Sunday, February 21, 2010

Can You Hear Me Now?

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On Thursday, Barack Obama and a hand-chosen group of Democratic leaders will meet with Republicans in order to hear new ideas on healthcare reform and, in a bipartisan manner, finally put the good of the American people ahead of political theater.

Ha, ha, ha - not really!

What will actually happen is that the Democrats will make impossible demands on the Republicans ("Add 30 million more people to insurance plans while making the total cost go down"), after which they'll shrug and say "we tried to work with the Republicans," before invoking reconciliation to push their healthcare bill through with as few as 51 votes.

Until they took power, Democrats referred to reconciliation as "the nuclear option," because it basically blows the Constitution into tiny, smoldering scraps of paper. What they may be forgetting, however, is that it's a bad idea to be standing at Ground Zero when you detonate such a nuke. There's a very, very good chance you could get burned...

BONUS: George Will delivers an absolutely incredible and inspiring speech on the differences between Conservatives and Liberals. You'll laugh, you'll applaud, you'll cheer - please check it out!


Philip said...

Excellent, Stilt, as always.

It reminds me this one

Earl said...

Stilton, keep reminding people to watch the George Will speech. it's that good and that important!