Tuesday, January 26, 2010

You Say Potato...

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After much debate on the Internet, the Whitehouse finally scheduled Obama's "State of the Union" speech for Wednesday, January 27th...so it wouldn't interrupt the season premiere of "Lost."

But frankly...what's the difference?

• After a disaster, ordinary people are trying to survive, but help never comes.
• Lacking clear leadership, opposing camps are formed.
• Bad people disguise themselves as good people, and conceal their true goals.
• Major problems were inherited from the bureaucracy that previously ruled.

Evil businessmen want to exploit the system for their own financial benefit.
• The past isn't "set," and history can be rewritten.
• Polar bears are forced to live in warm climates.
• In the end, it's likely that none of it makes any sense anyway.

What are the hidden secrets of the Obharma Initiative?

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Suzy said...

Vijay is a spammer trying to drum up traffic to his own website....

Anyway I don't really plan on watching either "Lost" or the "State of the Union"...I'm not lost, but I do know the "state of the union" and its not something I want to be reminded of. haha.