Thursday, February 25, 2010

On With The Show

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Today, Barack Obama is seeking Republican input and ideas on healthcare reform with the same enthusiasm and sincerity as Osama Bin Laden would show when seeking a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich.

The purpose of the meeting is not really to seek bipartisan solutions to real problems, but is instead pure political theater being presented as a prelude to the Democrats' reconciliation plan to ram through healthcare regulation against the will of the American people.

But is "reconciliation" to pass legislation with only 51 votes really such a terrible thing? All of these Democrats thought so in 2005...

Barack Obama: "not what the founders intended."
Hillary Clinton: "A bridge too far."
Charles Schumer: "Checks and balances (will be)...evaporated by the nuclear option."
Harry Reid: "The arrogance of power."
Dianne Feinstein: "will turn the Senate into a body that can have its rules broken at any time."
Joe Biden: "a naked power grab."

Today's Healthcare Summit is just a preview of coming attractions. The real show is about to begin.


drjim said...

Well, we already know Obama is a liar and a charlatan, and that the Liberal Elite will say "Oh, but this time it's DIFFERENT!" in regards to their previous opinion on reconciliation.
After all, they won!

Pete(Detroit) said...

I guess part of being a Lib is having 'flexible' beliefs.
Well, other than the one that they know better how to run / live your life than you do.
And, of course, they know better what to do w/ your paycheck, too..
Still, I LOVE it when people are hoist on thier past, pointing up the hyprocracy..

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Pete(Detroit)- We just wish that the mainstream media was pointing out this hypocrisy, instead of cheering the Democrats on.

Anonymous said...

The dude is a screwball socialist whose goal seems to bring down America by any means possible just like his terrorist mentors taugh him at an early age. It looks like it worked very well with a population of freeloader and parasite backing him into the whitehouse.
As long as we have socialist in ANY seat in the land there is NO HOPE for America. These bums must be gone ASAP. Make their removal your life mission, or become a slave to the government.

Anonymous said...

Just more evidence that health care isn't about providing better health care. Its a power and money grab. They all know that they may lose there jobs, but they will have won the war. Once people become dependent on this, no politician will take it away.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Readers- Good comments! NakedLiberty, you've done a particularly nice job of summing up the facts: "healthcare reform" isn't about healthcare, it's about power. And once entitlements are enacted, they're almost impossible to end; even if one or more politicians have the courage, they won't have the votes if the majority of people are enjoying the benefits of victimizing the minority.

What we're seeing here is a battle to decide whether or not America (the ideal) will survive for another generation, or succumb to the assault from the Left.

colby_muenster said...

Monkeys flying indeed. I am still astounded that these morons think they are smarter than we are.