too bad, since it would have been a great experiment in failure for the rest of the nation to watch.

And finally in the "How bad is Hillary" file: When you've lost pajama-boy Piers Morgan...

Hillary looks unstoppable but there are still 20 reasons I dread the day she walks into the White House (and free sex from Madonna is just one of them)

A pretty good list of items, as if anyone here needs any more than they already have.

Tots said...

Since I'm your neighbor I'll be voting this week as well. I have gone through the same mental exercises and reached the same conclusion.

The absolute revulsion I feel is the free pass Hillarity gets. I cannot imagine any candidate in history getting the free pass from both the press and the people for what she's done. The only comparison is the OJ Simpson trial where there was motive, evidence, opportunity but because no one had a photo of OJ killing anyone the public gave him a free pass.

rickn8or said...

I struck my blow for Liberty in Tennessee last Wednesday. I was surprised at the turnout at my normally-deserted polling place. Lots of elderly and semi-elderly people there.

I suspect that a lot of them, like me, were driven by the antics of the NBPP last time around. As an added attraction, I'm pretty sure there will be hi-jinks by BLM and similar. I'm afraid I'd escalate the use of weapons and slap down my Cripple Card in defense.

John the Econ said...

Oh, @Stilton, you're in trouble now:

Michael Moore calls anyone voting for Donald Trump a 'legal terrorist'

"While talking to Rolling Stone, the Oscar-winning director said that he made his movie in an attempt to convince undecideds that voting for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton isn't a bad idea. And that Trump supporters will be hurting the country."

But he does make the unfortunate point I've been making about how Hillary is going to win for the simple reason that the majority of Americans are now dependent upon the Federal government for a check, subsidy, or some other political favor, and those people will vote to maintain the status quo:

"Legally, you have a right to vote on November 8. You can go in there and even though you're not necessarily in favor of Trump and you don't like him that much and you know he's a little crazy, you also know he's going to blow up the system. The system that took your job and house away from you. You get to get back at the system now and blow it up and this is the only day you can do it legally. He's told everybody that's what he's going to do. He's the outsider who is going to ride into town and blow up the old way. So you, as a voter, get to participate in the detonation. He's going to get a lot of votes from people who actually just want to sit back and watch the thing blow up."

So go for it America, it's your chance to commit a terrorist act "legally". Temping, I must admit.

Joseph ET said...

The democrats have totally owned Sacramento California for several years. They have the votes to pass any law they want.
One example is the Open Primary (passed by the voters in 2010), which means Democrats can vote for Republicans and Republicans can vote for Democrats, all candidates for an office will be on the same ballot. The top two vote getters will be on the ballot for the general election. Their reasoning is this allows the Independents to vote without having to ask for a Republican or Democrat ballot, thus we have both candidates for US Senator are democrats. Being that California is heavy Democrat we will likely never see a Republican Senator. I think it would be better to only have the open ballot for those not registered as Republican or Democrat.

We don’t use any bumper stickers or yard signs here because many of the Democratic supports are violent and have a tendency to vandalize things. We prefer to keep the paint on our home and cars undamaged thank you very much.

Mrs. ET and I have voted absentee for any years largely due to our work hours. We dropped off our ballots on Thursday. We both voted Trump! Most of my Facebook friends appear to be going for Trump including ones from Oregon, Texas and Florida.

I wonder how many people lie to pollsters, even the exit pollsters? I’m sure I would just to f**k them up.
Here’s an interesting article about Hillary Clinton’s “Sudden Move”

And a fun video here I Think My Dog's a Democrat

Jess Sain said...

1. The Supreme Court
2. See above
3. Obama was President, how bad could Trump EVER be?

To be fair, a circus chimp with juggling skills and a bicycle would have been an improvement over the last 8 years. Trump is perfect, he will upset the Washington apple cart and I will gleefully watch that chaos.

rickn8or said...

Joseph ET, my feeling about H->illary!'s Big Move is that if she loses the election, she's gonna cut and run someplace that doesn't have an extradition treaty with the U.S. If they're quick, Bill, The Brat and the GrandBrats will leave with her.

Mr. Mezvinsky, the GrandBrat sperm donor, will be left twisting slowly in the wind...

And you're right about the yard signs and bumper stickers; for such an important election, there seems to be a dearth of them for the reasons you stated.

I also think the heavy turnout for the early voting is due to the NBPP et al monkeyshines. This old heavily-armed borderline psychotic crip has no patience for such, and dealing with them will only complicate my life.

Rod said...

Central Missouri has a LOT of yard signs all over the place for Trump-Pence: Businesses, Residences, Farms, etc and hardly any for those other two shitheads who can remain nameless here. Down-ticket (state & local) I call it more even but still favoring Republicans.

@Michael Moore: Hey Dude: I voted for Trump. If you'd like to come by the rural cabin sometime, preferably after dark, break-in and confront me like a wild man... you are most welcome. It would be best to set your affairs in order first.

Bobtater said...

I wonder can you take a good bottle of scotch in the voting booth so you can take a fortifying snort and pull the voting lever??

rickn8or said...

I'm having second thoughts about my ruminations of H->illary's Big Move; perhaps that Nigerian banker has moved his operations to Qatar...

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@AmyH- At least our polling place appeared to be running pretty smoothly, although there was a line out the door. And I'm sorry that your daughter or ANYONE'S daughter may have to live with Hillary being "the first woman president." She hasn't proved herself worthy of the job except for her stunning corruption and fierce ambition. Competence? She's never shown it.

@Bruce Bleu- You know, with the right outfit I'd look more than a little like Charlie Weaver these days (the wonderful Cliff Arquette). I wonder if any TV producers would like to cast me on Conservative Squares...?

@Andrew- I wish I shared your enthusiasm for Trump, but we're on the same team here. And speaking of "teams," I couldn't care less about Trump's locker room talk; ALL guys have used language at least that bad when in the company of other testosterone carriers. It doesn't make them rapists or sex abusers.

@M. Mitchell Marmel- There are too many heartbreaking stories about what the record business did to some wonderful artists. I'm glad DEVO escaped with their (always impressive) sense of humor intact.

@REM1875- Good points, straight down the line. Thanks for your perspective!

@TrickyRicky- I certainly can't argue that previous efforts to improve things have been successful. As I've said here many times, Washington DC needs a major disruption - and if that doesn't describe Trump, I don't know what does.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@James Daily- After 8 years of Obama, I feel like I'm 150 years old - so maybe I should start checking real estate in North Carolina.

@Boligat- I like your idea! A weekly fireside chat in which someone (or some agency) who has it coming is metaphorically thrown into the fire. Or maybe Trump could deliver weekly "Top Ten" lists, ala David Letterman, sharing the latest pieces of government malfeasance he's rooted out. Hey, this could be fun...!

@Fish Out of Water- Trump signs definitely outnumber Hillary signs in my neck of the woods, though I'm truthfully not seeing many of either. I do, however, plan to put a "Never Hillary" sign in my yard for the next 4 years if she steals the election.

@Fred Ciampi- Apparently there's something about voting which keeps people alive longer. I'm counting on that rather than foolish fads like dieting or exercising.

@OpenTheDoor- The old guard GOP shot themselves in the foot by disparaging the Tea Party movement and the Tea Party candidates who won office. They lost anything like credibility, which is a huge reason why Trump won the primaries.

@Bobo the Hobo- I don't believe ANY of the polls at this point. There's too much chicanery and outright dishonesty. I don't think the race is decided yet. And regarding that possible "October Surprise," I've thought for a long time that Hillary might have Bill knocked off when it would get her the most sympathy votes.

@Geoff King- Hearing that states like Arizona are "in play" is hugely dispiriting, but then again, maybe we're hearing fake news which is supposed to be hugely dispiriting. Still, ammo and bug-out supplies don't seem like a bad idea.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@GenEarly- I must admit that today was the first time I went to the polls and genuinely wondered if I was participating in anything other than Kabuki theater. But I suppose my vote will have had meaning (albeit of an unintentional kind) if I'm sentenced to a Gulag camp.

@Sam L- Trust me, I'd saw off all of my extremities before voting for Hillary! No, my tough decision was whether to vote for Trump - or simply skip the top line of the ballot and just vote for all of the lower positions. In the end, I didn't get to like Trump any better...but the unending crap from the media and the unending corruption from Hillary made me decide to pull the lever for Trump if only to send the bad guys a big "F you!" message.

@GenEarly- I don't think "Jeb!" ever had a chance in this cycle (much to the surprise of the old guard). And yes, I'm thinking I will be requesting the blindfold soon.

@John the Econ- I recently paid a visit to the Social Security office, which was very much a DMV experience. No, these AREN'T the people who should be running our healthcare system. Which reminds me, in one week I'm supposed to log on to to see what my new, improved choices and premiums will be. I highly doubt the experience will make me question the way I voted today.

And I'd read about that single-payer plan for Colorado. The idea of a new 10% payroll tax is pretty jaw-dropping, although I would imagine that the actual plan would be to only institute it long enough for the working class (if there still IS one) to insist on government seizure of the evil rich's assets to cover the bills.

@Tots- Hillary is an appalling human being (as is her husband and, oh yeah!, everyone they do business with) and the idea of her in the Oval Office literally sickens me. And the comparison to OJ is apt; all the damning evidence in the world, but still getting away with it.

@rickn8or- I am expecting some disruptions at polling places, though I'm not sure what forms they'll take. Personally, I had a very short fuse when voting today, so it's just as well that no demonstrators got in my face.

Fred Ciampi said...

Stilt, I am just so damn glad that we chose our little town when we moved from San Jose 28 years ago. At least here in Hillybillyville we will see 'em coming. No, I won't ask for or turn down a blindfold nor will I be meeting my buddies in a FEMA Camp. When that time comes I will have assumed room temperature. Like Yamamoto said "there will be a rifleman behind every blade of grass". Only this time they (we) will all be trained veterans. 'Nuff said. Semper Fi and "goodnight Mrs Kalabash wherever you are".

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@John the Econ- Moore's "legal terrorism" argument about blowing up the system is interesting and not altogether wrong (except for describing it as terrorism). But I think a more apt metaphor is to think of Donald Trump as chemotherapy, and Hillary and the rest of the Washington insiders as cancer in the body politic. In other words, a Trump presidency may make our hair fall out and cause nausea and vomiting...but it may be our only slim hope.

@Joseph ET- I, too, wonder how many people may not be truthful when telling the pollsters who they'll vote for. Back when Hillary was running against Obama, pollsters were surprised when Hillary drew bigger numbers at the ballot box then they predicted. Why? Because no one wanted to say they were against the black guy because they'd seem racist. Similarly, Obama did better than Hillary in caucus states, where people had to make their preferences known...and nobody wanted to seem racist. Within the privacy of the voting booth, a lot can change.

@Jess Sain- Yep, the Supreme Court factor is huge in this election, and plenty enough reason to vote the way I did. And I also agree that it would be hard for Trump to be a more disastrous president than Barry's been. Not impossible, but hard. (grin)

@rickn8or- I forgot to comment about the article suggesting Hillary has transferred $1.8 billion to a foreign bank in case she needs to "make a run for it," but I'm skeptical that there's anything to it. Mind you, I'm not skeptical that she's got money planted outside the country for such an eventuality - I just don't believe this particular story.

But oh, what a lovely thought - the whole Clinton clan getting the hell out of Dodge. Let's all just savor the idea for a moment, shall we?

@Rod- The idea that Michael Moore disapproves of me and my vote makes me feel better, I've got to admit.

@Bobtater- I'm thinking your best bet is one of those little airline-sized bottles. And I wish I'd thought of it earlier today!

@rickn8or- There you go, with your mind in the Qatar again... (grin)

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Fred Ciampi- Your comment made me happy - and not just because of the Jimmy Durante reference.

rickn8or said...

Okay, if the Big Move wasn't about getting ready to blow town, how about just putting the funds and records out of reach of the IRS and the U.S. Attorney General?

I'm sure they didn't move the funds because BofQ offered them a toaster oven and free checks.

Anonymous said...

'bout time
kwitcherb!chin' and save the country

Fish Out of Water said...

" "Never Hillary" sign in my yard for the next 4 years if she steals the election."

Hmmm, something in that; you can express/exercise one's first amendment rights, annoy the "progressive", useful idiot neighbors, and have a highly marketable item, all in one!

Michael said...

Best thread......ever!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@rickn8or- I can't find any evidence that there's a lick of truth in the story about the Clinton money transfer.

@Anonymous- If (and it's a huge if) Trump "saves the country," it's unlikely to be visible any time he's actually in office. I have yet to hear any of his (ahem) "plans" that would produce anything like positive results. I do believe, however, that in the process of breaking things, he would at least disrupt the long term progressive policies and practices that are killing this country (in part by making better Supreme Court picks).

@Fish Out of Water- I'm picturing a sign with razor edges on the bottom, so that when thieves try to pull it up they'll cut off their fingertips. Bonus: the police can take fingerprints without the suspect being present!

@Michael- Glad you're enjoying it!

Fred Ciampi said...

I saw a video of a fellow who, after several Trump signs had been stolen, used an 'electric fence' on his new one and turned on the security camera. When his neighbor tried to take the Trump sign he did a backflip and got a citation for trespassing.

Colby Muenster said...

I have little doubt Trump would appoint some good solid constitutionalists to the SCOTUS, but would they get confirmed? He already has a goodly portion of Congress taking a hard line against him to preserve their little Crony Club. Should he step on about 3 more toes, there will be nothing but gridlock for the next four years. Still.... I'll take gridlock over the relentless passing of idiotic laws that erode freedom any day.

My niece in Phoenix just sent a screenshot of her Obummercare projected premiums for 2017. Her payments are going from around $700 to about $1,500. I'll bet Pelosi et al are grinning like the Cheshire cat about now. Single payer is right around the corner, folks! Yippee!!

Fervently praying that "The Big Move" is straight into Leavenworth.

The guy down the street put a Trump sign on the corner. It got run over. He put it back up. Got run over again. He put it back up with an 8 foot long board full of 16d nails under the sign. You can guess the rest. I wonder how much Prius tires cost....

I plan on leaving my Hillary for Prison sign up for many years to come, especially if the old hag gets "elected."

Anonymous said...

"The man is a disaster of the first order..."

Love your cartoons, but man am I sick of hearing generalized nonsense like this.

Look, he's never held office before, and you have never been in a boardroom or business meeting with him - yet you think you actually know enough about him to make this airy proclamation? Just seems a little gratuitous...

And this isn't to say I think he's the absolute best choice for President, but I think he is the best man for this particular election cycle. Any other republican nominee would have been melted down by the media and poured into an L-shaped mold by now...

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Fred Ciampi- I've seen that video and loved it!

@Colby Muenster- Yeah, gridlock sounds pretty good at this point. And I'm one week away from being able to find out how much my Obamacare is going up. You can bet it will become a topic here!

@porkyspen- Sorry you don't like my characterization of Trump, but I'm just being honest. No, I've never been in a boardroom with him (have you ever been in a meeting with Hillary? Have an opinion about her...?) but I've heard him campaign for the past year. And I'm sorry, but the man sounds like a mental patient. He blurts out anything - and I mean anything - which comes into his head, yet has been completely unable to cite policy specifics (except in cases where he's proposing the nonsensical and/or unconstitutional).

Trump has a remarkable talent for populism and that gives him power. He also seems willing to confront the standard BS in Washington. IF he combines his talents with guidance from good advisors, then maybe he can be the right man for this specific and godawful time.

Whether or not any other Republican could have taken the media opposition is a good question - and one which I readily concede is now moot. I do think there were several who would have utterly demolished Hillary in the debates, which Trump unfortunately was unable to do.