Saturday, January 30, 2010

Democratic Par-TAY

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Despite the president's stern admonition that legislators should share America's belt-tightening during these tough financial times, a recent audit of Nancy Pelosi's expenses includes a line item of over $100,000 for in-flight booze and snacks over just the past two years.

Mind you, Nancy didn't put away all that liquor without a little help. When she travels, she brings other Democratic congresspeople. And their spouses. And kids. And friends. And probably pets.

For instance, Nancy's recent "Copenhagen Climate Summit" travel party cost taxpayers over $1 million, and treated an entourage of 106 people to 5-star hotel accomodations, gourmet dinners, and drinks. And drinks. And drinks.

For this reason, Hope n' Change encourages president Obama to immediately form a fact-finding commission to explore the huge potential cost savings if, in the future, Democrats only conduct their business during Happy Hour.

Your tax dollars at work:
an actual receipt submitted by Nancy Pelosi's office.


Anonymous said...

Nothing's too good for the Speaker. Looks like kicking her out of office will have the additional benefit of putting a sizable dent in the deficit.

Suzy said...

For all the flack they gave Palin for bringing her daughters with her on the taxpayer dime...

Its known that politicians spend money like water (because its not theirs) but if they are going to point fingers at Republican clothes and food and flights...then they'd best trim up their own budget too.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

nakedliberty & Suzy- What's most troubling is not just the money that is being wasted (though that's certainly important), but rather the sense of entitlement that these free-spending politicians develop. They come to believe that they are cut from a different cloth than the "commoners," and that dismissive and demeaning attitude ends up in their legislation.

Perhaps the first step toward frugality will be a lesson in humility. On election day.

Buzz Bannister said...

And it looks like that whiskey did a lot of talking.

Elvis "Alfalfa" Bodine said...


You, my friend, are spot on again. The dhimmicraps are the worst when it comes to their elitism, but the RINOs are a sorry lot as well.
Keep stickin' it to the man. ;-)

Double Naughgt Eight