Monday, November 21, 2016

Cabinet Maker

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Donald Trump continues to interview everyone under the sun for potential cabinet appointments, and Hope n' Change is enjoying the torment each new name causes those on the Left.

As of this writing, the President-elect is said to be considering General James "Mad Dog" Mattis for Secretary of Defense, which we're enthusiastically in favor of if only to watch liberal heads explode after hearing that Trump has appointed someone nicknamed "Mad Dog."

Much like Trump, the General isn't shy about generating attention-grabbing quotes. Among our favorites is "be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet."  Granted, there are rumors that the phrase was originated by Hillary Clinton, but we find it unlikely owing to her inability to be either polite or professional.

We don't have much to add just now, other than that we're pleased to see the outreach that Trump is making, and delighted with the quality of the people he's putting in important roles. The next four years are looking better and better.

Also, in case the position of Secretary of Smart-Assery is still available, our phone lines are open.

obama, obama jokes, political, humor, cartoon, conservative, hope n' change, hope and change, stilton jarlsberg, hamilton, pence, broadway, assholes
Yes, that's really the price.
It's hardly shocking that Broadway is something of a liberal cesspool, but those on The Great White (Privileged) Way hit new depths of dipshittery on Friday night when VP-elect Mike Pence attended a performance of "Hamilton."

Pence was booed by the audience, and at the evening's curtain call the cast delivered this insulting message from the stage: "We are the diverse America who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us, our planet, our children, our parents, or defend us and uphold our inalienable rights."

As much as Hope n' Change would like to call for a boycott of the show (a retelling of our nation's formation in Rap music), it would run contrary to our support of our precious First Amendment right to say things that are stupid and offensive.

Rather, we're thinking of kicking off a fundraising campaign. If a bunch of us can put together $849, we can buy a ticket to the show for Mad Dog Mattis and encourage him to (ahem) meet the cast.


Mike aka Proof said...

So some Broadway actor I'd never heard of before decides to be a Burr in Gov. Pence's blanket? This is the first time an actor has shouted something to an elected politician in the audience since John Wilkes Booth! Sic semper snowflakes.

Jim Irre said...

I say, "Let 'em yak!" They continue to prove our point!

Anonymous said...

Think how much better off this country would be if we actually had you as Secretary of Smart-Assery!

Bobo the Hobo said...

“We, sir — we — are the diverse America who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us, our planet, our children, our parents, or defend us and uphold our inalienable rights,” ~ Lin-Manuel Miranda

The same production who issued the following: “Seeking NON-WHITE men and women, ages 20s to 30s, for Broadway and upcoming Tours.”

Celebrate hypocrisy!

TrickyRicky said...

As per Jim Irre's previous post. They are in a hole and just cannot stop digging. Keep up the good work morons. Every day simply reinforces what we know about you, and opens the eyes of those who have been oblivious to the insanity of the left.

John Gault said...

Judi King said...

Disgusting. But, if someone is dumb enough to pay over $800 to watch a fruit cake try to portray a great American, then they have already been insulted.

Fred Ciampi said...

General James 'Mad Dog' Mattis is my favorite Marine next to General Lewis Burwell "Chesty" Puller. When Chesty was told that he was surrounded and outnumbered about 22 to one on the frozen Chosin, his reply was “Great. Now we can shoot at those bastards from every direction.” These are the kind of people we need to bring our country back from the brink. Good night Chesty wherever you are.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your delightful postings!

Tots said...

Start a GoFundMe for Mad Dog's ticket and I'm in.

Geoff King said...

Time for those hypocritical sore-losers to take their diaper pins and get on the Wambulance to some Safe Place like Canada.
I notice none of them threatened to go to Mexico. How racist is that?

Sortahwitte said...

Being a more 'senior' Marine, I never had the pleasure of serving under Mad Dog. Years ago, however, after hearing the quote about "have a plan....", I became an instant fan. We used to have a military leadership made like that. I hope to see it return. I had a DI in boot camp that said "If you don't break sh--, you're not doing it right."

Bruce Bleu said...

Jarlsberg, you're such a BOOB. Why are you surprised that the first HETEROSEXUAL to be in the White House in 8 years would rather Busty than YOU? Yep, when Donald hears the term "bottoms up" he thinks beer, when lamont hears it, he thinks Reggie Love!

Pete (Detroit) said...

Had heard the quote before, did not know the origin (thought it was MUCH older... ) Go HIM!

"Incapable of being polite or professional"... yeah, pretty much!
In (slight) defense of the actors - Pence has apparently expressed support for electro-shocking the 'gay' out of the brains of teens (and others) - I think the LBGT folks have a legit concern / reason to watch him.
Or at least THEY think so.

Rod said...

Stilt: Have faith, they may have a job for you yet; and Goodness! wouldn't that be fun. If even applicable, we already know a private server is no problem. I think your stipulation should be sharing an office with Miss Ross. Funny funny cartoon

John the Econ said...

Trump's cabinet candidates: They're upsetting all the right people.

Of course, the reaction of the left is pointless, since we can assume that anyone he interviews to the right of Bernie Sanders is going to get a collective boo from the Democrats, so I largely don't pay attention.

I do see that their cries about Steve Bannon are largely falling flat. It's really cute that the left all of a sudden has discovered concerns about antisemitism after ignoring that their presidential candidate was almost exclusively funded by them, they want to import millions more of them, and they're actually considering elevating one of them as the chairman of their party.

Hamilton: It is interesting to ask just how "diverse" a crowd that can afford an $849 theater ticket can really be. All I can add to this discussion is to point out just how well it went the last time Hamilton went up against a Vice-President.

Speaking of "diversity": It seems that the writers at Saturday Night Live (which I haven't considered particularly funny since the beginning of the 1st Clinton era) might be becoming self-aware that they too have been living in a bubble, and that there's a vast world of life and opinion outside of New York City.

Of course, there's a certain appeal to leftists being attracted to and contained within such a bubble. For one thing, they'ed surely die in short order as there as there'd be nobody around to do the actual work that's required to sustain a society. Think of it as one of those roach motels for leftists, "They check in, but they don't check out". Except it's gold plated, and everyone feels good about themselves.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't the theater need a building safety/fire/OSHA/NIOSH/DoL/EPA/HUD etc. Inspection?

Just wondering. . .


Anonymous said...

Oh and do the costumes contain anything that may cause cancer, besides the 'actors'?


Graylady said...

Better Busty Ross on the team than Lefty Lucy.

Colby Muenster said...

If you get hired, I want to be your undersecretary of Smart-Assery, and hope my first assignment is to thoroughly investigate Global Ass-Hattery and rampant MoonBat Jack-Wagonry. Tom-Foolery shall not be tolerated, especially on college campuses and artsy-fartsy, fantastically overpriced Broadway theaters.

And I can only imagine how the wide world of Broadway shows interpreted the life of Alexander Hamilton. He was no doubt portrayed as a gay, black woman who identifies as a man, and challenges Aaron Burr to the duel as a means of committing suicide due to the unbearable torment from the fame of being on the ten dollar bill. Or something....

And... hopefully, there is a spot in the Trump administration for Clint Eastwood. I can already see the signs along the southern border, "Get off my lawn!"

@Fred Ciampi,
There could be trouble ahead with Chesty Puller being part of the same administration as Busty Ross!

Shelly said...

I hope all the leftists nut jobs who are protesting Trump's win in the Electoral College when their majesty so far is tallying better in the popular vote, and who are applauding the cast of Hamilton for calling out Pence, realize that Alexander Hamilton was the chief architect of the aforementioned Electoral College.

Joseph ET said...

The designer who dressed Michelle Obama refuses to dress Melania Trump. Melania wouldn’t wear that trash anyway!

Please remind the whining democrats that they lost and “Elections have consequences” ~ President Barack Obama 2009.

Democrats fail to understand that this is the Trump Administration, NOT Burger King, they can’t have it their way!

After just a couple of songs, Kanye West Calls Out BeyoncĂ© and Praises Trump in Onstage Tirade, but he didn’t vote. Fans are demanding refunds. And he has now cancelled his tour.

Celebrities are mostly idiots !

Hamilton actor Brandon Victor Dixon is a pompous a$$, racist, sexual predator and hypocrite. Vice President-elect Mike Pence knows that people like that are not worthy of a response. Responding to such jerks only serves to elevate them. Then he takes the high road while killing him with kindness. A very smart man that knows that silence often speaks louder than most words.

Ben Rumson said...

All great comments.
Don't care to go to musicals or stage shows much less set foot in New Yawk.
Movies are much better and there are a few musicals I will on occasion watch. Paint Your Wagon (not to hear Lee Marvin or Clint Eastwood sing)
The others are purely to make me feel good, The Sound of Music and believe it or not Mary Poppins. Reminds me of family and a good childhood. Wholesome, not Liberal ideals of ridiculing and villifying 0everything good and glorifying the perverse.
Besides, to be music requires a melody,somthing syncopated rhyming doesn't have.
I hope Stilton keeps a blog, just with a different title/theme.
Don't want to lose his humor and insight.

Colby Muenster said...

@Joseph ET,
I'm trying to imagine Melania Trump wearing some of the "this makes my ass look bigger than Idaho" pants that the Wookie sometimes wears. Thank GOD we will have a first lady who knows how to be a lady. We came awfully close to having a first lady who likes to diddle interns with a cigar!

@Ben Rumson,
I guessed you liked Paint your Wagon when I first saw you post way back when. Great movie, I thought. I've seen it many times over the years.

I'll second Ben Rumson's motion that you keep blogging. And really, the name is fine. Hope 'n' Change has taken on a new meaning. Now, it's actual REAL hope and change, not a bunch of fairy dust horseshit from O'Liar.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Readers- Lots of fine remarks above, and my sincere apologies for not keeping up in a timely way. I've got things going on here at home (good things!) as well as an ongoing battle to renew my health insurance for next year. Don't be surprised if it turns into an actual HnC rant in the near future!

I applaud Busty Ross's move to higher office. I hadn't even known there was a cabinet post called "Secretary of the Exterior," but she's clearly the woman to fill it.

On the topic of musicals, I once attended a live staging of Disney's "Beauty & The Beast" on Broadway and it was absolutely wonderful. As far as movie musicals go, my favorite is probably "A Funny Thing Happened On The Way to the Forum."

Several people brought up questions about the future of Hope n' Change, so I thought I'd share my current thoughts (which are always subject to change). Things will be changing dramatically here as I plan to end the 3 days a week publishing schedule - or indeed any regular publishing schedule - the day Obama leaves office. I'm older, more tired, and more deadline-averse than I was 8 years ago. And I'm eager to engage in more projects that are just fun!

That being said, I won't be disappearing - nor will occasional political cartoons under the Hope n' Change banner. I'll probably do most of my posting on Facebook, but haven't really figured out those details yet. This site will be kept active (if not frequently updated) to serve as a contemporaneous history of the past 8 years and a warning to future generations.

Again, these are my thoughts at the moment. Who knows where the next months will take us? But rest assured, I'll always be easy to find - in no small part because the friendship, camaraderie, and communication with all of you means so much to me.

Unknown said...


I swore I'd never do the book-face thing, and that's been working out OK for me. If you go to "facebook only" I'll be compelled to reconsider that campaign promise. Godspeed in whatever you pursue,

TMay said...

"As of this writing, the President-elect is said to be considering General James "Mad Dog" Mattis for Secretary of Defense, which we're enthusiastically in favor of if only to watch liberal heads explode after hearing that Trump has appointed someone nicknamed "Mad Dog.""

That is too funny!

John the Econ said...

"Secretary of the Exterior". Love it.

There's no question that the last 8 years have taken a toll on everyone. But I love the idea that perhaps, if America is very lucky, in 40 or 50 years from now some non-brain-dead political anthropologist is going to come across the last 8 years of cartoons here and get an alternative read on the attitudes of the time that was not part of the approved Progressive narrative.

Indeed, what will the next year be like? Certainly more interesting than what we knew we were in for under Clinton, which was largely more of the same. I was actually starting to look forward to my retirement under a Clinton economic paradigm where taxation was destined to make honest work a waste of time.