Friday, October 7, 2016

Head Winds

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At the time of this writing on Thursday afternoon, Hurricane Matthew hasn't yet struck Florida with its full power, but there is an unstoppable quality about this literal force of nature that is frightening and somewhat overwhelming. Hope n' Change offers our sincere wishes for the safety of everyone in the affected areas, and as little damage as possible.

And frankly, we're feeling the same way about the state of politics in our country right now. We can see the immense storm and chart its approach and growing intensity - but we haven't yet felt the full brunt of its impact, nor can we predict its ultimate path of destruction.

The upcoming election is part of that metaphorical storm, of course. As is the revelation that the FBI agreed to destroy evidence-containing computers from Hillary Clinton's underlings, which makes it absolutely official (as if it hadn't been evident for a long time) that the FBI and DOJ are now entirely corrupt entities of political manipulation rather than law enforcement.

Speaking of corruption and political manipulation, Barack Obama is attempting to illegally funnel billions of taxpayer dollars into propping up Obamacare (basically putting rouge on a corpse) just long enough to help Hillary Clinton stagger over the Presidential finish line.

And of course, there's so very much more. It all feels a bit overwhelming.

We apologize for our melancholy tone today, but we're worried about the hurricane, worried about our country's future, and - to be completely honest and possibly too personal - somewhat drained after spending time today with a good friend who is fighting Alzheimer's.

Whether the source is illness, politics, or meteorological disaster, sometimes we just know that we're in for a real pounding...and the most important questions become how well we will weather the storm, and what we can do afterwards for ourselves and others.

For starters, we're thinking it's time to stockpile beer.


In 2012, Obama got a big pre-election boost from Hurricane Sandy and a passionate hug from Chris Christie for expediting emergency funds.  

Hope n' Change is not looking forward to seeing how the Obama White House will now use hurricane Matthew to try to make Hillary Clinton look more palatable, but it's a certainty that the administration which prides itself on "never letting a good crisis go to waste" will be doing so soon - and with uncharacteristic transparency.


james daily said...

I do not know if ya'll noticed but O declared FL an "emergency" Before the hurricane hit. They are still waiting in other parts of the country. I often wonder if we should not buy some high waders before listing to these politicians. Now, more seriously, I feel very badly about your friend and the Alzheimer. My older brother and his wife have it and are in an assisted living warehouse. That is some bad stuff.
She is forever in la la land but he seems to be better and is fairly lucid. God, please take me before I get that and do not know it.

Jim G. said...

My 89 year old parents live in St. Augustine. I'm worried about their safety. Gladly they don't have Alzheimers disease, but they may soon have hurricane Matthew.

Please pray for all those people in the path of that deadly storm.

Jim G. in San Diego

REM1875 said...

Not sure if the kaine warning will require a full evacuation- frijoles, bad chorizo, cheap cerveza and pico de gallo will help with that, but defiantly worth the warning.

REM1875 said...

Truly a sad deal for many of our hope and change friends and family - we pray for their safety.
The Silver cloud is that it looks like a good chance for oblammer to funnel billions in illegal funds to cuba for "storm recovery" and a great chance to funnel more money into the klintoon koffers known as the glowbull crime initiative in the guise of more aide to haiti.
I am sure he will scrape up some for Fla and other hard hit states in the way of more vote buying free-fers. The rest of y'all are on your own.
I wonder if the media will blame this act off God.... ahhh.... I mean this direct result of man made glowbull warming on pResident oblamer just like the did Katrina on President Bush?
Ha Ha Ho Ho who am I trying to kid? LMAO Ha Ho choke LoL snortle, ha ha- Some times i just slay myself.
And we know the media will blame Bush- just not sure which one.

TrickyRicky said...

I noted somewhere on the blogosphere last night that Ma Barker's campaign did not let the crisis go to waste, buying large blocs of adverts on the Weather Channel for viewing in Florida. Stay classy, Ma.

Judi King said...

I truly hope no one looses their life because of Matthew, but was kinda hoping it would hit DC. I'd hate to see the beautiful monuments, memorials, museums and archives destroyed but, if all government employees had to evacuate, we'd probably be better off, for a while.
PS: In reality, Matthew couldn't possibly be as devastating to this country as the up-coming election.

Geoff King said...

All that death and destruction headed our way and we have to get a hurricane on top of it?

Bruce Bleu said...

"Head Winds"... when I first saw the title of this episode I thought it had something to do with Monica and bean burritos. Speaking of "blowhards" I am shocked that Matthew isn't called a "hurriKaine". I'm just waiting for the media to report how it's LAMONT'S fault that this storm hit Florida while he's listening to "Sweet Home Alabama" during his golf game in Martha's Vynyrd, (which, coincidentally, is what Remington Firearms will be doing soon). I wonder how quickly Crisco Christie will waddle over to lamont's side to try and ameliorate the political damage caused by "The Juan" spawning this storm.

Fred Ciampi said...

Prayers for your friend and the victims of the hurricane and especially for the victims of our out of control government.

Colby Muenster said...

A smile for the day...

Thank you Stilton for the word I have been searching for... blowhard. I did not know much about Kaine before, but that is what I saw at the debate. Rude, condenscending, a-hole were some other words that came to mind.

I heard that Shrillary has backed off from the ad blitz on the Weather Channel, but the fact that she even considered this tactic says a lot about her mindset and total lack of compassion for anybody not named Clinton. What a lowlife piece of toad excrement!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@James Daily- Very sorry about your own experiences with Alzheimer's. It's so cruel. From time to time I read that progress is being made on finding a cure. It can't get here soon enough.

@Jim G- I hope your parents will be safe. I've got good friends near Jacksonville who decided to ride out the storm (only a half mile from the ocean) and I'm pretty worried about them.

@REM1875- Better safe than sorry when it comes to TimmyKaine warnings. And I don't doubt that Obama WILL use this as an opportunity to pour money into Cuba. And whatever happens in the aftermath of Matthew, Obama won't get any blame because he's tried to "stop" hurricanes with his climate change nonsense.

@TrickyRicky- As if those people didn't have problems enough. I'd like to think there'd be a backlash from Floridians.

@Judi King- I think Washington DC is more due for one of those "40 days and 40 nights of rain" events.

@Geoff King- Well played, sir.

@Bruce Bleu- I liked the title "Head Winds" because there are plenty of interpretations, all of which are accurate. Monica, Kaine, hurricanes, mental problems, difficulty in making progress, and probably more. I always try to give each title at least two meanings, though I'm happy when I can score a threefer.

@Fred Ciampi- My friends are getting the brunt of the storm right now, and I'm wringing my hands. I'm not sure what prompted them to stay behind, although it's hard to blame anyone for no longer having confidence in our institutions to protect private property after an emergency. That's pure speculation on my part, but it seems reasonable.

@Colby Muenster- Kaine succeeded in giving me another reason to vote against Hillary (as if I needed one). I already hate the guy. Meanwhile, I'm encouraged that Mike Pence seemed well informed and serious. If Trump is elected and then bails out, I think we'd be in pretty good hands.

Pete (Detroit) said...

Sat am, news byte catches trump making comments 10 yeas ago on a hot mike, further confirming he's a d-bag wanker and always was, and further erodes his support.
Why the FRIGG the Powers That Be ever agreed to let him run as a Republican I'll never know...

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Pete (Detroit)- Well, it's not exactly NEWS that Trump is a coarse, skirt-chasing lout - that was well known before the first primary debate. I still think what Bill Clinton (with Hillary's help) has done is worse than what Trump has said, but in these candy ass, politically correct times there's no sense of perspective anymore.

And yes, may those who put Trump in the position to be the Republican candidate - the best we could find after Barack Effing Obama - be damned eternally.

Rod said...

(1) I went to get a Trump-Pence yard sign but at first could not locate current data about the Republican HQ in that county & city. What came up on-line was conflicting and BOTH were 1 & 2 years old. Many of these folks just don't get how it works these days. (2) Then I learned that in that area, some signs & stickers were being removed by our highly principled Progressives, and/or vehicles with R. bumper stickers were being vandalized. There is no way I will NOT vote against these people in this election. Also, what has happened to forgiveness for minor sins ten years ago?; but let's continue to fully ignore real evil in intent & deeds at high level. (3) My mother in assisted living makes it very clear most older folks there don't know what to believe and still go by what is said & seen on TV during campaigns. They do not pay close enough attention to the long story of actions. Many have no intention of voting. Whatever happen this November... I'm afraid we are slowly but steadily losing this nation.