Monday, January 18, 2010

Got MLK?

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Showing once again that the Democrats have no understanding of the words "irony" or "decency," the House Judiciary Committee chose the week of Martin Luther King Jr's birthday to uphold the Obama administration's defense of voter intimidation.

The case goes back to uniformed Black Panthers who "guarded" a polling place with nightsticks, hurled racial insults at white voters, and declared they were present to make sure that Barack Obama got matter what.

At Eric Holder's direction (and clearly with the president's blessing), the matter was dropped.
Outraged Republicans called for an investigation - not only of the original charges, but of the Justice Department's stonewalling.

But the Democrats in the House Judiciary have put an end to that now, not only insulting the memory and dream of Dr. King, but theoretically clearing the way for the Black Panthers to send busloads of armed "poll watchers" to Massachusetts to make sure the "right" candidate wins Tuesday's critical special election. No matter what.

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Suzy said...

Oh wow. Just wow.

On a slightly different topic...I taught with a really cool Af. Amer. lady who I was friends with. We taught in a private school that did not happen to take off for MLK day. But the AA kids in that school did stay home regardless. The teacher commented to me how ironic it was that the kids would stay home from school, when MLK fought for the equal right of all colors to be educated together, and to work hard. So...on MLK day...they celebrate by...sleeping in and playing video games? LOL. (That was from her mouth, not mine!)