Friday, February 26, 2010

Floor Show

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Unsurprisingly, Barack Obama's big bipartisan Healthcare Summit proved to be a crapfest of truly remarkable proportions - at least on the part of the Democrats.

The Republicans brought impressive ideas, facts, statistics, and proven methods of reducing healthcare costs...and raised concerns about huge budget deficits, new taxes and fines, the potential destruction of our medical system through government interference, and the unsustainable course of entitlement programs.

Typical of her party's rebuttals, Democrat Louise Slaughter countered with a
heartbreaking story about a woman without dentures who "wore her dead sister's teeth, which of course were uncomfortable and did not fit."

She then asked, "Did you ever think in America that that's where we would be?" And truthfully, we have to answer "no." We never thought that America would actually have to debate which is more important: freedom...or free dentures.

Your tax dullards at work


Philip said...

The arrogance of this guy is really astounding !

If this so-called reform is so urgent, why is the teleprompter president giving Congress another month to take action ? What a putz we have for a president ! Can't wait for 2012.

Philip said...

Obama Spoke More Than All 17 Republicans Combined At The Health Care Summit

Chuck Todd: "Republicans Were Seen 10 Times More Prepared For This Summit Than The Democrats Were"

Philip said...

Gallup poll finds Americans oppose reconciliation to pass health care 52% to 39%. 2/25 4:57 P.M

RJIII said...

Its better to remain silent and be thought a fool,than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. Sure covers the dhimmicrats.

Philip said...

Obama’s approval down to 44% – Rasmussen

Philip said...

Biden: How wonderful to have a job where I don’t do anything!

Anonymous said...

The arrogance of this guy is really astounding ! Ditto on that my friend. When I heard this punk open his mouth and say that I remember telling my wife outloud in front of everyone. "I want to meet this SOB face to face and kick his ass likes it's never been kicked before". His mouth should ring is every Real American's mine over and over again. Obama -"I suggest the republicans get on board cause the democrats are going to move forward without you". This punk needs to be gone once and forall. Can't wait until 2012. These socialist need to be removed from ALL seat across the nation, period

Pete(Detroit) said...

I like how they kept coming back to ideas on how to reduce the COST of the CARE, not so much the cost of the INSURANCE.