Sunday, January 24, 2010


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The line separating editorializing from projectile vomiting has officially ceased to exist at alleged news outlet MSNBC, thanks to Keith Olbermann's vicious tirade against Republican Scott Brown.

Olbermann later defended his remarks by saying that nobody in Scott Brown's camp had officially come forward to prove the charges aren't true.

By that same logic, someone could accuse Keith Olbermann of being a child-molesting, serial killing, coprophiliac who drinks orphan's tears while sexually abusing drugged chickens, because absolutely no one at MSNBC has offered proof that these things aren't true.

But that would be wrong - that's for sure.

Bonus: Jon Stewart weighs in on Olbermann

Click Jon Stewart for story and video

DOUBLE BONUS: Has Olbermann actually lost his mind? His foaming-at-the-mouth attack on the Supreme Court suggests "yes."


Buzz Bannister said...


Anonymous said...

And to think, I used to like this guy when he was paired with Dan Patrick on ESPN. Is there any evidence of major brain trauma? Oh that's right, I can just assume it absent of evidence to the contrary.

The Dark Knight said...

With unemployment where it is in this country it truly is amazing that this joker still has a job ...

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