Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Eyes Have It

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Today, Massachusetts is holding the special election for the Senate seat which was formerly occupied by Teddy Kennedy. But in a state in which registered Democrats outnumber Republicans 6-to-1, it now seems very possible that Republican Scott Brown could win the race, thereby breaking the Democrats "veto proof" super-majority and opening the door to a filibuster of the Democrats' healthcare bill.

The election has become a national referendum not only on Obamacare, but on issues as large as socialism versus capitalism, and as urgent as whether or not terrorists deserve the same rights and protections as American citizens (hint: Democratic candidate Martha Coakley says "yes," Republican candidate Scott Brown and most of the people in Massachusetts say "no").

If Brown wins tonight, Hope n' Change predicts it will light a fuse leading to some very interesting political fireworks in the days that follow. Let's hope!


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Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Vijay- Thank you for the nice comments! Feel free to post a link to Hope n' Change on your blog if you'd like - we'd appreciate it!

Unfortunately, we only link to political sites in our sidebar...but we certainly encourage readers who have an interest in space flight to visit your blog. We found it interesting!

drjim said...

I got a bellyful of "Hope" last November!
Let's "hope" we see some REAL "Change" instead!

Suzy said...

That middle picture scares me. :-)

Buzz Bannister said...

See that's big time funny right there.

forest hunter said...

Truth in jest, one of the purest forms you'll ever find.....right'chear!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Readers- Just a couple of hours until the election returns will start coming in (and the lawsuits start flying). Hope you all have snacks and beverages handy...this is the political Superbowl!

Buzz Bannister said...

I've got the radio on, the TV on and the computer on...no I'm not a political junkie...not me uh-uh

Suzy said...

Husband munching chips and watching Fox News... I'm on a diet but I'm watching too. Its looking good so far at 50% votes in...

Philip said...


Brown wins.

This is huge.

But word is that the White House will try to "double down" and try to force through health care anyhow.

1) It won't work.

2) Obama will make himself so unpopular by doubling down that he will find himself at absolute political war with a solid majority of the country.

3) He will try to use executive orders, regulatory/bureaucratic edicts, and a corrupt Justice Department to force through leftist changes in all sorts of areas of daily life. In short, he will become more openly authoritarian. This means we are in for some rocky times. This man is playing for keeps, and he is not a small 'r' republican at heart. He is an Alinskyite. Power is everything to him. All who believe in limited government must gird up our loins, because (sorry for the cliches) Barack Obama will not go gentle into that good night.

Suzy said...

Did you guys see that Florida is going to sue if the Health Care bill passes? If a good amount of states revolt, it will be interesting.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Philip- Agreed that Obama will now double down. But it seems more promising than ever that "doubling down" will cause real Americans to get TWICE AS MAD.

There's a revolution brewing. We know it...and now they know it.

And yes, times will get tough as the battle lines are drawn...but now we're in a fair fight, and we're ready to go.