Monday, January 16, 2017

Big Floppy Shoes to Fill

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When we read that the nation's oldest and best known circus was going out of business, we simply assumed that it was another one of Donald Trump's metaphors for draining the Washington swamp.

But no, it's actually the Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus which is literally packing their tents after nearly a century and a half. Audiences have changed, with smartphone-tapping ADD kids preferring virtual entertainment to live performers.

Of course, there's still plenty of circus-style wackiness to enjoy in the run-up to Inauguration Day. Protesters are making plans to shut down Washington DC, performing artists are receiving death threats from the "tolerant Left" if they agree to appear for President-elect Trump, and press conferences are now best conducted by someone wielding a whip and chair. All we need is some calliope music and the smell of manure.

But come to think of it, we already have one of those things in abundance.

obama, obama jokes, political, humor, cartoon, conservative, hope n' change, hope and change, stilton jarlsberg, martin luther king, mlk, civil rights, trump

Martin Luther King Jr had a dream...which turned into an 8 year nightmare under Barack Obama. Virtually every socioeconomic metric for black Americans got worse under this president, while race relations plunged to new lows owing to the unending race-baiting and divisiveness of those on the Left.

Hope n' Change likes what Donald Trump has had to say about finally breaking the Democrat's merciless death grip on inner cities and improving opportunities for black citizens. We'll be watching closely to see if, unlike the loathsome man he is following into office, Trump's promises actually prove to be more than words.

obama, obama jokes, political, humor, cartoon, conservative, hope n' change, hope and change, stilton jarlsberg, denauguration, inauguration, dunking booth
We were tempted to call this the John Wilkes Dunking Booth, but it would be wrong - that's for sure.


Andrew said...

The primary cause of the close of the circus was animal rights activists. They have sued the circus for years, protested at events, hit them with every petty fine and inspection, and just 'dogged' the crap out of the circus, their performers and their customers. Short attention spans, stupid parents, etc would have been survivable, but it was just the constant legal and physical harassment that did it in.

Ringling got rid of the elephants over a year ago, and still the animal turd burglars pressed and pressed - no dogs, cats, rats, dancing amoeba etc.

Political Correctness killed the Circus. It destroyed a true American tradition. It will come for you next.

Keep up the good work, oh great General Cheese. Only 2 more H&C to go, so please make them Yuuuuuge.

REM1875 said...

Well the local national guard has refused to loan me several cannons for noon (EST) Friday (even though thy admitted it was a good idea) so we are back to car horns, fireworks and rounds fired safely into a target range to celebrate.
I'm still disappointed though.

REM1875 said...

You nailed it. We owe this to animal rights activist and this 'victory' will not end it but encourage it. They are against us owning pets - eating dairy- eating meat- hunting or even entering wilderness areas with a camera.
They of course have gone through years of training (Disney films) and can view animals safely as a matter a fact a few years ago they built and sold really nice houses in one of these wilderness areas they were managing. Congress decided not to push the issue and so let it slide. (something about the threat of having their vehicles and houses burned to the ground apparently influenced them slightly.)
While the clowns in the media and congress may be sadly hilarious, children do not find them so. Another tradition down the tubes.
And the SPLC which was paid to train our federal law enforcements for about 20 years (thanks slick willie jeff) wants to remind us "there are no terrorist groups on the left."

clayusmcret said...

20 tickets please!

clayusmcret said...

Clarifying: 20 tickets to the dunking booth, please!

Geoff King said...

There will always be clowns to entertain us as long as Rosie O'Donnell, Michael Moore, Whoopi Goldberg, Alec Baldwin, Meryl Streep, and the like still exist.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Andrew- I think animal rights activists definitely hastened the demise of the circus, though it probably would have happened anyway. A live show of the scope of the Ringling Bros circus is enormously expensive to stage, and with declining audiences, ticket prices were being pushed too high to be competitive.

And it was political correctness which killed off the actual 10-in-1 "freak" shows of my youth, which I loved. There was a dignity about these "human oddities" which turned into a lifelong fascination for me.

And there will be more than just two more editions of Hope n' Change, though not many more. On the standard M-W-F publishing schedule, I'd write the "final" HnC a day before Barry actually leaves office - and that ain't gonna happen. Rather, I'll surely have a couple of editions with my thoughts about Barry leaving, commentary on whatever craziness happens on inauguration day, and likely a special edition just reflecting on the whole HnC experience. My best guess is that the last (for now?) HnC post will be on Friday January 27th.

@REM1875- How are we supposed to properly play the 1812 Overture without a Howitzer percussion section?!

Regarding the circus situation, I think the animal rights activists were overly aggressive - and it was proved in court that the elephants (and other animals) in the care of the circus weren't being abused. That being said, I have such respect for really intelligent animals like elephants and whales that I'm not sorry to see them freed from being pressed into service as entertainers. Although I don't want to be hypocritical; I once wrote a huge stage show which included a live elephant. He went out on that stage a simple pachyderm, but he came back a star.

@clayusmcret- Think of the money that could be raised selling those dunking booth tickets. Even at $100 per ball, I'd throw until I hit the mark!

@Geoff King- You're quite right that America will never suffer a clown shortage.

Fred Ciampi said...

Regarding the circus (the Ringling one) and PETA (people eating tasty animals) I just wonder how long before a backlash occurs? Years ago near where I used to live, a slaughterhouse was burned to the ground putting 400 people out of work. PETA took credit and the facility was never rebuilt. And regarding the other circus (Rosie, Moore, et al) another backlash is in the making as well. And, methinks that Trump has a long memory and a taste for payback. I am looking forward to next Monday's HnC for your take on this Friday's circus in DC. Woo Hoo!

TrickyRicky said...

I think an alternative to the dunking booth would be to sell tickets to watch the soon to be ex-PUTUS try to actually throw a ball. If I recall, that is really a hoot.

American Cowboy said...

" My best guess is that the last (for now?) HnC post will be on Friday January 27th."

Now I know what a dope addict must feel like when he finds another fix. :-)

MD Vickery said...

But now, after 8 long years of depressing, socialist blather and social destruction from the Narcissist in Chief, that we truly have the possibility of Real Hope and True abandon us to fend for ourselves while the raving lunatic lefties begin their assault on all things intelligent and conservative. OH, the humanity....

Dan said...

Elephants and whales too smart to be entertainers, huh? So where does that put Hollywood and TV folk?

American Cowboy said...

I should clarify that I am referring to my anticipation of a few more HnC postings

Sortahwitte said...

I'm feeling double blessed this morning. On Friday we won't be seeing the inauguration of "she who shall not be named" and the crippling ice storm passed us by. A friend commented that he saw two positives from lamont's eight long years. First, the firearms industry is doing really well, thank you. Second, jimmy the carter has been displaced as the worst US president, evah.

John the Econ said...

Read this on social media the other day: Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey got squeezed out of the market; Cirque du Soleil on the high end, and Washington DC on the low.

Speaking of the low-end - The Inauguration Circus: Get ready to see the result in a society when it's become way to easy to comfortably survive without substantial effort. Countless people with nothing better to do and yet somehow have the surplus resources to do so are going to go to Washington DC to openly spew hate and act like thugs in the name of resisting "fascism" because they ironically feel comfortable in doing so. If we honestly did live in the kind of fascist state that these people say that we are, this wouldn't be happening. Most of these people would actually be too scared for their physical well-being to risk such an affront to the state. Try this in say, the paradise that supposedly is Cuba, and you're off to the gulag.

The Dream: It's ironic and sad that so many of those who today claim ownership of "the dream" are fine with indulging the worst forms of anti-social behavior, including murder. Sad. Instead of harnessing MLK's optimism for an more enlightened and equitable society, they instead use him as an excuse for tolerating and encouraging the worst aspects. Today ought to be a day for reflection on that sad reality instead of a plea for more of the same.

Inaugural Ball Game: I see that as a good way to start on reducing the $10-trillion in debt that he's racked up in a mere 8 years.

james daily said...

Stilt: There is a clown act coming Friday afternoon and your keen sense of observation will be noted and your intellect in high gear. This will be fun. I have not anticipated dwindling days since I was almost out of the service (and I did not use a short-timers chain). Now, with the Muslim losing the bully pulpit we will continue to have headlines using the modifiers of the left. My sense is that it will slow down as they get tired of using the same adjectives and adverbs.

Anonymous said...

One, two, 3, 4.....
Obama's ass will be out the door!!!!

Graylady said...

John Lewis now talking "We should all love one another" but refusing to attend Inauguration. John "height of hipocracy" Lewis.

Graylady said...

Obummer in a dunking booth? I gotta go warm up my arm.

Popular Front said...

Obama in a dunking booth eh? how about we spice up the solution somewhat by adding a half bucket of H2SO4 to the mix? Now THAT's entertainment!

Rod said...

WTF? I did NOT vote to close Ringling Brothers & B&B circus.
Who did? Let's get 'em.

Must say: Over a hundred and a half years was a good run. Compare to Buffalo Bill's Wild West show for example.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Fred Ciampi- I've got mixed feelings about the circus/PETA situation. I definitely support animal rights in the sense that I'm against cruelty in any form (note that this does not make me a vegetarian), but I also think PETA is filled with annoying idiots. I seem to recall a recent protest they staged because they were upset about all the sheep who are killed for their wool. Except sheep, of course, are simply shorn of their wool on a regular basis, which doesn't hurt them at all.

@TrickyRicky- As I recall, he lobs a baseball like he was doing the shotput - only achieving less distance.

@American Cowboy- The first 8 years are free, just to get you hooked (evil laugh).

@MD Vickery- Oh fine, make me feel guilty (grin).

@Dan- I definitely have a higher opinion of whales and elephants than I do of most actors.

@Sortahwitte- I agree that there should be an additional element of celebration on Friday in recognition of the fact that Hillary isn't being sworn into office! I hate to think what my mood would be like right now if we were facing that disaster.

@John the Econ- Great point that in a genuinely fascist state, the wannabee protesters would be scurrying for cover rather than making public pain-in-the-asses out of themselves. By the way, the James O'Keefe video of these little miscreants planning nasty and potentially violent protests made me think that maybe some of them should be rounded up for domestic terror and plopped into Guantanamo for awhile to help clarify to the Left that there's a new sheriff in town.

Regarding MLK day, it's made me sad for a long time now. Progress for black Americans has traced a bell curve since the earliest civil rights days. Many can see the decline, but few will acknowledge the social programs that are to blame. I'm so hoping we can see real progress now...even though I can't imagine the Left acknowledging any successes achieved under Trump.

@James Daily- It will be interesting (gulp) to see how the relationship between Trump and the media evolves. Or devolves. I personally think we're likely to see "all attacks, all the time." In fact, it may become CNN's new slogan.

@Anonymous- Poetry to my ears!

@Graylady- Lewis is an idiot, and a singularly unhelpful one. Right now, I'd love to see black Democrats promising to work with Trump and hold his feet to the fire if he doesn't make good on his campaign promises. The danger to those Democrats, of course, is they might actually achieve something...which would weaken the Democrats' political hold over those who are suffering the worst.

@Popular Front- It's very thoughtful of you to suggest the addition of pool chemicals to make sure the water would be clean and algae-free.

@Rod- Actually, if you haven't bought a ticket to the circus in a few years, you did cast a vote. Sorta kinda. And you're right, they had a good run. I think changing tastes have as much to do with this closing as anything else.

Fred Ciampi said...

Stilt, not only the sheep (the 4 legged ones) but another PETA ad showing that cows (the moo kind) are killed for their milk. And sadly some non-PETA liberals are believing it. Sigh. Three days ..........

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Fred Ciampi- Technically, I think it's only coconuts that are brutally murdered for their milk.

John the Econ said...

Animal Rights: Since as a general rule, the most vocal advocates for "animal rights" tend to be Progressives, the following thought has always amused me.

They argue that it's "inhumane" that circus, aquarium & zoo animals be denied freedom, are confined and are required to perform unnatural acts. And yet, these animals get totally free housing, food, education and health care. They are in fact living the Progressive dream. In exchange for all that, all they have to do is act properly for their mammal-elite benefactors. The Progressive activists seem to think that these particular mammals would be better off loose out in the wild where it's no holds barred survival-of-the-fittest. Seems like taking away all of their free stuff in the name of being "free" is an awfully big trade off to me.

It's only humans that they feel need to be imprisoned in a zoo, and be made to behave properly for their mammal-elite benefactors.

Speaking of Zoos: For those looking for a cheap DC vacation, there are ads out for paid protesters at the Trump inaugural. It looks like the left is all set to go into full tantrum mode, to which I say "Great!". These people will only be preaching to their own, ideologically insular choir. Meanwhile, the rest of decent America, regardless of ideology will be appalled, just as they were by the campus silliness that's become the standard over the last 2 years and the riots in the streets in certain communities. This is the kind of insanity that made Reagan popular in California in the '60s, and last year that pushed frustrated voters towards Trump in the first place. Or in other words, If you want more Trump, this is how you get more Trump.

If Trump is smart, he's simply going to tweet "This is the kind of spoiled brat nonsense that America is tired of".

Colby Muenster said...

I heard something on my favorite conservative radio station this morning that started me doing some research. The organization that sued Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Bailey Circus is called The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). We've all seen their ads with the pathetic, starved and abused dogs and cats, begging for donations. Total BS... HSUS has no animal shelters like your local Humane Society, and should not be confused with the good work done by your local Humane Society. The two organizations are totally unrelated. HSUS receives millions in donations from innocent folks who believe the bullshit in their ads. They don't use that money to save all those dogs and cats; the money is used to sue companies like Ringling Brothers, zoos, and animal theme parks.

HSUS was required to pay Ringling Brothers many millions of dollars after losing the lawsuit, but Ringling was still stuck paying millions, and is now going under.

Do not send your hard earned cash to HSUS, and spread the word. If you want to help suffering animals, donate to your local Humane Society.

Anonymous said...

God but I'm going to miss your world class snark. I really have enjoyed your work and thank you for doing it.

Pete (Detroit) said...

Colby - Bsed on where I live (East Dearborn) I used to receive door hangers soliciting donations by the Holy Land Foundation (yes, THOSE guys that actually got prosecuted, and CAIR was an un-indited co-conspirator) - anyway - solicitations for the "Palestinian Widows and Orphans Fund" - making payments to the widows and orphans of those who lost their lives due to the ongoing war w/ Israel.
Andn I have no doubt the monies collected actually DID go to widows and orphans - after all, a successful detonation of a bomb vest (or car, or...) carries a stipend of like $20k...

So yeah fake charities are a thing.
Sometimes a nasty murderous thing.

Dan said...

@Colby Muenster. HSUS is for suing, huh? Well, at least the lawyers are being cared for humanely.

John the Econ said...

@Pete (Detroit), you mean like this?

Widow of Terrorist Who Committed Deadly Jerusalem Truck-Ramming Attack to Receive $760 Lifetime Monthly Allowance From Palestinian Authority

You have to hand it to them in that it seems as though they take better care of their fallen heroes than we do.

Pete (Detroit) said...

John the Econ - yeah, pretty much like that.
And yes, it's a sad commentary on the low regard we give Vets, especially the ones with mental / physical health issues.

Judi King said...

Does anyone care if those congressmen/women don't attend the inauguration? As Trump said.....give your tickets to someone else. I just hope and pray Trump has heavy, armed security.