Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Thing That Wouldn't Leave

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The party's over. America has yawned theatrically, made a show of looking at our watch, gathered up the empty glasses and snack bowls, put them into the sink to soak, and started talking very pointedly about how early we have to get up tomorrow to put in a full day's work. Hint, hint.

But Barack Obama, who has been partying in our house for 8 years, isn't picking up on our subtle message that he should just get the hell out already. Which is why he went to Chicago yesterday to deliver his long-awaited farewell address. And we're talking very long-awaited; personally, we've been awaiting for this skeevy socialist race-baiter to say farewell ever since his inauguration.

Not that we watched his actual speech, of course.  Everything about him - his haughtily uplifted chin, sneering arrogance, monomaniacal self-absorption, and lecturing tone of voice - sickens us and raises our blood pressure to dangerous levels. And we're not about to risk an aneurysm with only days to go.

But according to pre-speech comments from Valerie "I heart Iran" Jarrett, "It's not a victory lap speech. His intention is to motivate people to want to get involved and fight for their democracy."

Coming from someone else, we'd take that as metaphor - but we're pretty sure that Valerie and Barry mean real fighting of the type they've encouraged in the past, with rioting, looting, molotov cocktails, and shrieking lunatics attacking police vehicles.

According to Josh Earnest (which is a phrase that Hope n' Change is really looking forward to never writing again), the crux of Barry's speech will be on "what the president believes is necessary for us to confront the challenges that lie ahead." 

Great. So Obama's advice is going to be "fighting" and "confrontation" to hamper the efforts of the newly-elected President as he tries to restore prosperity and genuine hope to America in the aftermath of a two-term disaster.

But what else would we expect from a man whose every action has been intended to leave the country in worse shape than he found it? A goal which, sadly, is likely to stand as his one actual accomplishment.


Speaking of "Oh, STFU"...

obama, obama jokes, political, humor, cartoon, conservative, hope n' change, hope and change, stilton jarlsberg, meryl streep, golden gloves, STFU, disabled, blackface
Now we know what Al Jolson would have looked like in color.


pdwalker said...

As always, wickedly sharp and on point.

Jon said...

I always appreciate your very apt observations.

It seems to be taking forever, but Barry Hussein will FINALLY be hauling his ass out of the White House in another week. The only problem is that I doubt if he will ever really let go. His foul presence will linger for eternity.....kinda like the herpes virus...

Bobo the Hobo said...

This reminds me of the joke of the old man goes to the White House and asks for President Clinton and the Marine guard tells him, "Sir, President Clinton isn't here anymore."

So the old man comes back the next day and asks for President Clinton again, only to be told the same thing.

This goes on for about a week when the Marine finally speaks up. "Sir! President Clinton is no longer here!" To which the old man simply smiles and says, "Yes, I know."

The Marine looks at him and says, "See you tomorrow."

Kind of thinking there might be a long line of old guys asking to see BHO January 21.

Geoff King said...

I did not watch his address, but imagine it contained more of the words I and me than anything else.
Øblahblah will be the first ex-president since Woodrow Wilson to remain in DC after leaving office. Likely just to be a thorn in Trump's side. Either that, or because of his "greatly improved race relations", he is scared to death to return to his hometown of Chicago.

Tamquam L. Rugiens said...

Seems to me that Barry will go back to his wheelhouse, community organizing. He and his Commie buddies thought they had America wrapped up, needing only the palsied touch of HER! and her greasy successor to finish the job of irrevocably transforming the USA into a Socialist hell hole. They don't understand why the lost, but they do understand that whatever the cause it was not a failure of their fundamental Marxist vision. They will keep the faith in their unholy creed.

So they will continue to prepare the ground to foment the Sacred Cause of Revolution. We laughed when we called Obama the Community Organizer in Chief. He wasn't very good at that while in office, but then Marxists are a lot better at wrecking things than building them. Marxists, and this applies especially to creatures like the ex-Won, are at their best when not in power. Their real strength lies in being the opposition; Alinsky's tactics are no good for governing, they are excellent for bringing governments down.

We can still easily lose this. The Once and Future Wannabe is not going to go quetly into that goodnight, much as we would want him to. Trump is, whatever his other virtues, not an anti-Communist. He will, I'm sure, attack the symptoms of America's malaise with verying degrees of success. I doubt if he will clean ideological house. That will be up to us. It is our task to expose them, their vicious lies, their sordid corruption and their evil doctrines wherever they can be found, and they can be found everywhere, then hound them relentlessly until they haven't a shred of respectability to hide behind.

That's the bad news. The good news is that we are surrounded. Now we've got the poor bastards just where we want them.

Fred Ciampi said...

All of the Hollyweed types, well, 98.6% of them, approximately, earn their gold plated bread and butter by playing 'just pretend' like they did when they were 7 years' old. Then they go on to tell the rest of us how we should live our lives. Only 1.4% of them, approximately, have ever gotten a real education or worked a real job. Taint has a good solution in today's 'toon and I, for one, like it. Ahhhh, nine days and counting. Oh, and for the record, I did not watch O'blahblah on the boob tube because my lovely wife won't allow me to throw things in the house anymore. And those dang tele-visions cost too much too.

American Cowboy said...

@Jon .....kinda like the herpes virus...

Hmm...barry hussien Øherpes...has kind of a nice ring to it!

Dick said...

As Fred Ciampi said above, I dare not watch the current illegal occupant of the White Hut on the TV for fear I will damage my expensive TV. Don't ask how I know this will happen. By the way, when did they remove that thick piece of glass from in front of the screen? They should tell people when they do things like that. Heck, even a well thrown sneaker goes through these wimpy newfangled screens.

Doc said...

I've often referred to BHO as our "HEMORRHOID-in-CHIEF"...A more than apt description of the ultimate pain in the country's collective ASS!

TrickyRicky said...

@Stilton- "Everything about him - his haughtily uplifted chin, sneering arrogance, monomaniacal self-absorption, and lecturing tone of voice - sickens us and raises our blood pressure to dangerous levels." EXACTLY. My skin crawls at the sound of his voice or the image of his visage.

@Tamquam- Very, very true. Marxists are good at tearing down societies. Building them up? It's never happened, aside from a handful of small, culturally homogeneous societies in Scandinavia, which are now crumbling under a multicultural assault on their lavish welfare apparatus.

Anonymous said...

Wait, who let him return to DC?
It was his farewell speech after all!

That one was always "teh precedent" in my book.

New Sherriff in town, Kiddoes.

Stilton, When this strip wraps up, we will miss it lots. But Johnny Optimism will have to keep us going. Unless you have other surprises up your sardonic sleeves.


Rod said...

I know Barry will keep some security for life, he made sure of that early on; but it would be interesting and fun to see a complete list of what all he will LOSE in security, travel, benefits, privileges, etc. We could all enjoy seeing that.

And he intends to hang out in Chicago & Washington D.C. Actually, that's just great. The odds for some justice are a little better there. Go out a lot Barry; enjoy yourself. And take Mooch with you.

Cookie said...

Oh SJ - I can't even remember now how I found your blog, but so glad I did. You have helped to make the past 8 years bearable with your delicious and witty humor. Thanks for carrying on right to the end. I, too, did not watch the speech. Frankly my dear, I didn't give a damn! I just want bho out of the white house and out of sight, although as others have stated, pretty sure that won't happen. Nevertheless, thank you again for the laughs and for putting real perspective on the corruption and total crap that has been our demise for the past 8 years. Here's wishing better and happier days ahead for you, for your fellow readers, and for the country as a whole. And may the bluebird of happiness show the likes of Meryl Streep and other freaks how to get to Canada! (If only...) Wait, do I want to curse Canada like that?

Pete (Detroit) said...

Seeing as I thought it more relevant to do dishes and laundry that to listen to the TOTUS' mouthpiece fellate himself... All accounts, didn't miss much.
Agreed, Stilt - Josh Earnest as PR Flack for this admin has been a running gag (I WISH we could gag him) since day one - but at least we knew better than to take him seriously. Wonder if he'll wind up w/ a late night comedy show? Overall, I'm reminded of a reading by Samuel (Racist) Jackson, only this time I hear it as "Go The EFF AWAY!"

Saw a Meme w/ Prez walking away, and Liberty on the floor, clinging to a leg, and thought what is this, some kind of Stockholm syndrome? Abuse victim wanting some, ANY, token of respect, or acknowledgement? She wants to grapple and stab him w/ her pointy tiara?
No, caption was "Miss me?"
Freaking yeah, like an abscessed tooth....
a) the frikkin EGO of this chump b) the utter critical thinking fail of his supporters.
Just effing astounding.

As to Mz Streep - "Imagine being such a d-bag that someone devotes an acceptance speech to point it out to the world"
Well - "Imagine being such a loser that you even CARE what Mz Streep thinks... Oh, wait..."
Yeesh, what a buffoon.

Be nice if he realized that we care nearly as much about his opinion on public entertainers as we care about entertainer's opinions on politics...
Sadly, too many people DO care.
About both
And we wonder how we got INTO this hand basket....

As far as Stilton retiring this site (at least for frequent updates), surely some one else in The Community could start a blog, suggest a topic, and we can continue to meet and forum there
Hell, 'should' not be too hard to even go the cartoons - the necessary clips are right there in the archives (I *do* miss pigeon boy!) Granted, the dialog would be the hard part.. Who knows, if he didn't HAVE to do it, the illustrious Dr.J might even show up and provide his commentary on someone else's blog on occasion...
Worth thinking about, espeically for any retirees w/ "free" time... ?

As stated, I've enjoyed this site and beign part of the community here since early on (and someone called me out the other day - Thanks!) Don't consider myself a 'major' contributor, but nice to know that some have enjoyed my inputs, from time to time. I *do* hope that someone rises to the occasion and we have new meeting space going forward, but if not, it's sure been a ride!
Thanks, all (and Especially you, Stilt!)

John the Econ said...

This guy just loves to talk about himself, doesn't he?

Most Presidents let their legacies speak for themselves, but not this one. And considering that we're currently at war in more countries than we were when the anti-war President took over, (funny how that always happens) we're supposedly on the cusp of a race war that did not exist when the previous and supposedly racists administrations were in place, and we're now 20-trillion in debt instead of 10 with barely 2% in growth to show for it while all anyone can talk about is how we now have to spend more on "infrastructure" even after all of the "shovel ready" work that we blew trillions on was said and done.

So considering this guy's ego, it's little wonder that he's gotta keep the spin machine running.

Yeah, we didn't watch either. Did see some of the realtime social media response to some of the absurd things he said. I had to remind people that these speeches are not for critical thinking people like us; they're for the alternate reality folk cult that even Scientology doesn't want.

Meryl Streep and the Golden Globes: We don't watch Hollywood awards shows and largely consider those who do as not having much else worthwhile going on in their lives. Seriously, what's the appeal of listening to not-terribly-bright people largely only known for parroting scripts written by marginally smarter people for hours, unless of course they're wearing really low-cut outfits to display their own, mostly enhanced golden globes?

Either way, once again Hollywood provides an example of why Trump won. People are tired of having what they think and hold dear constantly assaulted by these 4th-rate intellects. If you actually do care what Meryl or any of these pretty script readers think, you're beyond help.

Speaking of: Shouldn't most of these people have left the country already like they promised?

I thought we supposed to be over "Fake News": So today, everyone's excited about a
"multiple unverified claims" that when in Russia, Trump likes to... No, I'm not going to repeat this nonsense.

So absolutely nothing has changed. "Fake news" is when someone leaks the truth about Democrats, like the DNC & Podesta email. If it can possibly be embarrassing to a non-Progressive, then it's still fit to print.

Meanwhile at the Rex Tillerson hearing: Every 5 minutes or so, another whacko erupts with the usual "Stop Exxon, stop climate change!" nonsense. (I write this as I look at two feet of snow on the ground outside my office window when 20 years ago these same people would have had me believe that I'd be growing tomatoes right now at my latitude) Every time I hear one of these obnoxious people, it makes me feel like I wished I had voted for Trump.

Can't wait to see their antics later next week, when even more people will see the derangement, and the left's implosion will accelerate.

John the Econ said...

Actually @TrickyRicky, I do have to correct one thing you said: "Marxists are good at tearing down societies. Building them up? It's never happened, aside from a handful of small, culturally homogeneous societies in Scandinavia, which are now crumbling under a multicultural assault on their lavish welfare apparatus."

Actually, it didn't happen in the Scandinavian "social democracies" people think of when they wax poetic about the marvels of socialism today either. They were already affluent before they became the socialist countries we think of today. They absolutely did not became affluent because of socialism. And ironically, the economies of some of these countries are actually freer than ours is today! Many of these countries remain affluent because they are resource-extraction based economies (Norway's oil and gas, for example) which makes their economies resemble Saudi Arabia more than the rest of Europe.

But your premise is otherwise correct: Nobody can name a country that became affluent because they practiced socialism.

Shelly said...

I taped the entire speech and surrounding commentary because I was sort of interested in hearing said commentary. It turned out to be boring so I went on to other more entertaining things. What was most enjoyable was fast forwarding through the speech at the fastest speed. With his uplifted chin and looking back and forth between his beloved teleprompter, it looked like his head was about to spin off. If only it had.

james daily said...

I heard to today what a real President will sound like. That I/me Muslim is almost gone. I do believe that PE Trump figured out that after you have so much money, what is the point? Otherwise he would have never ran for President. After all, alone he probably created more jobs than the entire Muslim administration, except government jobs. Soon, those in the know will come out of the woodwork and spill the beans on this lying socialist. Then it will be fun to watch the spin from that anti-american DNC. Meanwhile, the cartoons are right on point. I laugh everytime Biden opens his flytrap and the ignorance pores out, probably the dumbest VP since Spiro Agnew. Stilt: I look forward to your new adventure and hope we can read your wisdom.

Colby Muenster said...

Watch O'Liar for an hour wrenching his arm out of joint to pat himself on the back? AS Billy Crystal said, "I'd rather eat lint!"

Here's the deal in the mind of Colby Muenster. O'Liar knows damn well he accomplished nothing to brag about in 8 long years, so he HAD to toot his own horn. Sure, him and his worshipers blather endlessly about the wonderful economy, unparalleled world peace, and how tough BO was on border security, but deep in his puny little heart, he knows he didn't do Jack Schitt beyond playing 473 rounds of lousy golf.

Not heard that one before, but it's a knee slapper!

@Pete in Detroit,
Amen, brother! If you are someone who actually gives a rats ass what Meryl Streep thinks, you need to get a friggin life.

Socialism in Scandanavia...
My misguided brother emigrated to Sweden in the 1970's, and loves it there (or so he says). This was a country that somehow found a way to thrive under socialism for a long time, and John the Econ is right. The successful people somehow managed to stay successful despite the burdensome taxes. Having been there a few times, I've seen a big change over the past 40 years. It used to be that folks worked hard and made a decent living despite shelling out big chunks of what they earned. They still had a work ethic. Now, there are ever dwindling numbers of producers, and ever increasing numbers of young people who learned that they really didn't HAVE to work if they didn't want to (my 33 year old niece has NEVER had a job... ever). That combined with the increasing numbers of immigrants from 3rd world countries will be the downfall of Sweden. The place will be a total shithole in 20 years or less. Sad... I am trying to talk my brother into getting out, but now he's retired and all those years of high taxes are finally paying off for him... while the money lasts, anyway.

Sorry to blather!

Very much enjoying your final few posts! You have a well deserved break coming, but I would not be upset at all if you decide to post just one little cartoon every so often.

Anonymous said...

I saver each and every one of your priceless posts and especially now that you've shared you are winding down...
Couldn't you just do one a week?
You know that bathroom barry, just down the street from the White House, will be out and about and creating havoc...
We will miss you more than words could ever say...
Hoping you have something new coming soon!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@pdwalker- You left out "handsome." (grin)

@Jon- I'm not kidding myself that we've heard the last of him. I predict he'll not only be a fixture on the evening news, he'll be treated like a saint.

@Bobo the Hobo- I could easily become that old man you describe. The phrase "Obama is no longer president" is one I'll never get tired of hearing.

@Geoff King- Barry wants to stay where the power is. He still has his eye on running things.

@Tamquam L. Rugiens- Great points throughout! This is no time for us to breathe a hearty sigh of relief and pretend everything is going to be okay. Still, we're not embarking on 4 (or more) years of Hillary in a few days, and for that I'm grateful.

@Fred Ciampi- I've always felt that celebrities believe in social inequality because they know damn well that there's nothing they can do in front of a camera lens over the course of a few weeks that is worth $20 million. They know that they've hit the lottery, and so assume that ALL economic distribution in this country is based on a lottery (rather than hard work, about which they know nothing).

@American Cowboy- "Catchy," in every sense!

@Dick- Now that there are "smart" TVs that can run apps, I desperately wish someone would come up with a "pie throwing app" which we could use to pretend to smite those on TV whom we find offensive. How much fun would it be to watch Barry's speech and hit the "pie" button every time he says "I?" I'm telling you, whoever creates such an app will make a fortune.

@Dr. Roger Harris- Well he is the "sitting" president...

@TrickyRicky- I really do have a negative physical reaction when exposed to the man these days.

And regarding your point about Marxists, I completely agree. To erect a building takes architects, welders, electricians, stone workers, plumbers, and more - plus detailed plans and procedures. To tear down that same building requires only a guy with a wrecking ball. Alinsky has offered up a very effective wrecking ball, but has no insights on building a damn thing.

@Anonymous- I'm sure there will be surprises up my sardonic sleeves, although they're going to surprise me at the same time. After wrapping things up here on HnC, I'll take a short breather - and then give serious thought to what comes next. And again, I encourage people to sign up for the mailing list to be kept informed of my future mischief!

@Rod- I predict his next "family vacation" will see the family staying in a Motel 6, with Michelle's mother paying her own way.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Cookie- Sharing 8 years with the folks here has been a very meaningful experience for me. Despite meeting here in the electronic ether, the connections we've made are among real people and have become real friendships.

As far as celebrities heading to Canada, I'd still love to see it happen. Let's see how long they complain about pipelines that carry heating fuel when it's -20 outside.

@Pete (Detroit)- I think it would be great if someone here created a blog or forum where we could hang out and talk. Personally, I don't know how to do that, though that says more about my abysmal lack of technical expertise than anything else.

@John the Econ- Great points, as usual. I'm especially touchy about the nonsense unverified accusations against Trump, which represent a new low in (ahem) piss-poor journalism. One of the factors (albeit not the primary one) in my deciding to discontinue this blog is that I'm primarily a satirist, and a satirist needs some sort of truth to use as a starting point. But we seem to be entering a post-truth, post-logical cultural moment where satire is indistinguishable from what is being reported as reality.

@Shelly- Personally, I think the speech could have been much improved if audience members were allowed to bring baskets of spoiled fruit and vegetables.

@Pete in Detroit- I'm getting to an age in life where I sometimes think that I should finally go and see the world (including Sweden). Then it strikes me, depressingly, that "the world" I'd hope to see probably doesn't even exist anymore - culturally speaking.

And what can I say about a 33 year old who has never held a job? It makes me think of the old (but great!) movie "The Time Machine," and the carefree Eloi people who had nothing to do all day but frolic and be happy until they were occasionally called upon to become food for the Morlocks who were doing all the work underground.

@Carol- I don't want to get anyone's hope up by saying I might do a cartoon a week, although it's not impossible. I genuinely don't know what is coming next, but do know that I'll need to spend some time away from all of this just to get my bearings again. One thing I know with certainty is that I'm not going to just sit around doing nothing. There's something in my DNA that forces me to seek out creative mischief at all times, and there's nothing I like more than making folks laugh.

@Readers- I've been looking at ways of repurposing the content here into book or ebook form. I just discovered a service that does a pretty nice job, so it's very likely that at SOME point there will be some collections of all this craziness. Granted, it will all be here on the web, too - but just in case you end up as a castaway on a desert island with nothing but an iPad and a solar charger, you'll be able to keep all this Hope n' Change goodness with you and share hearty laughs with your volleyball friend.

Pete (Detroit) said...

Colby Muenster - Sadly, Trump appears (as evidenced by his tweets) to be one of those poor sots who actually cares about the opinion of Hollywood.
The opinion of reporters from 'fake news' agencies, OTOH... GOLLL-LEE that was fun to see him pimp slap those whiny bitches at the presser today!

Stilt, it was actually Colby who has the story about the brother (and niece) in Sweeden, tho he *did* tag me just above, so your miss attribution is certainly understandable...

And creating a blog / forum where we can hang is NOT beyond you, it is what you have done - except w/o the engaging cartoons...
But yeah, Hey guy's, here's a topic, unless someone has a better one...
"should" not be TOO tough.
>koff< there I go, usingthe "S-word" again...

DAN III said...

Soetoro-obama leave ?

I ask you....did the criminal Clintons ever leave ?

Mitch said...

And the Carter Presidency...

John the Econ said...

@Colby Muenster, that Sweden appeared to thrive was largely because beyond the high taxes, their economy is far less regulated than our own. (That's the part that the Bernie Sanders socialists either don't tell you, or, more likely, don't even know) There was still reward for achievement. By the end of the '80s, Sweden's leaders knew their model was in trouble and instituted reforms that the left here would have rejected as "draconian"; reduced benefits, "school choice" and other "extreme" measures. That bought them some time.

But I give Sweden far less than 20 years in that they currently have a bigger problem shared with most of the rest of Europe; being overrun with Islam. Say what you will about America's immigration crisis, but at least most of those coming here do so to actually work. Like many other countries in Europe, Sweden has gained the well earned reputation for not even requiring that, leaving many with lots of free time to cause trouble. So far, the global elites remain numb and insulated from the problem. It's my read that in some areas of Sweden, their "deplorables" have had enough, and are on the verge of revolt.

Socialist Europe in general: Oh, there are people there who still work. I personally know people in democratic socialist Europe who literally didn't graduate school until well into their 30s, got jobs with the government, and fully expect to retire on glorious pensions before their 60s. 21st century measures of productivity are high, but they aren't high enough for that many people to expect to be able to live a 1st-world standard of living while working for barely 1/3rd of their lifespans.

Like us, this is largely why they've allowed themselves to be overrun with 3rd-world immigrants, to do the work they have no economic imperative to do themselves. It's not going to work out well in the long run I am afraid, as too many of those people as well aren't going to be interested in cultural assimilation while living a 2nd-class existence to support people who couldn't be bothered to have their own kids, much less work for more than 25 years.

Fake News: It's interesting to note that the louder the mainstream media decries "fake news" and says that it's reformed, the more it's doubling-down and retrenching in the past. It's always been my impression that Buzzfeed is one of those crap sites where people go for their celebrity gossip and other worthless crap that keeps the nofos entertained. But that CNN and others would dignify it by picking up a sketchy story that was clearly non-sourced just because they thought it smeared Trump was beyond the pale. I've never had a high opinion of Trump, but on my list he's currently scoring much higher than CNN.

Quite frankly @Stilton, I don't know how you're going to be able to continue doing what you do in a world where reality is now constantly outrunning The Onion.

Anonymous said...

Here's one person wishing you could speed up your countdown clock so Jan 20 would get here sooner!!!

Anonymous said...

Wishing you wouldn't close HopeNChange because I'm 100% certain that the Democrats and their fake news minions would provide you with unlimited material for your cartoons and comments!! Plus I will totally miss your biting wit and sarcasm :(

George said...

"The dossier found its way into the hands of John McCain who was so stunned by the scatological accusations that he spat out the acorns he'd been storing in his cheeks for winter."

THIS kind humor is just one of the many reasons I will miss the current HnC. The wonderful camaraderie here is just fantastic. Thank you Stilt...thank you all.