Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Pick A Card

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It's not hard to guess which card a liberal will choose, since all 52 cards in their deck are the same. Liberal columnist Maureen Dowd writes that what Joe Wilson meant to shout was "You lie - boy!" because he can't deal with a black president. ACORN chief organizer Bertha Lewis, commenting on the recent prostitution stings at ACORN offices, says that her organization is being made "the Willie Horton of 2009" even though race has never figured in the story.

By willfully misidentifying racism and overusing the term, the left is pushing this country to the point where we won't be able to see, and correct, racism where it actually exists. And that will be a tragedy.

Bonus: Did you know that blatant anti-black racism is supposedly funny if it comes from sanctimonious liberal assholes like Bill Maher?


Suzy said...

Racism is hate from any one race towards any other race because of color. And while racism is a problem, it CERTAINLY is not limited to whites. As a matter of face, "reverse racism" has grown tremendously in the past decade. If everybody would just grow up and get past this, things would work tons better. There are not nearly as many racist people in this country as the media and liberals would like us to think.

Suzy said...

Oops...as a matter of *fact*....not face. :-)

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Genuine racism is an unacceptable, ignorant evil. But false accusations of racism have become such a popular and over-used political weapon that the issue has become convoluted and complicated.

One of the great sorrows of the Obama presidency is that he ran as someone who would heal racial divides...and his election showed that America was ready, even eager for this to happen.

But instead, the rhetoric and race-baiting have only increased. Sadly, as long as the Democratic party fans the flames of racism as a source of political power, no genuine reform is likely to happen. And that, perhaps, will be the greatest tragedy of Obama's presidency; he will be the man who could finally have made a difference...and chose not to.

Matt said...

You raise a good point in that this over identification of racism clouds the real issue. Not only does it cloud racism, it lowers the concept of fighting it to farce. Kind of like the "boy who cried wolf."

Translation: "The Democrat that cried racism."

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Matt - well said!

Jz said...

I saw that headline on Drudge, and because of my intense attention to politics, never once thought of it as being a reference to race. I saw the word 'negatives' like the abbreviated 'negs' refers to. This is called 'going a LONG way to make a joke', and when we got there, it wasn't even funny.


Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Jimmy Z- you're really putting your finger on the central issue with the Bill Maher piece. NONE of us saw the word "Negs" in a Drudge headline, and made the grammatical jump to the N-word. But Bill Maher did...because it was already on his mind.

And then he ran with it - unleashing a stream of racist remarks which he attempted to justify by saying "this is something the conservatives would say, that we liberals would never say." Except he's the only one saying it.

I'm not going to post a long editorial here, but I firmly believe that if one party would have to be singled out and identified with the practice and nurturing of racism...it's the democrats.