Friday, June 18, 2010

Ass Kicker In Chief

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It's a fact of life that disasters happen - whether natural events like hurricanes, earthquakes, and floods, or "man-caused disasters" like terror attacks. And when these disasters occur, surely no one can be more helpless than America's disabled.

Which is why it's so stunning to discover that, under the Obama Administration, FEMA has no plans whatsoever for evacuation or care of the disabled in the event of a national emergency. None. Zilch.

Currently, this administration - which adds an additional $5 billion to our national debt every day - has allocated a grand total of $150,000 a year for a single staffer whose job it is to tell the disabled that in the event of an emergency, they're totally screwed.

Presumably, this is because the braintrust inside the Whitehouse has realized that the disabled have a hard time getting to the polls...and if they can't vote, they might as well die.

This policy is cold and heartless, but fiscally pragmatic. So ask yourself...are these really the kinds of people you want making the healthcare decisions about whether you should live or die?

Special Thank You: to our good friend Johnny Optimism and his loyal dog, Lance, for appearing in today's strip!


alan markus said...

Love your "Johnny Optimism" strip! Good for those days when one dose of "Hope'N'Change" is not enough to keep us in stitches.

Your strips remind me of why I subscribed to National Lampoon in the early 70's and still have 3 file boxes full of Underground Comix (which I have been meaning to sell, but for some reason I still cling on to them).

Suzy said...

I keep wondering, where is the outrage???? Just a few short years ago Clinton was messing around in the oval office and impeached. Now Obama is messing around with the whole country, and we are still letting him do it!!!!!

The Dark Knight said...

Suzy -

There is very little, if any, independence in Washington D.C. these days... the Dems directly control everything but the Supreme Court. What incentive does someone like Eric Holder have to investigate anyone in his own party? Let alone his own boss? Zero.

As long as you've got your friends in key positions you are pretty much guaranteed the ability to run over the "minority" party / viewpoint. To make matters worse, the states have largely allowed themselves to become wards of the Federal "state". Tough to stand-up to "daddy" when your state legislature shares his ideology and is beholden to "him" for funds....

As Obama said (several times already) - he "won" and he "is President". Sometimes I honestly wonder if he says that to convince himself more than us.. I mean, any fair minded individual would have to say that he has acted anything but Presidential all this time.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

alan- Glad you like "Johnny Optimism!" His site is sort of unofficial just now, and doesn't get updated as regularly as Hope n' Change, but I've been working on a lot of cartoons for him, so they'll be popping up.

Suzy- "Where is the outrage?" is a great question. For some, I think it's showing up as the Tea Party movement...but the outrage shouldn't be a small (but significant) movement, it should be universal...and isn't.

TheDarkKnight- You sum up the "politics is everything" reality that gives the lie to the president's claims of competence and caring. Despite all the posturing, we've seen that neither BP nor the government had any meaningful plan to cope with an oil blowout. In recent weeks, a study showed that in the event of another 9/11 (or larger) style attack, no one in Washington knows who, or what agencies, will be in charge. Today we cited the FEMA report that shows the government has made no plans for the disabled in an emergency.

This isn't's a Roman circus.

Dr.D said...

These are not the people I want making any decisions for the nation, whether it be health care, foreign policy, defense, or a host of other issues, the one thing they have demonstrated is that they are immoral, incompetent, and venal.

They need to be tarred and feathered, one and all, and run out of town on a rail. They are not due one iota of respect, compassion, honor, or trust. They have demonstrated that they are thieves, one and all. Just like a band of thieves, they vie with each other over who can be the most gross in their indecency toward the nation they are sworn to serve. It is perfectly vile!!

Pete(Detroit) said...

"This isn't's a Roman circus"

Exactly, and when 1/2 the people decide they don't have to contribute, and can sponge off the other 1/2, well, it's not a good thing.
I typically re-read "Atlas Shrugged" every 4 years to remind myself what's important, in voting. Two years ago, it was frightening
Today, it's spookily prophetic..

Unknown said...

Here is what I would like to do with our wonderful leaders in Washington, put them on the front lines, give them a gun and one bullet, they can either shoot someone or themselves. That is about as much of a chance they give us. I am like Dr. D I don't want any of that bunch making important decisions for our country. As the DarkKnight pointed out we don't have any real leaders. The ones we have have to wait on a poll to see what they are going to do. We have a bunch of sissies for our leaders.

Emmentaler Limburger said...

Suzy - When Clinton was redefining the word "is", those who would have to bring and prosecute an impeachment we Republicans. Now, honestly: can you see Dopey and The Wicked Witch of the West bringing and prosecuting an impeachment over their fellow socialist darling? First, I don't see Pelosi ever indicting him for doing exactly what she's been trying to do her whole political career - but even if she did, Reid would have to allow the Senate to try him. Don't see that happening either - that particular member of the Seven Dwarves is just as hell-bent on nationalizing everything and making us all government slaves as Pelosi and Obama are.

Not so mysterious about why it hasn't happened, now, is it. My advice: don't be holdin' your breath on that one...

pryorguy said...

Well, guys, thank God we still have a voice at the ballot box!! at least for now!! I'm looking forward to some big changes this November gosh, SURELY we'll see some changes!!!! Maybe we can trim some of the socialist fat off this administration!! Gettin kinda tired of seeing this great country and its people getting run roughshod every day.